King Of Gods Chapter 620

Chapter 620 - Another Jump

A hundred breaths!

Zhao Fengs feet seemed to root themselves into the ground, and he felt as if the pressure on his soul decreased.


Zhao Feng felt his body suddenly become lighter, as if his compatibility with the Ancient Dream Realm had increased.

It was like an animal evolving. Oceanic beasts would sometimes adapt to land or other new environments. This was the same; as Zhao Fengs body grew to contain more of the Ancient Dream Realm aura, his soul and body became stronger and started to adapt to this unique dimension.

It was as if this piece of desolate land had accepted his aura to a certain degree.

Being an outsider, Zhao Feng faced great pressure and resistance from the heavens and the earth, but that all greatly decreased now.

I can now stand easily in this land.

Zhao Fengs heart was filled with joy. This meant that he could stay longer in the Ancient Dream Realm and absorb at least ten times more of the aura.

A hundred breaths was a major breakthrough point.

Zhao Feng then inspected the Ancient Dream Realm and tried to walk forward.

He was currently in a desolated area, but he could see nearby trees and hear the screech of birds.

Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye saw a stream further away.

This entire world seemed close to the origin of things, and it gave off an old, ancient feeling.

Ta! Ta!

Zhao Feng breathed in the aura as he managed to take a step. When he took this step, Zhao Feng felt as if the pressure from the heavens and the earth suddenly increased dramatically.

One step two steps three steps.

Zhao Feng felt it was extremely hard to take every step.

A couple breaths later:


Zhao Feng retreated from the Ancient Dream Realm, and his back was drenched with cold sweat.

If I dont move, I can stay in the Ancient Dream Realm for a long time, but if I move, the pressure will increase by up to ten times and I wont be able to last more than ten breaths.

Zhao Feng let out a breath. No matter what, he had passed the major breakthrough point of one hundred breaths.

From now on, he could absorb large quantities of Ancient Dream Realm aura and start to look around this weird dimension.

How big was the Ancient Dream Realm? Were there any natives here?

Of course, what Zhao Feng cared about most was whether there were any precious resources.

One had to know that the aura alone was already so beneficial. It was hard to imagine how much value a proper resource or item would have.

Inside the room, Zhao Feng cultivated quietly, and the Core Center within his body gradually became bigger.

The amount and quality of Wind and Lightning elemental resources Zhao Feng could buy in this Void Ocean Spiritual Palace exceeded the other Void Ocean Spiritual Palaces.

Using these items, Zhao Feng had no bottleneck, and his cultivation speed was extremely fast.

Zhao Fengs Core Center started to approach the middle-stage Small Origin Core Realm.

He used a large amount of Ancient Dream Realm aura to condense the Core Center in his body, which now sparkled like a crystal.

A Core Center turning into a crystal was the sign of breaking through to the Great Origin Core Realm.

Ten to twenty days passed in the blink of an eye.

The size of Zhao Fengs Core Center was now completely comparable to the middle-stage Small Origin Core Realm.

On top of that, the Core Center had absorbed large quantities of Ancient Dream Realm aura, condensing and purifying his Wind Lightning.

Although the size of his Core Center was comparable to the middle-stage of the Small Origin Core Realm, the quality and intent surpassed all those at the Small Origin Core Realm and could instead be compared to Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords.

Middle-stage Small Origin Core Realm and almost full comprehension of the Purple Destruction Wind Lightning.

Happiness appeared on Zhao Fengs face.

Breaking past the hundred-breaths barrier had greatly increased his cultivation speed because he could now stay in the dimension for far longer and absorb so much more aura.

Now, his state of existence and body had reached the limit of the Origin Core Realm, and his soul was strong even among the Great Origin Core Realm.

It could be said that, in these ten to twenty days, Zhao Fengs strength had increased by leaps and bounds.


Zhao Feng let out a breath as he slowly concealed his aura and walked out of the room.


Li Yunya, Loulan Zhishui, and the sailors all greeted Zhao Feng. As they looked at him, Zhao Fengs every action and movement exerted a strong pressure on them. It was like facing an ancient desolate beast. Their bodies and states of existence werent on the same level.

The aura from Captain is similar to Jiang Fan from the Sacred Lands.

Loulan Zhishuis bloodline started to tremble. She had only felt this feeling when facing Jiang Fan, who had the bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

In reality, even Zhao Feng himself didnt know how strong his bloodline had become.

Congratulations on Captain breaking through to the middle-stage Small Origin Core Realm.

Zhao Fengs every breath and gaze contained pressure surpassing the Small Origin Core Realm.

Within the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl, using the connection of the Dark Heart Seed, the skeletal Division Leader could feel that Zhao Fengs soul had become much stronger.

The skeletal Division Leader also knew a thing or two about souls, but the aura from Zhao Fengs soul was like a mountain that it could only look up to.

Master, over the past few days, half of the hundred cursed ghost-corpses have been strengthened to the half-step Origin Core Realm.

The skeletal Division Leader reported.

After the potential of the ghost-corpses were increased, the efficiency of strengthening them went up. What wouldve taken half a year to complete was done in one or two months.

Good, everythings going smoothly.

Zhao Feng nodded his head and looked over Li Yunya, Loulan Zhishui, and the sailors.

Zhao Feng decided to give the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship to the sailors and make them stay in the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace. The Void Ocean Spiritual Palace was a peaceful land within the limitless ocean. Even those at the Void God Realm didnt dare to easily attack.

On the second day, Zhao Feng gathered with those from the Golden Mountain Sect.

This time, we will send in about three hundred people into the True Martial Sacred Land.

Old Li said.

Several hundred people had gathered in an empty space in the Golden Mountain Sect, which included Old Li and two other half-step Void God Realms.

Being a stranger, Zhao Feng obviously raised a lot of attention, and his cultivation at the middle-stage Small Origin Core Realm also meant that he suppressed all these geniuses about to enter the Sacred Lands.

Lets go.

Old Li talked about the details before leading the group from the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.


A large golden dragon-scaled ship was waiting outside. This limitless ocean ship was four to five times bigger than Zhao Fengs Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship. Its speed and ability surpassed the latter as well.

This is the Golden Mountain Sects Golden Dragon Scaled Ship and, apparently, it can kill Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords with a single charge.

The skinny male and pretty female stood together with Zhao Feng. They were full of respect toward Zhao Feng after sparring with him.

Now that Zhao Feng had reached the middle-stage Small Origin Core Realm, the two could only sigh in envy.


The Golden Dragon Scaled Ship flew into the limitless ocean, and the aura radiating from it raised the attention of many experts and ships.

We probably need to fly for two days before reaching the entrance of the True Martial Sacred Land.

The geniuses of the Golden Mountain Sect were filled with expectation and excitement.

They would soon be able to enter the True Martial Sacred Land of their dreams.

Only Old Li sighed secretly when his gaze scanned across these disciples. They probably didnt know how cruel and competitive the Sacred Land was.

If the Golden Mountain Sect made any tiny mistake, it was likely they could be replaced by another peak two-star sect.

On the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship, being a guest, Zhao Feng stayed in an elegant room. He sat down, but he didnt continue to cultivate. Instead, he tried to get used to his new strength.

Half a day later, the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship had passed through two island zones already, and the color of the ocean was becoming darker and darker. There was also the occasional storm.

Whirlpools formed across the limitless ocean, and the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi here was chaotic.

Were about to enter the Spiritual Sea.

The voice of a half-step Void God Realm from the Golden Mountain Sect sounded.

Spiritual Sea?

A map appeared in Zhao Fengs mind, which pointed out the location of the Spiritual Sea.

The True Martial Sacred Land was at the center of the Spiritual Sea, and the Spiritual Sea was at the center of the True Martial Islands Zone.

The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi around the Spiritual Sea was extremely chaotic and occasionally formed terrifying storms.

No one is to leave the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship. Even normal Sovereigns wont be able to survive in the Spiritual Sea.

Old Li warned.

Zhao Feng roughly sensed around, but he felt no live auras around the Spiritual Sea.

If there wasnt a strong limitless ocean ship, even Sovereigns wouldnt be able to survive here.

The speed of the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship decreased dramatically after entering the Spiritual Sea.

Time passed slowly.

The deeper in they went, the bigger the surge of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

By the end, even Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords wouldnt be able to survive more than a couple hours here.

The quality of the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship surpassed the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship by far, and the power of the array on the surface was being dramatically drained.

The Golden Dragon Scaled Ship was expending a large amount of Primal Crystal Stones every second, all of which were at least at the middle grade.

The True Martial Sacred Land has thirty-six entrances. Were choosing the thirty-first one, and we will probably arrive at our destination within a couple hours.

Old Li smiled and said.

A couple hours.

Most of the experts and geniuses on the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship hadnt been to the Sacred Land before, and they were all filled with excitement.

True Martial Sacred Land.

Zhao Feng took a deep breath, and the Purple Saint Token appeared in his hand.

Right at this moment, in Zhao Fengs soul, the aura of the Eye of Death suddenly sensed something, and a familiar and dangerous feeling started to spread across his soul.
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