King Of Gods Chapter 657

Chapter 657 - Number One Genius of the Lightning Dao

The horrible death of that genius made the nearby people go cold.

Inside ten yards is the forbidden zone. Once someone enters that range, the pressure from the Demigods blood will increase by several times.

Zhao Feng murmured.

The other geniuses had also realized that.

Normal geniuses were able to withstand the pressure outside ten yards. Everyone that died did so mainly because they had entered within ten yards.

If the pressure within ten yards is already so strong, then the pressure at five yards, three yards, one yard, and right next to the Demigods blood would be

Zhao Feng couldnt imagine how powerful the pressure would become.

He started to think as he communicated with the little thieving cat on his shoulder.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved its paws, signaling that it could do nothing, then jumped into the ancient metal ring.

Zhao Feng wasnt surprised. Even Kings probably wouldnt be able to withstand such huge pressure from the Demigods blood.

Demigods blood, Im coming.

A cold voice sounded from far away.


A dark-skinned male with a pair of black wings behind his back flashed through the air.

Mo Tianyu!

The people around the Heart Healing Palace gave way.

The dark-skinned males cultivation had reached the late-stage Great Origin Core Realm, and he had a pair of extremely unique demonic bloodline that gave him a pair of wings. As he approached, there was an air of evil that made the people nearby unable to breathe.

Mo Tianyu, one of the top ten geniuses of the Sacred Land. He comes from the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan.

Information regarding the newcomer appeared in Zhao Fengs mind.

There were almost three hundred geniuses that entered the Demigod Forgotten Garden, but everyone knew about the top ten geniuses.

Wasnt Mo Tianyu at the middle-stage Great Origin Core Realm? Its only been a couple days, and yet his bloodline and cultivation have already increased dramatically.

The nearby geniuses revealed respectful expressions, whereas those from the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan revealed looks of joy.

The Demigod Forgotten Garden was full of fortune, and Mo Tianyus unique demonic wing bloodline gave him the ability to fly, thus he was able to obtain more.


The black wings fluttered gently above the heads of Zhao Feng and the other geniuses as Mo Tianyu landed near the pond.

The ten-yard forbidden zone!

Many geniuses held their breaths, and their hearts skipped a beat.

Mo Tianyu just jumped directly into the radius of ten yards and was still unharmed.

As expected of one of the top ten geniuses; each of them have unusual bloodlines, and they are extremely strong.

Zhao Feng sighed in his heart.

Mo Tianyus strength had increased dramatically after entering the Demigod Forgotten Garden. One or two normal half-step Kings wouldnt be able to defeat him.

Hahaha Demigods blood! Luckily, I came quickly!

Mo Tianyus expression was smug.

None of the other top ten geniuses were present, and he had signs of suppressing everyone here.

At this moment, the news of the Demigods blood was still spreading across the entire Demigod Forgotten Garden but many were still on their way.

Mo Tianyus unique bloodline power gave him extremely quick speed even amongst the top ten geniuses.

Currently, the only one to have entered the ten-yard boundary was him.

His gaze swept across the area, and he didnt find any strong people.


Mo Tianyu paused slightly as his eyes landed on the two dragonfly-humans behind Zhao Feng.

Dragonfly-humans were quick and agile. Mo Tianyu knew how troublesome they were. He didnt expect someone to be able to enslave two of them.

Hmph, his cultivation isnt even at the Great Origin Core Realm. One needs to rely on their bloodline and cultivation to resist the pressure from the Demigods blood, mental energy isnt useful here.

Mo Tianyu took back his gaze. He didnt put Zhao Feng in his eyes. There was no one worthy of being his opponent in the Heart Healing Palace yet.

Ill take the Demigods blood before Nan Gongsheng, Meng Xi, and the other troublesome people that arent here yet.

Mo Tianyus eyes twinkled.

He took a deep breath and started to circulate his power in order to strengthen his body and defense.


Mo Tianyu started to step forward slowly as he moved further toward the pond.

The pressure he faced would increase with every step, and even he felt it was troublesome.

Mo Tianyu is the first person to enter the ten-yard boundary safely.

The geniuses surrounding the pond were envious and unresigned. The closer they were to the Demigods blood, the higher their chance of obtaining it.

I need to increase my speed. The Demigods blood shall be mine!

Mo Tianyu was extremely excited.

The blood of a Demigod was blood that was nearly divine. It would change the life of even experts. Even Kings and Emperors would go crazy for it.

Ten yards!

At this moment, a blue-haired youth entered the ten-yard forbidden zone.

Its him!

When the people saw who it was, they were extremely surprised.

The second person to enter within ten yards was Zhao Feng.

The closer one is to the Demigods blood, the stronger the pressure. Furthermore, who knows what kind of offensive capabilities it might have.

Zhao Feng didnt dare to go too far out of caution. In reality, the power from the ten-yard zone wasnt that strong. The pressure in the Ancient Dream Realm was far more powerful.

That brat.

Mo Tianyus expression changed when he noticed Zhao Feng.

He didnt expect a brat at the peak Small Origin Core Realm to enter the ten-yard zone, and it seemed as if Zhao Feng wasnt even finding the pressure very strong.

Bloodline, body, and cultivation were the three factors determining how far one could move here.

If one had a superior bloodline, they had an advantage, and if ones body was strong enough, they could also withstand it. On the other hand, those with higher cultivation were simply able to withstand more force. For example, if it were Emperor Duanmu here, he would be able to obtain the Demigods blood easily.

Fuck off, brat!

Mo Tianyu licked his lips and glared at Zhao Feng. He tried to use his strength and fame to suppress Zhao Feng, but how would Zhao Feng fall for that?

He acted as if he didnt see anything at all as he maintained a certain distance with Mo Tianyu.

Mo Tianyu was on the opposite side. Ones attack would be heavily restricted due to the pressure from the Demigods blood, and who knew what kind of reaction the Demigods blood might have?

Brother Mo, that brat named Zhao controlled an army in the Purple Smoke Lake and defeated Brother Tu.

A disciple of the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan warned.

The Demigod Forgotten Garden was a big place, but news had started to spread.

What? He defeated Brother Tu?

Hearing that, Mo Tianyu was in disbelief. Before he entered the Demigod Forgotten Garden, his own strength was slightly weaker than Tu Jiusengs, although he might be stronger now that he had obtained some fortune.

At this moment:


A five-colored figure flew through the air.

What a weird power of Lightning.

Zhao Feng felt his Wind Lightning True Yuan stirring. Without even looking, he knew the newcomers identity.

Lei Zhen, one of the top ten geniuses of the Sacred Land!

This is going to get rowdy now. Another expert of the top ten geniuses has appeared.

Lei Zhen comes from the Ten Thousand Lightning Clan. Hes the number one genius of the Lightning Dao.

The geniuses all looked over.

There were many people in the Heart Healing Palace watching and hoping to obtain the Demigods blood by luck. After all, a small number of geniuses in the past had obtained heaven-defying fortunes even if they werent very strong, so luck was definitely a factor.


Lei Zhen landed near the pond between eight and nine yards, even closer than Mo Tianyu.

Demigods blood! This is probably the Demigods blood essence or else it wouldnt have been able to last this long and still contain so much force.

Lei Zhens face went slightly red when he landed. He immediately circulated his five-colored lightning and seemed like a God of Lightning.

Demigods blood essence?

The eyes of the nearby geniuses became even more fiery.

A drop of blood essence contained the Demigods life essence, and it was more than a hundred times better than a normal drop of blood.

If I can absorb this Demigods blood essence, my state of existence will improve dramatically and obtain the potential to reach the level of a King or an Emperor.

Everyones hearts sped up.

The blood essence of a Demigod was definitely a great item for Kings and Emperors. It would probably even benefit normal Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords.

Within the ten-yard forbidden zone:

Ta! Ta! Ta!

Mo Tianyu, Lei Zhen, and Zhao Feng slowly walked forward. Zhao Feng was slightly behind the other two.

No one knows what will happen if someone truly gets close to the blood essence.

Zhao Feng was extremely cautious.

If the blood essence of the Demigod unleashed an attack, even true Kings wouldnt be able to retreat unharmed.

Its that brat.

Lei Zhen saw Zhao Feng from the corner of his eye.

Zhao Feng was far away from Mo Tianyu, but closer to Lei Zhen.

Piss off!

Lei Zhen snickered coldly. How could he feel safe having his back open to a competitor?


Lei Zhen sent a five-colored claw of lightning toward Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng obviously wouldnt do nothing. He sent an ancient purple lightning claw toward the five-colored lightning claw.

Purple Destruction Wind Lightning Claw!


A loud explosion sounded, and shockwaves spread across more than a dozen yards. Even the demonic black wings around Mo Tianyu were weakened.


Zhao Fengs figure shook slightly as a faint five-colored lightning extended into his body.


Zhao Feng circulated his defensive bloodline, and dark purple scales appeared on his body until the five-colored lightning faded.

However, he still felt numb. His defensive Water bloodline was obviously related to the element of Water, which conducted lightning.

On the other hand, when the arcs of Purple Destruction Wind Lightning landed on Lei Zhen, he didnt even evade.

Hahaha, your strength isnt bad.

Lei Zhen took the blow of lightning head-on and easily absorbed it.

Hes absorbing the lightning!

Zhao Fengs expression changed. He realized that his Wind Lightning inheritance had met its nemesis.

Lei Zhen had an ancient Lightning spiritual bloodline, and he was the number one genius of the Lightning Dao. His Five-Elemental Ten Thousand Lightning Technique was the Cang Oceans oldest Lightning technique.

Even the Wind Lightning Emperors talent in Lightning wasnt as high as Lei Zhens, and he wasnt able to cultivate the Five-Elemental Ten Thousand Lightning Technique, forcing him to create his own Dao and comprehend the Wind Lightning Dao.
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