King Of Gods Chapter 418

Chapter 418 - Increase in Cultivation

“Brother Yu Luo!”

The scene in front of their eyes made two females from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect scream.

The geniuses from the Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace took a deep breath as they were puzzled and surprised.

“How would Yu Luo get so close to the ground?”

“He was probably filled with greed, lost his mind and accidentally entered the range of the roots.”

“Zhe Zhe, a True Lord Rank was tricked by a fake image. That brat’s cloak is a good item.”

Those from the other two sects were obviously gloating. The Pure Moon Spiritual Sect’s strength was too strong and even if the Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace teamed up, they might not be able to beat them.

Now that the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect lost a True Lord Rank, their strength decreased and it became more balanced.

Yu Luo’s death made the geniuses of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect unable to accept this, but it had already happened and nothing could be changed.

“Where did that Zhao Feng go?”

“Did he something in Brother Yu Luo’s death?”

The eyes of two males from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect, who had a good relationship with Yu Luo twinkled with suspicion.


A flash of lightning appeared in the trees.

“Zhao Feng!”

The gazes of the three sects landed on Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng pretended to be in a panic and gritted his teeth: “That Yu Luo wanted to kill me and take my Tree Yao Essence Fruit. Did everyone see that? So this is how the righteous Pure Moon Spiritual Sect treat’s its guests?”

Without saying anything else, he started to blame Yu Luo.

“Where did that Yu Luo go?”

Zhao Feng quickly came close to the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect’s side. The expressions of those from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect were ugly and the faces of two girls were pale white.

“Brother Yu Luo… he…. He died from the tree.”

One of the girls that was more familiar with Zhao Feng said in a trembling tone.

“What? Was he killed by the Towering Tree Yao? I only left behind a doppelganger trying to save myself. How could he die?”

Zhao Feng pretended not to understand.When Yu Luo died, Zhao Feng had hidden in the trees and was invisible. No one saw him do anything.

This was the first point.

Secondly, Yu Luo’s back was faced towards the people and the change in his expression due to the Eye of Heart wasn’t seen.

Everyone only thought that Yu Luo had lost his mind and was scared that both Zhao Feng and the Tree Yao Essence Fruit would die together, hence he leaped forwards and forgot about the Towering Tree Yao’s roots.

Of course, there was still one detail that most people didn’t realize.

Zhao Feng had taken the Tree Yao Essence Fruit and traveled close to the ground for a while. The Tree Yao Essence Fruit was the essence of the Towering Tree Yao and was like its own ‘son.’

When Zhao Feng purposely came close to the ground, the Towering Tree Yao had gathered many roots nearby.

All of this was seen by Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye.

As for when Yu Luo had landed, the large number of roots had already gathered there and instantly killed him.

The Pure Moon Spiritual Sect’s side. The emotions of some disciples were indescribable as they saw that Zhao Feng still didn’t get what was going on.

According to logic, Zhao Feng had died to the Towering Tree Yao and Zhao Feng wasn’t even there and instead was the ‘victim.’

All of this happened in front of their eyes.

First of all, Zhao Feng wasn’t there. Secondly, he was the victim and thirdly, the difference in cultivation between the two was huge.

“Hmph, brat named Zhao. Although Brother Yu Luo wasn’t killed by you, you still played a part in it.”

“That’s right. If it weren’t because of you, Brother Yu Luo wouldn’t have died.”

Two disciples who had a good relationship with Yu Luo said fiercely.

Zhao Feng was instantly speechless. What kind of logic was this?

“All of you calm down, Zhao Feng’s also a victim. If Brother Yu Luo wasn’t so greedy, he wouldn’t have died.”

One of the girls who was familiar with Zhao Feng couldn’t help but say and the disciples of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect decided to wait until Ye Yanyu came back to decide how to solve this.

After all, the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect was a righteous force and Zhao Feng had a deal with Ye Yanyu.

“Brat, you better hand over the fruit before Sister Ye comes back or…. ”

A peak True Mystic Rank male said as his eyes twinkled trying to conceal the greed.

With his peak True Mystic Rank cultivation, he had a large chance to break through to the True Lord Rank if he ate the Tree Yao Essence Fruit.

The gap between the True Mystic Rank and True Lord Rank was enormous.

Zhao Feng smiled and didn’t bother replying. Instead, he took out the Tree Yao Essence Fruit and started to eat it bite after bite.

The Tree Yao Essence Fruit was the size of a watermelon and Zhao Feng needed a while to finish it.

“Tree Yao Essence Fruit. Kid, how dare you….”

The two males, who had a good relationship with Yu Luo, roared and leaped towards Zhao Feng.

“Hehe, so you two don’t care about Yu Luo’s death but wanted to get the Tree Yao Essence Fruit instead.” Zhao Feng said in a mocked tone.


The expressions of the two disciples changed as they attacked.

One of them sent out a faint moonlight sword, which could pierce through a mountain, while the other summoned a wave of moonlight that could kill a small beast horde.


Zhao Feng’s figure disappeared and with a flash of lightning, he appeared on the other side, slowly eating his Tree Yao Essence Fruit.


The two disciples kept on attacking Zhao Feng.

Shua Shua! Boom Boom!

Zhao Feng’s figure flashed and no matter how fierce the attacks from the two were, they couldn’t even touch his clothes.

Ten breaths later. Zhao Feng finished eating the Tree Yao Essence Fruit. His face was red and an aura full of life radiated from him.

The two disciples gritted their teeth in hate and puffed in and out.

They obviously didn’t purposely want to ‘trouble’ Zhao Feng. Their true aim was the Tree Yao Essence Fruit.

However, Zhao Feng’s speed had reached an incredible level. He toyed around with them and finished eating the Tree Yao Essence Fruit while being chased by the two.

When Zhao Feng finished eating the Tree Yao Essence Fruit, his strength would rise again and they would have no power to interrupt.

“The Tree Yao Essence Fruit’s effect is indeed strong.”

Zhao Feng felt himself become filled with life and his whole body become cleansed.

His mental energy level allowed him to absorb the maximum amount of energy from the Tree Yao Essence Fruit.

If it were another normal True Mystic Rank, they would waste at least 80% of the Tree Yao Essence Fruit or eat it separately.

However, to shorten the trouble, Zhao Feng ate all of it at once in front of the people.

Due to his high mental energy level, Zhao Feng could absorb at least 60% of the Tree Yao Essence Fruit, which allowed him to proceed from the late stage True Mystic Rank to peak True Mystic Rank.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng’s aura was rising rapidly. His skin was fresh and tender, giving people a feeling he was becoming younger.

Increase the lifespan and appearance was a side effect the Tree Yao Essence Fruit had.

The Tree Yao Essence Fruit’s true ability was to increase Zhao Feng’s Yuan Qi.

Soon, Zhao Feng’s cultivation started to close in on the peak True Mystic Rank.

If it were another normal late stage True Mystic Rank, they wouldn’t be able to improve so quickly - even if they had the Tree Yao Essence Fruit.

However, Zhao Feng’s mental energy level had reached the early stage True Lord Rank and was even stronger than normal early stage True Lord’s.

When one’s mental energy level was high enough, their cultivation would also rise rapidly.

At this point in time, the three True Lords were trying to come back out from the depths of the Towering Tree Yao.

Chi Gui from the Black Cliff Palace was rumpled and finally got one Tree Yao Essence Fruit.

Zhuang Wan’er from the Moon Demon Palace also got a Tree Yao Essence Fruit whereas the little thieving cat and Ye Yanyu both received one Tree Yao Essence Fruit each and the little thieving cat had eaten its one already.

Yet, leaving the depths of the Towering Tree Yao was harder than entering.


The Towering Tree Yao roared and its branches swept around, sending terrifying winds everywhere.

The inside of the Towering Tree Yao was covered in dust and the ground shoot.

Xiu Xiu Xiu---

Roots appeared from the ground which formed a net and blocked off the escape route of the three True Lord Ranks.

The Tree Yao Essence Fruit was like the Towering Yao Tree’s descendants and watching them being stolen in front of its eyes was something it wouldn’t stand for.

To make the culprits stay behind, the Towering Tree Yao went almost crazy and even destroyed some of its branches and roots.

This meant that even if the Towering Tree Yao could make the three True Lord Ranks stay behind, it would also be injured. But the angry Towering Tree Yao didn’t care anymore.

“We only have a shot at life if the three of us team up.”

Zhuang Wan’er shouted and circulated her demonic secret technique that almost burned her Qi of True Spirit.

A weird dark aura surrounded her and devoured every attack from the outside world.

“What a special secret technique.”

Zhao Feng looked with the God’s Spiritual Eye and was sure that the field around Zhuang Wan’er could devour any attack under the Origin Core Realm and even normal Origin Core Realm attacks would be weakened by thirty to forty percent.

“That’s the Moon Demon Palace’s ‘Demonic Moon Force Field’, which was improvised from the ‘Heavenly Demon Power Field.’ Its power would double in the moonlight.”

At the same time, Chi Gui and Ye Yanyu both used their secret techniques as their lives depended on it.

These three True Lord Ranks came from two-star sects and they obviously had their cards if they were able to reach the depths of the Towering Tree Yao.

Amongst them, Ye Yanyu took out a weird jade slip which she crushed and a moon robed holy goddess appeared from it.

“What’s going on? Isn’t that our sect’s Saint Moon Aunt Goddess?”

“That’s a protective item created from experts at the Void God Realm by using their blood essence and Void God Realm materials. It can give Sister Ye one-tenth of Saint Moon Aunt Goddess’ defense or one strike.”

The disciples of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect let out a breath.

After receiving the Void God Protection, Ye Yanyu would be able to stall a while even against those at the Origin Core Realm.

“As expected of a two-star sect. Such methods are unthinkable. It’s hard to imagine how powerful three star and four-star factions will be….”

Zhao Feng looked forward to the future.

At this moment in time, his Qi of True Spirit broke through a barrier and allowed him to reach the peak True Mystic Rank.
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