King Of Gods Chapter 693

Chapter 693 - Absorbing the God Tribulation Lightning!


Zhao Feng glanced at the floating head in the dimension of his left eye. At the same time, the color of his left eye and hair started to become black again.

He completed his experiment by using Spatial Movement, but he had undergone a great risk to try out this crazy idea of his. Doing what he did increased the risk of the Pursuit of Death finding him, but it was worth it.

Once the Pursuit of Death had been declared, it was a situation of, If its not you that dies, itll be me. Zhao Feng needed to increase his strength in order to survive and have any chance of counterattacking.

Fortunately, the ghost ship had spent the majority of a month in the limitless ocean travelling extremely far away from the Sky Flower Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.

Zhao Feng had grinded the Intent from the Eye of Death down to a very low level, greatly decreasing the Emperor of Deaths senses. He had also made other preparations such as ordering the ship to go to the depths of the ocean and opening the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.

Everything was done to lower the risk of the Pursuit of Death finding him. Unless he was extremely unlucky or the Pursuit of Death just happened to be close by, his experiment just now shouldnt have created any problems.

Now that the head is in my Soul Sea, its much easier for my soul to absorb the lightning.

Zhao Feng closed his eyes. The dimension of his left eye was pitch-black apart from the very center the Soul Sea which was around a thousand yards wide. The head was floating in the black area nearby, and this place was restricted by Zhao Feng, so no aura would be released, allowing him to do anything he wanted, including using his soul-power.

With a thought, a surge of Eye Intent covered the head.

Within the dimension of the left eye, the God Tribulation heads aura seemed to be suppressed, which was extremely beneficial for Zhao Feng. Otherwise, the aura alone would make the hearts of all existences tremble.


The head was moved by the Eye Intent closer to the Soul Sea.

En, Zhao Feng nodded his head. His preparations had gone better than expected, and he could now use his soul-power to interact with the God Tribulation head. Zhao Feng then analyzed the Lightning Absorption Divine Technique.

The Lightning Absorption Divine Technique was designed to store the lightning into ones physical body or dantian, but Zhao Feng was going to store it within his soul. He had already completed the outline of his hypothesis, all he needed to do now was prove the theory and perfect it. This meant that Zhao Feng would to think and calculate a lot, but because of the Gods Spiritual Eye and the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique, Zhao Fengs calculating abilities were quite strong.

It wasnt as if he needed to create a secret technique out of nowhere. All he needed to do was copy the Lightning Absorption Divine Technique and transform it to suit the soul.

Seven days later, Zhao Fengs soul-based version of the Lightning Absorption Divine Technique was steadily becoming clearer and clearer.

Now, all I need to do is perfect it, which just requires practice, Zhao Feng was looking forward to it.

Zhao Feng needed to test if his soul could really store the lightning.

Lets start.

Zhao Feng focused on his soul-based version of the Lightning Absorption Divine Technique and started to circulate it.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

His Eye Intent led some wisps of faint purple soul-power and formed a small whirlpool. This whirlpool was extremely calm, like a small suction force that would only occasionally suck things in.

The purple-colored whirlpool touched the God Tribulation head. Part of it even merged directly into the head. After all, it was made up of soul-power.


Zhao Fengs consciousness shook. It was as if he had been struck by ten thousand lightning bolts at once, and a numbing sensation travelled throughout his body.


The power of the Lightning Tribulation shattered the purple whirlpool, and the purple-colored Soul Sea shook.

The situations better than I expected, Zhao Feng said.

His soul hadnt been attacked by the Lightning Tribulation. On the contrary, his soul was able to touch the Lightning Tribulation, although the amount was so small that it could be ignored.

In the dimension of his left eye, the head seemed to be restricted, so it behaved really well, otherwise his soul wouldve already been blown to bits by now.

My Eye Intent and Soul Sea are strong enough to store it, Zhao Feng relaxed, then created two whirlpools and merged them into the head.

Boom! Boom! Bam!

Zhao Fengs consciousness trembled, and the power of the lightning rushed into his purple-colored Soul Sea. His Soul Sea started to faintly tremble, and Zhao Feng could feel his Soul Sea undergo the cleansing of the God Tribulation Lightning.

His purple Soul Sea had even absorbed a tiny particle of the God Tribulation Lightning. Even though it was so small that it had no effect, Zhao Feng was overjoyed.

My plan can work!

Zhao Fengs practice went much more smoothly than he originally thought it would, mainly because the power of the God Tribulation Lightning was restricted by the dimension of his left eye and didnt fight back.

Zhao Feng now needed to improve and perfect his new version of the Lightning Absorption Divine Technique in order to increase the rate at which he absorbed these particles. If he absorbed it at the current rate, he wouldnt even be able to form a tiny bit of God Tribulation Lightning even if he took half a year.

For the next half a day, Zhao Feng used his Eye Intent to form more than a dozen small whirlpools that hovered around the head.

Boom! Boom! Bam~~~~!

The thunderous booms made Zhao Fengs consciousness dizzy, but he gritted his teeth and continued to maintain the whirlpools.

With more whirlpools, his efficiency rate was more than a dozen times faster, but they also consumed more than a dozen times more energy. He needed to maintain these whirlpools; if he didnt pay attention to them, they would be shattered by the lightning.

Luckily, I managed to form Eye Intent after the evolution of the Gods Spiritual Eye.

Zhao Feng felt lucky. If it wasnt for the fact that his soul surpassed normal Kings and that the power of the lightning was suppressed in the dimension of his left eye, it wouldnt be realistic to absorb the God Tribulation Lightning.

Half a month passed in the blink of an eye.

Zhao Feng successfully managed to absorb a wisp of God Tribulation Lightning and merge it into his Soul Sea, but it was extremely faint, like a drop of blood dripping into a pond. Zhao Feng could feel its existence, but he was unable to use it.

However, that didnt stop him from trying to comprehend the power of the God Tribulation Lightning.

I can comprehend this wisp of God Tribulation Lightning anytime I want, and its more than a hundred times more efficient to do so.

Zhao Feng was filled with joy. His Eye Intent and his soul had both become stronger as he withstood the God Tribulation Lightning, and they might soon contain the element of Lightning if he continued absorbing the God Tribulation Lightning.

Now he just needed to absorb more and comprehend the laws and Intent behind it. Since his soul now contained the faintest trace of God Tribulation Lightning aura, his purple whirlpools werent destroyed as easily. The further he progressed, the more efficient he became.

If this continues, my soul will become comparable to an Emperors within a year or two.

Zhao Feng was surprised. God Tribulation Lightning was a power that reigned supreme, and it could even kill peak Sacred Lords and Demigods. Although the amount Zhao Feng had currently absorbed wasnt even one ten-thousandth of a single bolt of God Tribulation Lightning, it was still very helpful to his soul.

Demigod Kun Yun, just wait for the surprise Im going to give you, Zhao Feng thought as a confident smile appeared on his face.

According to what the child Demigod said, Zhao Feng needed to cultivate the Golden Kun Sacred Body and use his physical body to store the lightning. Zhao Feng probably wouldnt have been able to do that even after ten thousand years, so he changed the train of thought; he used the Lightning Absorption technique with his specialty instead his soul.

Eventually, Zhao Feng split his thoughts into several different strands. The first went to grind the Intent from the Eye of Death. The second absorbed the God Tribulation Lightning, and the third comprehended it.

God Tribulation Lightning was a great source of power, and when this power was imprinted on and merged into the soul, his rate of comprehension became more than a hundred times better than before.

Zhao Feng had a goal, and that was to merge the intent of the God Tribulation Lightning into his Wind Lightning Inheritance.

The offensive capabilities and speed of the Wind Lightning Inheritance were already stunning. If the raw power of the God Tribulation Lightning was merged into it, its strength would increase by several times.

As his soul continued to withstand the God Tribulation Lightning, Zhao Feng was able to comprehend the tiniest bit of it.

A jumping scarlet-colored Wind Lightning appeared in his palm, and contained within it was a faint aura of an immortal and undying lightning.

Of course, that aura didnt even make up one ten-thousandth of the scarlet-colored Wind Lightning. If it werent for the fact that his Gods Spiritual Eye could see its extremely unique aura, Zhao Feng wouldnt even be able to sense it.

Done. Now, all I need is time.

Zhao Fengs eyes twinkled. As long as he had several years of time to merge the power of the God Tribulation Lightning into his Eye Intent and his Wind Lightning Inheritance, he would be able to stand at the peak of the three Spiritual Zones.

In the limitless ocean, the ghost ship sped through the ocean steadily.

Master, someone seems to have locked on to our ship, the skeletal Division Leader suddenly said.

The ocean in front of them was unusually quiet, and there was a bloodthirsty aura that made the nearby beings uneasy.

Whats going on? Zhao Feng didnt use his Divine Sense. He let the skeletal Division Leader look around.

The child Demigod was also pulled out by Zhao Feng.

A legendary pirate ship seems to have set its sight on us, the child Demigod opened his senses.

The sound of flying appeared from behind the ghost ship, and there was a dangerous and fearsome aura.

Legendary pirate ship?

A map suddenly surfaced in Zhao Fengs mind.

The Ten Thousand Abyssal Islands Zone eighteen corner canyons what a complex place, Zhao Fengs eyebrows furrowed.

So this is the famous Pirate Sacred Land of the Cang Ocean, the child Demigod revealed an unusual expression.
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