King Of Gods Chapter 674

Chapter 674 - Forthcoming

In an Emperors Palace in the Mystic True Sacred Clan, Zhao Feng sat cross-legged and watched Kun Yun grow.

His heart suddenly went cold as he felt the aura of Death extend across the depths of his soul.

The Pursuit of Death!

Zhao Feng hiccupped. This sensation of danger wasnt something a normal Death Guard or Death Spirit Lord could bring.

In the depths of his soul, the aura of Death connected with something extremely far away.

Zhao Fengs expression changed dramatically. He could guess what happened.

The four Death Spirit Lords and the thirty-six Death Guards still hadnt completed their mission, and the Emperor of Deaths own disciple almost died in the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

Under that situation, the Emperor of Death himself might come.

I might not even be able to defeat the Emperor of Deaths disciple; how will I be able to beat the Emperor of Death that stands at the peak?

Zhao Feng took a deep breath.

In the Demigod Forgotten Garden, he teamed up with Nan Gongsheng and used his Eye of Heaven. Even then, they still didnt manage to kill Wen Luoan.

Wen Luoans strength was even restricted in the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

If Zhao Feng had a one-on-one fight with him, he probably wouldve lost.

The top hundred of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races were extremely powerful. They surpassed logic.

The most important task right now is to increase my strength and grind down the intent of Death in my soul.

Zhao Feng had his chain of thoughts.

As long as Emperor Duanmu was in the Mystic True Sacred Clan, the Emperor of Death couldnt directly threaten Zhao Feng. After all, this was the territory of the True Martial Sacred Land, and the Emperor of Death wasnt part of it.

Furthermore, Emperors werent the strongest people here.


Zhao Feng closed his eyes and started to circulate the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique, and the contents of the Dark Eye Secret Manual appeared in his mind.

Zhao Feng was extremely satisfied with the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique, which had allowed his mastery over the Dao of the Soul to step into a new level. This divine technique not only strengthened his foundation of breaking through to the Void God Realm, it also helped weaken the aura of Death in his soul.

In the soul-dimension, Zhao Fengs thoughts split into one hundred and slowly dove into the depths of his soul like tentacles, then slowly started to grind the Eye of Deaths intent.

The Emperor of Death specialized in the Dao of the Soul and the Dao of Death.

Even Emperor Duanmu didnt dare to help Zhao Feng in case he caused an injury. Zhao Feng had to rely on himself and slow weaken the intent of Death.

In the depths of his soul, the intent that the Emperor of Death had left behind was like some kind of mark that existed in a special state, similar to Zhao Fengs Eye of Heaven. Any mental energy that touched it would be destroyed.

As expected of a mark left behind by the Eye of Death.

Zhao Feng felt extremely troubled. If he hadnt cultivated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique, it would be hard to threaten this intent unless he became an Emperor.

The Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique allowed Zhao Fengs mastery over the Dao of the Soul to reach an entirely new level.

He started to condense his mental energy into a blade, then used the Eye Flame alongside it to slowly grind down the intent.

Zhao Fengs energy was used up very quickly in this process.

After his energy ran out, he sat down and continued to recover.

This kept repeating, and Zhao Fengs mastery of the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique was increasing.

Several days later:

Unfortunately, the intent of Death is too strong, so itll take a long time to weaken. Maybe when my Gods Spiritual Eye evolves and my soul reaches the level of a King, the speed will increase.

Zhao Feng sighed.

Right at this moment, the lake in the dimension of Zhao Fengs left eye reached a hundred yards.

A tired sensation spread from his Gods Spiritual Eye and extended across his body.

Zhao Feng did his best to fight against the sleepiness. He knew that, once he couldnt stop it, he would fall into deep sleep while the Gods Spiritual Eye evolved. He needed to wait till Zhao Yufei and his master came back before he could fall asleep.

Zhao Feng didnt use the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique anymore. He realized that cultivating this technique would speed up the process of his Gods Spiritual Eye evolving.

Time flew by, and the child Kun Yuns cultivation was still rising rapidly after reaching the True Lord Rank.

Every couple days or so, the golden-skinned child would ask Zhao Feng for resources or treasures, but luckily, Zhao Feng had a lot.

It was a huge pressure to bear the cost of three people cultivating. Himself, the little thieving cat, and the child Kun Yun all needed large amounts of resources.

Amongst them, the little thieving cat took up the most. It ate every type of treasure.

Luckily, the little thieving cat had been through thick and thin with Zhao Feng, and it had never disappointed him before.

On this day, the child Kun Yuns cultivation started to close in on the Origin Core Realm, and he asked Zhao Feng for more resources.


Zhao Feng suddenly sensed something, and a Magnificent Power descended toward Emperor Duanmus Palace.


Zhao Feng waved his hand and made the child Kun Yun enter the ring.

The aura of an Emperor whos extremely close to the Mystic Light Realm.

The child Kun Yun murmured as he concealed his aura and became obedient.

Right now, only Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat knew that the Demigod Kun Yun had revived. Who knows what kind of shockwaves the world would experience if everyone knew that a Demigod had revived? At the same time, the child Kun Yun would face the danger of being killed.


Zhao Feng walked out from the room to the courtyard of the Palace.

Right at this moment, a majestic figure of a male with white hair appeared.

When this Emperor appeared, the souls of all the clans experts shook.

Brother Zhao Feng!

Next to Duanmu Qing, covered in light, was a young girl in purple.

The young girl in purple was extremely beautiful and had skin as white as snow. She didnt seem to have a body made of flesh and bone, it was more like a beautiful statue.


Zhao Feng revealed a look of joy, and the tiredness in his heart faded by a little bit.

He remembered what happened in the Mermaid Kingdom when he used the mermaid tears. When he was young, a beautiful girl with the closeness of a neighbor appeared with twinkling eyes. It was someone who watched silently behind and kept chasing after him.

After this reunion, everything was so familiar and clear the smell, the soft hug, the warmth.

This stunning girl in purple had now come out from his memories and reached him.

The two looked at each other.

Zhao Yufeis eyes started to become teary. She couldnt hide her joy and her faint shyness, especially when the man of her dreams looked at her with a gaze that was different from before. It was a loving sensation with no impurities.

When the two looked in each others eyes, they both understood something.

At this instant, the meaning of a simple gaze exceeded a thousand words.

Zhao Feng had no experience in love, and Zhao Yufeis eyes went slightly red. Although she was happy, she wanted to cry.

Zhao Fengs eyes flashed as a soft body leapt into him, and her teary eyes touched his face.

The familiar feeling, the closeness of the neighbor next door it was a nice feeling, like the bittersweet feeling when using the mermaid tears.

Zhao Fengs soul was cleansed, and the effect of the mermaid tears seemed to merge with his own experience.


Zhao Feng reached out and hugged Zhao Yufei.

He didnt know what to say or how to explain it, he simply followed his instincts as he hugged the girl in front of him.

From the understanding of the mermaid tears to now, Zhao Feng had finally seen through the feeling in his youth.

Only until Emperor Duanmu coughed lightly did the two seem to wake up from their dream and turn red.

The three entered a hall and sat down, only then did Zhao Feng closely inspect Zhao Yufei, and he was shocked by what he saw.

Zhao Yufei had an aura similar to Meng Xi, Wen Luoan, or Jiang Fan. It was the aura of a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline. On top of that, the aura from Zhao Yufei was even stronger than Wen Luoans.

What was even more incredible was that, although Zhao Yufeis cultivation was at the Great Origin Core Realm, the purity of True Yuan coming from her wasnt weaker than a Kings.

Brother Zhao Feng, my bloodline has truly awoken. With the help of Senior Martial Brother Duanmu, Ive successfully inherited the Purple Saint Ruins and refined it as my own Little Heaven and Earth.

Zhao Yufei was full of joy, and she was extremely smug.

Little Heaven and Earth?

Zhao Feng was surprised. Zhao Yufei wasnt even a King yet; how could she have her own Little Heaven and Earth?

Zhao Feng, we meet again.

A familiar voice sounded from around Zhao Yufei.


A dreamy purple-colored light covered the room, and the three entered a familiar dimension the next instant.

The aura of the Purple Saint Ruins is dozens of times stronger than before.

Zhao Feng stood in the mysterious canyon next to the Towering Tree Yao.

The dimension in front of him was the Purple Saint Ruins. The only difference was that the Little Heaven and Earth only had a radius of ten miles. Everything had shrunk by several hundred times.

Zhao Feng finally understood why Duanmu Qing took such a long time to return.

Being an Emperor of the Sacred Land, Duanmu Qing could use the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Arrays and arrive at the Tianlu Islands Zone extremely quickly.

Duanmu Qing punished the three sects when he arrived, and the Kings of the three sects admitted their wrongdoings.

After that, Duanmu Qing helped Zhao Yufei refine the Purple Saint Ruins and merge the Purple Saint Partial Spirit into the Little Heaven and Earth as well.

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit had become a part of Zhao Yufeis Little Heaven and Earth, otherwise Zhao Yufei wouldnt have been able to obtain it.

That meant that Zhao Yufei not only managed to inherit the Purple Saint Ruins, she also managed to save the Purple Saint Partial Spirit.

Emperor Duanmu used several months and a large price to do so.


Duanmu Qing and company returned to the palace.

Yufei, here are some mermaid tears and Illusion God Wine.

Zhao Feng looked tired, but he took out two treasures and handed them over to Zhao Yufei.

Illusion God Wine?

Zhao Yufei didnt know their value yet, but Emperor Duanmu was shocked, You managed to obtain the Illusion God Wine? These two items are perfect for Yufei. After all, she has the bloodline of the Spiritual Race, which means that her cultivation is always higher than her mental energy.
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