King Of Gods Chapter 679

Chapter 679 - Zhao Feng Admits Defeat


Zhao Feng almost fell over.

The current Zhao Yufei was very different from the past. Her Spiritual Race bloodline could break through the difference in cultivation and challenge Kings. It was a miracle.

Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye saw the fight just now very clearly.

Both Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufeis strength were much greater than the Zhao Feng from before he fell asleep.

What, does Brother Feng not dare to?

Zhao Yufei smiled and teased.

Zhao Feng rolled his eyes.

From the very beginning in the Zhao Family, I could only look up to you.

Zhao Yufeis eyelashes fluttered gently as memories surfaced.

Sun Feather City the Zhao Family.

Zhao Feng murmured.

In the blink of an eye, so many years had passed.

The Zhao Family used to be extremely strong in his eyes. Now, it was just a vague memory.

The relationship between these two got closer, and they stood at the peak of many geniuses.

Zhao Yufeis teasing didnt change Zhao Fengs emotions. He just seemed to remember something.

Fine, I accept your challenge.

Zhao Feng smiled. He had the same confidence he had in the past, even though he didnt have a high chance of winning.

Zhao Yufei looked at him, and she was slightly dazed as her face became red.

The image of the youth in her eyes hadnt seemed to change.


Emperor Duanmu laughed as a surge of Emperor power enveloped Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei.


The scenery flashed, and they now stood in a dark green dimension.

Green mountains, grass, lakes, and forests.

Master, this is the dimension you opened?

Zhao Feng revealed a look of surprise.

The dimension in front of them wasnt fake; it was real, and it contained the power of Wood.

Of course, compared to the Purple Saint Ruins or the Demigod Forgotten Garden, this physical dimension was only in its early stages.

The difference between Kings, Emperors, Sacred Lords, and Demigods could be seen from this.

Normal Kings could only create spatial domains, not physical domains, whereas Emperors could turn their spatial domains into reality.

This isnt rare. With your current soul level and your eye-bloodline, youre not very far from opening your own dimension as well.

Duanmu Qing smiled and said.

The basis of creating a spatial domain was to have a strong soul and a strong intent.

I can also do this?

Zhao Feng was surprised, but then he recalled the illusions he had created in the past with his mental energy. As long as ones soul and intent were strong enough, mental energy dimensions could turn into domains, then into reality.

Being an Emperor, Duanmu Qing could turn spatial domains into reality.

Of course, he could only barely turn it into a physical object. This spatial dimension could be referred to as his own personal little world, but in reality, it didnt have the foundation of an actual world.

The objects inside this world were different from the real world to a certain degree. It was like the difference between fresh flowers and decorative flowers, true mountains and fake mountains.

Zhao Feng knew a lot more after his Gods Spiritual Eye evolved.

Reaching this step is already something that billions of other cultivators dream of.

Zhao Feng calmed down.

He would try to create his own domain after reaching the Void God Realm too.

On a green patch of land in the Emperors dimension, Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei looked at each other.

I will restrict your powers.

Duanmu Qing said, and with a thought, he caused Magnificent Power to descend upon the two.

Zhao Fengs heart dropped. This was Duanmu Qings little world, so he represented the Heavenly Dao.

All your strength has been restricted to one-tenth of your maximum.

Duanmu Qing nodded his head. If he didnt restrict their powers, Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufeis fight might destroy his pocket dimension.

Brother Zhao Feng, be careful.

Zhao Yufei smiled as she turned into a streak of purple light.

So fast!

Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye could see how Zhao Yufei moved,

One had to know that the strength of these two were restricted to 10% of their original power, so it was incredible that Zhao Yufei was still so fast.

Purple Wind Lightning Ring!

Zhao Feng exclaimed lightly as purple gushes of lightning were sent in different directions.


Zhao Yufei radiated a purple color that took the attacks head-on.

She just ignored Zhao Fengs attack. Zhao Fengs expression changed instantly, and a familiar smell appeared in front of him.


Zhao Yufei waved her hand, and a purple glow slashed toward Zhao Feng.

Zhao Fengs True Yuan and bloodline instantly started to flow slower. Zhao Yufei suppressed him in both True Yuan and bloodline power.


Zhao Feng roared, and dark purple scales appeared on the surface of his body as his defensive Water bloodline appeared.

At the same time, a burst of scarlet-colored Wind Lightning shot out.

Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning!

Emperor Duanmus eyes lit up.

Zhao Feng had now mastered 20-30% of the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning.


The purple light ripped the scarlet-colored Wind Lightning into shreds.

Bam~~~ Boom!

Zhao Feng was forced to take three steps back, and his blood boiled.

The two werent even on the same level. If it werent for the fact that Zhao Fengs defensive bloodline and his body were stronger than normal Kings, he probably wouldve already been sent flying.

As expected of the Spiritual Race bloodline.

Zhao Feng took a deep breath. The pressure of this fight was extremely big.

Although his Gods Spiritual Eye had undergone a big change, it didnt help much physically.

Zhao Yufeis offense, speed, and defense were all flawless.

Zhe zhe, I only used 50% of my power just now.

Zhao Yufei laughed.

This was the first time she had suppressed Zhao Feng ever since the Zhao Family.

Wings of Wind and Lightning!

A pair of burning scarlet-purple wings made of Wind Lightning condensed behind Zhao Fengs back and radiated a terrifying aura of Destruction.


Zhao Fengs speed and offense both increased dramatically.

At this moment, his battle-power was incredibly close to that of a Kings.

Zhao Feng used close combat in order to capitalize on his advantage in power and body.

Although Zhao Yufeis True Yuan was extremely strong and she had reached the level of a King, her state of existence and body werent as strong as Zhao Fengs.

Peng! Bam!

The scarlet-colored Wind Lightning and the purple glow clashed multiple times, creating holes dozens of yards wide on the ground.

This was still all under the fact that their strength was limited to one-tenth of their full power.

Zhao Fengs cultivation is only at the middle-stage Great Origin Core Realm whereas Yufeis is at least comparable to half-step Kings.

Duanmu Qing sighed.

It wasnt a surprise for Zhao Feng to lose.

The difference is just too big. I have no chance unless I reach the late-stage Great Origin Core Realm and comprehend 50% or more of the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning.

Zhao Feng murmured.

Even though he was using the Wings of Wind and Lightning, he could barely fight against Zhao Yufei.

With the unique Spiritual Body Change of the Spiritual Race, it was hard for Zhao Fengs attacks to break through Zhao Yufeis defense.

It wasnt just him. Even Nan Gongsheng couldnt.

On the surface, it seemed that Zhao Yufei hadnt even used her full power yet.

A hundred moves later, sweat started to appear on Zhao Fengs head, and his breathing rate increased.

Zhao Yufeis expression remained the same. Having a legendary bloodline that ranked in the top twenty of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, she stood at the peak of bloodline geniuses in the world.

I admit defeat.

Zhao Feng calmly stopped the battle.

There was no meaning if they kept fighting. Even if Zhao Yufei didnt give it her all, she could drag the battle out and drain Zhao Fengs energy until he lost.

Admit defeat? You havent even used your eye-bloodline.

Zhao Yufei harrumphed.

Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye had reached an entirely new level after its recent evolution, but he hadnt even used it.

The change in my Gods Spiritual Eye is based more toward the soul, and a fight in the soul-dimension is too risky.

Zhao Feng shook his head.

Damage to the physical body was easy to heal, and Duanmu Qing specialized in the element of Wood and healing.

Gods Spiritual Eye? The name sounds like what it should be.

Duanmu Qing said after deep thought.


Zhao Yufei didnt hold back, and her gaze was decisive, This fight hasnt ended yet.

She was confident in herself and wanted to defeat Zhao Feng at his fullest.

Fine, but I will only use three moves at most.

Zhao Feng was slightly helpless.


This time, it was Duanmu Qing that replied for Zhao Yufei.

Soul techniques were too risky, and Zhao Feng using three moves showed that he didnt want to make things too risky.


Zhao Fengs purple hair blew with the wind and gave off a wicked beauty.

Zhao Yufeis heart shook.

The next instant, Zhao Fengs left eye created a purple world and radiated a shocking Soul eye-bloodline power.

In that moment, Heaven Earth Yuan Qi seemed to freeze, and others had the feeling to bow down.

What strong Soul eye-bloodline power!

Even the Purple Saint Partial Spirit in Zhao Yufeis Little Heaven and Earth cried out.


A purple eye could be seen in the soul-dimension. It was different from the Eye of Heaven; it existed as pure mental energy, and it contained Eye Intent.

Not good!

Zhao Yufei used her Little Heaven and Earth and her half-step King Intent to fight back.

Her consciousness went cold and her thoughts were restrained.


Her half-step King intent was defeated as easily as a baby.

Even though she had the Little Heaven and Earth behind her, it mainly fought against the power of Heaven and Earth, not Eye Intent.

In the dimension, Zhao Fengs Eye Intent created Magnificent Power and a terrifying pressure on the soul.

What kind of monster is this Zhao Feng? Hes just a measly Sovereign Lord but hes already formed Eye Intent.

The heart of the child Demigod in the ancient metal ring jumped.

Zhao Fengs Eye Intent could probably already suppress Kings, and he had also learned some forbidden eye-bloodline techniques.

One thing was for sure Zhao Fengs Eye Intent could instantly kill any Sovereign Lord or half-step King.
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