King Of Gods Chapter 594

Chapter 594 - Appearance of the Death Guards

Seeing that another late-stage Small Origin Core Realm Sovereign was about to be killed by Zhao Feng, the shirt-wearing elder roared, “Brat!”

The Third Elder of the Gan Cloud Pavilion screamed, and his eyes bulged. Of the four Sovereigns he brought with him, three had already died.

“Mystic Sky Dark Technique Slash!”

The Third Elder of the Gan Cloud Pavilion exploded his True Yuan, condensing a half-transparent dark green blade that seemed to be the punishment of heaven itself as it became one with nature and slashed toward Zhao Feng.

The terrifying power from this attack caused the heavens and earth to shake. The others present, including the skeletal Division Leader and the other Sovereign, felt their hearts jump.


The Water Spirit Giant that Zhao Feng had turned into wasn’t able to fully evade the attack.


The body of the Water Spirit Giant rippled and immediately became faint. It was almost chopped in two.


The Water Spirit Giant’s injuries then started to recover. In this state, Zhao Feng’s flesh was able to turn into a half-liquid state. He was almost immortal with his monstrous recovery speed.

Zhao Feng took the blow from the Third Elder head-on as he charged toward the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm.


The Water Spirit Giant sent out a thrust that made the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm cough out blood.

Zhao Feng’s Water Spirit Divine Change was currently a complete version, unlike when he was in the Purple Saint Ruins. Not only did he have strong defense, his every action was full of power.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng’s mastery of the Water Spirit Divine Change had already surpassed the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm Elder Shui Yun. This was because, over the last half a year, Zhao Feng’s state of existence had risen dramatically due to the heart blood essence and the aura from the Ancient Dream Realm. It was even stronger than normal Great Origin Core Realms, and his bloodline power had transformed multiple times.

The solid foundation of lifeforce and bloodline was able to sustain his Water Spirit Divine Change.


The Third Elder of the Gan Cloud Pavilion roared as he could only watch the last late-stage Small Origin Core Realm fall into the pincer attack of the Water Spirit Giant and the flaming bone giant.

Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader were both using secret techniques that increased their strength to a level stronger than normal late-stage Small Origin Core Realms.


Zhao Feng’s ripple of water took another attack from the Third Elder of the Gan Cloud Pavilion head-on, which was able to force the last Small Origin Core Realm into despair.


The last Small Origin Core Realm died from the combined attacks of Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader. His corpse dissolved into a puddle of water and blood in the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.

After absorbing the energy and essence of four Sovereigns in a row, the power of the curse reached a stunning level.


The expression of the Gan Cloud Pavilion’s Third Elder changed dramatically as he took a deep breath. He looked extremely lonely as he floated above the smoke.

“My Water Spirit Divine Change can only last another ten breaths at most.”

Zhao Feng’s figure flashed as he leapt toward the Third Elder of the Gan Cloud Pavilion.

Of course, even in this state, he could only barely fight against a Great Origin Core Realm; he couldn’t truly threaten one.


Zhao Feng waved the array flag and directed the power of the curse of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array. The terrifying air of Death, Yin, and hatred swamped the Third Elder of the Gan Cloud Pavilion.

“Cunning bitch…!”

The Third Elder waved his hand and shattered the smoke time after time. However, his face started to turn white and his body became uncomfortable.

His body had been eroding for quite a while now, and his lifeforce and energy were being depleted faster and faster.

Using this chance, the Water Spirit Giant and the flaming bone giant teamed up and counterattacked.

Boom! Boom! Bam~~~~

The three experts clashed within the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.

A few breaths later, the skeletal Division Leader’s figure retreated as the flames radiating from its body became fainter.

Zhao Feng’s Water Spirit Giant also became a bit dimmer, but the Sovereign Lord’s face was as white as paper and his body was trembling slightly.

Hundreds and thousands of invisible, dried, white hands were reaching into his body and grabbing his lifeforce and soul.

From the beginning of the battle, the Sovereign Lord had been in a weak state, and he was still injured from the clash back then.

Looking closely at him, his skin had started to grow older. In just a short span of ten breaths, he seemed to have aged ten years.

“Zhe zhe zhe…. Old man, because of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array, you’ve lost a lot of your lifespan.”

The skeletal Division Leader laughed smugly as the Sovereign Lord’s face became gray, and his skin started to rot, allowing even more power of the curse to enter his body.

“Bitch, the Gan Cloud Pavilion won’t let you off easily….”

Although the Third Elder was still cursing, there was already fear in the depths of his eyes. After saying that, he circulated his True Yuan and forced his two opponents back.


In the next instant, the Sovereign Lord’s figure had already flown away.

Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader raised their heads, and they saw the Sovereign Lord stumble after flying several miles and spit out a mouthful of blood.

“Master, the power of the curse has entered that old man, and he’s now extremely weak. We’re just one step away from killing him.”

The skeletal Division Leader said somewhat unwillingly.

It would be extremely beneficial if the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array was able to devour the essence of a Great Origin Core Realm.

“I know, but that’s still a Great Origin Core Realm we’re talking about.”

Zhao Feng faintly shook his head as his liquid state became solid again, and he turned pale. Zhao Feng could only maintain the Water Spirit Divine Change secret technique for a limited amount of time since the price to use it was so heavy.


Zhao Feng waved the black flag and put the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array away in satisfaction.

Things went much more smoothly than the fight against Lord Hu Suo.

Most importantly, Zhao Feng didn’t even use his eye bloodline.

The combination of Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader, along with the help of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array, was now able to suppress normal Sovereign Lords. The two didn’t even dare to have such a thought half a year ago.

“Retreat quickly.”

Zhao Feng returned to the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship and ordered.

In the battle just now, the handful of Sovereigns, including a Sovereign Lord, had attracted the attention of many experts.

“What a battle. Several Sovereigns died!”

“Who’s in that ship? They managed to kill so many Elders from the Gan Cloud Pavilion. The Gan Cloud Pavilion’s one of the top forces around here.”

Because they were still rather close to the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace, many experts witnessed the entire process.


The Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship travelled with its fastest speed, which even normal Sovereigns couldn’t catch up to.

In the blink of an eye, the ship that had slain several Elders from the Gan Cloud Pavilion disappeared.

Although the culprit already left, this news still shocked several islands within a short span of half a month.

The Gan Cloud Pavilion was one of the peak one-star clans around, and their strength was only below that of two-star sects.

Due to the fact that it happened not too long ago, the Gan Cloud Pavilion used all their strength and put a bounty on the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship.

On a certain day, half a month later, a dark, silent figure flew along the ocean and caused everything nearby to become dead-silent.

Countless beasts within a thousand miles shook in fear. It was as if their throats had been grasped by the God of Death.

“That person….”

Nearby experts and Sovereigns felt their hearts jump.

The tall, dark figure gave everything nearby a feeling of Death to their souls.

“The intent of the Emperor of Death was once here.”

The tall, dark figure floated nearby the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.


His figure then disappeared as he stepped into the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.

“What a terrifying aura!”

The Sovereigns guards at the entrance felt their backs become drenched in cold sweat.

The mysterious figure then left the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace a while later and headed toward an island.

His speed was almost ten times faster than normal Great Origin Core Realms.

Songheng area, the Gan Cloud Pavilion’s important grounds, within a large palace:


The Third Elder let out a long breath as he forced out the black, rotting blood from his body.

“Luckily, our clan has methods to counter ghost-corpse curses.”

The Third Elder’s expression was weak but happy. If things were dragged out for a couple more days, the curse would have entered his bones. After that, even if he had the entire power of the Gan Cloud Pavilion, there would be nothing they could do.

“You are the Third Elder of the Gan Cloud Pavilion?”

A cold and raspy voice seemed to sound from the abyss.

“You… you are…?”

The Third Elder’s bones chilled, and his soul almost flew away in fright.

A tall figure, who seemed like the representative of Death itself, appeared before him, and a hand covered in black smoke lightly clasped the Third Elder’s neck.

“Help… help me….”

The Third Elder fell into limitless fear, and the hand covered in black smoke seemed to be the sickle of Death as it suppressed his True Yuan.

“Don’t… what do you want? I’ll give it all to you.”

The Third Elder of the Gan Cloud Pavilion trembled and couldn’t fight back at all.

“Your soul and life don’t belong to you anymore.”

The tall figure mocked, and his raspy voice made the Third Elder fall into utter despair.


The other hand of the tall figure was placed upon the Third Elder’s head, and his mind went black as he fell unconscious.

“Soul Heart Reader.”

A wisp of transparent darkness flowed into the Third Elder’s soul, but he had no reaction. It was as if he had entered a vegetative state.

A while later, the Third Elder of the Gan Cloud Pavilion fell to the ground. There was no sign of anyone else there, but a voice seemed to murmur in the soul-dimension, “The Pursuit of Death has only just begun…. Run. Let’s see how far you can run…. I just hope you’re not too weak….”
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