King Of Gods Chapter 668

Chapter 668 - Who Knows Who Will Die at Whose Hands?

In the Hidden Book Room, a smile appeared on Zhao Fengs face, Kun Yun Partial Thought, looks like youre not completely useless.

Kun Yun Partial Thought was the name Zhao Feng had given to the Demigods Partial Thought since the owner of the Demigod Forgotten Garden was called Kun Yun.

In the dimension of his left eye, a faint golden drop of blood floated in the pitch-black area. It was the Demigods blood essence.

The process of obtaining the Demigods blood had been much easier than expected. The Demigods blood had its own consciousness, so it felt respectful and fearful toward the mental energy aura of its owner. The Kun Yun Partial Thought was split from the Demigods spirit, so it obviously had the same aura as the Demigods spirit.

Hearing Zhao Feng call himself not completely useless, the Kun Yun Partial Thought had an urge to cough out blood. A majestic Demigod Partial Thought only had an impression of useless on Zhao Feng.

Although there was still a difference between the Kun Yun Partial Thought and a Partial Spirit, it still had its own thoughts and a small amount of memories.

Master, now that youve obtained the Demigods blood, I can revive.

The Kun Yun Partial Thought said expectantly.

When one reached the Demigod rank, even if their bodies had been broken, they could Rebirth from Blood as long as there was a single drop of blood remaining. Of course, this was under the basis that there was at least one mental energy thought still out there.

Now, the Kun Yun Partial Thought and the Demigods blood had fulfilled the requirements.

The Demigods blood was blood essence of the Demigod, and the Kun Yun Partial Thought wasnt just a normal mental energy thought; it had its own thoughts and memories. It was almost at the Partial Spirit level.

Reviving from blood. This is a legendary heaven-defying method.

Zhao Feng looked forward to it, but this couldnt be handled casually. Putting aside anything else, the power contained within the Demigods blood was too strong. Who knows how strong the Kun Yun Partial Thought would become after reviving.

Well discuss that after we leave the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

Zhao Feng answered.

He had his own thoughts, but one thing was for sure he wouldnt give all the Demigods blood to the Kun Yun Partial Thought to revive. He needed to increase his own strength as well as weaken the revived Demigod Kun Yun.

Theres still two and a half days till the Demigod Forgotten Garden closes.

Zhao Feng thought.

His main focus wasnt on gathering treasures anymore.

Who knows who will die at whose hands in the Pursuit of Death?

Zhao Fengs face went cold with killing intent as he looked at the direction of the Demigods tomb.

At the same moment, within the chamber of the Demigods tomb, the three King prodigies and the little thieving cat teamed up to cut the charred corpse, but Wen Luoan suddenly felt a coldness.

His Ten Thousand Ancient Races legendary bloodline had extremely sharp senses toward danger.


The Eye of Heaven appeared within the chamber with a faint glint.

The three King prodigies were used to the Eye of Heaven appearing, but the emotion in the eye made them feel defeated. The three probably wouldnt have even imagined that Zhao Feng had successfully obtained the Demigods blood.

Zhao Feng would do his best to hide the secret of the Demigods blood since he how he had a plan to revive the Demigod.

If this secret was known to the world, the entire True Martial Sacred Land would be shocked. Reviving a Demigod how terrifying was this plan?

I just want the head of the Demigods body.

The Eye of Heaven said emotionlessly as it floated in the air.

The reason he wanted the head was because the head faced most of the power from the God Tribulation. Zhao Feng knew all that from the Kun Yun Partial Thought.

Hmph, why do you get to choose first?

Meng Xi snickered coldly, but she didnt actually think much about it. Meng Xi was just really dissatisfied with Zhao Feng. This person had stolen the hidden card her master had prepared for her, then used this card to become on par with the other three King prodigies.

You guys wouldnt have even been able to enter this place safely without the little thieving cats guidance. Furthermore, Ive read all the books within the Hidden Book Room, so I know more information about the Demigods tomb than you.

Zhao Feng said confidently.

Demigods tomb?

The three King prodigies exchanged glances. It seemed that Zhao Feng did indeed know a lot about the center tomb.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng had finished reading all the books in the Hidden Book Room? Although it seemed kind of retarded, Zhao Feng obtaining some fortune from that was within expectations.

Its just a head.

Nan Gongsheng shrugged his shoulders. He and Zhao Feng were on the same side anyway.

The three King prodigies agreed to Zhao Feng taking the head.

But, Zhao Feng, since you know so much about the Demigods tomb, you need to take us out safely.

Meng Xi required.

They had lost their sense of direction after entering the tomb, and it would be full of danger if they just randomly left after splitting the corpse.

Of course.

A faint glint appeared in the eye, but Zhao Feng snickered coldly.

In reality, as long as one had a single part of the Demigods body, the aura of the God Tribulation would make the spirits run away. However, the three King prodigies were focused on splitting the corpse, so they hadnt thought of that yet.

Time flew by quickly, and almost two days passed.

The Demigods body had finally been split up.

Zhao Feng chose the Demigods head and let the little thieving cat take it. Wen Luoan took the legs, Meng Xi took the arms, leaving the torso to Nan Gongsheng.

Theres still one more day till the Demigod Forgotten Garden closes.

Nan Gongsheng said.

One more day.

Wen Luoan and Meng Xi looked at each other.

The body parts of the Demigod can repel the spirits.

Wen Luoan said.

After obtaining the parts of the Demigods corpse, they realized this, which meant that they wouldnt rely on Zhao Fengs information about the Demigods tomb too much.


The little thieving cat sat on the beast King and was the first to depart.

Follow it.

Wen Luoan and Meng Xi followed closely behind. After a bit of thinking, Nan Gongsheng did so as well.

The little thieving cat had become the leader of this party.

That Zhao Feng has information on the Demigods tomb, and he definitely wouldnt give up on the Demigods blood.

Furthermore, Zhao Fengs Eye of Heaven has the biggest advantage since its in the air. Maybe hes already found the Demigods blood.

The three King prodigies had their own thoughts.

Regardless, they needed to follow the cat.


Playfulness and mockery appeared in the little thieving cats eyes as it looked toward the three King prodigies.

However, under Zhao Fengs command, the little thieving cat still needed to put on a show, so it started to search the Demigods tomb.


The Eye of Heaven occasionally appeared, as if helping the little thieving cat.

The little thieving cat pretended to shake off the three King prodigies but ended in failure every time.

Zhao Feng, have you found the Demigods blood or not?

Nan Gongsheng messaged.

The layout of the Demigods tomb is too complex and the Demigods blood is too small. I dont know which corner it might be hiding in.

Zhao Feng answered.

Although he said that, Zhao Feng still made the little thieving cat act as if it was bent on finding the Demigods blood.

They obviously met spirits of hatred on the way, but the parts of the Demigods body scared them away. However, there were exceptions. There were Emperor hatred spirits that were wary of the Demigods corpse and wouldnt go close to it, but they would unleash long-range attacks.

The three King prodigies were extremely ruffled when facing an Emperor hatred spirit, so they ran while still searching.

Unknowingly, the little thieving cat had led the group to the entrance of the tomb.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat had a drooping head as it left the Demigods tomb on the beast Kings back.

The three King prodigies were full of helplessness and disappointment, but they had to give up on the Demigods blood. The size of the Demigods blood was just too small. After losing track of it, it would be like finding a needle in the middle of the ocean.

Furthermore, the Demigods tomb was full of danger. If it werent for the Demigods corpse warding away the spirits, the three King prodigies may have died in there.

At the entrance of the tomb, Wen Luoans eyes glittered with coldness as it looked in the direction of the little thieving cat.

The warm youth and Meng Xi started to talk.

No problem, Ill help you take care of that brat.

Coldness appeared on Meng Xis gorgeous face. She didnt like Zhao Feng because of both private and public matters.

In a private matter, Zhao Feng had stolen her purple horn, and as for public relations, Zhao Feng was a genius of the Mystic True Sacred Clan, and he was a large dark horse among the geniuses.

From conquering the Purple Smoke Lake to obtaining the Sky Locking Bow, then finally clashing with the three King prodigies. These steps proved how scary he was.

Of course, she didnt know that Zhao Feng had also obtained the Demigods blood, otherwise it wouldnt just be a rating of dark horse, but the biggest winner.

I can sense the direction of that brat. Even though theres only one day left, thats enough time to kill him.

Wen Luoans smile was deadly.

As the two were planning:


The beast King that the little thieving cat sat on suddenly stopped and became cold.


The beast King released a Magnificent Power that pressured the warm youth.


The heart of the warm youth skipped a beat.


The beast King charged toward the warm youth.

Only 70% of its power could be used, so the warm youth wasnt sacred. However, his expression changed dramatically the next instant.

Soul Restriction!

A cold, transparent blue eye floated above the two.

Wen Luoans body froze as dark purple chains of lightning restricted his soul.

This was a controlling type technique that Zhao Feng had comprehended from the Dark Eye Secret Manual.

The Soul Restrictions target was obviously the soul.


Wen Luoan opened the bloodline of his Heaven Sun Battle Race and started to glow like a golden war god. However, under the Eye of Heaven state, Zhao Feng had true King intent, so the Soul Restriction was enough to restrict anyone below the Void God Realm.

Wen Luoan struggled, and the chains started to shake, but they wouldnt be broken for a while.

Nightmare Dimension!

Meng Xi obviously wouldnt just sit there and watch. She used her Soul bloodline in order to break through Zhao Fengs Soul Restriction.

But right at this moment:


A silver figure appeared next to the warm youth along with a disturbance of space.

Nan Gongsheng!

The expressions of Wen Luoan and Meng Xi changed dramatically.

Mystic Spatial Split!

Nan Gongshengs expression was cold as he sent a sharp silver spatial crack toward the warm youth.
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