King Of Gods Chapter 670

Chapter 670 - Lightning Wings Flying Technique

The explosion made the hearts of the nearby geniuses go cold.

The Hidden Book Room turned into dust, and the golden flames kept on burning.

No one could see the warm youth or Zhao Feng. There were no signs of any bodies anywhere.

The nearby geniuses couldnt help but feel sympathetic and unresigned. Both Zhao Feng and Wen Luoan were powerful dark horses.

Both dead. So unfortunate.

Nan Gongsheng looked toward the golden flames that had turned everything into dust.

He had to admit that the bloodlines of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races were monstrous.

Wen Luoan had been able to charge over to Zhao Fengs location and unleash a suicide attack even after being ruthlessly beaten by Nan Gongsheng and the Eye of Heaven.


The dimension of the Demigod Forgotten Garden started to tremble, and lights started to flash.

Miao miao!

The beast King and the little thieving cat quickly flew over. Meng Xi also rushed over.

Theyre both dead?

Meng Xi was slightly dazed. She was tired and had already given up on fighting.

Little cat, now that your owners dead, why dont you become my spiritual pet?

Meng Xis starry eyes turned toward the little thieving cat. Although she was angry at the cat, she was moved by its abilities.


The little thieving cat licked its lips as it looked toward the sky. Everyone else followed its gaze and looked toward the sky as well.


A blue-haired youth with a pair of wings made of wind and lightning floated in the sky. He was surrounded by a sparkle of blue energy. The face of the blue-haired youth was pale-white and weak.

Zhao Zhao Feng!

The expressions of Nan Gongsheng and Meng Xi changed dramatically.

Thats right, the blue-haired youth in the sky was indeed Zhao Feng.

Lightning Wings Flying Technique.

The wings behind Zhao Feng fluttered.


Space seemed to break, and the next instant, a flash appeared next to Nan Gongsheng.

Zhao Feng!

Nan Gongsheng exclaimed as he looked at the blue-haired youth amidst the light.

Apart from Nan Gongsheng, Meng Xi, and a small number of other geniuses, no one else saw how Zhao Feng moved.

A weird light flashed through the little thieving cats eyes.

Zhao Fengs Lightning Wings Flying Technique was an evolved form of the Wings of Wind and Lightning. It was a profound secret technique. However, it wasnt hard to tell that part of the skill had been based off of Nan Gongshengs and the little thieving cats spatial techniques.

The Lightning Wings Flying Technique had already been partially formed when he was in the Mermaid Divine Palace. After that, Zhao Feng had comprehended King intent, and he later inspected Nan Gongshengs technique, then he finally completed the Lightning Wings Flying Technique.

Zhao Feng had already sensed that the warm youth was about to use a suicide-attack. His Gods Spiritual Eye saw the changes in Wen Luoans blood and True Yuan. Therefore, at the critical moment, Zhao Feng used the Lightning Wings Flying Technique and managed to escape.

However, Zhao Feng was still hit by the shockwave of Wen Luoans explosion.


The ripple of water around Zhao Feng undulated as it recovered his injuries.

Brother Nan Gongsheng, this is for your help.

Zhao Feng took out ten pieces of Purple Scaled Grass and a mermaid teardrop, then handed them to Nan Gongsheng.

The eyes of everyone that saw this almost fell out, and Meng Xi suddenly understood why Nan Gongsheng helped Zhao Feng kill Wen Luoan.

Before Meng Xi and Wen Luoan had even finished their planning, Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng attacked and caught them off guard.

You are very strong.

Nan Gongsheng took the Purple Scaled Grass and mermaid tear before giving Zhao Feng a deep look. He could see that Zhao Fengs Lightning Wings Flying Technique was partially based on his own spatial techniques.

The first time he paid attention to Zhao Feng was at the Ten Thousand Treasures Tower when Zhao Fengs eye-bloodline had taken the Sky Locking Bow away. At that moment, he started to truly pay attention to this Junior Martial Brother of his.

Senior Martial Brother Nan Gongsheng is too kind. You are the number one genius of the Sacred Land.

Zhao Feng said humbly.

Without Nan Gongshengs help, he wouldnt have been the warm youths match.

On the other side, Meng Xis face was mixed with unwillingness and wariness.

Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng didnt attack Meng Xi. Her master was a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord, so no one wanted to offend her too much.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat threw the purple horn into Meng Xis hand. The Forgotten Garden was about to close, so the purple horn had no value until the next opening five hundred years later.


Meng Xi caught the purple horn and stared at Zhao Feng, as if she wanted to memorize this bastards face. Zhao Feng remained unmoved.

Wen Luoan, Zhao Feng spoke slowly, one day, we will switch perspectives. Who knows who will be the predator and who will be the prey?

Hearing that, the hearts of many people shook. They finally realized that, although the golden flames had dimmed down, they hadnt extinguished yet.


The golden flames started to condense and form into a ball of fire, revealing the image of a burning youth.


The geniuses of the Sacred Land exclaimed.

Rebirth from flames?

Meng Xi gazed at the body of the warm youth that started to condense.

Wen Luoans face was as white as paper as he half-knelt on the ground.

Zhao Feng realized that Wen Luoans cultivation had dropped from the late-stage Great Origin Core Realm to the early-stage Great Origin Core Realm. It almost fell to the Small Origin Core Realm.

However, at this moment, Zhao Feng couldnt attack the warm youth. Almost all of his eye-bloodline power had been used up.

Zhao Feng, our fights just begun. If it werent for Nan Gongsheng, you wouldve died in my hands long ago.

Wen Luoans pale face was filled with unwillingness.

Right at this moment, the space of the Demigod Forgotten Garden was enveloped by a multi-colored light.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The figures of the geniuses started to fade and disappear from the Forgotten Garden.

Zhao Feng and company felt the Magnificent Power from the Demigod intent.

Unfortunately, the Demigods intent has merged with the Forgotten Garden, and it will only follow the rules set down when the Demigod was alive.

The Kun Yun Partial Thought murmured.

The Demigod intent was extremely fair like the Heavenly Dao. It had no consciousness or thoughts; it just followed the rules.

Zhao Feng knew that, if the Kun Yun Partial Thought was able to obtain the Demigod intent, his strength after reviving would increase by quite a lot.


Zhao Fengs figure started to become transparent, but just as it was about to fade from the Forgotten Garden, a shocking Demigod intent crushed over, and Zhao Fengs figure seemed to suddenly freeze in the air.

Not good!

Zhao Fengs expression changed dramatically.

He knew that the Demigod intent was a god in the Forgotten Garden and ruled over everything. If the Demigod intent wanted to kill someone, even Void God Realm Kings wouldnt be able to fight back.

At this moment, the Kun Yun Partial Thought and the Demigods blood in the Green Spiritual Gourd trembled, but luckily, the Magnificent Power only paused on Zhao Feng for half a breath.

A breath later:


Zhao Fengs transparent figure disappeared from the Forgotten Garden.

Back in the True Martial Sacred Land, on the Ten Thousand Sacred Peak:

Shua! Shua! Shua!

One genius after another appeared.

Im finally back. The rewards from the Forgotten Garden werent bad.

Voices sounded in the crowd.


Zhao Fengs figure also appeared amongst them, but no one realized that Zhao Feng appeared slightly after them.

Cold sweat still remained on his forehead. The descent of the Demigod intent scared him quite a bit.

Junior Martial Brother Zhao, you are the biggest dark horse this time.

Chen Yilin, Jiang Fan, and company looked over gratefully.

Junior Martial Brother Zhao helped a lot this time.

Thats right, without Junior Martial Brother Zhao, we wouldnt have been able to enter and conquer the Mermaid Kingdom.

Chen Yilin, Jiang Fan, and company were extremely grateful to him, and they even admired him.

Zhao Feng raised a lot of attention from the Mystic True Sacred Clans side.

Under Zhao Fengs guidance, Chen Yilin and company were able to enter the Mermaid Kingdom and obtain mermaid tears, the Illusion God Wine, and other items, allowing them to recreate the success from several thousand years ago. This made others extremely envious.

Junior Martial Brother Zhao, thank you for the Purple Scaled Grass and the mermaid tears.

Nan Gongsheng smiled and said.

The Purple Scaled Grass could perfectly decrease the difference between his bloodline ability and Meng Xis and the warm youths. It allowed him to have a defensive bloodline, while the mermaid tears could cleanse his soul, which was useful since Nan Gongsheng had just formed King intent.

Zhao Feng nodded in return. He guessed that Nan Gongsheng would become a Void God Realm King soon.

Above the Sacred Peak, Zhao Feng became the center of attention, and there wasnt any lack of girls hinting at him.

Brother Nans and Dong Wenjians expressions were slightly ugly. At the beginning, when Zhao Feng didnt join their group, Brother Nan and company mocked him, but now, the people in his group couldnt help but feel regret.

Dong Wenjians guts went green with regret. He and Zhao Feng both had the same master, so if he chose to follow Zhao Feng at that time, he would at least have gotten a small share of the rewards obtained in the Mermaid Kingdom.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Above the Sacred Peak, the elders of some forces appeared, including many Kings. They were worried about the safety of their juniors and curious about their rewards.

Zhao Feng, Nan Gongsheng, Chen Yilin, and company were not only the biggest winners from the Mystic True Sacred Clan, they were the biggest winners in the entire True Martial Sacred Land.

The Kings and Emperors were surprised at Zhao Fengs performance.

In terms of rewards, Zhao Feng was on par with Nan Gongsheng, perhaps even a bit more. Of course, no one knew that he had gotten the Demigods blood as well.

An hour later, Zhao Feng followed the group from the Mystic True Sacred Clan and returned to their main Spiritual Peak.


Just as he entered his room, the Kun Yun Partial Thoughts voice sounded. It was full of excitement.


Zhao Feng put his Divine Sense into the Green Spiritual Gourd within the ancient metal ring, and he jumped up in shock by what he saw.

There was another source of mental energy power in the Green Spiritual Gourd apart from the Kun Yun Partial Thought and the Demigods blood.

The Demigod intent!
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