King Of Gods Chapter 493

Chapter 493 - Sky Saint Qin Inheritance.

With a “bam," the ruler of one of the eight great forces of the Canopy Great Country was sent flying from the sky.

The experts of the Flooding Lake City were dazed, while Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye’s eyes almost bulged out.

It wasn’t as if they thought that Zhao Feng couldn’t protect himself against the two True Lord Ranks. After all, they heard rumors about Zhao Feng in the Cloud area, but it was still shocking.

“He indeed deserves the title of ‘overwhelming prodigy.’ The Qin Sword Palace Master couldn’t fight back at all. Even if those two work together, they can’t stop him at all.”

Jiang Sanfeng’s heart was filled with excitement after the shock passed.

“Chapter Leader’s way too casual. How could he kick that part of a woman?”

Die Ye’s face was slightly red.

However, she could tell that Zhao Feng didn’t kick there on purpose. It was as if the Qin Sword Palace Master was only a skeleton in Zhao Feng’s eyes.

At the same moment.


The experts within the Flooding Lake City reacted and broke out into chaos.

“He’s too fast!”

“How can the difference between True Lord Ranks be so big?”

Zhao Feng’s actions were too fast, so most of the people didn’t see it clearly. However, they did see the Qin Sword Palace Master get sent flying with one kick, and they were stunned.


The Flooding Lake City Lord took in a cold breath not far away.

He looked at Zhao Feng with a complex expression that contained wariness, shock, and a sense of luckiness that he couldn’t explain.

Back when he first met Zhao Feng, the Flooding Lake City Lord found out about Zhao Feng’s talented bloodline and his God’s Spiritual Eye.

It was because of this admiration that he forced Zhao Feng to become his future son-in-law.

And today proved that he was right to do so.

His “future son-in-law” had become a dragon and an overwhelming prodigy. Zhao Feng’s strength was greater than even his own.

“Zhao Feng, I’ll return the humiliation today ten times over.”

Hatred appeared in the Qin Sword Palace Master’s eyes as she touched her chest and coughed out more blood.


Zhao Feng was slightly surprised. He thought that his kick just now could make this woman not able to stand up for half a day.

However, he didn’t consider that the part he kicked was extremely soft, which nullified some of his power. But even then, the Qin Sword Palace Master was severely injured and could barely manage to stand up.

Adding on the fact that her Qin was destroyed, her current battle-power had dropped by 30-40%.


The Qin Sword Palace Master turned into a streak of light that sped away.

“Hmph! Return it ten times over? You won’t have the chance.”

Zhao Feng snickered coldly as his eye turned azure and he prepared to use a Wind Lightning Eye Flame or Azure Piercing Slash to kill her.


The Flooding Lake City Lord shouted. He sensed a power from Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline that made his heart tremble.

He had gone to the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and seen Zhao Feng’s eye techniques.

The Flooding Lake City Lord knew that if Zhao Feng successfully used this attack, the Qin Sword Palace Master would certainly die.

“City Lord Liu.”

Zhao Feng smiled faintly and his killing intent disappeared, letting the Qin Sword Palace Master live.

The Qin Sword Palace Master, who was currently running away, suddenly felt an aura of death sweep by her. She didn’t seem to realize that her life almost reached its end.

“Zhao Feng, I recognize your strength. Probably not many people in the great country are your match.”

The Flooding Lake City Lord sighed.

Facing this future “son-in-law,” he felt helpless.

With the strength Zhao Feng had just displayed, the City Lord knew that it would be useless even if he and the Qin Sword Palace Master teamed up.

However, the Flooding Lake City Lord was also puzzled.

Zhao Feng was apparently ruthless toward some people, such as the Qin Sword Palace Master just now. The act of killing her could be achieved with a single thought.

However, Zhao Feng was “warm” toward the Flooding Lake City Lord, allowing him to attack without ever fighting back.

The Flooding Lake City Lord started to sweat coldly. If it were anyone else, Zhao Feng probably would’ve killed them long ago.

“Tell me why you’re here.”

The Flooding Lake City Lord started to ponder as he spoke.

From Zhao Feng’s current attitude, it was as if he never thought of the City Lord as an enemy in the first place. He even let the Qin Sword Palace Master live because of the City Lord’s request.

“I’ve already told you that I’m here to fulfill my promise – taking Qinxin as my wife.”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

Hearing this, everyone broke out into discussion.

Everyone – the Flooding Lake City Lord, Liu Yuan, Jiang Sanfeng, Die Ye – was incredulous.

“You really came back to take Qinxin as your wife?”

The Flooding Lake City Lord’s expression was extremely colorful.

Zhao Feng nodded his head guiltily, “…but I didn’t know that she didn’t return.”

Nothing went as planned.

Back then, the Flooding Lake City Lord forced Zhao Feng into the marriage and the latter ending up fleeing the country.

Now, Zhao Feng returned, and the bride-to-be wasn’t even here.

The Flooding Lake City Lord inspected Zhao Feng for a long time before sighing, “Flowers blossom and wilt…. Come with me.”

A while later, within a building in the City Lord’s Palace.

Liu Jiutian, Zhao Feng, Die Ye, and Jiang Sanfeng were sitting in the room.

“…Qinxin entered the Sky Saint Qin Inheritance. It’s not a big inheritance compared to the Four Great Inheritances, but it’s extremely mysterious and unusual. This inheritance has only appeared two or three times in the last ten thousand years and not much is known about it.”

Liu Jiutian said.

Back at the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, Zhao Feng and the other overwhelming prodigies fought fiercely to enter inheritances.

Amongst them, Yu Tianhao and Xin Wuheng entered the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance.

Cang Yuyue entered the Seven Sword Inheritance.

Goddess Bing Wei and Tantai Lanyue entered the Mystic Ice Inheritance.

Zhao Feng didn’t pay much attention to the others.

For example, Prince Jin, Tian Yunzhi, Wang Xiaoguai, and Liu Qinxin all chose their own inheritances.

“The number of people from the Canopy Great Country that managed to enter an inheritance this time far exceeds the others, but Liu Qinxin was the only one from the Canopy Great Country that didn’t return.”

Bitterness appeared on the Flooding Lake City Lord’s face as his eyes became depressed.

Listening up to here, Zhao Feng’s heart struggled and couldn’t stay calm.

It wasn’t just guilt. It was as if there was something weird in his heart.

Zhao Feng’s calm heart seemed to crack.

He had an instant where, if he did nothing about it, the crack in his heart would only widen.

“Is this… a heart knot?”

Zhao Feng didn’t think that Liu Qinxin’s accident would affect him so much.

It wasn’t like he never thought that, maybe if Liu Qinxin died, the promise wouldn’t be valid anymore.

However, once Zhao Feng started thinking like this, that feeling in his heart would strengthen and the crack would grow bigger.

Slowly, signs of a struggle appeared on Zhao Feng’s face and he started to sweat coldly.


The Flooding Lake City Lord’s expression changed dramatically as he exclaimed. He didn’t seem to notice that he called Zhao Feng what he used to call him back when he lived at the City Lord Palace.


Zhao Feng’s left eye turned into a cold blue, which instantly calmed him down. However, he knew this wouldn’t fix the crack in his heart.

“Zhao Feng!”

The Flooding Lake City Lord spoke in a solemn tone, “I hope that Qinxin’s accident won’t affect the state of your heart. You’re the best prodigy of the Azure Flower Continent and the number one genius in the Canopy Great Country. Qinxin’s spirit in heaven wouldn’t want to see you affected because of her….”

The Flooding Lake City Lord’s eyes started to get teary as he spoke on.

When Zhao Feng heard “Qinxin’s spirit in heaven,” he seemed to be hit by lightning and was dazed.

“Uncle Liu, we can’t conclude whether Qinxin has died or not without evidence.”

Zhao Feng took a deep breath. He suddenly recalled how Zhao Yufei hadn’t returned to the Azure Flower Continent either, and she wasn’t dead. He knew the chance was slim though.

“Feng’er, you don’t need to comfort me.”

The Flooding Lake City Lord shook his head.

It had already been a year since the end of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering. The past was the past.

Zhao Feng didn’t argue back. He also knew that the chance of Qinxin still being alive was very small.

“Uncle Liu, what can I do?”

Zhao Feng’s emotions couldn’t be calmed.

The Flooding Lake City Lord’s eyes twinkled as he inspected this overwhelming prodigy.

Zhao Feng’s strength was unfathomable and the Flooding Lake City Lord couldn’t see through it.

He knew that Zhao Feng had potential and could probably do whatever he asked.

However, this thought soon flashed by in the Flooding Lake City Lord’s mind.

“Zhao Feng, we need to confirm whether she’s dead or not first and fix your heart knot.”

The Flooding Lake City Lord said slowly.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but be surprised. The Flooding Lake City Lord didn’t ask for something ridiculous and was helping him instead.

Of course, both the Flooding Lake City Lord and Zhao Feng wanted to know whether Liu Qinxin had died or not anyway.

“May I ask Uncle Liu, what I can do to confirm whether she’s alive or dead?”

Zhao Feng started to think.

Inheritances were extremely far away from the Azure Flower Continent and they didn’t know the specific location of the Sky Saint Qin Inheritance.

“There’s two ways.”

The Flooding Lake City Lord paused before speaking, “The first is to find the Sky Saint Qin Inheritance yourself or wait for the next couple Sacred True Dragon Gatherings and find someone to go inside to find out.”

Zhao Feng and the others shook their heads. This method relied too much on luck.

The Sky Saint Qin Inheritance had only appeared two or three times in the last ten thousand years. Who knew when it might appear again?

Furthermore, the Sacred True Dragon Gathering was only held once every ten years.

“The second method… the Dao of Divination can see results of the future.”

The Flooding Lake City Lord’s eyes lit up.


Zhao Feng’s eyes lit up as well.

“The Six Warlock Divine Sage of the Canopy Great Country may have this power. The only problem is that I’ve asked to meet the Sage several times, but I’ve never had the fortune to do so.”
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