King Of Gods Chapter 502

Chapter 502 - Slaughter

The terrifying aura within the underground forge almost injured the spiritual senses of the four True Lord Ranks.

The situation had turned around in the blink of an eye.

Zhao Feng wasn’t in the forge anymore. He had appeared above the four True Lord Ranks.

The underground forge was covered in a layer of dark mist and nothing could be seen, which was extremely weird.

“Such a thing requires the cultivation of half-step Origin Core Realm at the least….”

Empress Qin’s expression changed dramatically. She couldn’t imagine what kind of existence was in the forge.

She started to realize why her Master told her to try to resolve the feud between herself and Zhao Feng.

“Retreat quickly! This Zhao Feng is not what he seems. Who knows what kind of expert is behind him?”

The other three True Lord Ranks started to run away from Tiegan Palace.

“You want to run? Hehe… too late.”

A powerful surge of wind and lightning descended.

The four True Lord Ranks felt numb, and their flying speed slowed by twenty or thirty percent.

The Qin Sword Palace First Elder was the least affected since his cultivation was the highest.

In that instant, the Wind Lightning Yuan Qi nearby was like a raging tornado that enveloped the four True Lord Ranks.

“What a powerful mental energy!”

The eyes of the Iron Blood Religion Deputy Patriarch lit up. Joy appeared on his face, but he didn’t slow down as he continued his pursuit.

When Zhao Feng appeared, the raging fire in Tiemo’s heart was finally unleashed. He wasn’t scared of those four True Lord Ranks given his strength, but he was forced to defend, which made him extremely dissatisfied.

“Light and Darkness Flying Rotational Slash!”

The Wheel of Light and Darkness started to speed up as it turned into an eye-catching spinning blade.


The blade-form Wheel of Light and Darkness flashed through the air like lightning.


The First Elder of the Liu family, who had only flown a hundred yards, was cut in two.

He didn’t think that the Wheel of Light and Darkness had such a long range.

Because Tiemo was forced to defend earlier, many of his skills weren’t used. Now that he was unrestrained, he instantly showed everyone his strength and the power of the Wheel of Light and Darkness.

At the same time.

“Wind Lightning Crackling Strike!”

The blue-haired figure flashed through the air as a blade of wind and lightning was formed.


The blade of wind and lightning slashed through the air with a sound of thunder.

Zhao Feng’s speed and agility were the best among the True Lords present, and he appeared behind the Qin Sword Palace Master in an instant.


The Qin Sword Palace Master screamed as her face went white and her body started to become numb.


The blade of wind and lightning brought down a destructive aura as it ripped through her defense.

Normal True Lord Ranks had no chance of fighting back against Zhao Feng’s terrifying speed and powerful attacks.

The Qin Sword Palace Master’s face was filled with fear, and within her eyes was begging and helplessness.

Regret and bitterness appeared in her heart.

But it was all too late.

“You brought this upon yourself.”

A cold voice sounded as the wind and lightning blade exploded, and the Qin Sword Palace Master’s screaming suddenly stopped.

In just two short breaths, the Qin Sword Palace Master and the First Elder of the Liu family died.

“Two True Lord Ranks just died at the same time!”

Jiang Sanfeng and the spectators within Tiegan Palace were filled with excitement and their blood boiled.

Zhao Feng and Tiemo attacked simultaneously, slaying their targets at the same time.

The two True Lord Ranks howled at the same moment. After finishing their opponents, Zhao Feng and Tiemo exchanged glances with a smile.

Tiemo was filled with joy. Not only had Zhao Feng returned safely from the inheritance, his strength was at such a high level.

From his methods just now, Zhao Feng’s strength didn’t seem much different from Tiemo.

Furthermore, this might not even be his full strength.

“So fast…. Both the Qin Sword Palace Master and the Liu family First Elder died….”

“Run! This Zhao Feng’s strength has already reached such a terrifying level after coming back.”

Empress Qin and the Qin Sword Palace First Elder were shocked, and they burned their Qi of True Spirit almost at the same time as they ran away.

Sou! Sou!

Two figures flashed toward the clouds and Zhao Feng looked coldly at them.

His left eye locked on to the Qin Sword Palace First Elder.

“Kill the Qin Sword Palace First Elder first!”

Tiemo’s voice sounded. His thoughts were the exact same as Zhao Feng’s.

Of course, their starting points were different.

The reason why Tiemo wanted to kill the Qin Sword Palace First Elder was because of the effect it could bring to the Canopy Great Country.

The Qin Sword Palace was one of the eight major forces of the Canopy Great Country and it had two True Lord Ranks.

The Qin Sword Palace First Elder had almost reached the peak True Lord Rank. Once he broke through, his strength would catch up to the Deputy Patriarch. At that time, he would become a great threat.

“The Qin Sword Palace Master is dead. If we kill the Qin Sword Palace First Elder too, the Qin Sword Palace won’t have any more True Lord Ranks. It’s like an army losing their general.”

Tiemo was moved. Killing the Qin Sword Palace First Elder could disintegrate one of the eight great forces.

Usually, the likelihood of killing the Qin Sword Palace First Elder was low, because if he wanted to run, Tiemo couldn’t do much to stop him.

However, with the speed specialist Zhao Feng here, there was hope in killing the First Elder today.

“Eye of Ice Soul!”

Zhao Feng’s left eye suddenly turned a bone-chilling blue and locked on to the First Elder.

The Qin Sword Palace First Elder felt his body go cold, and even his thoughts slowed down. His speed was greatly reduced.

“What’s going on…!?”

The Qin Sword Palace First Elder exclaimed. His reflexes and speed had decreased greatly.

He soon realized that he was locked on by Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline, but even though he knew that, he couldn’t do anything about it.

“Hahaha… good job, Zhao Feng!”

Tiemo laughed as he closed in with his Wheel of Light and Darkness.

Zhao Feng had locked on to the Qin Sword Palace First Elder and flew over.

“Light and Darkness Flying Rotational Slash!”

Tiemo’s Wheel of Light and Darkness flew out and it almost instantly landed on the Qin Sword Palace First Elder.

The First Elder couldn’t dodge because he was locked down by the Eye of Ice Soul, so he had to burn his Qi of True Spirit to block it.


The wheel left a deep injury that ran straight to the bone as blood splattered all over him.


Then a blue-haired youth arrived behind the Qin Sword Palace First Elder with unparalleled speed.


Zhao Feng held a blade made of wind and lightning that he expressionlessly stabbed toward the First Elder’s back.


The Qin Sword Palace First Elder tried his best to evade, but one of his arms was sliced off by the blade of wind and lightning.

With the combined efforts of Zhao Feng and the Deputy Patriarch, the Qin Sword Palace First Elder couldn’t resist at all and was slain in just two moves.

“Great! It’s going smoothly.”

Tiemo’s face was filled with joy.

After all, the cultivation of the Qin Sword Palace First Elder was close to the peak True Lord Rank, so if he wanted to run, it would be hard to slay him.

He suddenly realized that he had underestimated Zhao Feng’s strength and eye-bloodline.

In reality, the Qin Sword Palace First Elder had been sentenced to death the moment Zhao Feng opened his eye-bloodline – even if Tiemo didn’t do anything.

Zhao Feng was expressionless as they killed the Qin Sword Palace First Elder. His eye-bloodline returned to normal and he didn’t seem fazed at all.

Tiemo couldn’t help but look at Zhao Feng deeply. After meeting Zhao Feng this time, even he couldn’t fully see through this new Overwhelming Prodigy.


Zhao Feng suddenly remembered something. His expression changed drastically as he disappeared with a flash.

A couple breaths later, with an arc of lightning, Zhao Feng appeared in the underground forge.

The forge was still covered with a dark mist that could block the detection of True Lord Ranks.

Master Tiegan was shocked. He felt that it was hard to breathe, and he could only barely

manage to see a skeleton with two red flames for eyes.

The Wheel of Light and Darkness floated in front of the skeleton.

“Master, please relax. I’ve studied forging for hundreds of years, I’m better than normal blacksmith masters.”

The skeletal Division Leader was completing the last step for the Wheel of Light and Darkness.

Zhao Feng nodded his head faintly. Although the skeletal Division Leader might not know the blueprints and couldn’t actually complete this last step, it wasn’t hard for it to maintain the current state.

One had to know, the skeletal Division Leader was a Sovereign at its peak. Its experience and knowledge far surpassed Zhao Feng and Master Tiegan.

“Maintain that state for a while.”

Zhao Feng said as he disappeared from the forge once more.

A while later.


A gust of wind and lightning caught up to the Iron Blood Religion Deputy Patriarch and Empress Qin.

“Hahaha Empress Qin! You’ve been my enemy for years, but you probably didn’t think this would be the outcome today, did you?”

The Iron Blood Religion Deputy Patriarch laughed as he forced Empress Qin into despair.

Blood was splattered over Empress Qin’s gown, which was ripped and revealed alluring white skin.

“Lord Tiemo, please let me live.”

Empress Qin looked extremely sympathetic as she begged.

Even the Deputy Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion had to calm his heart in case he was affected by Empress Qin’s Dao of Charm.


The Deputy Patriarch was worried that something unexpected would happen, so he sliced his Wheel of Light and Darkness toward Empress Qin.

At this point in time, Empress Qin was severely injured and couldn’t stop this strike.


A calm voice sounded in the air and a gust of wind and lightning landed between the two.


The Wheel of Light and Darkness was blocked by a ripple of blue and could proceed no further, as if it was facing the ocean.

“Zhao Feng, you…”
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