King Of Gods Chapter 629

Chapter 629 - Emperor Projection

Right as the Void God Realms were interacting with one another:

Sou! Sou!

The sound of flying came from outside the Golden Mountain Sect.

Whos there!?

Kill whoever dares to enter the Golden Mountain Sect!

Several experts on patrol roared.

However, the people that were flying didnt show any signs that they cared.

Hmph, a measly two-star sect isnt scared that the wind will cut their tongues?

One of flying people was a male surrounded by a dark light, and he radiated an evil aura.

A King of the Demonic Dao!

In front of this demonic force, the regulators and the patrols around the Golden Mountain Sect felt as if their minds were restricted, and they felt it was suddenly hard to breathe.


A male covered in black scales started to appear from within the black light. The man had black scales across his entire body, and he looked extremely ugly but also quite fierce.

Elder of the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan Tu Wanli!

Old Lis expression changed dramatically when his eyes landed on the newly-arrived Void God Realm King. This King was not only infamous, he also came from a three-star clan the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan.

All of you, retreat.

With a flash of blue, the blue-robed Kings figure appeared, and all the Golden Mountain Sect patrols quickly retreated.

Only Kings could fight against Kings, not to mention that the newcomer was an Elder from the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan.

Hehe, may I ask why Elder Tu has come?

The blue-robed Elder was full of smiles. He didnt dare to put on any kind of act.

In the Sacred Land, three-star forces were unparalleled superpowers, and many two-star sects were subordinate to three-star forces. Maybe ten two-star sects combined could put up a bit of a fight against a three-star force.

At this moment, the scene in the air also shocked Zhao Feng.

The power of the Demonic Dao King put the entire Golden Mountain Sect in a tense atmosphere, and Zhao Feng couldnt help but look over.

There were several familiar figures next to Tu Wanli.

Death Guards!

Zhao Fengs heart jumped, and his face lost color.

There was a total of four Death Guards, as well as a warm youth and a white-eyed little girl.

Is the Golden Mountain Sect hiding a thief named Zhao Feng?

Tu Wanli asked loudly as he scanned his Divine Sense across the entire lesser Spiritual Peak with a cruel smile.

Zhao Feng?

The blue-robed Elder paused, and his expression became somewhat ugly.

The Elder of the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan had come to the Golden Mountain Sect to cause trouble without any wariness or fear.

Hehe, according to my news, a thief named Zhao Feng is hiding in the Golden Mountain Sects territory.

Tu Wanli saw the expression in the blue-robed Kings eyes.

At the same time, the warm youth and the four Death Guards flew into the air and used their Spiritual Sense or their Divine Sense to search around.

There! Found him!

A Death Guard exclaimed as his eyes landed on a genius near the martial arts field.

You are Zhao Feng?

The warm youth revealed a smile, as if welcoming an old friend.

The four Death Guards all looked gloatingly toward Zhao Feng in the crowd.

Take him!

Tu Wanli laughed and ordered.

The warm youth and the four Death Guards leapt toward Zhao Feng without hesitation.


A powerful force of a King descended from the sky, which made the warm youth and the four Death Guards freeze.

This force came from the blue-robed King.

What? The Golden Mountain Sect wants to stop the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan?

Tu Wanlis expression became dim.

This Zhao Feng is a guest of the Golden Mountain Sect. Even if the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan wants to take him, you need to give an explanation.

The blue-robed Elders expression was unhappy, but he was crying bitterly in his heart.

There were several other Kings in the Golden Mountain Sect, and they werent scared of Tu Wanli. The only problem was that Tu Wanli might be representing the entire Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan.

Furthermore, Tu Wanlis status wasnt simple. His master was an ancient Emperor who had a high status in the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan.

Explanation? Im representing my master the Scarlet Demonic Emperor in capturing Zhao Feng.

Tu Wanli snickered coldly as he took out a scarlet-and-black token.


An ancient intent of a demonic Emperor flashed across the scarlet-and-black token.

In that instant, the hearts of some Kings in the Golden Mountain Sect trembled.

The Void God Realm was split into the early, middle, late, and peak stages.

Only someone at the peak stages of the Void God Realm someone whose soul had evolved could be called an Emperor.

Emperors stood at the peak of the Void God Realm. As long as their soul wasnt destroyed, it was difficult to kill them. Therefore, the lifespan of an Emperor was extremely long; they could live dozens of thousands of years.

Its the intent of the Scarlet Demonic Emperor. No wonder Tu Wanli is so confident.

The blue-robed King took in a cold breath.

The Scarlet Demonic Emperor was extremely famous among the Sacred Lands. Even the Emperor that was always in seclusion within the Golden Mountain Sect wasnt his match.

Kings and Emperors were forbidden-level powers of two- and three-star forces, and the stronger Emperors could destroy an entire two-star sect, such as the Emperor of Death.


When Tu Wanli took out the item representing the Scarlet Demonic Emperor, the Kings from the Golden Mountain Sect couldnt help but sigh in sympathy.

In this situation, the Golden Mountain Sect couldnt do anything else.

Zhao Feng, lets see how you will run away this time.

Even if you hide in the Sacred Land, we can pressure a two-star sect using our connections with the three-star forces. No one can protect you any longer.

The warm youth and the four Death Guards revealed victorious smiles.

At this moment, after the Void God Realm power faded away, Zhao Feng was left alone. No one would protect him.

Looks like the Emperor of Death still has some ability. He can actually affect three-star forces in the True Martial Sacred Land.

Zhao Feng snickered coldly, and a mocking smile appeared on his face.


The warm youth and the four Death Guards felt that something was wrong.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng had neither protection nor a path of retreat. How was he able to be so calm?


A purple-colored token trembled slightly in Zhao Fengs palm.


Zhao Fengs smile became bigger and bigger.

Not long ago, the silent Purple Saint Token suddenly sensed something, and the aura wasnt coming from the Purple Saint Ruins it was coming from the center of the Sacred Land.

The warm youth and the four Death Guards felt slightly uneasy, but they still charged at Zhao Feng.

You are the subordinates of the Emperor of Death?

A calm voice sounded, and it seemed both close and far away at the same time. It was as if space was clashing with itself.

The next instant, a powerful Divine Sense passed through the air, and the power of an Emperor caused the Heaven and Earth to shake.


The four Death Guards all spat out a mouthful of blood.


The warm youths figure shook as he suppressed his boiling blood and soul.

That Divine Sense, could it be!?

Tu Wanlis heart shook as he shouted out.


The power of an Emperor caused the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to roar.

The figure of a hundred-yard-tall male with white hair appeared, and it was surrounded by light. It seemed as if he was a god.

A Void God Projection!

A mere Void God Projection is this strong?

The hearts of the Golden Mountain Sect Kings shook.

Greetings Emperor.

Tu Wanli bowed his head in front of the hundred-yard-tall white-haired male. His face was completely red, and his breathing was heavy.

Plop! Plop!

The four Death Guards couldnt handle the pressure, and they fell to their knees.

Only the warm youth barely managed to hold on. He looked up at the Emperors Projection with gritted teeth as he spoke in a trembling tone, You know my Master?

The Emperor of Death? Ive seen him a few times. It makes me envious that he has such an excellent disciple like you.

The Void God Projection spoke emotionlessly.

At this moment, the entire True Martial Sacred Land broke out into discussion, and many Divine Senses scanned toward the lesser Spiritual Peak of the Golden Mountain Sect.

Its Duanmu Qings Void God Projection!

We havent seen Duanmu Qings strength in the past thousand years. I didnt think that hed be this strong.

Some of the Kings and Emperors within the True Martial Sacred Land were woken up by the force of the projection, including Tu Wanlis master, the Scarlet Demonic Emperor.

From the looks of this Void God Projection, it seems that Duanmu Qings strength is almost unparalleled among Emperors.

The Scarlet Demonic Emperors expression was solemn.

He watched silently and didnt do anything, but he was also puzzled. Why did Duanmu Qing involve himself in this matter?

Right at this moment, Zhao Feng on the lesser Spiritual Peak finally spoke.

Greetings, Senior Duanmu. Ive come here under the will of Senior Purple Saint.

Zhao Feng held out the Purple Saint Token and bowed toward the Void God Projection in the air.

Senior Purple Saint which expert could that be?

Divine Senses travelled throughout the Golden Mountain Sects lesser Spiritual Peak.

The Kings from the Golden Mountain Sect, Tu Wanli, and other Emperors gently murmured these words.

Purple Saint? Could it be?

The heart of an old King in the Golden Mountain Sect shook.

Purple Night Sacred Lord!

Several old Emperors within the True Martial Sacred Land exclaimed.

Its definitely the Purple Night Sacred Lord. Not many people in the entire Sacred Land can be compared to her.

If I remember correctly, the Purple Night Sacred Lord is Duanmu Qings aunt, and she comes from a legendary family in a dynasty far away.

Some old people remembered the past.

In the sky, the figure of the male with white hair couldnt help but reminisce

Come with me.

The male swiped his hand.


Zhao Fengs body was like a piece of paper as he was dragged along by the image of the male and disappeared from the lesser Spiritual Peak.

In the blink of an eye, Zhao Feng and the Emperor Projection disappeared.


The experts near the Golden Mountain Sect, including the Divine Sense of a few Kings, all let out a breath.

Tu Wanlis expression kept flickering, while the warm youth and the four Death Guards had ugly expressions.

None of them would have thought that Zhao Feng had connections with a peak Emperor of the Sacred Land.

Even more incredibly, there was a fallen Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord behind Zhao Fengs back. Even if a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord died, their effect on the future was immeasurable.

Zhao Feng, it seems like your history is stronger than I had imagined. Looks like it was worth it for the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord and I to send you to the Sacred Land.

Old Li let out a long breath.
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