King Of Gods Chapter 643

Chapter 643 - Mermaid Kingdom

What does Brother Chen have in mind?

Zhao Feng squinted his eyes. It was obvious that Chen Yilin had seen through his intentions of trying to gather the treasures from the depths of the Purple Smoke Lake.

This also meant that Chen Yilin was ambitious. The depths of the Purple Smoke Lake was a forbidden area in the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

There werent merely a bunch of powerful beasts there. Most importantly, there were mermaids.

Mermaids were a species that only appeared in legends, and their intelligence and talent werent much weaker than humans.

According to intelligence from the past, there was an extremely large number of mermaids within the lake enough that they could be considered a small kingdom.

There were even Kings among the mermaids, simply known as Mermaid Kings.

Whenever the Demigod Forgotten Garden opened in the past, there werent many people that dared to enter the Mermaid Kingdom.

Even those at the Void God Realm would find it hard to fight against the entire Mermaid Kingdom.

I hope that Brother Zhao will put the greater good first and team up with us to gather resources from the depths of the Purple Smoke Lake. The value of mermaid tears is even higher than the Purple Scaled Grass.

Chen Yilin said solemnly.

Mermaid tears? Just that?

Zhao Feng smiled.

Everyone had information about the Demigod Forgotten Garden, and everyone here came from the Mystic True Sacred Clan.

The value of mermaid tears was indeed higher than the Purple Scaled Grass.

While the Purple Scaled Grass mainly strengthened ones body and bloodline, mermaid tears focused on the soul.

Apparently, mermaid tears took a long time to form, and they had the effect of cleansing the soul and helping one comprehend the Void God Realm.

Just that one point alone was extremely tempting to those below the Void God Realm.

Apart from that though, mermaid tears could also heal soul injuries and get rid of heart demons. It was also a Water elemental treasure that could be used to craft protective soul items.

Actually, Chen Yilin gave Zhao Feng a deep glance, if the time is ripe, it would be best to enter the palace in the depths of the lake.

Palace in the depths of the lake.

The eyes of the Mystic True Sacred Clan disciples lit up.

According to the information, the palace was a place that the mermaids had guarded for generations.

Apparently, the palace in the depths of the lake is the winery of the Demigod, and it has the legendary Immortal Springs Wine and the legendary Illusion God Wine. In the past, the mermaids were responsible for making alcohol for the Demigod.

Chen Yilin paused.

He believed that Zhao Feng already knew all of these rumors as well.

Several thousand years ago, a genius from the Sacred Land entered the Demigod Forgotten Garden and fell in love with the Mermaid Princess. Then, with the help of the Mermaid Princess, the genius stole some Immortal Springs Wine and some Illusion God Wine.

A couple years after leaving the Demigod Forgotten Garden, the disciple broke through to the Void God Realm, and this genius was now an Emperor.

All of that was because of the Immortal Springs Wine and the Illusion God Wine.

The Immortal Springs Wine and the Illusion God Wine were both legendary alcohols even throughout the rest of the Fan Universe.

The Immortal Springs Wine increase ones state of existence and can increase ones lifespan by a thousand years. The Illusion God Wine can make one enter a profound state and let those at the Origin Core Realm manage to comprehend the intent of Kings before they actually reach the Void God Realm.

Zhao Fengs eyes twinkled.

The information Chen Yilin had was about the same as his.

As long as one found the Immortal Springs Wine and the Illusion God Wine, a normal Sovereign would have a high chance of reaching the Void God Realm.

The Immortal Springs Wine could increase lifespan by a thousand years. This was the power of life and time; with so much extra time, coupled with the strengthening in ones state of existence, there would be nothing to worry about.

In comparison, Zhao Feng wanted the Illusion God Wine more, but it would be best if he could obtain both.

Of course, the danger associated with entering the palace was also extremely great.

Even Kings would find it hard to pass through the Mermaid Kingdom.

The only method was to rely on intelligence and a bit of luck.

What does Brother Zhao think?

Chen Yilin smiled.

Theres no problem with teaming up, but how will we split the resources?

Zhao Feng wasnt dumb.

With the help of a top-ten genius, as well as Jiang Fan who had a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, this was indeed a powerful team.

How about Brother Zhao first give us 50 pieces of Purple Scaled Grass to help strengthen Brother Jiang and myself, as well as increase our compatibility with the Purple Smoke Lake. The beasts within the depths of the Purple Smoke Lake are extremely strong. We will split the rewards, including the mermaid tears, 30-70.

Brother Zhao will get 30% of the cut while the other 70% will be split amongst the remaining five of us, and if were able to enter the palace in the depths of the lake, itll be every man for themselves."

Chen Yilin summarized.

Brother Zhao is only one person and gets 30%, while we have five people and only get 70%.

Jiang Fan seemed to be dissatisfied.

It seemed that Zhao Feng had the biggest advantage.

Hahaha. You guys take 70%? And I need to give you all fifty pieces of Purple Scaled Grass on top of that?

Hearing that suggestion, Zhao Feng laughed.

Putting aside the 30-70 split, it was extremely difficult for normal geniuses to obtain more than a dozen pieces of Purple Scaled Grass, and they needed to put their life on the line just to do so.

Furthermore, Chen Yilin went on to suggest that the rewards in the palace were to be split according to their own abilities.

Brother Zhao, youre alone. Dont try to be too greedy.

Chen Yilins eyebrows furrowed.

Thats right, there are many powerful beasts and mermaid experts that need to be dealt with.

The other Core disciples agreed.

Zhao Feng snickered coldly and shook his head.

Then what does Junior Martial Brother suggest?

Chen Yilin wasnt happy, but he needed the help of Zhao Fengs army. Gathering so much Purple Scaled Grass by themselves would not only be a waste of time, it would be extremely difficult and dangerous as well.

You need to give me treasures of equivalent value for the Purple Scaled Grass, the treasures we find will be split according to our own abilities, and all the treasures that my army gives me shall be mine alone.

Zhao Feng said decisively.

Chen Yilin and company were obviously unwilling. After all, Zhao Feng had a large number of beasts under his control, so he would definitely obtain more than 90% of the treasures.

On the surface of the Purple Smoke Lake, Zhao Feng and Chen Yilin discussed together for a while, but they came to no result.


Chen Yilin waved his hand and left with the other Core disciples.

The nearby disciples from other forces were surprised. It was obvious that the cooperation had failed.

Zhao Feng was emotionless. He controlled his army and slowly pushed toward the depths of the Purple Smoke Lake.

The number of Purple Scaled Grass stalks in his possession was still increasing.

A couple hours later, the amount of Purple Scaled Grass he had obtained in total had reached a hundred pieces. Subtracting the forty pieces that he had already eaten, there were still sixty pieces left, but the Purple Scaled Grass no longer had much effect on Zhao Feng, and it couldnt strengthen his defensive Water bloodline any further.

At this moment, Zhao Feng placed more importance on trying to attack the depths of the Purple Smoke Lake.

The deeper he went, the stronger the beasts in the lake.

Zhao Feng was losing some of the weaker beasts in his army, but some of the stronger ones went into action. However, Zhao Fengs progress was somewhat slow since the resistance was quite strong.

The deeper he went in the Purple Smoke Lake, the more beasts there were. The strength of the beasts that Zhao Feng faced was stronger than his own army, and his Dark Heart Seal couldnt be used indefinitely.

Half a day later, a powerful aura surged from in front.


A water monster appeared. It was the size of a small mountain and had countless tentacles, and it opened its mouth and crushed toward Zhao Feng.

Water monster!

Zhao Feng was surprised.

The water monster was extremely big, and its battle-power was close to a half-step King.

Under normal situations, his army would be crushed by this enormous water monster.

Eye of Ice Soul!

Zhao Feng couldnt hide his strength anymore. He opened his eye-bloodline, and a chilling coldness enveloped the water monsters soul, making it slow down.

Dark Heart Seal!

Zhao Fengs blue hair blew around as a powerful source of eye-bloodline Soul power was released from his left eye and passed into the water monsters soul.

Amongst the waves, the enormous water monster froze, then it started to struggle.

The strength of this water monster is similar to the limitless ocean whale from back then. If I fight it head-on, my losses will be big.

Zhao Feng couldnt retreat, so he had to try to control it.

However, the state of existence of the water monster was extremely strong, so Zhao Fengs Dark Heart Seal met strong resistance.

A couple breaths later, Zhao Fengs Dark Heart Seal ended in failure, but he didnt give up. He used a second eye-bloodline technique.

Eye of Illusion!

The consciousness of the water monster was transported. A couple breaths later, the water monsters resistance became weaker.

Within the Eye of Illusion, Zhao Feng had tortured it for several days and nights.

Dark Heart Seal!

Zhao Feng then used his eye-bloodline Soul technique once more.

This time, the water monster didnt fight back much. It was easily enslaved by Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng let out a breath. This tentacled water monster was now the strongest beast he controlled.

Under normal situations, it would be hard for several Sovereign Lords to even defeat this water monster, let alone control it.

With this water monster in his army, Zhao Fengs speed increased slightly. Normal beasts would retreat when they saw the water monster.

Of course, Zhao Feng usually made the tentacled water monster hide in the bottom of the lake so it could act as a trump card.

After pushing forward for another couple dozen miles, Zhao Feng managed to enslave two large water snakes that had ancient bloodlines.

The battle-power of the two water snakes was at least comparable to the late-stage Great Origin Core Realm more or less comparable to Brother Jiu from before.

At this moment, Zhao Fengs army had become much stronger.

One tentacled water monster, two water snakes, dozens of ancient crocodiles

Zhao Feng estimated.

The number of beasts he had in his army now exceeded one thousand.

Six- or seven-hundred of them were Yao fish whose battle-power was comparable to the half-step Origin Core Realm.

Apart from the ancient crocodiles, there were also a few other creatures with unique abilities and strong battle-power.

I can try to go toward the Mermaid Kingdom now.

Zhao Fengs second part of the plan was complete.

Apart from the Mermaid Kingdom, his army wasnt scared of anything else.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The sound of stepping on water sounded from ten miles behind the army.

More than a dozen Sacred Land geniuses appeared, most of whom had evil and wicked auras. The one-armed Brother Jiu was amongst them.

Brother Tu, that brats army is ahead.

Brother Jiu gritted his teeth and said with hatred.

The leader was a bald male with black-colored scales. He looked like a demon who had killed many people.
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