King Of Gods Chapter 686

Chapter 686 - Battle in the Ancient Dream Realm

After the Demigod Forgotten Garden, Zhao Fengs state of existence, body, and soul had all reached an entirely new level, and he felt like it was much easier to handle the Ancient Dream Realm compared to before.

If I just stand still, I can stay here for a day or two without any trouble.

Zhao Feng slowly walked forward and scanned around cautiously with his Gods Spiritual Eye.

Last time he was here, he met an ancient bird that was even stronger than a King. It was hard to imagine how strong the bigger beasts might be; therefore, Zhao Feng was extremely careful and wary.

Ta! Ta! Ta!

Zhao Fengs footsteps were stable and solid. If he felt tired, he would sit down and recover.

Breathing the aura of the Ancient Dream Realm cleansed Zhao Fengs body, bloodline, and even his soul, but the effect was now much weaker. After all, Zhao Fengs state of existence and soul had now reached the level of a King.

Ahead was a patch of grass. Next to the grass was a small stream. This patch of grass was Zhao Fengs first goal.

Ill make it to that patch of grass first.

Zhao Feng estimated that he would need around a thousand steps to reach it.

A thousand steps wouldve been difficult for Zhao Feng half a year ago. At that time, it wouldve been pretty good if he couldve taken ten or twenty steps, but now that his soul and body had become stronger and his compatibility with the Ancient Dream Realm had risen, he could walk several hundred steps without any problem.

Ten steps a hundred steps a hundred and fifty steps.

Zhao Feng was extremely careful.

Suddenly, Zhao Feng saw a black dot flash through the sky.

Hmm? Is that a sparrow? Zhao Feng paused slightly.

The aura of the sparrow wasnt as strong as the bird from before, but it had reached the Sovereign Lord Rank.

At this moment, Zhao Feng was fully tensed up, but the sparrow didnt bother with Zhao Feng and simply flew by.

Looks like the Ancient Dream Realm is similar to reality; not all existences have the ability to attack for no reason, Zhao Feng let out a breath and started to walk a bit faster.

His Gods Spiritual Eye started to notice some smaller beings such as ants and insects. The aura of all these beings were powerful, and the weakest was comparable to the Sovereign level.

Even the weakest creatures in the Ancient Dream Realm are so strong even without cultivating, Zhao Fengs heart shook.

Of course, although these beings werent as strong as Zhao Feng, they werent suppressed by the Ancient Dream Realm aura since they were natives.

Zhao Fengs thoughts spun with curiosity. What kind of world was the Ancient Dream Realm? If it was just a dream realm, why did any damage also apply to reality? If it was just his consciousness that had entered here, why could the aura here benefit his true body?

Zhao Feng had an instinct that, if he died here, he would also die in reality.

The Ancient Dream Realm was just too weird. What kind of secret relationship did it have with the Gods Spiritual Eye?

Zhao Feng didnt have any answers.

I shouldnt worry about all that right now. Lets just see if I can get anything good, Zhao Feng took back his thoughts.

If just a wisp of aura from the Ancient Dream Realm was so useful, then what about the other things inside?

Lets see if I can find some kind of fruit or something, Zhao Feng thought aloud as his Gods Spiritual Eye started to look around.

Fruits would only be found in a forest, but the landscape of a forest would be complex, and Zhao Feng might face the attacks of some powerful existences,

Ill go to the stream first.

Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye looked at the stream on the other side of the grass. Would the water here be any different? Thinking up to here, Zhao Fengs heart jumped.

However, to reach the stream, he first needed to reach the grass, which was almost a thousand steps away.

Two hundred steps three hundred steps

Zhao Fengs breathing rate quickened after several hundred steps.

Ill rest for a while first.

Zhao Feng wasnt in a rush, so he sat down. He still had seven or eight hundred steps left to go, and the distance from the grass to the stream was at least ten times more than that.

Zhao Fengs energy started to recover. Right at this moment:

Sii! Sii!

Zhao Feng heard a strange sound and jumped up in fright at what he saw on his left.

A multi-colored snake around a meter long slowly slithered by.

Snake! Zhao Feng hiccupped and was instantly on guard.

If just a wisp of aura within the Ancient Dream Realm was so strong, then the native beings in here were definitely not going to simple, especially a snake.

As if sensing a weird aura, the multi-colored snake suddenly tensed up and looked coldly at Zhao Feng.

The two were only ten meters apart, and Zhao Feng could feel a faint sense of danger from it as they stared at each other.

The aura from this snake is stronger than that sparrow but weaker than the first bird I saw, Zhao Feng thought.


Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning around the thickness of a needle started to form in Zhao Fengs palm. His power was restricted far too much in the Ancient Dream Realm, and Zhao Feng guessed that his Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning would fade away soon after it left his body.

No, I need a weapon.

An Earth-Grade sword soon appeared in Zhao Fengs hand.

To the current Zhao Feng, a normal Earth-Grade weapon wasnt of much value anymore. His wealth was comparable to at least a Void God Realm King and couldnt be measured by normal standards.

This Earth-Grade sword was about 1.5 meters long, and it was extremely sharp. With this sword, Zhao Feng felt a lot more confident, and he didnt need to worry about using his fists to fight an unknown, probably-venomous snake.

At the same moment, Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye locked on to the multi-colored snake.

A cold glint of light flashed through Zhao Fengs eyes, and the Earth-Grade sword in his hand flickered with a scarlet light as it slashed toward the multi-colored snake.

The snakes reaction wasnt slow.


It leapt into the air and bit toward Zhao Feng.

In terms of speed and agility, it surpassed Zhao Feng. After all, it was a native of the Ancient Dream Realm, so it didnt need to deal with the pressure.

Zhao Fengs advantage was that he had attacked first, and his Gods Spiritual Eye could see how the snake moved. Therefore, even though Zhao Feng was slightly slower and less agile, his Earth-Grade sword still slashed onto the multi-colored snakes head.


A weird sound came from the sword as a strong recoil caused Zhao Fengs body to waver. At the same time, the snake hissed and retreated. On its head was a faint burning mark.

What a strong body!

Zhao Feng had slashed out as hard as he could since this dimension rejected him and forced him to use more power.


The multi-colored snake charged toward Zhao Feng, who used his Gods Spiritual Eye to lock on to the snake as a scarlet-colored light formed around the sword.


The sword pierced through the air toward the snake and into its mouth. Zhao Feng shook slightly, but the sword entered the snakes mouth and into its organs, where the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning burned.


The snake struggled furiously. In the Ancient Dream Realm, Zhao Fengs strength was heavily restricted, and his power wasnt enough to instantly kill the snake.

Scarlet Destruction Eye Flame!

With a thought, Zhao Feng sent a transparent scarlet-colored thumb-sized fire toward the head of the multi-colored snake, where it exploded. Snakes were scared of fire, and Zhao Fengs Eye Flame could burn through both the mental and the physical dimensions.

A couple breaths later, the snake stopped struggling as half its body burned. Zhao Feng walked over and extinguished the fire, then picked up the burnt body of the snake.

Who knows what effects this snake meat will have? Zhao Feng murmured.

The body of this snake was extremely strong, and it had been in the Ancient Dream Realm since birth; it shouldnt be simple.


With a thought, Zhao Feng disappeared from the Ancient Dream Realm.

Back in reality, the little thieving cat was sitting on his body and absorbing the remaining Ancient Dream Realm aura.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat looked at the half-burnt snake meat with excitement and hunger.

Little Kun Yun, Zhao Feng didnt give the snake meat to the little thieving cat and instead called out the child Demigod.

The child Demigod was still the size of a two- or three-year-old kid, and he was still covered by a faint golden glow.

Zhao Feng knew that the Demigod Kun Yun was a body cultivator, otherwise his original corpse wouldnt have been preserved for so long.

What kind of snake meat is that? the child Demigod stared at the half-burnt meat and felt the unusual aura coming from it.

This is for you, Zhao Feng handed over the snake meat to the Demigod Kun Yun and ordered him to eat it in front of them.

Although the child Demigod only looked to be two or three years old, he was a body cultivator, and his body was already stronger than the skeletal Division Leader.

Lets try it, the child Demigod didnt dare to go against Zhao Feng even though he knew he was being treated like a little white lab rat.

On the other hand, the little thieving cat looked enviously at the snake meat. The child Demigod glanced at it smugly, then took out a sharp dagger before slicing toward the snake meat.

Its so tough, the child Demigods eyebrows furrowed, and he was only able to cut the snake meat after using most of his power. The child Demigod then took a piece of the meat and roasted it with his Dan Fire and took a small careful bite out of it.

When the snake meat entered his stomach, the child Demigods expression changed dramatically. He instantly sat down and circulated his True Yuan.

The Origin Heaven Earth aura contained within the snake meat is even more powerful than heart blood essence, the child Demigod was overjoyed.

Just a single bite of the snake meat improved his True Yuan, blood, and body.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat couldnt hold it in anymore and leapt toward the snake meat.

Its mine! the child Demigod roared angrily and fought with the little thieving cat for the remaining snake meat.

By the end, the little thieving cat had the advantage, and it took two-thirds of the snake meat. The child Demigod had several cat-claw marks on his face, but he didnt care about that as he ate the remaining snake meat.

Zhao Feng looked at the Demigod and little thieving cat with a weird face.

Master, whered you get this snake meat from? Is there any more? the child Demigod licked his lips. He realized that the aura within the snake meat increased the recovery speed of his Demigod bloodline.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cats black eyes spun and also revealed an obedient expression.
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