King Of Gods Chapter 1002

Chapter 1002 Forbidden Illusion Lost World

Close to where Zhao Feng was staying:

“Ji Lian, that brat has gone to the Purple Star Tower.” One of Ji Lian’s cronies ran to him.

Ji Lian’s eyebrows furrowed together. From the looks of it, Sacred Lord Star Demon placed a lot of importance on Zhao Feng; he even gave him the right to use the Purple Star Tower?

“We’ll just wait for him outside the Purple Star Tower,” a middle-aged male in black clothes next to Ji Lian said as his eyes sparkled.

“Also, Ji Lan seems to have gone with Zhao Feng,” the crony said in a small voice.

Ji Lian’s eyebrows instantly locked together as anger burned through his heart

“Let’s go!” Ji Lian lashed out with his arm and roared in a low tone. He had never felt such humiliation in the Ji Family before. He obviously wouldn’t let go of Zhao Feng so easily.

Ji Lian’s great grandfather wouldn’t take action against a junior over such a minor matter. Furthermore, Zhao Feng was Sacred Lord Star Demon’s guest.

However, Ji Lian’s great grandfather had his second disciple, Ji Chengming, follow Ji Lian. Ji Chengming’s fame was only below that of Ji Dengtian, who was a Quasi-Sacred Lord expert.

Ji Lian didn’t believe that he wouldn’t be able to teach Zhao Feng a lesson this time.

“Ji Chengming, don’t injure him too heavily.” Ji Lian revealed an evil smile.

Last time, Zhao Feng made him lose face in front of Ji Lan. This time, he would make Zhao Feng end up in an even worse state, or else how would Ji Lan leave Zhao Feng?

Within the Purple Star Tower, Zhao Feng and Ji Lan slowly walked forward together.

The first floor of the Purple Star Tower was full of True Spirit Realm disciples. Zhao Feng found that there was an extremely profound array around each futon with the inspection of his left eye.

“Any spot in the Purple Star Tower has a spatial dimension that cuts it off from the outside world,” Ji Lan explained to Zhao Feng, and the latter nodded. If there was no spatial dimension here, then there would be no point cultivating here instead of anywhere else.

On the second floor of the Purple Star Tower, there were still many people here, and they were mainly disciples of the Ji Family at the Small Origin Core Realm.

Zhao Feng and Ji Lan soon arrived at the seventh floor. The purple mist in front of them was like water as it filled the entire dimension.

There was a total of ten futons on the seventh floor, and six of them were already taken up. Zhao Feng was extremely familiar with one of them Ji Dengtian.

“The seventh floor of the Purple Star Tower is most suitable for Void God Realm Emperors,” Ji Lan said, then arrived at a futon.

Although her strength had already surpassed normal Emperors, the eighth floor was for Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords. Unless Ji Lan’s soul reached the level of a Sacred Lord, she wouldn’t be able to last even one breath on the eighth floor.

Everyone that entered the Purple Star Tower knew this principle. The thick purple mist in the air had the effect of causing illusions and hallucinations, and the effect on each floor was stronger than the last. The eighth floor was somewhere that could make even Sacred Lord experts fall into illusions. A measly Emperor obviously wouldn’t dare to go up.

Zhao Feng didn’t speak, he just found a futon. He wanted to try it out here first.

The instant Zhao Feng sat on the futon, the scenery around him completely changed. Limitless purple mist moved around and started to warp. He couldn’t see anyone else.

“This purple mist seems to be the power of my own soul and is controlled by my Soul Intent.”

Zhao Feng instantly sensed what was unique about the Purple Star Tower.

Hu~~ Hu~~

Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent soon started to control the mist nearby, and a purple maze palace filled with lightning and wind soon formed around Zhao Feng.

“This is a perfect place for Dao of Illusion experts to recreate their domain and their Little World.” Zhao Feng praised.

This place could materialize one’s soul power, which was very beneficial for those who were trying to form domains or find flaws in their domains.

At the same time, he could feel that the mist within the futon had a powerful effect on the soul. Although this mist created illusions and put pressure on his mental energy, it was indeed useful for refining the soul.

Zhao Feng first improved his Illusion Domain because, if it was possible, Zhao Feng was planning to transform the Illusion Domain into another Little World.

At the same time, Zhao Feng started to cultivate the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and the Soul Recovery Divine Technique. Since Zhao Feng was about to finish the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique, his cultivation speed in the Soul Recovery Divine Technique was extremely fast.

He would be able to test the Soul Splitting Technique soon.

Why did Zhao Feng want to test out such a dangerous soul technique that only had one level?

There were three reasons:

The first was that the machines of the Heaven’s Legacy Race had given the Soul Splitting Technique a very high rating, and since Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye specialized in analysis, he would be able to decipher it no matter how difficult it was. He was perfect for it.

Secondly, the benefits he had received from the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique alone couldn’t be doubted. Then how strong would the Soul Splitting Technique be if the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique was just a foundational technique to prepare for it?

Thirdly, the cultivation style of the Soul Spitting Technique completely attracted Zhao Feng, and the problem of Zhao Feng’s God Eye repelling the Eye of Death could be resolved. This meant that, if Zhao Feng cultivated the Soul Splitting Technique and managed to succeed, he could put the Eye of Death into the split-off soul body.

Zhao Feng didn’t believe that the new soul would also contain the God’s Spiritual Eye. He believed that his God’s Spiritual Eye was the same as the other Eight Great God Eyes it was the only one that existed in the world.

Time passed by slowly, and noon arrived. Ji Lan left her futon and saw Zhao Feng was still cultivating with his eyes closed.

“Zhao Feng’s soul has probably reached the level of a Sacred Lord. There’s no problem with him cultivating here for several days.” Ji Lan sighed.

She took out some herbs that cleansed the soul and ate them before returning to her futon. Ji Lan didn’t realize that Zhao Feng’s cultivation speed was much faster than before.

On the second day, Ji Lan went to the sixth floor and rested for a while before coming back to the seventh floor. Zhao Feng was in the same state as before and didn’t move at all.

“My Illusion Maze Domain is almost perfect.” Zhao Feng was very satisfied.

The stronger one’s domain was, the more convenient and powerful the Little World would be.

At the same time, after cultivating here for two days, Zhao Feng’s Sacred Lord-level soul had become purer and more refined.

On top of that, some illusion techniques that Zhao Feng thought of were starting to take shape. He combined the Eye of Illusion and the Purple Star Chaos together to form the “Forbidden Illusion Lost World.”

The Forbidden Illusion Lost World would pull the enemy into the illusionary world that Zhao Feng created, then cut off all their senses so that the enemy would feel like everything around them was real.

At this point in time, if he used the Forbidden Illusion Lost World against Ji Lian, he could trap Ji Lian in a world of illusions for several dozen years with just one glance.

Ji Lan was finally unable to continue on the third day. If she stayed in the Purple Star Tower, it would only cause unrecoverable damage to her soul.

Zhao Feng suddenly opened his eyes as well and got up from the futon.

“How is it? It’s about time to leave, right?” Ji Lan smiled and said. She believed that Zhao Feng had definitely experienced how unique the Purple Star Tower was. Since this was his first time entering, he probably couldn’t adapt to it and couldn’t stay here for long.

“You can leave first,” Zhao Feng said as he continued to walk forward.

“What are you doing to do? That’s the entrance to the eighth floor!” Ji Lan’s expression turned to shock.

Zhao Feng had stayed on the 7th floor for three days and was now planning to go to the 8th floor? One had to know that the members of the Ji Family would only enter the higher floors in their best condition in order to stay there longer.

“Zhao Feng probably just wants to have a look at the 8th floor.” Ji Lan smiled. After all, when Zhao Feng left, he wouldn’t have a chance to enter the Purple Star Tower anymore.

There were many arrays outside the entrance to the 8th floor, but they weren’t here to stop people from entering. Instead, they were used to separate the thick purple mist.

Zhao Feng passed through the array and entered the 8th floor.

If Zhao Feng could see five feet in front of him on the 7th floor, then Zhao Feng could only see one foot ahead of him on the 8th floor. Even if he used the transparency ability of his left eye, he couldn’t see through the entire floor.

The scenery ahead of Zhao Feng instantly started to become chaotic, as if a bunch of desolate and fierce beasts were hidden in the mist.

“As expected, it is not simple.”

Zhao Feng was very excited and circulated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and his Sacred Lord Soul Intent. Everything ahead of him instantly returned to normal as it turned into an ocean of purple mist.

The reason Zhao Feng dared to enter the 8th floor was because he noticed that cultivating the Soul Recovery Divine Technique was very easy in the Purple Star Tower. Furthermore, Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent had reached the level of a Sacred Lord a long time ago, so the 8th floor would be more useful for him.

Zhao Feng found a futon and sat down.

At this moment, Ji Lian and Ji Chengming outside the Purple Star Tower were becoming impatient now. The other members of the Ji Family that were planning to watch a good show also started to leave.

A light suddenly flashed on the 8th floor of the Purple Star Tower. The hearts of the nearby disciples instantly shook as they stopped their footsteps.

There were only nine floors in the Purple Star Tower, and each floor would only light up if there was a disciple cultivating there. Now that there was a faint light coming from the 8th floor, that meant there was someone cultivating there.

However, that was the 8th floor a place where Sacred Lords cultivated.

“The 8th floor lit up!”

“Could it be that the soul of some genius of the Ji Family has reached the level of a Sacred Lord?”

“I know Ji Dengtian is still inside. Could it be him?”

The nearby members of the Ji Family discussed with each another. They knew that no Sacred Lord had entered the Purple Star Tower, so they guessed that some expert cultivating on the 7th floor broke through and managed to reach the 8th floor. Being the strongest Quasi-Sacred Lord of the Ji Family, Ji Dengtian was the most likely person.

“What? Ji Dengtian!?”

Ji Chengming’s expression became grim. Ji Dengtian was indeed a bit stronger than him, or else the spot to enter the Crown Prince trial would have been his instead.

Ji Dengtian most likely obtained some sort of fortune from the Crown Prince trial, and after cultivating for a little bit, he managed to form Sacred Lord Intent. This infuriated Ji Chengming.

Luckily, no one could confirm whether Ji Dengtian actually broke through or whether he just forcefully entered the 8th floor. Maybe the light on the 8th floor would fade away very soon.

“Ji Lan?” Ji Lian revealed a faint smile and became very excited.

“Where’s Zhao Feng?” Ji Lian soon found that something was wrong. Zhao Feng didn’t come out with Ji Lan?

“He’s still inside,” Ji Lan replied simply as she walked to the side. Ji Lan knew what they were here for as soon as she saw Ji Lian and Ji Chengming.

“Dammit, this Zhao Feng!” Ji Lian’s eyes burned with anger. He could tell that Ji Lan was planning to wait for Zhao Feng to come out.

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