King Of Gods Chapter 617

Chapter 617 - Success

if I go against the rules and help you, itll be a big risk for me as well.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lords attitude was clear.

Although Zhao Feng was prepared for this result, his heart still felt cold, and he was somewhat disappointed.

Is there no way at all?

Zhao Feng didnt give up.

Theres basically no way at all. Spiritual Sacred Lands are in separate dimensions, so they can only be entered from the specific entrances or by using the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array, but both options have experts of the Sacred Lands guarding. Its almost impossible to enter.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord said confidently. Being a Void Ocean Palace Lord, he came from the Spiritual Sacred Lands, so he knew the rules extremely well.

Hearing up to there, Zhao Feng understood what the problem was. The most difficult part was the restriction against outsiders.

In reality, it wasnt very hard or risky for the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord to send Zhao Feng to a Void Ocean Spiritual Palace close to the True Martial Sacred Land, but a Spiritual Sacred Land was a sacred land of cultivation that couldnt be compared to normal island zones.

Only there were there three-star forces, and all the precious and rare resources were obviously restricted to members only.

Unless you were able to become a member of the Sacred Lands, but youd have to enter the True Martial Sacred Land first to do that.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord couldnt help but shake his head, and Zhao Feng sighed in his heart.

He couldnt help but think that, if he couldnt enter the Spiritual Sacred Land, then the next best alternative would be to go to the nearest Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.

You have the Spiritual Palace Gold Token, so if youre willing to pay a large amount of Primal Crystal Stones for the array, I can send you to the Spiritual Palace closest to the Sacred Land.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord could agree to that much, and Zhao Feng started to think.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord awaited Zhao Fengs answer with a faint smile, and he was curious as to why Zhao Feng wanted to enter the Sacred Land in such a hurry. With Zhao Fengs talent, he should be able to easily enter the Spiritual Sacred Lands within a few years time by going the regular way.

Senior, can I ask you about someone?

Zhao Feng suddenly asked. The reason he was going to the True Martial Sacred Lands was to find one person.

Who is it? Ive stayed in the Spiritual Sacred Lands for a couple hundred years, so I know most of the famous people.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord was confident.

Zhao Feng took a deep breath as the Purple Saint Partial Spirits words rang in his mind:

Zhao Feng, go to the True Martial Sacred Land and find someone called Duanmu Qing with my Purple Saint Token, but I dont know if that person is still alive or not. If he is, then hell definitely help you. He can be trusted.

Does Senior know someone called Duanmu Qing?

Zhao Feng asked.

Duanmu Qing? Duanmu could it be?

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lords expression changed dramatically.

Duanmu Qing!

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lords expression underwent obvious changes.

Could it be that youre related to Duanmu Qing!?

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord was excited as he asked in an urgent tone. It was obvious that the name Duanmu Qing put the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord into a state of shock.

Zhao Feng paused for a moment before answering, Senior Duanmu Qing is a friend of my ancestor, but my ancestor is close to dying and told me to find him in the True Martial Sacred Land.

Hearing that, the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord looked at Zhao Feng in a different light.

Zhao Feng, if what youre saying is true, I will take the risk and help you find Duanmu Qing.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lords words took a twist.

Zhao Feng couldnt help but feel weird. The Eternally Sealed Palace Lords change was too fast.

Just a moment ago, the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord didnt want to risk helping Zhao Feng, but after hearing the name Duanmu Qing, he was willing to help. It was incredible.

Thank you, Senior.

Zhao Feng obviously wouldnt decline it and immediately thanked him.

After chatting for a while longer:

Zhao Feng, go back and rest. I need to get in touch with a few friends in order to do this.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lords tone was much friendlier.

Zhao Feng couldnt help but murmur after returning to his place, Looks like that Duanmu Qing is still alive and has a pretty high status in the Sacred Lands.

This was obviously good news for him.

In the time afterward, Zhao Feng started to cultivate as he waited for news.

Right now, his main focus was to strengthen the foundation of his Core Center.

The atmosphere of the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace was much better than normal island zones, and it was beneficial for cultivation.

Using the Spiritual Palace Gold Token, he bought Wind and Lightning elemental resources at better rates from the officials.

In the blink of an eye, half a month passed, and Zhao Fengs cultivation speed became faster and faster.

The small Core Center that was the size of a yellow bean inside his dantian had expanded by a small circle.

There was no bottleneck for him to reach the Great Origin Core Realm. All he needed was time before his state of existence, body, and soul all reached the Great Origin Core Realm level.

Zhao Feng had also entered the Ancient Dream Realm twice in the last half a month, and he mainly absorbed the aura into his soul. However, when his soul reached the Great Origin Core Realm, the effect started to decrease, while the progress of Zhao Fengs state of existence and body was already as slow as a turtle.

As for the heart blood essence, it was no longer of any use to Zhao Feng.

My state of existence has reached the limit of the Great Origin Core Realm, but because my soul still hasnt reached the limit of the Great Origin Core Realm, theres still a bit of effect.

Zhao Feng started to plan. If he was just going to purely absorb the Ancient Dream Realm aura, the effects later on could be ignored.

This meant that he needed to set his sights on the Ancient Dream Realm.

Seventy-five breaths eighty breaths eighty-five breaths ninety breaths.

Zhao Feng stood in the Ancient Dream Realm, and his record had reached ninety breaths, closing in on his goal of a hundred breaths.

Zhao Feng tried to take a step, but the pressure instantly doubled.


Zhao Feng spat out a mouthful of blood and returned to reality.

This time, Zhao Feng still had a bit of aura left within his body.


With a swipe of his hand, a cursed ghost-corpse appeared in front of Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng controlled a wisp of Ancient Dream Realm aura and merged it with the cursed ghost-corpses body.

After absorbing so much Ancient Dream Realm aura, Zhao Feng could control it better. When the cursed ghost-corpse absorbed this wisp of Ancient Dream Realm aura, something seemed to happen to it.

Zhao Feng inspected it closely.

Hmm? The ghost-corpses body seems to have become stronger, and the power of the curse and the air of Death and Yin is closer to their origin.

Zhao Feng concluded.

The aura of the Ancient Dream Realm seemed to have an effect on anything and everything, regardless of the element. The effect it had on the cursed ghost-corpse was similar to the effect it had on Zhao Feng.

Now that the auras effect on me is miniscule, Ill merge a wisp of Ancient Dream Realm aura into every cursed ghost-corpse.

Zhao Feng became busy over the next few days, and because he could stay in the Ancient Dream Realm for longer, he could bring out more aura.

Four to five days later, every cursed ghost-corpse had successfully absorbed a wisp of Ancient Dream Realm aura.

Within the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl, the skeletal Division Leader saw the changes in every cursed ghost-corpse and was stunned.

The strength and potential of all these cursed ghost-corpses have increased. In the past, they could only be strengthened to the half-step Origin Core Realm, but the potential they have now has increased greatly.

The skeletal Division Leader obviously knew the cursed ghost-corpses better, and it knew more about the changes of the cursed ghost-corpses than Zhao Feng did.

Ten days later, the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord sent news to Zhao Feng for him to come over.

Senior, whats the situation?

Zhao Feng was slightly impatient.

The next moment might be able to change his fate, just like when he met Lord Guanjun and entered the true world of cultivation.

Zhao Feng, the plans complete. I can help you enter the True Martial Sacred Land soon.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord had a bright smile.


Zhao Feng revealed a look of overwhelming joy on his face.

This is a guest token from the Sacred Lands, and its extremely hard to get. I obtained it after a lot of effort.

A guest token appeared in the Eternally Sealed Palace Lords hand. The token was as pure as jade and had golden streaks across it. There was one word written on it: Guest.

A guest token?

Zhao Feng could guess what it meant.

This guest token can let non-members of the Sacred Lands enter the True Martial Sacred Land for a short while, but it has restrictions.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord explained.

A guest token. Zhao Feng took the guest token and saw that the material was comparable to the Purple Saint Token.

This token has a time restriction; it can only let you stay in the True Martial Sacred Lands for ten days.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord warned.

Ten days? Thats a bit short.

Zhao Feng murmured as he put away the guest token.

The time is quite short. Success and failure depends on your actions in the ten days time, and theres a certain amount of risk involved.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord didnt disagree.

He had spent a lot of effort just to obtain this ten-day guest token.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord then gave the specific details.

Firstly, its impossible for me to send you straight to the Spiritual Sacred Lands from here because youre a guest and not a member of the Sacred Lands. Even if I send you over, theres still going to be experts guarding the other side.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord first declined that train of thought.

The first step is to send you to the Void Ocean Spirit Palace nearest to the Sacred Land.

The second step is that you must enter the Sacred Land with another sect, and your guest token comes from that sect.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord soon told him the plan and gave him the specific details.

Although its a bit troublesome, using the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array already saves me several years time.

Zhao Feng nodded his head after knowing everything.
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