King Of Gods Chapter 640

Chapter 640 - Ruling the Purple Smoke Lake (1)

After enslaving ten ancient crocodiles, Zhao Feng would be able to dominate the shore of the Purple Smoke Lake with these subordinates alone.

At this moment, all the geniuses nearby, including the two Great Origin Core Realms, were wary of Zhao Feng.

His every action and movement raised attention.

After resting for a while, Zhao Feng ordered the ten ancient crocodiles to slowly swim toward the center.

He didnt dare to go too far in.

There were many beasts in the Purple Smoke Loke. Some fish species numbered in the thousands and tens of thousands. If one was trapped by them, even half-step Void God Realms would need to retreat.

The ancient crocodiles were only at the top of the food chain around the shore of the Purple Smoke Lake.

Right at this moment:

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A group of fish numbering up to a hundred appeared in the water ahead. The weakest of them had reached the True Lord Rank, and there were almost ten Origin Core Realm auras.

The fish sensed the auras from the crocodiles and didnt dare to approach.


Zhao Feng sat on a crocodile and ordered the other crocodiles to move closer to the group of fish.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The group of fish instantly panicked.

Without several hundred of them, it would be hard for them to threaten the ten ancient crocodiles.

Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique One Thought into Ten.

Zhao Fengs mind suddenly split into tens of thoughts, which all used the Dark Heart Seal on the fish.

Since they were panicking and scared, they were easily enslaved by the Dark Heart Seal.

In just one breath, Zhao Feng enslaved eighteen fish with his Dark Heart Seal.

All of the fish were at least at the True Lord Rank, but the Dark Heart Seal used by Zhao Fengs Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique was still able to control them.


The enslaved fishes swam up to the ancient crocodiles respectfully.

He managed to control that many fish with just one thought?

The female beast tamer couldnt believe it. Her eyes were full of admiration.

She trained in mental energy as well, so she knew that Zhao Fengs mastery had reached an extremely high level.

Splitting ones mind into ten or twenty different thoughts and using a soul technique at the same time through each individual thought to her, this was already a grandmaster.

However, enslaving eighteen fishes was just Zhao Fengs first wave.

The second wave came as Zhao Fengs mind split once again and enslaved ten or twenty more fish.

The third wave the fourth wave the fifth wave.

After five waves, Zhao Feng already had a hundred fish and ten Origin Core Realm fish leaders.

The female beast tamer was dazed.

How strong is his soul? Even if he has an eye-bloodline that can reduce the amount of energy spent, it cant be used infinitely.

The female beast tamer couldnt believe her eyes.

She analyzed that Zhao Fengs soul was at least at the late-stage Great Origin Core Realm or stronger, and he had a Soul-based eye-bloodline that increased his efficiency on top of that.

Zhao Feng now had ten ancient crocodiles and around a hundred fish.

En, the first steps about complete.

Zhao Feng nodded his head. The number of troops he had was now enough to rule the shore of the Purple Smoke Lake.

After resting for an hour to recover his energy, Zhao Feng sent some orders down.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The fishes started to move around the outer edges of the Purple Smoke Lake.

With Zhao Fengs command, the fishes formed groups and started to gather resources around the Purple Smoke Lake.

The Purple Smoke Lake has many rare and precious resources. The efficiency of one person alone is too low, and there are too many threats in the lake anyway.

Zhao Feng didnt do anything himself, he simply handed everything off to his subordinates.

The crocodiles were more familiar with the environment here, and they were actually rather intelligent.

The hundred fishes were the main force for gathering resources while the ancient crocodiles were the bodyguards, and Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye was responsible for finding the resources in the lake.

Purple Scaled Grass!

Zhao Fengs eyes lit up as he found traces of Purple Scaled Grass.

Purple Scaled Grass was a resource that the Purple Smoke Lake created, and it had weird powers. Half the reason the geniuses came was for the Purple Scaled Grass.

Not bad.

Zhao Feng held a few stalks of Purple Scaled Grass and confirmed they were genuine.

With such a force under him, he believed he could find more.

To test the effects of the Purple Scaled Grass, Zhao Feng decided to eat one.

A cold aura instantly entered his flesh and blood, which started to burn.

A faint layer of purple flames started to glow around Zhao Fengs body. He revealed a pained expression and struggled slightly.

A normal Origin Core Realm cultivator would need at least half a month to absorb the energy from a single Purple Scaled Grass.

However, Zhao Fengs state of existence wasnt simple after being strengthened by the Ancient Dream Realm aura. His absorption speed couldnt be thought of logically.

The Purple Scaled Grass does indeed have an effect on my body and state of existence, but the effect for me isnt very strong.

Zhao Feng felt it clearly because his state of existence and body had reached the limit of the Great Origin Core Realm and were closing in on the Void God Realm.

Even the body and state of existence of a half-step Void God Realm werent as strong as Zhao Fengs.

Of course, Zhao Feng wanted the Purple Scaled Grass more because of its defensive Water bloodline.

An item that could give someone a bloodline was rare throughout the entire Fan Universe. This was the most valuable aspect of the Purple Scaled Grass.

As time passed, the army that Zhao Feng controlled gathered many resources, placing greater importance on the Purple Scaled Grass.

As they gathered resources, it was unavoidable that there would be losses to the troops, but he was also enslaving more. Half a day later, the number of fishes under Zhao Fengs control had actually increased instead. The number had reached more than two hundred.

As long as a target was enslaved by the Dark Heart Seal, they would obey him from the bottom of their soul, meaning that the energy used to control them afterwards would be extremely small.

Purple Scaled Grass Black Water Insect Grass Water Precious Stone Guwu Shell.

Rare treasures and resources of different kinds were sent to Zhao Feng. Furthermore, Zhao Feng only went for treasures and resources that were useful to the Origin Core Realm or extinct in the outside world. Amongst them, his main focus was still the Purple Scaled Grass.

The other resources and treasures were mainly used for either outside help, pill making, weapon forging, or antidotes, whereas the Purple Scaled Grass could directly increase ones strength.

He placed the greatest important on that type of resource.

The efficiency of two hundred fish was extremely high, and the amount of Purple Scaled Grass in Zhao Fengs hands kept on increasing.

Eighteen nineteen twenty.

Zhao Fengs Purple Scaled Grass kept increasing just by ordering his subordinates around, whereas others would use half a days time to find one or two while facing the pursuit of many beasts in the process.

Every hour or so, Zhao Feng would eat a clump of Purple Scaled Grass. As the amount he ate continued to add up, Zhao Fengs body became stronger, especially in terms of defense.

When he ate ten pieces of Purple Scaled Grass, Zhao Feng felt his bloodline undergo a weird change. There seemed to be a dark purple Water aura within his flesh.


Zhao Feng tried to control this aura in his body.


A layer of dark purple markings appeared on Zhao Fengs skin, which soon turned into scales.


Zhao Feng was overjoyed. He now had a new bloodline power in his body.

Zhao Feng could feel that the defense of the scales was strong, similar to the scales on the bodies of the ancient crocodiles.

Ancient crocodiles were all only at the Small Origin Core Realm, and yet their defense could block attacks from the Great Origin Core Realm.

Bloodline powers were usually based on how strong ones body was. Zhao Fengs state of existence and body had both absorbed a lot of the Ancient Dream Realm aura, so the strength of his new defensive bloodline was shockingly powerful.

This defensive bloodline just increased my overall defense by 30%.

Zhao Fengs heart shook, and this was just the beginning. He was still eating more Purple Scaled Grass in order to increase the concentration of the bloodline.

At the same time, Zhao Feng momentarily went into the Ancient Dream Realm to absorb its aura and purify the bloodline.

Twenty-eight thirty thirty-five.

Zhao Fengs small army was still expanding, and their efficiency was still increasing.

The beasts were all intelligent to a certain degree, and Zhao Feng sent the image of the Purple Scaled Grass to the minds of the leaders and ordered them to focus on this special grass.

On the second day, the number of Purple Scaled Grass pieces he had on hand had reached about forty.

He was receiving Purple Scaled Grass faster than he could eat it.

At this moment, his new bloodline power had evolved as well. He only needed a single thought to form the dark purple Water markings on his body, and the scales had become more condensed.

My defense is now two times stronger than before, but this defensive bloodline doesnt affect my Water bloodlines defensive barrier.

Zhao Feng felt that his body, especially in terms of defense, had become stronger.

All of this landed in the eyes of the other geniuses of the Sacred Land.

A day and a half had passed since the opening of the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

There were twenty or thirty geniuses currently gathered around the Purple Smoke Lake, and Zhao Fengs harvests made them all jealous.

However, Zhao Fengs army was becoming bigger and bigger. It was enough to make most of the other geniuses quite scared of him.

Twenty ancient crocodiles and four hundred fish.

The female beast tamer looked at Zhao Feng like she wasnt looking at a human.

At another corner of the lake:

A measly Small Origin Core Realms taking over 90% of the Purple Scaled Grass.

His army has already taken more than half of all the resources and treasures here. We dont even get any bones to chew on.

Five or six geniuses gathered together. They looked at the army of water species with anger and unwillingness.

Two of them had reached the Great Origin Core Realm. One of them was a male with a dry and withering face while the other was a youth who cultivated in the Sword Dao.

The male with the withering face specialized in the Dao of Ghost Corpses and had an army of a hundred skeletons. Amongst them, eight had reached the Origin Core Realm, and a golden skeleton had reached the Sovereign Lord Rank.
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