King Of Gods Chapter 628

Chapter 628 - Shock

Yin Yuan answered everything that Zhao Feng asked.

The Demigod Forgotten Garden is a secret garden left behind by an expert from the sect that was about to reach four-stars dozens of millennia ago. Apparently, that expert was only one step away from becoming a God but died from the God Tribulations.

Admiration appeared in Yin Yuans voice.

Four-star forces and the Heavenly Divine Realm were extremely far away even for children of Heaven. These only appeared in legends. Across the entire Cang Ocean, there wasnt even a shadow of a four-star force, and the Heavenly Divine Realm was even further away.

Four-star super sect, could it be?

Zhao Fengs gaze turned toward the desolate main Spiritual Peak in the middle of the Sacred Land the Ten Thousand Ancient Sacred Peak.


Yin Yuans voice contained praise, The Demigod Forgotten Garden is on top of the Ten Thousand Ancient Sacred Peak. The Ten Thousand Ancient Sacred Peak also has many other inheritances and secret dimensions. Some have even lasted since the ancient and immemorial eras.

Everyones gaze turned toward the Ten Thousand Ancient Sacred Peak with expectation and respect.

Zhao Feng finally understood why the Ten Thousand Ancient Sacred Peak was called that.

The True Martial Sacred Land had existed for an extremely long time, and it contained many two-star and three-star forces. There was countless Void God Realms, and there were even Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords.

However, not every expert was able to find a suitable inheritor before their death. These experts left either their wealth or their inheritance on the Ten Thousand Ancient Sacred Peak, awaiting a suitable person.

Those that were able to leave inheritances behind were all at least at the Void God Realm. Even the oldest Heavens Legacy Inheritance left behind a high-tier branch inheritance here.

Everyone was full of respect when they talked about the Ten Thousand Ancient Sacred Peak.

Zhao Fengs heart also became full of respect. He didnt think that the Ten Thousand Ancient Sacred Peak had such meaning behind it. It had witnessed prodigy after prodigy, expert after expert, era after era, and it continued their legends.

The Demigod Forgotten Garden is one of the most top-secret realms within the Ten Thousand Ancient Sacred Peak, and it contains the wealth and inheritance of a Demigod.

Yin Yuan sighed.

The Demigod Forgotten Inheritance only opened once every five hundred years, and the entire Golden Mountain Sect only had five spots open, one of which was taken by Yin Yuan.

The topic about the Demigod Forgotten Garden soon finished, and the Core disciples of the Golden Mountain Sect started to spar in the martial arts field.

Two disciples soon started to fight, and Zhao Feng watched with interest.

Although the martial arts field only had a radius of a hundred yards, there was a special array that made the inside expand to ten miles.

Furthermore, the pressure within the Sacred Land was extremely strong; the attacks of normal True Spirit Realms could only cover dozens of yards anyway.

Simply put, all power was restricted here.

Of the two Golden Mountain Sect disciples, one was at the middle-stage Small Origin Core Realm, and the other was at the late stage.

The late-stage Small Origin Core Realm was the brown-haired youth from earlier.

Chaos Sky Opening Palm!

Although the brown-haired youths attack was slow, it was steady, and it created a mixture of five colors as it broke through everything in its path.

The intent within the attack made even Zhao Fengs eyes light up.

As expected of a sect from the Sacred Land. His battle technique and bloodline allow him to easily defeat several others at the same cultivation in the outside world.

Zhao Feng secretly nodded his head.

It wouldnt have been easy to defeat this brown-haired youth if he hadnt reached the Origin Core Realm.

Even the skeletal Division Leader wouldnt have a very good chance of winning against the brown-haired youth.


A five-colored light in the shape of a mountain sent the other Core disciple flying.

Brother Wan, your Chaos Sky Opening Palms intent is almost at the Great Origin Core Realm. This one admits defeat.

The losing disciples face was filled with bitterness.

The brown-haired youths cultivation, bloodline, and technique were all the best among the Small Origin Core Realm.

After winning, the brown-haired youth glanced toward Zhao Feng with a smile, This one isnt talented and is only ranked amongst the top twenty of the Golden Mountain Sect. I would like to ask Brother Zhao for pointers.

His tone was extremely humble.

Top twenty?

Some of the core disciples revealed weird expressions.

Hehe, Brother Wan is too humble.

That brat was so exaggerated before. He can definitely defeat a disciple whos only in the top twenty, right?

Many disciples were waiting to watch the show.

Only the beauty in white and the skinny male were tense and uneasy. After all, they praised Zhao Fengs strength so much earlier.

Zhao Feng, youve got to defeat him.

The beauty in white clenched her fists with expectation. She admired Zhao Feng from the depths of her heart.

Zhao Feng shook his head and smiled. It wasnt hard for him to see that the brown-haired youth would actually be ranked amongst the top five of the Golden Mountain Sect with his strength.

Brother Wan is too humble. Your strength should be enough to be ranked within the top five of the Golden Mountain Sect.

Zhao Feng smiled faintly.

Hearing that, the brown-haired youths heart gently shook. It was obvious that Zhao Fengs eyes were extremely sharp.

Take my palm!

The brown-haired youth didnt think too much before immediately sending a five-colored mountain crushing over.

Zhao Fengs body started to become heavy when facing the attacks intent. It was rare for people of the outside world under the Great Origin Core Realm to give him such a feeling.

Purple Destruction Wind Lightning!

Zhao Feng stood unmoving and swiped his hand casually, sending waves of purple-colored Wind Lightning toward the brown-haired youths palm.


The Chaos Sky Opening Palm instantly shattered in front of the Purple Destruction Wind Lightning.

Furthermore, a slightly purple remnant aura of Destruction followed through and forced the brown-haired youth to retreat.

My Chaos Sky Opening Palm was actually

The brown-haired youth revealed shock as he retreated.

Zhao Feng didnt even use an actual skill. Just his True Yuan alone had an aura of Destruction.

Chaos Mountain Opening Palm Ninth Sky!

The brown-haired youth roared as he circulated his True Yuan to its peak and sent wave after wave of five-colored lights in the shape of nine mountains.

This attack was enough to challenge those at the Great Origin Core Realm.


Zhao Feng laughed lightly and punched out. A purple fist travelled through the sky like a dragon and instantly smashed through the brown-haired youths Chaos Mountain Opening Palm Ninth Sky simply and brutally.

Crack! Crack! Boom!

The brown-haired youth groaned in pain as purple lightning swept across him.

So strong!

The expressions of the other geniuses changed dramatically.


The smoking figure of the youth with brown hair was thrown out of the martial arts field.

Thank you.

Zhao Feng had controlled his power extremely well or else the brown-haired youth would have turned into dust by now.

What shocking Wind Lightning intent. The power of his True Yuan is extremely close to the Great Origin Core Realm.

Even Senior Martial Brother Yin Yuan had a solemn expression.

Zhao Fengs easy victory made the disciples of the Golden Mountain Sect replace their playfulness with wariness and fear.

Hmph, I told you! Zhao Fengs strength is comparable to the peak geniuses of the Sacred Land.

The pretty girl in white and the skinny male felt much better.

Let me fight.

A thick-eyebrowed youth jumped out from the crowd. His cultivation was almost at the peak Small Origin Core Realm.

His ranking in the Golden Mountain Sect was even higher than the brown-haired youth.

However, he only managed to last one move as well.


The chaotic purple Wind Lightning draconic fist immediately broke through the thick-eyebrowed youths attack.


The thick-eyebrowed youths body was sent flying at a speed even faster than the brown-haired youth.

All the geniuses took in cold breaths, and even Brother Yins face changed.

The second strongest Core disciple of the Golden Mountain Sect, with a cultivation at the peak Small Origin Core Realm, went up.


Zhao Feng used the same move and sent the opponent flying once again.

His attack had reached the level of the Great Origin Core Realm. Anyone below the Great Origin Core Realm had no chance against him at all.

As Zhao Feng defeated the second strongest core disciple, several powerful Divine Senses travelled through the air.

This Zhao Feng isnt simple.

A Void God Realm King said.

From the looks of it, he can even fight with the Head disciple.

At this moment, several Kings of the Golden Mountain Sect were watching the fight below.

Even Old Li was hiding nearby.

How would they know how strong Zhao Feng truly is?

Old Li started to remember what happened on the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship. Zhao Feng played a vital part in the fight against the three Death Guards.

Right at this moment, Head Disciple Yin and Zhao Feng started to fight.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Two powers that had reached the level of the Great Origin Core Realm started to clash.

Zhao Feng wasnt as casual as before. He started to move around the martial arts field.

After all, hes the Head disciple of a big sect.

Zhao Feng circulated his True Yuan and even part of his bloodline power to fight Yin Yuan.

Although Yin Yuan had only broken through to the Great Origin Core Realm not too long ago, his true strength was comparable to the middle-stage Great Origin Core Realm or higher in the outside world.

Senior Martial Brother Yin, dont lose to that brat!

The disciples watching started to sweat coldly.

If Brother Yin Yuan lost, then the Golden Mountain Sect would lose a lot of face.

After a hundred moves, Zhao Feng suddenly retreated from the fight and clasped his fists together with a smile, Looks like this fight will end in a draw.

Brother Yin didnt say anything. He let out a breath before giving Zhao Feng a deep glance. Instinct told him that Zhao Feng was still conserving his strength.

In the air, several Void God Realm Kings were silent for a while.

If this Zhao Feng went all out, Yin Yuan probably wouldnt even last ten moves.

Ten? I would say three.

The Void God Realm Kings had reached an incredible height.

Who knew what the disciples of the Golden Mountain Sect especially Brother Yin would think if they knew what these Void God Realms were talking about?

Hmph, I told you all. Zhao Fengs strength is comparable to Brother Yin.

The pretty girl in white said proudly.

In the battle just now, Zhao Feng stunned the Golden Mountain Sect.

Several Void God Realm intents travelled through the air.

If that brat joins the Golden Mountain Sect and enters the Demigod Forgotten Garden, hell be a dark horse.

Thats probably unrealistic.

Oh yeah, Duanmu Qings come out of seclusion. Is there any news from him?
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