King Of Gods Chapter 685

Chapter 685 - Lightning Wings Battle Techniques


Lei Zhen fell onto the ground, and a faint layer of scarlet Wind Lightning burned across his body. Zhao Fengs attack had severely injured him.

So fast!

The Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning of that brat has exceeded the Wind Lightning Emperors when he was at this level.

Discussion broke out near the True King Stage.

The Kings and Emperors were stunned. Zhao Feng had surpassed his martial ancestors.

The Wind Lightning Emperor surpassed the Ten Thousand Lightning Sect and became the fastest Emperor, and now, Zhao Fengs mastery of Wind Lightning had exceeded the Wind Lightning Emperors when he was at the same level.

Weve underestimated this brat, the expressions of the Dark Lightning Emperor and company were solemn.

Firstly, Zhao Fengs mastery of Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning had exceeded their expectations. Usually, someone below the Void God Realm could only comprehend the edges of the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning, but Zhao Feng had already comprehended over 50% of it.

Secondly, Zhao Feng actually managed to resolve the problem of the elements clashing. Not only had his Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning become more stable, he had more control over it.

As expected of Brother Zhao Feng. In just a short span of a month or two, his strength has increased by so much, Zhao Yufei appeared close to the True King Stage.

The battle today was slightly weaker than the fight between Nan Gongsheng and her. Last time, Zhao Yufei and Nan Gongshengs battle power completely reached the level of Kings.

Lei Zhen, youre not my match even if I dont use my eye-bloodline, Zhao Feng was floating in the air, and the Wings of Wind and Lightning behind him were extremely agile. They looked like real feathers. His Wings of Wind and Lightning were almost realistic.

Zhao Fengs eyes scanned over Lei Zhen, as well as the Dark Lightning Emperor and company.

I havent lost yet! Lei Zhen roared as Water Lightning appeared around his body and got rid of the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning.

The reason he lost just now was because of speed.


Lei Zhens momentum started to rise as he gave off an ancient Lightning aura.

An ancient figure of Lightning started to form behind Lei Zhens back. The figure held hammers and had glowing eyes. His aura seemed to come from ancient times, and he brought a devastating power of Lightning with him.

Shadow of the Lightning Spirit!

Hes summoned the Shadow of the Lightning Spirit!? Isnt he scared of the toll itll take on him?

The expressions of the knowledgeable Void God Realm experts near the True King Stage changed dramatically when they saw this.

Right as the Shadow of the Lightning Spirit behind Lei Zhens back started to form and reach the power of a King:

Wind Lightning Wings Slash! a sharp glint of light fluttered through the air and left behind an afterimage.

Immediately afterward:


The figure of Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning seemed to break through the dimensions of space as it flashed across Lei Zhen.

Argghhh! Lei Zhen yelled and fell onto the ground. At the same time, the Shadow of the Lightning Spirit behind him dimmed down and faded away.

No one below the Void God Realm understood what happened. Only some Emperors looked at Lei Zhens legs.


Lei Zhens legs suddenly split with his body after he landed on the ground. The weird thing was that, after his legs were cut off, there werent any traces of blood anywhere, and Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning burned across his body.

Quick, save Zhener! the female in multi-colored lightning exclaimed and appeared next to Lei Zhen along with the other two Emperors of the Ten Thousand Lightning Sect.

In the Sacred Land, being injured wasnt much of a problem, but the damage that Lei Zhen sustained wasnt normal. The Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning contained the intent of Destruction in its burning lightning. If they didnt react in time, he could become a cripple.


Zhao Feng let out a breath, and he used the Lightning Wings Flying Technique to leave the True King Stage in case he was hurt by the three Emperors in their rage.

The moment just now was indeed dangerous. If the Shadow of the Lightning Spirit was successfully formed, Zhao Feng would have to face an expert at the King level; therefore, Zhao Feng no longer held back, and he immediately used his Wind Lightning Wings Slash.

The Wind Lightning Wings Slash was a profound battle technique that utilized the Dao of Space. It could be said that this technique contained the core essence of the Wind Lightning Inheritance absolute speed and absolute power.

His power is able to threaten Kings! the Void God Realm Kings present were slightly wary.

Zhao Yufei and Nan Gongsheng had arrived one after the other. The moment the latter arrived, he saw Zhao Feng use his Wind Lightning Wings battle technique to slice off Lei Zhens legs.

If he used the Wing Lightning Wings Slash and ambushed a King, it would have a high chance of success, Nan Gongshengs expression was solemn. Zhao Feng didnt even use his eye-bloodline or his soul in this fight.

Hehe, do you three Emperors have anything to say? Everyone here saw that Zhao Feng used the Wind Lightning Inheritance and defeated the number one genius of your sect, Duanmu Qing laughed. In reality, he had been somewhat doubtful as Zhao Fengs forte was restricted, and he could only use the Wind Lightning Inheritance to defeat Lei Zhen, whose body and technique countered all lightning.

The expressions of the Dark Lightning Emperor and company were grim as they managed to stabilize Lei Zhens injuries.

En, Zhao Feng did indeed win this fight. Theres no doubt.

The reason why Zhao Feng won was due to speed. This is the biggest advantage the Wind Lightning Inheritance has against the Ten Thousand Lightning Sect.

The neutral Emperor judges all nodded their heads.

Like that, Zhao Feng retrieved his Five-Elemental Ten Thousand Lightning Technique. The Dark Lightning Emperor and company were unwilling, but they couldnt do anything; there was no doubt about who had won and who had lost.

Five-Elemental Ten Thousand Lightning Technique, Zhao Feng took the sacred technique of the Lightning Dao and scanned through it with his Gods Spiritual Eye. With his Gods Spiritual Eyes current abilities, he could copy all its contents just by looking at it once.

A copy of the Five-Elemental Ten Thousand Lightning Technique soon appeared in Zhao Fengs mind. The copy he made wasnt just the words in it, but a full copy of the book itself.

Zhao Feng, you dont have the Lightning Spiritual Body required, so the Five-Elemental Ten Thousand Lightning Technique is useless to you, the Dark Lightning Emperor snickered coldly.

Although they had lost the Five-Elemental Ten Thousand Lightning Technique to Zhao Feng, the three Emperors made Zhao Feng swear an oath that he wouldnt spread it.


Zhao Feng burned the copy of the Five-Elemental Ten Thousand Lightning Technique into ashes.

The three Emperors were all stunned. It seemed as if Zhao Feng didnt even read the Five-Elemental Ten Thousand Lightning Technique.

Even Emperors arent able to read through it so fast, the experts present were dazed. Did Zhao Feng destroy the Five-Elemental Ten Thousand Lightning Technique just to humiliate the Ten Thousand Lightning Sect since he knew he couldnt cultivate it?

This brat the expressions of the three Emperors kept flickering.

Zhao Feng didnt bother with them. He turned into a streak of light and returned to his own place.

Zhao Feng, well be using the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array to leave a month later, Duanmu Qing warned,

Zhao Fengs heart jumped, and he immediately agreed.

He didnt have the qualification to use the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array alone. Even Duanmu Qing needed to pay a certain price to use it.

Zhao Feng would be leaving the Sacred Land with Duanmu Qing and Zhao Yufei. If his master left, Zhao Feng wouldnt have anyone to rely on, so he obviously wouldnt stay here.

The Ten Thousand Lightning Sect also knew that, which is why they came. Unfortunately, their plan was unsuccessful, and they lost even worse than what they could have expected.

After returning to where he was staying, Zhao Fengs eyes started to flicker. He currently had the protection of Duanmu Qing, so he wasnt scared of the Emperor of Deaths pursuit, but once he left the Sacred Land and split up with his master, he might face a new round of pursuit.


Zhao Feng let out a long breath and closed his eyes.

He started to circulate the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique in his Soul Sea and kept on grinding down the Death Intent.

The Intent from the Eye of Death has weakened by 60-70% now, Zhao Feng murmured.

If he stopped using the power of his Gods Spiritual Eye and concealed his aura, then the sensing from the Intent of the Eye of Death would become one-tenth of its original force. However, Zhao Feng still felt as if this wasnt enough.

In the past, it was just the Emperor of Deaths subordinates. At this point, the Emperor of Death himself will come, and his senses are definitely stronger than the Death Guards.

Zhao Feng felt uneasy, and he spent half of his energy on weakening the Intent. Apart from that, Zhao Feng used the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique in order to find some special methods that could hide his aura.

He also kept cultivating, but the progress of comprehending the God Tribulation Lightning was progressing slowly.

Zhao Feng also couldnt cultivate the Five-Elemental Ten Thousand Lightning Technique.

The Five-Elemental Ten Thousand Lightning Technique had merged together the Metal, Wood, Fire, Water, and Earth elemental Lightnings. Without a unique Lightning Spiritual Body, it was indeed impossible to cultivate it.

The reason why Zhao Feng wanted it was to study its essence and increase the rate of his comprehension of the God Tribulation Lightning. After all, the Five-Elemental Ten Thousand Lightning Technique contained the intent of ten thousand types of Lightning.

Seven days later, Zhao Feng let out a long breath. He had reached a bottleneck in terms of comprehending the God Tribulation Lightning.

He decided not to use the remaining Lightning Cloud Wind and Dragon Flaming Wine.

Firstly, continuous use would reduce their effects.

Secondly, it was unstable to keep using outside products.

Thinking about his situation, Zhao Feng momentarily stopped focusing on the Wind Lightning Inheritance.

Illusion God Wine!

A small purple-colored crystal cup appeared in Zhao Fengs hand. He only had half a cup remaining.

His soul was stronger than normal Kings, and he had formed Eye Intent. Even if he didnt use the Illusion God Wine, he would be able to comprehend a complete King Intent soon.

Ill save the last bit of Illusion God Wine until after I become a King.

Zhao Feng had his long-term goals.

The Illusion God Wine was still useful to Kings, but it wasnt as effective.


Zhao Feng put away the Illusion God Wine.

Its time to go scout the Ancient Dream Realm.

Zhao Feng closed his eyes, and his consciousness entered his Soul Sea and into the whirlpool at the center of the lake. In the next instant, Zhao Feng entered an ancient dimension, and the aura of the Ancient Dream Realm descended.

The pressure here was countless times stronger than the Demigod Forgotten Garden. In the Demigod Forgotten Garden, Kings could fly, but all they could do here was go for a walk.

This time, Zhao Feng was able to withstand more of the pressure.

Ta! Ta!

Zhao Feng took one step after another. Although the pressure was strong, he felt it was more bearable compared to before.

He finally had the ability to actually move around in the Ancient Dream Realm.
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