King Of Gods Chapter 501

Chapter 501 - You Brought This Upon Yourself

On top of the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan, Tiemo stood alone as he coldly looked at the four True Lord Ranks.

Empress Qin, the Qin Sword Palace Master, and the two Elders were all wary of the Deputy Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion.

“Tiemo, if it was a one-on-one fight, I definitely wouldn’t be your match. Don’t blame us for bullying you with more people.”

The eyes of the silver-haired Qin Sword Palace First Elder turned sharp.

He was the strongest of the four True Lord Ranks and he was obviously the main resistance against Tiemo.

However, the first to attack was the Qin Sword Palace Master.

“Qin Sword Twin Desolation!”

The Qin Sword Palace Master held a Qin with one hand and used the other to control the flying sword.


Her flying sword glowed with a three-colored light as it created a continuous rain of sword-beams.

At the same time, the sound of thundering horses came from her Qin, becoming a mental energy force that attacked Tiemo in an attempt to distract him.

“Sword Stopping Heaven and Earth!”

The silver-haired Qin Sword Palace First Elder leapt down and slashed toward Tiemo.

In that instant, the silver-haired First Elder’s sword turned into a silver streak, and it was filled with the intent of a king.

What was more profound was that his attack was perfectly in sync with the Qin Sword Palace Master.

The combination of the two was like Yin and Yang, and their battle-power was greater than normal True Lord Ranks by far.

“A perfect combination!”

Empress Qin and the Liu family First Elder exclaimed. They didn’t think that the Qin Sword Palace Master and the First Elder would be able to act so quickly.

Facing such an attack, Tiemo’s face remained cold.


A metallic item on his right arm suddenly expanded to become a black-and-silver wheel, which spun around and glimmered brightly.


Tiemo’s black-and-silver wheel rotated quickly, creating dazzling lights as he flew toward the silver-haired First Elder.

The Qin Sword Palace First Elder didn’t give way, so they clashed head-on.


The spinning wheel smashed into the sword-beam and shattered the silver-haired First Elder’s offense.

Ding!!! Shu~~~

The quickly rotating black-and-silver wheel hit the Qin Sword Palace First Elder’s sword, creating sparks.

“My Mystic Silver Divine Sword~~~!”

The silver-haired First Elder yelled as the black-and-silver wheel quickly slashed at his weapon.

In just a breath’s time, the First Elder’s sword, which was almost at the High-Tier Spiritual-Grade, had a small nick on it.


The two pushed each other, and the silver-haired Elder flew out and almost coughed up blood.

“Wheel of Light and Darkness!”

The other True Lord Ranks, Jiang Sanfeng, and Die Ye couldn’t help but exclaim.


The Wheel of Light and Darkness spun, becoming a shield that clashed with the Qin Sword Palace Master’s flying sword.

Furthermore, the Wheel of Light and Darkness spun quickly enough – even while defending – that it damaged the Qin Sword Palace Master’s flying sword as well.

The Qin Sword Palace Master harrumphed and almost let the flying sword fall to the ground.


After completing all this, the blood-colored-hair Tiemo’s weapon turned into a mechanical arm.

The exchange between the three True Lord Ranks only lasted a few breaths and the difference in strength was already apparent.

The Qin Sword Palace First Elder and the Qin Sword Palace Master’s perfect combination-attack was easily dissolved by Tiemo, who was only slightly injured.

“This Tiemo is incredibly strong. He’s certainly worthy of being in charge of the Iron Blood Religion.”

A bloody gash was left on the silver-haired First Elder, and his breathing rate quickened.

In the forge underground, Zhao Feng and Master Tiegan were completing the final step.

“It’ll be done in an hour….”

Most of Zhao Feng’s focus was on forging, but he was also paying attention to the battle outside.

Tiemo’s battle-power and the Wheel of Light and Darkness moved Zhao Feng.

One had to know, the silver-haired First Elder’s cultivation was close to the peak True Lord Rank and, combined with the Qin Sword Palace Master, their attack was enough to threaten actual peak True Lord Ranks.

Yet such a strong blow was easily blocked by Tiemo, and he still had the upper hand.

“Attack together. Tiemo’s ranked within the top three strongest experts in the great country. Perhaps only Grand Elder Long Mu could beat him in a one-on-one fight.”

Empress Qin’s perfect figure flew through the air.

Qiu! Qiu! Qiu~~~~

Rainbow-colored ribbons, more than a dozen yards long, flew around her as they attempted to wrap up Tiemo.

At the same time, the Liu family First Elder, Qin Sword Palace Master, and Qin Sword Palace First Elder attacked Tiemo from opposite directions.

Boom! Bam Bam~~~~~

Zhao Feng and Master Tiegan felt immense shaking, but with Tiemo and the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan’s help, more than 90% of the attack was blocked, or else the protective array would’ve been broken by now.

“Zhao Feng, the Deputy Patriarch probably can’t last against those four True Lord Ranks for long.”

Master Tiegan was slightly worried.

He was the assistant this time, so he had more time and energy to watch the battle above.

Tiemo was starting to defend, attacking less and less.

Zhao Feng used his God’s Spiritual Eye to inspect things before smiling faintly, “There’s no need to worry.”

Although the Deputy Patriarch on top of the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan was on the defensive, Zhao Feng found that there were no signs of panic or fear in his expression.

“I understand. The Deputy Patriarch is protecting the forge underground, so he has to be on the defensive.”

Jiang Sanfeng realized.

“Doesn’t this mean that the Deputy Patriarch isn’t scared of those four True Lord Ranks together?”

Die Ye was surprised. Rumors said that the current Patriarch was sick and everything was run by the Deputy Patriarch.

How could Tiemo’s methods be measured by common sense? He was the leader of the Iron Blood Religion, who fought the Imperials, the Liu family, and the Qin Sword Palace.

The offense from the four True Lord Ranks became more and more furious.

“Looks like I’ve underestimated the Deputy Patriarch’s battle-power. Without using my eye-bloodline and some hidden cards, it would be difficult for me to beat him head-on.”

Although Zhao Feng had only looked up once or twice, he knew the situation better than anyone else.

If it weren’t for the fact that Tiemo was protecting the forge, he could probably defeat all four True Lord Ranks together.

“Looks like the chances of killing Zhao Feng today will be very small.”

Empress Qin couldn’t help but feel bitter. Her continuous attacks were easily blocked by Tiemo.

The expressions of the other three True Lord Ranks were solemn.

The Deputy Patriarch’s strength was immense, and his Wheel of Light and Darkness was extremely troublesome, damaging their weapons easily.

“Although we can’t kill Zhao Feng, we can at least disrupt his forging. From the looks of it, he’s crafting a second Wheel of Light and Darkness. We can’t let him succeed.”

The Qin Sword Palace Master gritted her teeth and said unwillingly.

The other True Lord Ranks released their spiritual sense and saw the situation in the forge.

The shape of what Zhao Feng was making seemed to be a second Wheel of Light and Darkness.

“We can’t let him succeed. No wonder why the Deputy Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion is guarding this place.”

The silver-haired First Elder harrumphed coldly as he started to purposely aim his attacks toward the underground forge.


Tiemo’s expression changed dramatically as he manipulated his Wheel of Light and Darkness to block the silver-haired First Elder’s attack.

However, the other three True Lord Ranks also aimed toward the forge.


The underground forge shook heavily and was about to fall.

“These True Lords Ranks are far too shameless….”

Master Tiegan cursed out loud. However, being on opposite sides, they obviously didn’t want to see a second Wheel of Light and Darkness.

“Zhao Feng, if you don’t think of something, everything we’ve done will go to waste.”

Master Tiegan sighed.

The underground forge wouldn’t be able to last more than a couple breaths.

Tiemo, who was on the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan, was also helpless.

Although he wasn’t scared of the four True Lord Ranks, he couldn’t stop the remaining power from the battle from affecting the underground forge. On top of that, the enemy was aiming at the forge on purpose now.

“Hmph! You brought this upon yourself. Don’t blame me for not going easy on you.”

A cold voice, filled with killing intent, sounded in the air, and the hearts of the four True Lord Ranks suddenly felt cold.

“That’s the voice of the Chapter Leader!”

Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye exclaimed and looked up.


A blue-haired youth had appeared with a gust of wind and lightning above the four True Lord Ranks.

“Zhao Feng!”

The expressions of everyone changed dramatically.

The Deputy Patriarch was surprised but regretful. Zhao Feng’s process of crafting was stopped.

Empress Qin, the Qin Sword Palace Master, and the other two True Lord Ranks were full of shock and wariness.

They only saw the movement of the Wind Lightning Yuan Qi. Zhao Feng seemed to become part of the wind and lighting.

“Quickly retreat! We don’t have any chance of victory against Zhao Feng and Tiemo combined.”

The Qin Sword Palace Master’s urgent voice sounded.


The four didn’t hesitate at all.

They couldn’t even beat Tiemo by himself, and now there was an extra Zhao Feng. They could only run away.

“Zhe zhe, although we couldn’t kill Zhao Feng, at least we stopped him from making a Wheel of Light and Darkness.”

The Liu family First Elder snickered coldly.

The four True Lord Ranks released their spiritual sense toward the underground forge.

However, the second their spiritual sense got close, it was burned by a cold and dark aura.

The entire underground forge was filled with dark, grim flames.

Not only did the spiritual sense of the four True Lord Ranks fail to see what was going on, they were almost injured. They were stunned; what kind of terrifying unknown existence was within the forge?
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