King Of Gods Chapter 621

Chapter 621 - Death Soul Hand

In a dark world among the Spiritual Sea, where the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi flowed chaotically:

The target of the Pursuit of Death has appeared once more.

A figure wearing a black cloak and holding a Token of Death glanced toward a certain direction in the Spiritual Sea.

His body was like light as he moved unharmed through the chaotic storm.


The Token of Death in the Death Guards hand gave off a weird disturbance as it sent and received wisps of information.

Unfortunately, the Yuan Qi here is too chaotic, so the news cant travel very far.

The Death Guard murmured.

A while later, his Token of Death shook as it received some news.

Very good.

A cold smile appeared on the Death Guards face.


A beam of dark light merged into the stormy and chaotic Spiritual Sea.

At the same time, the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship was advancing forward within the Spiritual Sea.

Is it here again?

Zhao Fengs eyes opened, and an arc of Destructive purple lightning flashed across his body.

He got up and walked out of his room.

There were still a couple hours till they truly arrived in the True Martial Sacred Land. He didnt expect to feel the aura from the Pursuit of Death here all of a sudden.

Zhao Fengs eyebrows furrowed, and his expression became solemn.

Staying here would mean death, but even if he left the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship, he might not be able to escape the Pursuit of Deaths range anyway.

I cant miss this chance to enter the True Martial Sacred Land.

Zhao Fengs thoughts spun, but he made a decision quickly.

Aside from not missing this chance, he believed that, being a peak two-star sect, the Golden Mountain Sect wasnt weak. There was a large number of experts currently on the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship.

As time passed, the sensation of danger became stronger and closer. An hour later:


Two or three dark figures flew through the air, and their aura of Death could be sensed by the experts aboard the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship as well now.

Whos there!?

Old Li and another couple half-step Void God Realms roared.

Zhao Feng stood on the deck and coldly looked at the figures of Death.

Three Death Guards came this time.

Zhao Fengs eyes became sharp. The three auras were obviously stronger than the one he had defeated before.

Guard Twenty-Five and Guard Nineteen, the target is onboard a two-star-sect ship.

The three Death Guards stopped as they approached the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship.

The speaker was Guard Twenty-Eight.

Compared to Guard Thirty-Three, these three Death Guards were, without a doubt, much stronger. In particular, Guard Nineteens aura of Death was enough to make even those at the half-step Void God Realm feel uneasy.

However, facing the two or three hundred experts aboard the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship, the three Death Guards were wary and didnt immediately charge over.

Hmph, three Death Guards arent enough to fight against the entire Golden Dragon Scaled Ship.

Zhao Feng let out a breath.

He wasnt worried anymore with the protection of the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship.

Its indeed quite troublesome but no one can stop the will of Death.

Guard Nineteen said in a raspy tone.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The three Death Guards communicated with each other before charging toward the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship.

Who are you!?

There were three half-step Void God Realms aboard the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship, with Old Li as the leader.

A loud explosion appeared within the soul dimension as three half-step Void God Realm intents passed across the limitless ocean, which caused even the chaotic Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to freeze.

Facing these soul-shaking auras, the souls of all the Sovereigns were unable to move, but the three Death Guards werent scared at all.

Measly bugs.

Guard Nineteen snickered as an intent of Death pushed away the half-step Void God Realm intents away.


Their souls seemed to shake, and some of the elites on the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship below the Origin Core Realm immediately spat out blood and fainted.

Death intent could it be the legendary Death Guards?

The hearts of the three half-step Void God Realms from the Golden Mountain Sect shook.

At this moment, everyone on the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship acted as if they were facing a powerful foe, and they opened the defensive arrays.

The three half-step Void God Realms, and almost ten late-stage and peak stage Sovereign Lords floated above the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship.

Guard Twenty-Eight, Guard Twenty-Five and I will stall these old bastards. You cultivate in the Ten Thousand Figure Chaos Technique, which is more suitable in chaotic situations, so you go capture that brat. If that brat is troublesome, then just go with the lowest requirement and cut off his head. That will also complete the mission.

Guard Nineteen said through Spiritual Sense.


The moment Guard Twenty-Eight replied, his figure split into ten, which then split into a hundred.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Hundreds and thousands of figures of Death instantly appeared. It was hard to determine which one was real or fake, and each of their auras were spread across the surroundings of the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship.

Dont even think about it.

The three half-step Void God Realms from the Golden Mountain Sect tried to stop them, but they found that it was hard to determine which one was the real body within a short amount of time. At the same time, the three half-step Void God Realms were also facing Guard Nineteens attack.

Death Soul Hand!

An air of Death surged from Guard Nineteen, and his body seemed to be covered by a mysterious light so that no one was able to see him clearly.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three dark hands extended out from the darkness, and the moment the Death Soul Hand appeared, the souls of the three half-step Void God Realms shook.

Not good, watch out~~~~!

Old Li roared, but the Death Soul Hand was a unique, soul restricting skill that instantly locked on to the souls of the three half-step Void God Realms.


The souls of all three half-step Void God Realms froze, and they became unable to breathe.

In the next instant, the bodies of the three half-step Void God Realms were grasped by the three respective Death Soul Hands. They all started to struggle and contort in pain.

Elder Li!

The others on the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship exclaimed.

The strongest of the three Guard Nineteen used just one move to restrict the three half-step Void God Realms.

Death Soul Hand? Theres such a powerful skill that immediately captures the opponents soul?

Zhao Feng took in a cold breath.

His Gods Spiritual Eye could see more clearly than the others, so he managed to see that the souls of the three half-step Void God Realms were being grasped by the Death Soul Hands and were trying to fight back.

If it were just one half-step Void God Realm, Guard Nineteens Death Soul Hand would be able to take their entire soul straight away. However, Guard Nineteen was facing three at once.

Despite that, his strength was heaven-defying.

Of course, being half-step Void God Realms, their souls had also undergone a change. Their half-step Void God intents continued resisting.


Guard Twenty-Five attacked and killed a Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lord.

Stop him together!

Almost ten late-stage and peak stage Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords reacted and teamed up against Guard Twenty-Five.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Guard Twenty-Fives battle-power was shocking as he fought against the Sovereign Lords.

How did it end up like this?

The bones of the Golden Mountain Sect experts went cold in disbelief.

The strength of the three Death Guards was just too heaven-defying.

Guard Nineteen suppressed three half-step Void God Realms by himself.

Guard Twenty-Five fought against many Sovereign Lords.

Then what about Guard Twenty-Eight?

Arghh! Argh!

Hundreds and thousands of figures of Death jumped onto the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship, and screams sounded everywhere.

The defensive array of the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship seemed to have no effect on Guard Twenty-Eight.


The hearts of the three half-step Void God Realms dropped as they sensed what was happening below.

Facing Guard Twenty-Eight, the remaining experts on the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship would be slaughtered.

The top fighters the three half-step Void God Realms and near ten late-stage and peak stage Great Origin Core Realms were all detained by Guard Nineteen and Twenty-Five.

Once Guard Twenty-Eight killed everyone and joined the battle, it would be enough to turn the tide.

Guard Twenty-Eight easily killed the resistance but, unexpectedly, seemed to have only one target on the ship.

Brat, if you dont let me capture you, I will take your head.

Guard Twenty-Eight locked on to Zhao Feng and snickered coldly. He wasnt as dumb as Guard Thirty-Three who wanted to capture Zhao Feng alive no matter what and got killed by Zhao Feng instead.

As long as Zhao Feng fought back, Guard Twenty-Eight would just kill him and take his head instead of capturing him alive. After all, Guard Nineteen and Guard Twenty-Five were facing a large amount of pressure.

Quick! Theres not much time left.

Guard Nineteens voice sounded.

The two-star sects that are able to enter the Sacred Land are extremely powerful, so itll be very troublesome once a Void God Realm King arrives.

Guard Twenty-Five said.

Many people on the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship had already sent distress signals to the main headquarters of the Golden Mountain Sect within the True Martial Sacred Land.

The three Death Guards didnt aim to kill everyone here, and they didnt care about who won or lost. They only had one goal, and that was to either kill or capture Zhao Feng.


Dozens of figures with the same aura leapt toward Zhao Feng.

Each of these figures have attacking abilities and different actions.

Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye was circulated to its fullest.

This was the first time he had seen such a monstrous doppelganger technique.

The figures of Guard Twenty-Eight were similar to the Yin Shadow Doppelgangers from his Yin Shadow Cloak, but after entering the limitless ocean, the Yin Shadow Cloaks grade was too low and its effect was too weak to actually use anymore.

Zhao Feng jumped up in fright after looking closely. The Yin Shadow Cloak he used before was similar to the cloaks of these Death Guards. It seemed as if the one he used in the past was only a replica of the ones that the Death Guards were wearing.


As Zhao Fengs body was about to be enveloped by the doppelgangers:

Purple Lightning Wind Ring!

Rings of shining Purple Destruction Wind Lightning radiating that terrifying aura of Destruction swept across everything in their path.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The figures were instantly shattered by the Purple Destruction Wind Lightning.

The power of Destruction a power thats on the same level as the power of Death.

Guard Twenty-Eight was slightly dazed, and his real body started to smoke after being hit by the Purple Lightning Wind Ring.
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