King Of Gods Chapter 492

Chapter 492 - Qin Sword Twin Desolation

“You brat, we haven’t met for a year and you’ve already reached the True Lord Rank. I’d like to see the battle-power of an overwhelming prodigy.”

The Flooding Lake City Lord was extremely surprised that his attack missed, and his anger boiled.

Although the two hadn’t fought head-on yet, the Flooding Lake City Lord could sense Zhao Feng’s terrifying speed.

In just an instant, Zhao Feng not only dodged the Flooding Lake City Lord’s attack, he also saved Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye.

Normal True Lord Ranks might be able to dodge the Flooding Lake City Lord’s attack, but to save some bystanders at the same time? Not likely.


With a flash of red, the Flooding Lake City Lord disappeared and reappeared several yards away from Zhao Feng.

“Mystic Fire Sealing Heaven Punch!”

The Flooding Lake City Lord’s fist was like a volcano with a heavily chaotic aura that locked off every path of retreat.

Zhao Feng’s heart dropped slightly. The Flooding Lake City Lord’s intent and power surpassed other early-stage True Lord Ranks.

This fist was focused on preventing retreat and couldn’t be dodged easily.


Zhao Feng disappeared in a gust of wind and lightning.


The Flooding Lake City Lord’s punch managed to hit a ripple of wind and lightning while the real Zhao Feng flashed above the Flooding Lake City Lord.

“This Zhao Feng’s merged wind and lightning into his movement and can’t be seen with the naked eye.”

The nearby Qin Sword Palace Master was stunned. Although Zhao Feng hadn’t displayed any battle-power yet, his speed was definitely among the top five in the Canopy Great Country.

Zhao Feng’s figure was heading toward the clouds. It was as if he didn’t want the fight to spread across the Flooding Lake City.

The Flooding Lake City Lord was slightly surprised, but this was good for him since he could go all out.

“Mystic Fire Exploding Cloud!”

An eye-catching flaming red cloud exploded, creating ripples that swept across an area of two miles.

The terrifying power made the hearts of the spectators tremble. Many of them felt extremely hot and started to sweat.

“The Flooding Lake City Lord’s already started to use his wide-range attacks.”

“Hehe, let’s see how that brat dodges.”

The True Spirit Realm experts discussed.

Within the flaming cloud, a blue-haired youth radiated an aura of wind and lightning that blasted the clouds into bits.

The Flooding Lake City Lord was starting to use more and more powerful attacks.

However, Zhao Feng hadn’t attacked at all and evaded the Flooding Lake City Lord’s offense with ease.

Even some of the Ascended Realms below could see that Zhao Feng’s speed easily surpassed the Flooding Lake City Lord.

“Junior, why aren’t you attacking?”

The anger in the Flooding Lake City Lord’s heart brewed but he was slightly puzzled. Thinking back to his history with Zhao Feng and how he had sent people after this youth for years, the City Lord’s love for him had turned to anger and, now, killing intent.

Of course, when Zhao Feng arrived, the City Lord realized that it wasn’t easy to take him down.

Zhao Feng wasn’t fighting back and was allowing the Flooding Lake City Lord to send a barrage of attacks.

The Flooding Lake City Lord wasn’t dumb. It wasn’t hard for him to see that this rising star’s strength was most likely above his own.

“When I came to the Flooding Lake City, I was forced into this marriage by the Flooding Lake City Lord, but in that half a year, the Flooding Lake City Lord gave me pointers and large amounts of resources….”

Memories appeared in Zhao Feng’s mind.

Back then, he was chased out of his home and was a weakling that wasn’t familiar with the Canopy Great Country.

That was a low-point in Zhao Feng’s life.

In that period of time, he used the identity of the Flooding Lake City Lord’s son-in-law to receive good resources and cultivate with ease. Apart from forcing him into the marriage, the Flooding Lake City Lord genuinely admired him and gave him resources. He truly thought of Zhao Feng as his son-in-law.

If it weren’t for the fact that the City Lord had invested so much emotionally, he wouldn’t have gotten so angry over Zhao Feng’s escape.

“I lived the lowest point of my life in the Flooding Lake City. After that came my rise. I appreciate your help. Furthermore, Qinxin…”

When Zhao Feng thought up to here, his heart was filled with gratefulness and guilt, especially since Qinxin seemed to have had an accident in the inheritance.

Normally, when one didn’t return from an inheritance, their chance of death was 99%.

It was because of this that Zhao Feng wasn’t willing to counterattack.

“Liu Jiutian, you probably won’t be able to catch or kill this brat alone.”

The soft voice of a woman sounded.

The owner of this voice was the Qin Sword Palace Master.

“Qin Sword Palace Master, if you help me kill him, I’ll owe you a favor.”

The Flooding Lake City Lord said.

If he wasn’t able to take down Zhao Feng in his own territory, not only would he lose face, the entire Liu family’s name would be tarnished.

“Brother Liu is too kind. The Iron Blood Religion is our enemy.”

The Qin Sword Palace Master smiled and laughed in her heart. She hadn’t participated because she was waiting for this “favor.”

“If I can help Liu Jiutian take down Zhao Feng, not only will he give me the Sky Qin Nine Music, I’ll also be able to take what Zhao Feng got from the mysterious inheritance….”

The Qin Sword Palace Master’s heart moved when she thought up to here.

It was due to this that she had to help the Flooding Lake City Lord take down Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng, you betrayed the Liu family’s trust and love when you ran away. How dare you come back to the Flooding Lake City? I shall take you down.”

The Qin Sword Palace Master’s expression went cold as a Qin and a shining sword appeared in front of her.

She held the Qin in one hand while controlling the sword with her other.

In that instant, the sound of thundering horses surged toward Zhao Feng.

“Qin Sword Twin Desolation!”

The sword glowed with a three-colored light as it spat out beams of sword-light that pierced toward Zhao Feng.

The combination of the Qin and Sword was perfect.

The sound from the Qin became an invisible power that disrupted and shocked the soul and could harm the weaker organs of the body.

With this Qin, even an army wouldn’t be able to get close to the Qin Sword Palace Lord. Those under the True Lord Rank could be instantly killed.

The sword technique was the legendary flying sword technique, which allowed one to control a sword through the air and send sword-beams continuously from every direction.

“Not good, it’s the Qin Sword Palace Master!”

Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye exclaimed.

The two hadn’t realized that there was another True Lord Rank here apart from the Flooding Lake City Lord, and it was even a major figure like the Qin Sword Palace Master.

One Emperor, three sects, four families. The eight great forces of the Canopy Great Country decided the fate of the country.

The Qin Sword Palace Master was a leader of one of the three sects.

Her status was comparable to the Deputy Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion.

The situation instantly changed when the Qin Sword Palace Master attacked.

Her Qin Sword Twin Desolation attack came from the back and pincered Zhao Feng.

Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye couldn’t help but curse, “This Qin Sword Palace Master’s extremely shameless. Even when they have more people, she’s using sneak attacks.”

In terms of battle-power, the Qin Sword Palace Master wasn’t exceptional among the top experts, but in terms of troublesomeness, she was definitely amongst the top.

The combination of Qin and Sword made most True Lord Ranks’ heads hurt.

“Good! The Qin Sword Palace Master is said to be a specialist in teamwork. If her Qin Sword Twin Desolation works in tandem with another True Lord Rank, they are very likely to kill the enemy.”

The Flooding Lake City Lord’s eyes lit up as he saw the Qin Sword Palace Master attack.

“Qin Wind Sword Rain!”

The sound of the Qin in the air suddenly became chaotic as sword-beams covered the sky, closing off Zhao Feng’s path of retreat.

The Qin Sword Palace Master’s attack was not limited to just the physical world; her Qin could also shake the soul.

“Where did this woman come from, and how dare she interrupt us?”

Zhao Feng’s expression dimmed. The Qin Sword Palace Master’s attack was restricting his movement.

He was only not attacking the Flooding Lake City Lord because of his help in the past and because of Liu Qinxin.

However, he didn’t know this woman. This meant that he didn’t need to hold back.

Zhao Feng harrumphed coldly as he sent a chain of wind and lightning thrashing around and causing havoc.

Boom! Bam~~~

The Qin Wind Sword Rain shattered from the chaotic chain of wind and lightning.

The Flooding Lake City Lord, who was currently closing in, felt a numbing sensation and was pushed back.

“Such a powerful use of wind and lightning!”

The expression of the two True Lord Ranks changed dramatically. Their attacks had been shattered into pieces by just one move from Zhao Feng.


Wind and lightning flashed.

“Watch out!”

The Flooding Lake City Lord warned.

In the next instant, a powerful gust of wind and a numbing sensation descended upon the Qin Sword Palace Master.


A blue-haired figure appeared next to her.

“Such speed… how is this possible?”

The Qin Sword Palace Master’s face lost color. One hand was holding the Qin while the other was controlling the sword and she couldn’t react in time.

It was obvious that the speed Zhao Feng displayed before was him conserving his power. His current speed was almost twice as fast as before.


A ball of wind and lightning condensed on Zhao Feng’s palm and shattered the Qin in front of the Qin Sword Palace Master.

“You… you broke my Six Combined Swaying Qin?”

The Qin Sword Palace Master’s elegance disappeared and was replaced by anger, panic, and fear.


Killing intent flashed in her eyes as her other hand controlled the sword and turned it into a three-colored streak of light that pierced toward Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye suddenly released a power that seemed to be able to shake the Qin Sword Palace Master’s mind and soul.


The flying sword being controlled by the Qin Sword Palace Master suddenly fell from the air.

Zhao Feng’s soul was comparable to a Sovereign and his mental energy pressure almost made the Qin Sword Palace Master’s mind shatter.

“Save… save me….”

The Qin Sword Palace Master’s face was as white as paper. Her hair and clothes blew in the wind, revealing snow-white skin.

“This will teach you to interfere in someone else’s business.”

Zhao Feng expressionlessly kicked outward.


The foot landed on the Qin Sword Palace Master’s chest.


The Qin Sword Palace Master felt a mixture of embarrassment and hatred as she vomited blood and went flying.
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