King Of Gods Chapter 1003

Chapter 1003 Reaching the Peak of the Technique

Ji Lan had waited on the 7th floor of the Purple Star Tower for a long time before understanding that Zhao Feng hadn’t gone to the 8th floor just to look around and was instead actually cultivating there.

Under normal situations, it would’ve been decent if Zhao Feng could last on the 8th floor for six hours. One had to know that the Sacred Lord elders of the Ji Family could only last sixteen hours when they entered the 8th floor in their best state, and Zhao Feng had already stayed on the 7th floor for three days.

Zhao Feng was the only person on the 8th floor. The world around Zhao Feng was full of purple mist that was as heavy as mud. When Zhao Feng turned the mist into his Illusion Maze Domain, he seemed to be able to see what his Illusion Maze Domain would look like after turning it into a Little World.

With Zhao Feng’s analysis capabilities and the help of the Purple Star Tower, Zhao Feng instantly understood how to create his Little World of Illusions. After all, he already had experience creating a Little World.

“I’ve also reached the 5th level of the Soul Recovery Divine Technique.”

Zhao Feng could feel his insane cultivation speed. The technique had a total of ten levels, the first three of which were foundational levels which Zhao Feng managed to complete in just one night. With the help of the Purple Star Tower, Zhao Feng used another three days to reach the 5th level.

Cultivating the Soul Recovery Divine Technique on the 8th floor of the Purple Star Tower was very fast. Of course, it also helped to have the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique, which was about to reach its peak. After all, it was the technique that preceded the Soul Recovery Divine Technique.

While Zhao Feng cultivated those two techniques at once, he also split out another part of his consciousness to understand some of the contents within Sacred Lord Star Demon’s books. The books from the right bookshelf contained a vast amount of knowledge regarding eye-bloodline techniques, some of which Zhao Feng hadn’t even heard of.

These books were very useful for Zhao Feng’s foundation, and they expanded his knowledge. In the future, he could improve his techniques and maybe even create one himself.

Six hours later, Zhao Feng’s mind started to become chaotic. Zhao Feng immediately used the Soul Recovery Divine Technique that he only started cultivating very recently. The Soul Recovery Divine Technique was basically a body-strengthening technique for the soul.

Zhao Feng’s soul immediately became more active and powerful after he circulated the Soul Recovery Divine Technique. Such effectiveness gave Zhao Feng a fright.

“Looks like I underestimated how useful the Soul Recovery Divine Technique is,” Zhao Feng murmured. With the increased activity of his soul, the 8th floor’s erosive power against him decreased.

Ten hours later, discussion had broken out outside the Purple Star Tower.

“They’ve managed to last ten hours!”

“The soul of someone that only just reached the level of a Sacred Lord can last so long on the 8th floor?”

“Could it be that Ji Dengtian obtained some sort of soul-type secret treasure in the Imperial Tombs?”

The members of the Ji Family guessed.

“Ji Dengtian!” Ji Chengming’s expression was grim and full of anger. Although he had lost to Ji Dengtian in the fights for the positions during the Crown Prince trial, Ji Chengming was determined to surpass Ji Dengtian. However, Ji Dengtian managed to last ten hours on the 8th floor of the Purple Star Tower, which made him lose all confidence.

Just as everyone was discussing, Ji Dengtian walked out from the entrance of the Purple Star Demon.

“What’s going on? Why are there so many people here?” Ji Dengtian paused for a moment and then followed everyone else’s gaze.

“It’s not that rare for someone to be on the 8th floor, right?” Ji Dengtian was somewhat speechless.

When the disciples outside the Purple Star Tower saw Ji Dengtian walk out, their mouths instantly fell wide open.

“Ji Dengtian, weren’t you on the 8th floor? Why did you come out? But the 8th floor is still lit up.” Ji Lian said in shock and started screaming in his heart when he saw that the light on the 8th floor hadn’t faded yet.

“I didn’t enter the 8th floor. Although I can, I wouldn’t even be able to last the time it takes to make one cup of tea.” Ji Dengtian shook his head. He still had to put in more effort to last on the 8th floor.

Hearing Ji Dengtian’s reply, everyone present started to become excited once more.

“It’s not Ji Dengtian? Then who else could be on the 8th floor?”

“As far as I remember, no one else on the 7th floor has the ability.”

Ji Dengtian became curious as well when he heard what everyone was saying. No Sacred Lord expert had entered the Purple Star Tower during the last couple of days, but the 8th floor of the Purple Star Tower had lit up for some reason.

Who was on the 8th floor? Everyone couldn’t help but become more curious.

Ji Lan laughed secretly by herself behind all the other spectating disciples. She obviously wouldn’t tell them that Zhao Feng was the one on the 8th floor.

At this moment, two old figures with purple hair stood in Sacred Lord Star Demon’s hall.

“Star Demon, you said that the Eighth Prince chose to stand on the Ninth Prince’s side?” An elder in purple was surprised. He wasn’t just surprised by this; he didn’t expect the Ninth Prince to become the Crown Prince in the first place.

Sacred Lord Star Demon was just talking about the important issues that happened in the Crown Prince trial.

“Do I need to lie to you?” Sacred Lord Star Demon smiled.

“That Zhao Feng is indeed not simple. He even entered the 8th floor of the Purple Star Tower,” the elder in purple said in a low tone. Even now, he was still suspicious about how the Ninth Prince managed to turn the tide with just one Emperor and become the Crown Prince.

“It’s already been 10 hours. Can he last 16 hours?” The elder in purple was hopeful.

“Hehe, his soul isn’t weaker than normal Sacred Lords,” Sacred Lord Star Demon said with a smile. He had interacted with Zhao Feng many times and knew a bit about him.

“You mean that he can last longer than 16 hours?” The elder in purple was surprised once again.

“Let’s have a bet. If he can last more than 20 hours, you give me the eye-bloodline technique book you got last time.” Sacred Lord Star Demon’s eyes turned as his tone became cunning.

“Okay, and if you lose then you give me what you got from Zhao Feng.” The elder in purple agreed after hesitating for a moment.

According to what the elder in purple knew, this was Zhao Feng’s first time in the purple Star Tower, and he stayed on the 7th floor for three days before entering the 8th. Only people at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm could last more than 20 hours. This was why he dared to make this bet.

Furthermore, since Zhao Feng was able to browse Sacred Lord Star Demon’s right bookshelf, he must have given Sacred Lord Star Demon something that made his heart move.

“Then what if he can last longer or even enter the 9th floor?” Sacred Lord Star Demon suddenly thought of something and laughed.

“Haha, Star Demon, you’re getting old. If he can enter the 9th floor, you can be in charge of the Ji Family.” The elder in purple couldn’t help but smile. One had to know that the lowest requirement to enter the 9th floor was to be a Sacred King, and no one from the Ji Family had entered the 9th floor for almost ten thousand years. Even the elder in purple didn’t know what the 9th floor was like.

“Okay. You’re the Grand Elder of the Ji Family; what you say counts.”

Zhao Feng stayed on the 8th floor for twelve hours now, and his mind started to become chaotic once again. It was useless even if he circulated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and the Soul Recovery Divine Technique.

“The Purple Star Tower isn’t very helpful for cultivating the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique.” Zhao Feng sighed. He was just one step away from reaching the peak of the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique. Although it was just one step, this step was the most difficult.

“If that’s the case, then I’ll have to use a unique method.” Zhao Feng decided. He took out many soul-purifying treasures from the Misty Spatial World and ate them. Zhao Feng’s mind instantly became clear again, and he started to completely circulate the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique.

One thought into six thousand seven thousand eight thousand nine thousand!

Zhao Feng split his thoughts up and made them multi-task. At the same time, Zhao Feng cultivated the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique, absorbed the power of God Tribulation Lightning from the Demigod head, refined his Sacred Lightning Body, cultivated a bunch of battle techniques and eye-bloodline techniques, and read through several thousand books in his memory.

Zhao Feng had never split his thoughts completely and used them to their fullest extent before.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng felt as if his head was about to split apart, but luckily, surges of unique Soul energy appeared from the treasures he just ate, which stopped the erosion of the purple mist and helped heal his soul.

The soul treasures he ate were absorbed very quickly since he was using so much energy. Soon, the energy of the soul treasures he ate were completely absorbed, and the scenery around Zhao Feng started to change.

However, at a certain moment, Zhao Feng’s consciousness became clear, and the uncomfortableness in his soul completely disappeared. At this instant, the world around Zhao Feng became normal once more.

“I’ve reached the peak of the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique, and my Soul Intent is getting close to the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm.”

Zhao Feng was overjoyed. He didn’t expect that the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique, which he first got from Master Duanmu Qing back in the True Martial Sacred Land, would allow Zhao Feng to cultivate his Soul Intent to such a level. This proved how valuable the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique was.

After reaching the peak of the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique, Zhao Feng focused more on the Soul Recovery Divine Technique. He could feel that his cultivation speed had increased even more.

Furthermore, the improvement in his Soul Intent meant that his resistance against the 8th floor would be stronger. This meant that Zhao Feng could last longer on this floor.

Chaos broke out outside the Purple Star Tower.

“It’s been sixteen hours, but the 8th floor is still lit up!”

“This is impossible. Is there something wrong with the Purple Star Tower?”

“Maybe there’s no one on the 8th floor. Something might have gone wrong with the Purple Star Tower.”

Those outside didn’t believe that someone could last this long on the 8th floor if their soul had only just reached the level of a Sacred Lord.

“Ji Dengtian, do you know who it is?” Ji Chengming asked.

Ji Dengtian instantly thought back to the others that were still on the 7th floor. He knew all of them, and everyone was still there when he left.

“I’m not sure. No one from the 7th floor should be able to enter the 8th floor,” Ji Dengtian said with a grim expression.

“This isn’t possible.” Even Ji Lan couldn’t believe it. Did something happen to Zhao Feng? How could someone stay in there for so long?

The chaos outside the Purple Star Tower also raised the attention of some Sacred Lords, but they didn’t enter. They chose to wait outside for this surprise.

The sky started to brighten. Twenty hours had passed, but there was still a purple glow form the 8th floor.

Zhao Feng opened his eyes within the Purple Star Tower. Even though he had cultivated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique to the maximum, he couldn’t last so long on the 8th floor with just that.

Luckily, the power of God Tribulation Lightning in his Lightning Soul Body could get rid of the purple mist eroding his soul. However, this wasn’t a long-term plan because the rate of his God Tribulation Lightning’s recovery wasn’t as fast as the expenditure.

Zhao Feng only had 50% of the God Tribulation Lightning symbols left in his soul at the moment.

“I can still last a while.”

Zhao Feng didn’t want to waste this chance. The Purple Star Token only allowed him to enter once.

“I wonder what it’s like on the 9th floor.” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but be curious.

If he took out all his skill and the full power of the God Tribulation Lightning, he might be able to enter the 9th floor. However, if he failed, Zhao Feng might have to leave the tower immediately.

Zhao Feng finally made a decision after thinking about it.

“Let me witness the 9th floor of the Purple Star Tower.”

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