King Of Gods Chapter 491

Chapter 491 - Qin Sword Palace Master

In an elegant building within the City Lord’s Palace.

A man and woman were sitting opposite each other.

“Qin Sword Palace Master, you came all the way to the Flooding Lake City for the Sky Qin Nine Music?”

The Flooding Lake City Lord sat upright, but there was coldness in his expression.

The woman opposite him looked around twenty-seven or twenty-eight years of age and contained an indescribable elegance.

It was hard to imagine that this beauty was the leader of one of the eight great forces of the Canopy Great Country – the Qin Sword Palace.

“Liu Jiutian, we’ve known each other for a while. The Sky Qin Nine Music is a supreme skill in the Dao of the Qin and is related to the Qin Sword Nine Mystic Technique of the Qin Sword Palace. The music isn’t of much use to you.”

The Qin Sword Palace Master smiled and tried to persuade the Flooding Lake City Lord.

“I know that the Sky Qin Nine Music is extremely alluring to you. Empress Qin is also very interested in it.”

The Flooding Lake City Lord said calmly. No sign of any emotion could be seen.

“Empress Qin? She came to find you too?”

The Qin Sword Palace Master’s eyebrows furrowed.

Empress Qin’s status was very high and even the Palace Master was slightly wary of her.

Furthermore, the Qin Sword Palace and the Liu family were both on the Imperials’ side.

Empress Qin and the Qin Sword Palace Master were the two women in the great country who had the highest status and strength.

If the two of them wanted the same thing, even True Lord Ranks would feel pressured, as both sides weren’t to be offended.

“I’ve already rejected Empress Qin.”

The Flooding Lake City Lord said.

“You’ve rejected Empress Qin?”

Hearing this, the Qin Sword Palace Master was half happy and half worried.

She was happy that Empress Qin didn’t get it, but worried that the City Lord wouldn’t give it to herself either if he had already offended Empress Qin.

“The music was left behind by Qinxin’s mother, so Qinxin treasures it. Even if it’s useless to me, I won’t give it out easily.”

The Flooding Lake City Lord shook his head, showing his decision.

The Qin Sword Palace Master wasn’t surprised. The Flooding Lake City Lord was someone who was extremely loyal to his feelings. It wasn’t going to be easy to persuade him.

She started to think about what could be used to move the Flooding Lake City Lord.

Right at this time, urgent footsteps sounded outside the door.

“City Lord, not good~~~~!”

A loud shout came from outside.


The Flooding Lake City Lord was slightly angered, “What’s going on?”

This building was a place where the City Lord entered seclusion.

Usually, when the City Lord was here, no one would dare to interrupt him.

Furthermore, he was in a discussion with the Qin Sword Palace Master right now.

“Did something big happen?”

The Qin Sword Palace Master was also curious.

The Flooding Lake City Lord harrumphed.


A shadow landed in the corner of the room, “Reporting to the City Lord, Zhao Feng has returned.”

“Who’s returned? Zhao… Zhao Feng?”

The Flooding Lake City Lord’s body froze.

“Zhao Feng? Could it be one of the overwhelming prodigies? The one that escaped the marriage?”

The Qin Sword Palace Master revealed a puzzled expression.

“Zhao Feng’s right outside the City Lord’s Palace and is asking for you….”

The figure said carefully.

However, before his words even finished, the Flooding Lake City Lord’s eyes turned silver and red and released a terrifying aura.

“Zhao Feng, you still have the face to come back to the Flooding Lake City? You’re courting death~~~!”

A roar boomed across the entire Flooding Lake City.

A wave of red light appeared above the City Lord’s Palace and resonated with the Fire Yuan Qi.

In that instant, everyone from the Consolidated Realm to the True Spirit Realm felt an intense heat.

It was as if lava was trying to erupt from the ground.

When the intent of a True Lord Rank was fully released, every True Spirit Realm within a thousand miles would feel the change in the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

“City Lord!”

“Greetings, City Lord!”

The crowd in front of the City Lord’s Palace bowed down in fear.

At this instant, countless people looked at the magnificent man floating in the sky – the Flooding Lake City Lord.

“Such a powerful aura. Normal True Lord Ranks probably aren’t his match.”

Die Ye and Jiang Sanfeng exchanged shocked glances.

They had participated in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and were extremely knowledgeable.

In his current angered state, the Flooding Lake City Lord’s fire skills reached an incredible level.

Back when Zhao Feng had run away, the Flooding Lake City Lord broke through to the True Lord Rank while he was in a state very similar to the one he was in now.

“City Lord Liu, this junior is here to greet you. Back then-”

Zhao Feng bowed. No matter what, this was Liu Qinxin’s father.

“Brat, how dare you talk about back then!? Because of you, Qinxin’s name was tarnished and the Flooding Lake Liu family became a joke.”

The Flooding Lake City Lord roared, his voice booming like thunder.

Zhao Feng was unmoving and calm, not taking the City Lord’s words seriously.

Back then, if it weren’t for the fact that the City Lord had forced him to fight, Zhao Feng wouldn’t have been engaged to Liu Qinxin and forced to escape to begin with.

Zhao Feng felt guilty when Liu Qinxin caught up, so he made a promise to compensate.

“You’ve come right on time…. I shall take revenge for Qinxin!”

The Flooding Lake City Lord’s roaring voice contained sorrow.

However, he didn’t fully lose his mind.

Zhao Feng’s cultivation had reached the early-stage True Lord Rank and was comparable to his own. Once the two fought here, many innocent people would be injured.

Although the Flooding Lake City Lord was confident, he wasn’t sure if he could kill Zhao Feng in one blow.

“Seek revenge? What happened to Qinxin?”

Zhao Feng’s heart shook and he couldn’t help but asked worriedly.

From the Flooding Lake City Lord’s tone, it seemed like Qinxin had been in an accident.

At the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, the Flooding Lake City Lord only had ill intent toward Zhao Feng, but he wouldn’t do anything due to the Iron Blood Religion.

However, now it seemed as if the ill intent had turned into revenge.

“Zhao Feng, you’re a prodigy of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, do you not know that Qinxin hasn’t returned from her inheritance?”

The Flooding Lake City Lord laughed coldly and glared at Zhao Feng.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

At this point in time, many spectators had been evacuated, leaving behind only Zhao Feng and company within a hundred yards.

“Qinxin hasn’t come back?”

Zhao Feng’s expression changed dramatically as he turned toward Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye for confirmation.

The two nodded their heads slightly.

They had heard that Liu Qinxin hadn’t returned, but it wasn’t much of a big deal since they thought Zhao Feng was here to seek revenge.

“Why is it like this?”

After confirming this news, Zhao Feng’s heart seemed to be hammered and he was dazed.

In his heart, he was disappointed, regretful, and guilty.

Zhao Feng knew that if Liu Qinxin hadn’t returned by now, the chance of her being alive was extremely small.

After all, not everyone was like Zhao Yufei, who had heaven defying luck.

“Qinxin likes to be quiet and alone. If it weren’t because of you, she wouldn’t have participated in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.”

The Flooding Lake City Lord roared and turned into a streak of red light that charged toward Zhao Feng on the ground.

At this moment in time, everyone near the City Lord’s Palace was already evacuated and Zhao Feng was dazed. This was the best chance to attack.

“Mystic Fire Scorching Demon!”

The Flooding Lake City Lord’s figure instantly came close and he thrust out a large wave of scorching flames that seemed to burn even the air.

Not good!

Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye only felt the air become filled with a red light, and even their protective Qi of True Spirit couldn’t stop it.

This was just the aura of the attack.

It was hard to imagine how strong the attack itself was.

“No wonder the Flooding Lake City Lord evacuated everyone.”

Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye cursed.

Although they believed that Zhao Feng could block the Flooding Lake City Lord’s attack, they might be injured in the fight.

“You two retreat first.”

A low murmur sounded in their ears.


A slightly numbing sensation hit the two and created a whirlwind that pushed them dozens of yards back.

The next moment.


The Flooding Lake City Lord’s scorching palm thudded onto the ground.

The area in front of the City Lord’s Palace shook and a forty or fifty-yard-deep hole was created.


The experts nearby all took in a cold breath and felt the wave of hot air blast over them.


Although the power of this palm was extremely condensed, just the slightest ripple made part of the City Lord’s Palace wall fall.

“To save us, Chapter Leader….”

Die Ye reacted and couldn’t help but be sad. Just now, they saw Zhao Feng use a technique to send them out of the Flooding Lake City Lord’s attack range while he didn’t seem to resist at all.

Looking at the smoking black hole, the two were sweating coldly.

In their eyes, although Zhao Feng was strong, he didn’t cultivate any body-strengthening techniques and couldn’t block the attacks of a True Lord Rank head-on.

Furthermore, the Flooding Lake City Lord’s Mystic Fire Scorching Heaven Manual had reached a high level and its offensive abilities were extremely strong.


The Flooding Lake City Lord’s fiery figure froze when he got close to the hole.

“City Lord Liu, I feel guilty about Qinxin.”

A sigh came from the air and, with a gust of wind and lightning, the figure of a blue-haired youth appeared.

“What great use of wind and lightning. While pushing those two away, he also dodged the Flooding Lake City Lord’s attack. I heard that Zhao Feng went into a mysterious inheritance. Who knows what he got from it?”

Not far away, the Qin Sword Palace Master’s eyes twinkled.
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