King Of Gods Chapter 1004

Chapter 1004 – The 9th Floor

“It’s already been over twenty hours.” Sacred Lord Star Demon had an excited expression.

He was originally only 50% sure that Zhao Feng would be able to do this. He didn’t really expect Zhao Feng to actually last this long on the 8th floor. This meant that Sacred Lord Star Demon had won the bet with the elder in purple.

“This brat’s mastery of the soul is at such a high level?” The elder in purple was stunned.

It was just an eye-bloodline technique book, and he was fine giving it to Sacred Lord Star Demon. The critical point was that they both suddenly realized how much potential Zhao Feng had. Forming a good relationship with a prodigy like this only brought benefits to the Ji Family.

Luckily, he didn’t attack this junior for Ji Lian’s sake, and he had his second disciple Ji Chengming follow Ji Lian, so there wouldn’t be any problems.

“Don’t forget what you said.” Sacred Lord Star Demon warned as he looked into the distance.

“You really think that he’ll be able to enter the 9th floor?” The elder in purple couldn’t help but smile. He wouldn’t believe Zhao Feng could enter the 9th floor even if he was killed. While he and Sacred Lord Star Demon were both Grand Elders of the Ji Family, he had the true power over the Ji Family.

Outside the Purple Star Tower:

“It’s already been twenty hours.”

“Even if someone’s Soul Intent really did break through to the level of a Sacred Lord, they wouldn’t be able to stay in there for so long.”

“I’ll go have a look.” Ji Dengtian finally couldn’t suppress the curiosity in his heart. He didn’t know when a prodigy like this had appeared in the Ji Family.

After saying that, Ji Dengtian spent a bunch of contribution points to enter the Purple Star Tower again.

“We just need to wait here for Zhao Feng,” JI Chengming said in a low tone. He had spent all his family contribution points already when Ji Dengtian participated in the Crown Prince trial, so he couldn’t enter even if he wanted to.

“Okay. We can’t let Zhao Feng run away.” Ji Lian agreed.

The other disciples outside the Purple Star Tower also chose to stay. After all, it wasn’t worth spending all their contribution points just to see who it was when that person was bound to come out eventually.

Within the Purple Star Tower, Zhao Feng reached the entrance to the 9th floor and walked forward a couple steps.

“Above me is within range of the 9th floor.”

Zhao Feng looked up. The thick purple mist had piled into the air like mud. A line of words was carved onto the wall on the side of the walkway.

“Those whose cultivation isn’t high enough might lose their consciousness instantly and be unable to come back down.”

From the looks of it, it wasn’t just Zhao Feng that was curious, so they had to put a warning.

Boom! Hu~

Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent suddenly charged out, and the nearby purple mist was instantly pushed aside. At the same time, Zhao Feng circulated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and controlled his power even more precisely, blocking the purple mist from getting close to him. The Soul Recovery Divine Technique also dramatically increased Zhao Feng’s soul defense and resilience against the purple mist.


Zhao Feng entered the 9th floor, and limitless purple mist instantly crushed toward Zhao Feng as if it wanted to drown him.

Within half a breath, Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent had been crushed and warped out of shape.

“Futon!” Zhao Feng moved toward the futon closest to him.


Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent was crushed back into his soul, and the purple mist instantly flooded toward his soul.


Zhao Feng immediately circulated the God Tribulation Lightning within his Lightning Soul Body. More than a thousand symbols instantly blinked and released the power of God Tribulation Lightning.

Boom! Shu~~ Shu~~

A lot of the purple mist that squeezed onto the surface of Zhao Feng’s soul was instantly destroyed by the power of God Tribulation Lightning. The pressure on Zhao Feng was reduced, and he took another step.


A faint golden light spread through Zhao Feng’s left eye. After using the Light of Transparency and Dispersion, Zhao Feng’s sight became clear and could see through everything. This allowed him to maintain a conscious state.

The distance between Zhao Feng and the futon closest to him was getting shorter.

“Hmm? I might be able to disperse this purple mist.” Zhao Feng had a sudden thought, but there was just too much purple mist on the 9th floor. It seemed to materialize and move across the entire dimension. Furthermore, the structure of the purple mist’s atoms was very complex. Dispersing it wasn’t very realistic.

“But perhaps I can use another method to disperse it”

Zhao Feng had a thought pop up in his head. In the past, Zhao Feng used his disintegration ability as a line, but it wasn’t limited to just that. It was like any other technique; the main point was how the user utilized it.

Zhao Feng’s left eye suddenly released a faint golden ripple that spun in the air and then formed a faint golden barrier around Zhao Feng.


Part of the purple mist that passed through the faint golden barrier was dispersed, reducing its power.

Bam! Bam!

Zhao Feng suddenly charged forward another two steps and stood directly on the futon.

A faint purple light instantly glimmered from the 9th floor. However, because Zhao Feng stepped onto the futon, that meant that he was now considered to be cultivating, so the force of the purple mist increased.

“Hold on!”

Zhao Feng’s left eye glittered with a golden color as a ripple of gold light appeared and surrounded Zhao Feng. Countless symbols of God Tribulation Lightning in Zhao Feng’s soul shook and completely released the power of God Tribulation Lightning.

At this moment, Zhao Feng used all his hidden cards, and he used them to their limit.


The faint golden barrier around Zhao Feng’s body disappeared, and the symbols of God Tribulation Lightning within his Lightning Soul Body started to fade away. The Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and Soul Recovery Divine Technique also became useless.

Zhao Feng only managed to stand on the futon for three breaths.


Zhao Feng’s consciousness was still clear. Although he could last one more breath, he would lose resistance afterward and might be unable to go down anymore.

Zhao Feng released a surge of Wind Lightning True Yuan and instantly charged toward the entrance and back onto the 8th floor.

However, because Zhao Feng had reached the limit in every aspect, he had no ability left to resist the purple mist. Therefore, his consciousness started to become blurry even after touching the purple mist of the 8th floor.


Zhao Feng quickly flew through the 8th floor and charged down the stairs to the 7th floor of the Purple Star Tower. The 7th floor was most suitable for Emperors to cultivate in.

Zhao Feng finally let out a breath after reaching the 7th floor. As long as he had a single wisp of Soul Intent remaining, that was enough for him to stay here safely.

“Zhao Feng?” Ji Dengtian saw Zhao Feng charge out from the 8th floor and was immediately dazed.

It wasn’t a disciple of the Ji Family, it was Zhao Feng cultivating on the 8th floor.

Zhao Feng didn’t care about Ji Dengtian. Zhao Feng ate some precious Soul materials, then started to use the Soul Recovery Divine Technique to recover the injuries to his soul.

Peak 6th level of the Soul Recovery Divine Technique.Zhao Feng couldn’t help but reveal a faint smile. From the looks of it, it was worth entering the 9th floor.

“Zhao Feng, I didn’t expect you to be able to stay on the 8th floor for so long,” Ji Dengtian finally spoke.

If it was Zhao Feng cultivating on the 8th floor, everything became understandable. Zhao Feng’s display during the Crown Prince trial had been stunning, so Ji Dengtian wasn’t very shocked by what Zhao Feng could do here.

“En, the Purple Star Tower of the Ji Family indeed lives up to its name.” Zhao Feng praised. Unfortunately, he could only use the Purple Star Token once.

“Zhao Feng, go back and rest. Staying on the 8th floor for so long on your first try has already easily surpassed normal Sacred Lords.”

Ji Dengtian could see how weak Zhao Feng was. If Zhao Feng came down from the 8th floor and was perfectly fine, then there would be something wrong.


Zhao Feng slowly absorbed the energy of the medicine and circulated the Soul Recovery Divine Technique while slowly leaving the Purple Star Tower. Ji Dengtian chose to stay on the 7th floor; after all, he already expended a lot of family contribution points to enter, so it would be a waste to leave now.

Outside the Purple Star Tower:

“Are my eyes okay? Did the light on the 9th floor of the Purple Star Tower light up?”

“How is that possible? Someone from the Ji Family can cultivate on the 9th floor?”

“Is there something wrong with the Purple Star Tower?”

The spectators were dazed for a long time before starting to discuss with one another.

One had to know that the 9th floor of the Purple Star Tower was a place where Sacred Kings cultivated. The 9th floor of the Purple Star Tower hadn’t lit up for ten thousand years, but it blinked for an instant just now. Although it was just an instant, the shock that it brought surpassed the twenty hours on the 8th floor.

“This should we go tell my great grandfather?” Ji Lian started to realize that this issue was probably not simple.

It was at this moment that Zhao Feng appeared next to the entrance to the Purple Star Tower.

“Ji Chengming, that’s Zhao Feng!” Ji Lian immediately threw everything he was just thinking about to the back of his mind.

“Hehe, a measly Emperor managed to become so weak after entering the Purple Star Tower for the first time?” Ji Chengming couldn’t help but snicker as he looked at Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng, I can’t believe you managed to hide in the Purple Star Tower for so long.” Ji Lian immediately stepped forward and revealed a fierce look. With Ji Chengming helping him, he didn’t believe that he couldn’t take care of Zhao Feng.

Ji Lan woke up from her shock after seeing Zhao Feng. Although she didn’t believe it, she knew that Zhao Feng was the only person who could possibly have entered the 9th floor of the Purple Star Tower. From Zhao Feng’s current appearance, he seemed to be extremely weak, which would make sense if he had entered the 9th floor. Would Zhao Feng still be Ji Chengming’s match right now?

The nearby disciples of Ji Family immediately crowded over. They had waited for a long time and still didn’t know who was cultivating on the 8th floor, so this was pretty good entertainment to pass the time.

“Zhao Feng, if you can take three blows from me, I’ll let you go.” Ji Chengming looked down from above and spoke in a disdainful tone. He didn’t want to be known for bullying the young, so he spoke these words.

Although it was only three moves, Ji Chengming would use his full power, which would be enough to make Zhao Feng wish for death instead.

“Fuck off, I’m busy.” Zhao Feng looked at the two aggressors impatiently. He just got out of the Purple Star Tower and needed to get some rest. He had no time for this.

“Hmph, you’re going to refuse a toast for a forfeit?” Ji Chengming had a fierce expression. He didn’t expect this junior to be so cold, arrogant, and disrespectful to him.


Ji Chengming’s eyes suddenly blinked with a purple light. However, the next second, Zhao Feng’s golden eye scanned over them and released a stunning surge of Eye Intent, which then immediately disappeared.


Everything around the Purple Star Tower became dead-silent. In the instant just now, the Eye Intent that Zhao Feng released made their eye-bloodlines tremble, and their souls felt as if a mountain was crushing onto them.

Ji Lian and Ji Chengming became dazed. Their eyes dimmed as they fell into an illusion.

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