King Of Gods Chapter 625

Chapter 625 - Sacred Land Spiritual Peak

Its appeared again.

Zhao Feng felt that the aura of Death within his soul was stronger than ever before.

There were more than just one or two Tokens of Death approaching, and one of them made Zhao Fengs soul freeze.

Even the blue-robed King from the Golden Mountain Sect sensed something, and his expression changed dramatically.

Zhao Fengs heart shook. It was obvious that the pursuer this time wasnt just a normal Death Guard.


Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye peered into the distance, and he couldnt help but take a cold breath because of what he saw.

It was as if the entire sun had been blocked by a gray aura of Death that seemed to freeze all Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

In his vision, the four Death Guards stood around a magnificent figure, who was surrounded by dark flames like a god from hell.

An intent of Death that surpassed all other beings passed through several thousand miles and descended.

Target of Death you indeed came to the Sacred Land.

A cold voice that seemed to come from the depths of hell sounded within the soul dimension.

In that instant, the hearts of all the experts and geniuses from the Golden Mountain Sect shook, and their thoughts seemed to become devoured by darkness. Their existences were tiny in front of this person.

The intent of Death locked on to Zhao Feng.

Death Spirit Lord!

Zhao Fengs heart tightened and his scalp tingled as he felt a burning aura of Death start to spread across his body.

The subordinates of the Emperor of Death consisted of four Death Spirit Lords and thirty-six Death Guards. Amongst them, the four Death Spirit Lords had reached the Void God Realm.

Luckily, Zhao Fengs body and bloodline were extremely powerful, and his soul had the protection of the Gods Spiritual Eye, so he felt less pressure than some other Sovereign Lords.


The expression of the blue-robed King was dim, and a surge of Void God intent surged from him and clashed with the intent of Death.

The two Void God powers instantly intertwined, and the sky was replaced by a shining blue and deathly black as the two auras fought.

It was as if the sky had been ripped into two pieces, forming two separate domains.

The Golden Dragon Scaled Ship was protected by the shining blue light, which stopped the Void God powers of the Death Spirit Lord.

Is this the power of a King?

The hearts of those aboard the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship were shaken.

The two powers blocked the sky and seemed infinitely powerful. Either of them could easily kill Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords.

This level of cultivation

Zhao Fengs heart shook. His senses were restricted; only his Gods Spiritual Eye could barely look at the powers of the two Void God Realms.

The soul-auras of the two Kings merged into the sky, and their every action seemed to pass into the soul dimension.

This level had exceeded the structure of flesh and blood; it could fly into the universe.

A measly mortal able to enter the universe.

Thats the theoretical One with the Sky level becoming one with heaven and earth, exceeding the limits of a physical body

Within the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl, the skeletal Division Leaders heart trembled, but it was hard to tell whether it was from excitement or fear.

The skeletal Division Leader had only heard the Scarlet Moon Patriarch talk about the Void God Realm before. The Scarlet Moon Patriarch was only a half-step Void God Realm at his peak, and he had only barely touched the Void God Realm.

Theyre far too strong. This isnt a power that humans can have. Even hundreds and thousands of Origin Core Realms are just ants in front of a King.

Zhao Feng felt tiny.


A loud explosion sounded overhead, and part of the power entered the physical dimension.

As expected of a Death Spirit Lord.

The blue-robed Kings body shook as he was enveloped by a shining light that made others unable to see him. However, having the Gods Spiritual Eye, Zhao Feng could see that the blue-robed King from the Golden Mountain Sect was at a slight disadvantage.

I am one of the four Death Spirit Lords under the Emperor of Death the Black Hell Lord and I am here to capture that brat under the Emperors orders.

The tall figure covered in darkness didnt come closer.

Two Void God Realm intents clashed in the sky.

Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye could see sweat appear on the blue-robed Kings forehead. Shock appeared on the blue-robed Kings face, whereas the so-called Black Hell Lord had a nonchalant expression.

After testing each other out, the two Kings started to communicate.

I only used 60% of my strength just now. If you hand over the Target of Death, the Emperor of Death will help you out once with all his might.

The Black Hell Lord said.

Hmph. A mere subordinate of the Emperor of Death wants the Golden Mountain Sect to kneel? Where would our face go?

The blue-robed King snickered.

Although others couldnt hear what was going on, Zhao Feng felt as if his destiny was being decided by others.

His fate was being negotiated by the two Kings.

However, surprisingly, the blue-robed King didnt surrender to the Death Spirit Lord.

All of you retreat and return to the Sacred Land Spiritual Peak.

The King in blue glanced deeply toward Zhao Feng before giving an order to the Golden Mountain Sect.

Lets go.

Old Li, the other two half-step Void God Realms, and the several hundred others aboard the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship flew toward the large light rotating in the air, including Zhao Feng.

The blue-robed King stood near the entrance and covered them, while the Black Hell Lord and the four Death Guards stood several thousand miles away and didnt try to enter.

The two Kings powers travelled through the sky without fighting. Throughout the entire process, the blue-robed King gazed coldly at the Black Hell Lord and the four Death Guards.


The Black Hell Lord was emotionless as he turned around and left with the four Death Guards.

Death Spirit Lord, were giving up just like this?

With your strength, you should be able to suppress that King.

A few of the Death Guards were puzzled.

This is the True Martial Sacred Land, not our Ten Thousand Woods Sacred Land. Furthermore, it isnt rare for there to be Emperors in the forces that are able to enter a Sacred Land.

The Black Hell Lord sighed. If it werent for the fact that they were so close to the entrance of the Sacred Land, he wouldnt have given up so easily.

Right at this moment:


A cold, black metallic ship flew through the air.

Black Hell Lord.

There were a couple Death Guards aboard the cold black ship. In addition, there was a warm youth and a white-eyed little girl.

Third Prince.

The Black Hell Lord nodded his head and greeted the warm youth.

How unfortunate. I didnt think that the target would be able to mature so quickly.

The warm youth said in a regretful tone after hearing what happened.

If the Black Hell Lord were able to arrive just a bit earlier, he would have easily caught the target.

The Target of Death has entered the True Martial Sacred Land. Itll be troublesome if a strong force from the Sacred Land protects him.

The Black Hell Lord said grimly.

Even the Emperor of Death didnt dare to do as he pleased in a Spiritual Sacred Land.

Hehe, its not as if theres no way at all. Master has some connections with the First Elder of the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan, a three-star force in the True Martial Sacred Land. Well have many chances to capture or kill Zhao Feng after we find the First Elder of the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan.

The warm youth laughed lightly.

Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan.

The hearts of the Death Guards jumped.

The Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan was one of the most famous three-star super forces within the Cang Ocean. It was a demonic clan.

The Emperor of Death was an extremely old Void God Realm Emperor, so he had some relationships with the experts of the Sacred Lands.

Thats right, if we can get help from the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan, itll be extremely easy to suppress a peak two-star sect.

Coldness appeared on the Black Hell Lords blurred face.

At the same time:

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The group onboard the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship appeared above a large array stand.


Zhao Feng let out a long breath as he entered this new dimension.

Hmm? Arghh!

Exclamations came from the group.

A couple of the geniuses from the Golden Mountain Sect felt heavy and unstable. The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi gave off a powerful pressure.

Hmm? This dimension is slightly similar to the Ancient Dream Realm. Its even somewhat repulsive to the aura of strangers.

Zhao Feng remained unmoving.

The dimension here radiated a pure and thick ancient aura.

They were on top of a Spiritual Peak on a green mountain.

The sky was a pure blue that seemed to be out of a dream.

Every blade of grass and all the flowers radiate an aura of the ancient era.

Some experts and geniuses revealed excited looks as they tried to regain their balance.

Every brick, grass, and piece of wood in the Sacred Land was several times stronger than the outside world due to the unique Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

Those that are here for the first time, sit down for an hour and get used to this place.

Old Li warned.

Hearing that, everyone sat down. Those that were here for the first time felt a powerful pressure come from the Heaven and Earth.

Zhao Feng also sat down. What made him most surprised was that even the worst place here was better than the mysterious canyon of the Purple Saint Ruins.

The entire several-hundred-miles area surrounding the Spiritual Peak was filled with thick and dense Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

Looking from afar, it seemed as if the Spiritual Peak was surrounded by a separate, dream-like dimension.

Of course, those that were entering for the first time needed to get used to the pressure, but Zhao Feng didnt.

Although the pressure here is strong, its nowhere near the pressure from the Ancient Dream Realm.

Zhao Feng murmured in his heart.

He didnt feel uncomfortable at all here. His body and soul had absorbed large amounts of the Ancient Dream Realm aura, and it was much purer than the aura here. Therefore, Zhao Feng was soon approved by the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi within the Sacred Land, and the repulsive aura from the dimension soon faded.

Zhao Feng started to inspect his surroundings.

The Spiritual Peak was like a foundation that released pure Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, and the Yuan Qi here could turn into mist.

Above the Spiritual Peak, within the dreamy light, there were elegant buildings, small streams, and bridges. It was like a drawing of perfection.

Powerful auras could be sensed flashing across the sky, and extinct ancient beasts could be occasionally seen.
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