King Of Gods Chapter 646

Chapter 646 - Honey Trap

I wonder hows the effect of a mermaid tear?

Zhao Feng found that two of the Core disciples had entered a profound state, radiating an aura of mental energy.

The mermaid tears in their hands glowed with a light that covered their bodies.

A while later, the two Core disciples opened their eyes they were pure and clear. Their soul had been cleansed, and their auras had changed slightly.

Although their cultivation didnt change, Zhao Feng knew that their souls had strengthened.

One had to know that comprehending the intent of the Void God Realm relied on the soul. This was why mermaid tears helped one understand the Void God Realm.

Of course, that effect didnt mean the chances of being able to break through would definitely increase. Only the Illusion God Wine had such an effect. However, for those under the half-step Void God Realm, mermaid tears were quite useful.

As ones soul strengthens, ones total power will also increase in the future.

Zhao Feng sighed as he suddenly remembered someone Xin Wuheng.

Amongst all the geniuses he had ever seen, Xin Wuheng had the lowest talent, and yet Xin Wuhengs intent and soul had reached an unfathomable level.

Even now, Zhao Feng couldnt see through Xin Wuhengs intent.

Lets try it.

Zhao Feng took out a few mermaid tears and slowly closed his eyes.

The music of the ancient mermaids seemed to sound in his ears.

There was a mixture of sweetness, bitterness, sourness, spice, and pain. All of it was extremely pure as it appeared in Zhao Fengs heart.

Zhao Fengs heart seemed to undergo the passage of time.

Pain, sadness, love, and beauty washed Zhao Fengs soul.

Mermaids were a mysterious ancient species that rarely cried. Only those with unparalleled love did so.

Each and every mermaid tear represented a mermaids love.

Under such pure mental energy, Zhao Fengs soul became clearer.

A memory suddenly flashed through his mind.

When he was young, an elegant young girl in purple with clear eyes appeared.

It was a purple figure who always watched from behind.

After seeing her again, the two hugged. They were as close as neighbors.


The scene changed once more.

Ridiculous scenes flashed through Zhao Fengs mind. Helplessness, sadness, disappointment.

A quiet girl dressed in white suddenly appeared in his mind. She seemed to be a goddess from a painting.

So I once had it too.

Zhao Fengs soul became purer, and the lake in his left eyes dimension glittered. Each and every drop of water was extremely clear.

In just a short while, Zhao Fengs soul was cleansed.

Although his soul didnt become stronger, it became clearer.

The appearance of his soul even appeared in his mind.

This is me?

Zhao Feng had a better understanding of himself. Then, he returned to reality.

An hour later, Zhao Feng had used almost ten drops of mermaid tears.

By the end, his heart was as calm as water.

Brother Zhao, the situations not good; the Mermaid Kingdom seems to have found our tracks.

Chen Yilins voice sounded.

Zhao Feng opened his eyes. A faint multicolored light in his eyes quickly faded, and his eyes became as clear as crystal.

Being found was just a matter of time.

Zhao Feng wasnt surprised. He figured out the situation by using his subordinates that were scattered around nearby.

They had killed and enslaved many mermaids. The Mermaid Kingdom wouldve found out sooner or later regardless.

We need to move before the upper echelon of the Mermaid Kingdom catches on.

Chen Yilins voice was urgent, but the expression of the blue-haired youth in front of him didnt change. His eyes were still clear.

Theyve only lost track of a couple mermaids; the upper echelon isnt going to do anything right away. According to what I know, the Mermaid King has been in seclusion for the past ten years.

Zhao Feng said slowly.

Right now, there were two options in front of them:

One; retreat. They had already gained a lot. Especially Zhao Feng he had gathered a massive amount of treasures and resources.

Two; try to enter the palace.

The second choice was extremely dangerous. They might face the pursuit of the entire Mermaid Kingdom, or even a King.

Zhao Feng, do you have any methods at all?

Jiang Fan couldnt help but ask.

Chen Yilins eyes twinkled. Their progress so far had been extremely smooth. Everything seemed to be in Zhao Fengs control.

Its really easy. Just think about what happened with the person who successfully entered the palace back then.

Zhao Feng smiled.

Back then?

Of course, they all knew. Several thousand years ago, that Sacred Land genius fell in love with the Mermaid Princess and entered the palace with her help.

According to what I know, the current princess is extremely beautiful, and most importantly, she hasnt found a lover yet.

Zhao Feng said.

Zhao Feng, youre not suggesting we repeat what happened back then, right?

Chen Yilin rolled his eyes.

Mermaids are intelligent. How could the same trick possibly work again?

Last time, it only happened out of luck. It would be hard to replicate.

Furthermore, who amongst us is the Mermaid Princess supposed to fall for? How much of a risk will they have to undergo?

Everyone shook their heads.

Mermaids werent retarded. They wouldnt be fooled the same way twice.

Hehe, who said that it wont work again? We have someone amongst us who can do it.

Zhao Feng laughed lightly and spoke confidently.

Who? Who has the ability to make the Mermaid Princess instantly fall in love?

Everyone looked at each other. None of them were extremely handsome.

That person is you.

Zhao Feng smiled as his gaze landed on Jiang Fan.


Jiang Fan tripped and almost started to curse.

This was just horrendous.

Brother Zhao, this isnt a game. What do you have in mind?

Chen Yilin said.

In terms of looks, Jiang Fan was extremely normal. He was even worse than Zhao Feng.

Its like this, Zhao Feng paused for a moment before explaining, mermaids like those who are strong, and they very much admire those with noble bloodlines. Brother Jiang has a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline, and according to the enslaved mermaids, the current princess is extremely arrogant; she doesnt even put the bloodline geniuses of the same species in her eyes.

En simply put, this princess likes people who are strong and have noble bloodlines.

Zhao Feng summarized.

Hearing that, the other Core disciples revealed understanding expressions.

No no, no, no!

Jiang Fan resisted. This method didnt sound very promising.

Chen Yilins eyebrows furrowed. This method was a bit tricky.

Firstly, the risk was too big.

Secondly, the princess falling in love still relied on coincidence and luck.

Listen to my plan

Zhao Fengs voice suddenly lowered.

Suddenly, Chen Yilin and Jiang Fan heard Zhao Fengs voice in their minds.

Youre really that confident?

Chen Yilin asked, and Jiang Fans expression became a bit calmer.

Theres a 90% success rate. If you guys dont agree, then lets just go back.

Zhao Feng said decisively.


Jiang Fan decided to give it his all.

If he didnt agree, they would lose the chance to enter the palace at the bottom of the lake.

A while later, Jiang Fan was captured by several mermaids.

Four Origin Core Realm mermaids guarded Jiang Fan, and there were several other mermaids nearby, including a pretty female mermaid.

How dare this outsider call the Mermaid Princess names!? Send him to the Mermaid Princesss palace.

Zhao Feng ordered through one of the enslaved mermaids.

The pretty female mermaid knew the Mermaid Princess and promised to send the spoils-of-war Jiang Fan into the Mermaid Kingdom.

All of this was in Zhao Fengs calculations.

Jiang Fan was sent to the Mermaid Princesss palace.

On the way, a large number of mermaids watched curiously, but nothing happened.

In their eyes, humans were rare spoils of war, and they had nothing against sending spoils of war to the Mermaid Princesss palace. After all, nothing unusual had been reported to the upper echelon yet.

Through the enslaved mermaids, Zhao Feng could see and hear what was happening, but the other Mystic True Sacred Clan disciples couldnt see or hear anything.

In the Mermaid Princesss palace:

Human? Spoils of war?

A stunning beauty lay lazily on the bed, and her eyes flashed with interest when she heard that.

Indeed, in their eyes, humans were rare. Even the Mermaid Princess was curious.

Send him over to me.

The Mermaid Princess was full of curiosity.

The human-and-mermaid love story from several thousand years ago had become a forbidden topic, but the more forbidden something was, the more curious she was.

Jiang Fan was bound, and he was soon sent to the Mermaid Princess.

You are a human?

The Mermaid Princess touched Jiang Fans body from top to bottom, and when she touched a certain part of his lower body, Jiang Fans body froze. His face went red as he cursed Zhao Feng in his heart.

However, he was also slightly hopeful. It wouldnt be too bad to have a romantic relationship with this gorgeous mermaid. After all, ever since his bloodline had been discovered, he had been cultivating non-stop. Although he was already twenty-something years old, he was still a virgin who never had a relationship.

Thinking up to there, he released a slight aura of his bloodline.

Hmm? Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline?

The Mermaid Princess felt her bloodline tremble and was shocked. Her pair of eyes was filled with respect and twinkling stars.

Jiang Fan couldnt help but feel smug. A bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races was indeed different.

Mermaid princess? Easy peasy.

However, what the Mermaid Princess said next made him fall into the abyss:

Haha, you must be a spy from the humans here to seduce me.

Hmph, you want to use the same trick again? What kind of retard thought of this plan?

Jiang Fan almost spat out a mouthful of blood.
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