King Of Gods Chapter 633

Chapter 633 - Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique

Hehe, this Dark Eye Secret Manual was something I got in an exchange with the Emperor of Death a long time ago, and it contains many of his techniques.

When Zhao Feng heard that, he was filled with disbelief.

Duanmu Qing had the Emperor of Deaths secret technique? It sounded incredible.

Of course, Void God Realm Emperors had their own circles, and it wasnt surprising for them to trade items with each other.

The Emperor of Death and Duanmu Qing were both ancient Emperors whose strengths were close to each other.

That was a very long time ago, and I paid a price for it. However, the Dark Eye Secret Manual isnt of much use to me; I only wanted this technique due to my curiosity toward the Eye of Death.

Duanmu Qing sighed.

The lifespan of an Emperor was extremely long; they could live up to dozens of thousands of years. With such long lives, Emperors would touch upon multiple fields at the same time just to gain that little bit of insight.

Master, whats the relationship between the Dark Eye Sacred Manual and the Death Dark Eye?

Zhao Feng remembered the Dark Eye Incomplete Page. Because it was incomplete, Zhao Feng never really cultivated it aside from consulting some of its theories.

Apparently, the Dark Eye Incomplete Page had nine pages in total, and when all nine were combined, one could cultivate the ultimate Death Dark Eye.

Out of the entire Cang Ocean, probably only the Emperor of Death can cultivate the Death Dark Eye. The Dark Eye Secret Manual is an incomplete part of the Death Dark Eye, and it doesnt have many true offensive skills. However, it has a lot of theories about souls and Death.

Duanmu Qing answered.

Hearing that, Zhao Feng let out a breath. The Emperor of Death obviously wouldnt give the secret of the Death Dark Eye away.

However, the Dark Eye Secret Technique contains many skills of the Emperor of Death, and it contains more than just information about the Death Dark Eye.

Duanmu Qing looked at Zhao Feng solemnly.

Zhao Feng was full of gratitude. He knew what Duanmu Qing was doing.

Facing the Pursuit of Death, Zhao Feng would eventually meet with the Emperor of Death.

The reason Duanmu Qing gave the Dark Eye Secret Manual to Zhao Feng was to let him understand the Emperor of Deaths skills and find a method to counter them.

Zhao Feng silently took the Dark Eye Secret Manual.

His gaze then landed on the other book.

This book was at the bottom of the box. From that, one could see that its value probably wasnt lower than the Dark Eye Secret Manual.

Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique?

Zhao Feng picked it up.

Looking at this book, reminiscence seemed to appear on Duanmu Qings face.

This is my Duanmu Familys secret technique. Its a supreme soul technique. The skill has reached Heaven-Grade, but its slightly incomplete.

Duanmu Qings voice was low and raspy.

Zhao Feng seemed to realize something. The Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and the Duanmu Family seemed to touch the bottom of Duanmu Qings heart.

My Gods Spiritual Eye definitely specializes in cultivating the soul.

Zhao Feng was very confident. He instinctively merged his Spiritual Sense into the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique.


A mysterious source of mental energy led Zhao Feng into a separate world. All the contents of the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique were recorded in this mental energy world.

This technique helps ones soul evolve and breakthrough to the Void God Realm. When mastered, one thought can turn into ten thousand.

Duanmu Qings voice sounded in his ear, but Zhao Fengs consciousness had already entered the world of mental energy and was starting to learn the knowledge.

Hearing Duanmu Qings introduction, Zhao Feng couldnt help but be surprised.

Firstly, the complete Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique had reached Heaven-Grade.

Techniques were split into Mortal-, Spiritual-, Earth-, and Heaven-Grade.

Amongst them, Spiritual-Grade was already rare in the Azure Flower Continent, while Heaven-Grade was the highest grade in the world.

Secondly, the skill increased ones chances of breaking through to the Void God Realm.

Many other Emperors wanted this skill, but I didnt agree to exchange with them. Even I havent cultivated it to the highest One Thought into Ten Thousand level. Maybe its because Im not very talented when it comes to the soul.

Duanmu Qing had a complex expression. The Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique had a unique place in his heart.

Master, why are you giving me the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique?

Zhao Feng asked carefully.

Duanmu Qing didnt hide the reason.

Theres two reasons. Firstly, your eye-bloodline is related to the soul, and even I cant see through it. Maybe you can surpass me in mastering the technique.

Secondly, intent from the Eye of Death hides in your soul. I dont specialize in the soul, and the intent of an Emperor is too strong. If I enter your soul to remove the intent, I might cause unthinkable problems.

Zhao Feng wasnt surprised by the first reason.

Even First Elder from the Broken Moon Clan saw that Zhao Feng was talented in mental energy. Emperor Duanmu Qing probably understood it even better.

It was the second reason that surprised Zhao Feng and filled him with happiness, Master, do you mean that the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique can help dissolve the intent left by the Emperor of Death in my soul?

Thats right.

Duanmu Qing spoke in a solemn tone, I can help you for limited time, but not your entire life. In the end, youll need to face the Emperor of Death by yourself.

Zhao Feng admired Duanmu Qings wisdom.

Instead of giving people fish, it was better to teach them how to fish.

Giving the Dark Eye Secret Manual and the Duanmu Familys Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique to Zhao Feng, Duanmu Qing wanted him to face the Pursuit of Death by himself.

Zhao Feng took the wooden box carefully before bowing to Duanmu Qing then leaving.

Although he only just entered the Sacred Land a couple days ago, Duanmu Qing didnt treat Zhao Feng as if they had just met.

Zhao Feng silently remembered this with gratitude.

After returning to the place he was staying, Zhao Feng immediately took out the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and started to cultivate it.

His consciousness soon entered the world of mental energy and started to absorb the knowledge hungrily.

An hour later, Zhao Feng had started to understand the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique.

The Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique wasnt just a simple technique that cultivated the soul. It also included secret skills and how to use the power of the soul.

The Dao of the Soul had always been a forbidden area of cultivation.

Only those at the Void God Realm, whose souls had evolved, had the ability to truly use the power of the soul. However, they had only just stepped past the door.

The soul was too mysterious and dangerous. It was hard to learn its origin.

The Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Techniques specialty is to turn one thought into two, then one into a hundred, then one into a thousand and increase the efficiency of using the power of the soul.

Zhao Feng couldnt help but sigh.

It was hard for normal people to do multiple things at once, but the thoughts of the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique were more unique.

Each of these thoughts were individualized and could do their own things. They didnt really affect each other.

Of course, the speed of these thoughts would be much slower.

For example, if one reached the One Thought into Two level, then Zhao Fengs mind would become two individuals. One could cultivate the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique while the other could cultivate the inheritance of the Wind Lightning Emperor.

This splitting of the mind had exceeded mere multi-tasking.

Of course, that was just the theory behind the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique; it was much more difficult to actually accomplish it.

Lets try.

Zhao Feng was somewhat excited as he started to cultivate the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique.

Currently, he had no Divine Sense. He only had Spiritual Sense.

One had to be at least at the half-step Void God Realm to have Divine Sense. However, Spiritual Sense and Divine Sense operated under the same principles.

While he was cultivating, Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye unknowingly became involved since it was the core of his soul-power.

Half a day later:

Hmm? It doesnt seem to be too hard.

Zhao Fengs Spiritual Sense easily split into two.

Thinking back to the past, Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye could easily control an army of beasts and order them around as he wished.

Normal beast tamers usually controlled an army of beasts by controlling the beast leader and ordering it to order the other beasts around. On the other hand, there were some unique eye-bloodlines that had the ability to control a beast army by themselves, such as Zhao Fengs.

One Thought into Ten.

Zhao Fengs Spiritual Sense easily split into ten on the second day.

Shua! Shua!

Zhao Fengs thought-power appeared as he circulated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique.

In the next instant, three birds from different directions were restricted by the power of his thoughts.

With just a thought, Zhao Feng then made several wooden barrels float in the air.

This is the power of mental energy thoughts.

Zhao Feng felt extremely satisfied.

His Gods Spiritual Eye was a treasure, and the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique was a key to open it.

In just a short span of two days, Zhao Fengs Spiritual Sense had already split into ten.

In theory, each of these thoughts could control an army of beasts. All of them could unleash mental energy attacks or use their Spiritual Sense.

As expected of a Heaven-Grade soul technique; its heaven-defying.

Zhao Feng was full of praise.

He didnt know how terrifying his current cultivation speed was.

Back then, Duanmu Qing used ten years to achieve the One Thought into Ten state. Zhao Feng felt as if he was merely progressing as expected.

The talent of his Gods Spiritual Eye in terms of the soul was heaven-defying, and it was currently like a fish in water as he cultivated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique.

On this day, Zhao Feng decided to get ready to learn the Dark Eye Secret Manual.

Zhao Feng, I will be leaving the Sacred Land soon and heading toward the Tianlu Islands. Dont leave the Sacred Land in this period of time. If you need anything, you can tell me right now.
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