Jubo Chapter 13

Jubo Chapter 13

Usagi Notes: Please welcome our new translator, angel35778! We just would like to inform everyone that we also have a new project entitled "Love is More Than a Word." This was written by Su Youbing, same author of "Superstar and Ordinary People. It was also adapted to a series. We hope you will like it, too.

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: angel35778 , chiangyushien

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

The onlooking crowd of kind-hearted people told Uncle Zhang how the whole thing happened and even added a little bit of color and emphasis to Aunt Zhang's behavior, which immediately made Uncle Zhang fly into a rage. Even if she was usually garrulous, it was actually too much speaking like that to a little girl. Uncle Zhang understood the whole evilness right before his eyes.

Wang Ziyu spent seven days working in their baozi shop; not to mention that she has been in touch with them every day. Before working in the baozi shop, Uncle Zhang already knew that this little girl was good. After working with them, she usually worked fast and very hard. He felt that too little money was given to her. If Aunt Zhang had not been opposed to it, he would have given her a raise in her wages.

"Zhang liangzhong, you're still slow. Come and stop this lunatic Wang Cheng. He wants to obliterate everything in our the baozi shop."

Seeing her husband was the same as seeing her saviour, Aunt Zhang immediately became glad. She became confident that she would be able to punish Wang Cheng, the little devil, but her husbands reaction made her startled.

Zhang Liangzhong went in front of the worried Wang Ziyu and to one's surprise, he appeared to patting her on the shoulder to console her. He also said words that Aunt Zhang could not hear and this angered her to death.

Wang Cheng, who heard Uncle Zhangs name, suddenly stopped breaking the shop. He looked back and sure enough, he saw Uncle Zhang, who was standing beside his sister. Uncle Zhang came to him with guilt in his expression.

"Wang Cheng, about this matter, Uncle Zhang will compensate you and your sister.

"Compensation for what!? He smashed our shop so he's the one who should compensate us, otherwise this matter isn't over! Aunt Zhang ran out from the corner when she saw that there was no more danger. When she heard what Uncle Zhang said, she immediately made an uproar with a fierce look on her face.

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