King Of Gods Chapter 654

Chapter 654 - Overlooking the Garden

On the surface of the Purple Smoke Lake, the warm youth floated above the water and suddenly raised his head.

King intent?

Wen Luoans face started to turn solemn.

The Eye of Heaven in the sky overlooked the entire Purple Smoke Lake, and the nearby beings all felt a pressure on their souls.

That Zhao Feng should have momentarily obtained the ability to maintain his King intent, but neither his soul nor his cultivation have reached the level of a King.

The warm youth became calm once more. As long as Zhao Feng didnt truly become a King, Wen Luoan didnt put him in his eyes. If it werent for the Mermaid King, he would have already charged into the Mermaid Divine Palace.

Human, if you had worked with me earlier, that Zhao Feng wouldnt have comprehended King intent!

The Mermaid Kings roar sounded, but the warm youth remained unmoved. He didnt believe anyone in the Demigod Forgotten Garden, let alone a King of another species.


The Eye of Heaven disappeared from the sky above the Purple Smoke Lake.

Why not use this chance to see the situation of the entire Demigod Forgotten Garden?

Zhao Feng murmured.

The Eye of Heavens ability was to pass through space, but even then, that ability was restricted heavily in the Demigod Forgotten Garden. However, with the assistance of his newly-formed King intent, the pressure from the Demigod Forgotten Garden was much weaker.

In the next instant, elsewhere in the Demigod Forgotten Garden, on the seventh floor of the Ten Thousand Treasures Tower, more than a dozen dazzling treasures floated in mid-air. The air of treasure radiating from them was enough to entice even a King.

Who dares to stop me!?

Nan Gongsheng was unmoving as silver light radiated around him. A King intent released a Magnificent Power that pushed aside nearby geniuses and caused their souls to shake.

There were seventy or eighty people here competing, and yet Nan Gongsheng fought with them all easily on his own.

We cant let Nan Gongsheng get the Qiankun Sword. If he gets it, which genius would be able to stop him in the Sacred Land?

Qiankun Sword, Sky Locking Bow, Ten Thousand-Sided Seal all of these are legendary weapons that are very close to the Heaven-Grade. Any one of them can affect the situation of the entire Sacred Land.

There were many geniuses on the seventh floor of the Ten Thousand Treasures Tower. Those that dared to compete here were all elite geniuses from the Sacred Land. They were much stronger than the geniuses around the Purple Smoke Lake.

However, the treasures above were extremely hard to obtain. One not only had to have sufficient strength to do so, they also needed to try to connect with these weapons.

Even with Nan Gongshengs strength, he could only barely connect with the Qiankun Sword.


Right at this moment, a transparent blue eye appeared on the seventh floor of the Ten Thousand Treasures Tower.

King intent?

Nan Gongsheng immediately sensed it, and a shocking King intent surged from him.

In terms of cultivation, he had reached the half-step King, and he had a King intent of his own.


Zhao Fengs King intent shook slightly and was instantly suppressed. After all, his King intent was condensed in a rush, and it was weaker than Nan Gongshengs to begin with.

Just as Zhao Feng was about to leave:


Amongst the treasures, an ancient bow hummed faintly, and the light around it suddenly faded.


Zhao Feng formed a mysterious connection with the ancient bow.

Sky Locking Bow!

The nearby geniuses exclaimed.

These treasures and weapons were held down by the Demigod intent, and they were unable to be taken by force. From the looks of it, the Sky Locking Bow wanted to escape the Demigod intents restriction.

If youre willing, come with me.

A surge of eye-bloodline power came from the giant eye as a whirlpool engulfed the Sky Locking Bow.


On the seventh floor of the Ten Thousand Treasures Tower, one of the sacred weapons, the Sky Locking Bow, suddenly disappeared.

Who just took away the Sky Locking Bow through the air?

The geniuses present all clicked their tongues.

The Ten Thousand Treasures Tower had a total of nine floors, and each floor was extremely hard to break past.

The highest record in history was seven floors, and they had reached that level in record time. This was all because of Nan Gongsheng, who had heaven-defying battle-power.


Nan Gongsheng had his hands behind his back, and he felt angry about the unfairness. He had tried for a long time and didnt even obtain the Qiankun Sword, but some random genius suddenly came and easily obtained the Sky Locking Bow.

That eye looks like

Brother Nan, Dong Wenjian, and company in the crowd looked at each other.


The Eye of Heaven disappeared from the Ten Thousand Treasures Tower.

Nan Gongshengs battle-power made Zhao Feng wary.

In reality, Zhao Feng hadnt even thought about participating in the competition of the Ten Thousand Treasures Tower. He had only just formed his half-step King intent, and apart from his state of existence, all his other aspects were still far-off from a real King.

Elsewhere, there was a large area of the Demigod Forgotten Garden that was filled with forests and grass, as well as many beasts and other species. At the same time, this was the place that contained the most treasures.

Hundred Flower Garden.

The Eye of Heaven floated in the air above the garden.

Zhao Feng couldnt help but sigh. The number of treasures here was several times the amount of the Purple Smoke Lake.

Of course, the danger here was also far greater.

Zhao Feng could sense several King auras below.


Zhao Feng was extremely surprised when he looked at a certain spot.

The Magnificent Power of a King spread across half a mile in a certain place of the Hundred Flower Garden.

A unicorn with purple scales radiated flaming lightning as it easily slaughtered a group of beasts nearby. The strength of the beast group was comparable to Zhao Fengs army.

It was hard to imagine that this small, normal-horse-sized purple-scaled unicorn was a King.

However, that wasnt the main point. What was even more incredible was that a girl with long hair sat on the purple-scaled unicorns back.

The girl was extremely clean, and her face was like jade. Her eyes were like a pair of stars out of a dream.

Meng Xi!!

Zhao Fengs heart shook.

The girl was the prodigy of the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan, Meng Xi.

Meng Xi had a purple-scaled horn in her hand as she controlled the King below her.

How did she manage to control a King beast?

Zhao Feng couldnt believe it. He thought that Nan Gongshengs strength was already monstrous; he didnt expect Meng Xi to have such a killing move.

Meng Xis own strength was already amongst the peak of the top ten geniuses of the Sacred Land only below that of Nan Gongshengs and now, she had a unicorn that could sweep across the entire Hundred Flower Garden and gather limitless treasures.

Hmmm? King intent?

Meng Xi sensed something. She had a mysterious Soul-based bloodline that came from the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

She wasnt scared to face a King intent.

Meng Xi and the unicorn both looked up at the sky, but the Eye of Heaven had disappeared the instant it appeared.

Just a short moment after it disappeared:


The sky shook as a horn of purple lightning pierced through the spot where the Eye of Heaven was just at.

That reaction was pretty fast.

Meng Xi snickered coldly as her starry eyes twinkled. She now had a faint impression of the Eye of Heaven.

Zhao Feng let out a breath as his gaze left the Hundred Flower Garden.

Although he had formed half-step King intent, the difference between him and Nan Gongsheng and Meng Xi was still quite big.

The Ten Thousand Treasures Tower and the Hundred Flower Garden will soon be ruled by Nan Gongsheng and Meng Xi respectively. Then those two will soon go to other areas of the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

Zhao Feng thought.


His gaze shifted once more and descended upon a quiet palace.

Heart Healing Palace.

Zhao Feng murmured to himself.

The Heart Healing Palace was the place of healing and seclusion for the owner of the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

In terms of precious treasures, the Heart Healing Palace couldnt be compared to the Ten Thousand Treasures Tower or the Hundred Flower Garden. It didnt even have as much as the Purple Smoke Lake.

However, no one would dare to underestimate it.

According to the ancient records, the Heart Healing Palace had only ever released a few fortunes in the past, but these few fortunes it gave were heaven-defying.

In one of them, a genius sat on an old tree next to the Heart Healing Palace and entered a mystic state that was far better than the Illusion God Wine. After that, the genius comprehended a Heaven ranked skill and managed to condense a unique King intent that made him unparalleled against those in the same generation. A couple years later, he became a true King.

Within the Heart Healing Palace, five or six geniuses gathered together next to a small lake.

What a terrifying aura. What is-?

These geniuses were staring at a slightly smelly pond covered by rotting leaves.

The pond was extremely deep, and there was a pressure emanating from the pond that made their states of existence and bloodlines tremble.

These geniuses started to move toward it, but they faced a powerful pressure with each step.

What is it?

When the geniuses entered within ten yards of the pond, they became unstable.


A glow of golden blood suddenly lit up within the pond.

Plop! Plop!

The two nearest geniuses felt their legs buckle as they fell to their knees.


All the geniuses had bright red faces, and they felt as if their hearts were about to explode.

A flaming, golden drop blood started to appear on the surface of the pond.

A drop of blood!

The five or six geniuses present were unable to withstand the pressure. They all knelt down as if they were kneeling to a god.

Wah! Wah!

Two of them spat out blood and died.

Could it be blood from the Demigod?

A Demigods blood!

The small drop of blood contained a power that exceeded a King.


The heart of another genius exploded.

Re- retreat!

Even though the owner of the drop of blood has already died, the power contained within is still enough to kill anyone.

Blood leaked out from the remaining geniuses ears, mouths, and eyes as they scrambled and ran away.

Heart Healing Palace Demigods blood?

The Eye of Heaven appeared in the air above the pond, but even the Eye of Heaven that contained King intent shook when it looked at the Demigods blood.


The Eye of Heaven disappeared from the air above the Heart Healing Palace.

In the underground cellar of the Demigod:


Zhao Feng let out a long breath with a relieved expression.

With his current soul-strength and King intent, he could manage to use the Eye of Heaven for quite a long time.

In just ten or twenty breaths Zhao Fengs gaze had travelled across the most important areas of the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

However, he didnt realize that there were a few faint purple hairs amongst his blue hair.
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