King Of Gods Chapter 694

Chapter 694 - The Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land

Pirate Sacred Land?

Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader had weird expressions.

Pirate was one of many occupations in the limitless ocean. Zhao Feng had met several pirate ships along their journey, but after these pirate ships saw the ghost ship and its aura, none of them dared to approach.

However, for this place to be able to be called a Sacred Land was a bit mind-blowing.

Really? Doesnt that mean well get to meet a lot of pirates? Zhao Feng couldnt help but lick his lips. Ever since the Demigod Forgotten Garden, Zhao Fengs strength had increased by leaps and bounds and he had cultivated many secret techniques, but he never really had the chance to try them out.

Excitement also flashed in the skeletal Division Leaders eyes. It had the ghost-corpse array under its control, which was countless times stronger than it was in the past.

The Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land isnt that weak. Each of the Pirate Kings here are strong Void God Realm Kings, and they fight with another until a Pirate Emperor is decided, the child Demigod said. Hearing that, Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader took back their underestimations.

Of course, theres also a unique inheritance here the Pirate Emperors Inheritance, the child Demigod paused after speaking up to there.

Pirate Emperor Inheritance? Zhao Feng felt even weirder.

Dozens of millennia ago, there was a Pirate Emperor whose battle-power was great enough to destroy several two-star sects. The Floating Dream Sacred Land managed to barely defeat him, but before he died, he created an inheritance containing all his treasures. From then on, the throne of the Pirate Emperor continued onward, the child Demigod said and sighed. He looked at Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader with a playful smile as their expressions started to become solemn.

The Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land was a place where pirates thrived, hence the term Sacred Land. Every Pirate King was a Void God Realm King, and they all fought each other until a Pirate Emperor was decided.


Right as Zhao Feng was understanding more about the Pirate Sacred Land, the sound of flying appeared. Immediately afterward, a ship with a blood-colored mast several hundred meters wide flew over.

The blood-colored-mast ship was a legendary pirate ship, and it was on par with the speed of Zhao Fengs ship even though it was several times bigger.

To the ship in front of us, you better stop and get ready to be inspected, a cold and dominating voice sounded. As soon as the words sounded, several half-step King Divine Senses descended onto the ghost ship.


The speed of the ghost ship instantly slowed down.

Those three half-step Kings have all comprehended some Heaven Earth Magnificent Power, Zhao Feng was slightly moved. He and the child Demigod werent affected, but the skeletal Division Leader felt a slight pressure and was nervous.

There also seems to be a King-level Divine Sense, the child Demigod had a casual expression.

At the same time, on the blood-colored-mast ship:

Hmm? Weird a skinny male with blood-colored hair revealed an unusual expression as he sat on a throne.

His eyes were as sharp as an eagles, and his Divine Sense was scanning across the ghost ship. He saw a skeleton, a youth with a faint aura, and a three-year-old kid. The kids voice was extremely babyish, but he actually the Divine Sense.

This ship probably isnt simple, the blood-colored-hair King took back his underestimation. As one of the Pirate Kings of the Eighteen Corner Canyons, he was extremely experienced and careful.


With a thought, a blood-colored light started to fill the air. The ghost ship that was still a hundred miles away was instantly restricted by the Magnificent Power. Although it tried to struggle, it was unable to move.

This was the power of the Void God Realm. All those below Kings were ants.

Master, what should we do? the skeletal Division Leaders breathing rate quickened as it started to panic. It originally thought that the other side was just a bunch of normal half-step King pirates at most. However, this was the Pirate Sacred Land.

Its indeed slightly troublesome, Zhao Fengs gaze landed on the child Demigod, which made the latter hiccup.

En, how about this? Little Kun Yun, I promote you to Captain of Defense of the ghost ship, Zhao Feng smiled and said.

Captain of Defense? the child Demigod almost spat out blood. Zhao Feng clearly just wanted to use him as a free bodyguard, but there was nothing he could do. He was the servant, so he could only do as ordered.

If you pirates know whats good for you then quickly fuck off, the child Demigod stood on the deck and shouted in his baby voice.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A half-step King led a group of Sovereigns and Sovereign Lords and charged toward the ghost ship. Glancing at the fierce-looking three-year-old baby, the pirates all paused before roaring in laughter.

Hahaha! A baby whose hair hasnt even grown yet.

Awwwww, hes so cute! I dont think I can even attack him.

Several female pirates had playful expressions, but jokes were just jokes. They could tell that this kid definitely wasnt simple. Putting aside a three-year-old baby, anyone below the True Spirit Realm would find it extremely difficult to survive in the limitless ocean.

Take over the ship first, the half-step King ordered.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The weakest of these dozens of pirates was at the Small Origin Core Realm, and they all leapt at the ghost ship.

Set up the array.

The skeletal Division Leader waved its array flag, and dark gray smoke appeared and radiated a shocking curse power.

Watch out! the expression of the blood-colored-hair King aboard his ship changed dramatically.

Arghh! several pirates who had charged forward screamed as they touched the ghost-corpse smoke. They quickly turned into puddles of blood and water as they were devoured by the array. Any Sovereign would die if even a tiny bit of the curse touched them, and Sovereign Lords would lose a layer of skin even if they werent hit head-on.


The skeletal Division Leaders confidence rose as it waved the array flag, sending gray hands of smoke toward the pirates and turning them into blood and water.

Even my powers are being eroded by that curse! the blood-colored-hair King couldnt help but exclaim.

The power of the cursed array had reached a shocking stage. It was unparalleled against those below the Void God Realm, and it could even threaten Kings.

At this moment, the child Demigod attacked. Golden light started to glow around his body.


The child Demigod sent out a fist and crushed the air with a dominating golden-colored fist.


Three or four pirates in front of him were crushed into paste and instantly killed.

The child Demigods strength came from the Golden Kun Sacred Body, and he had reached an incredible level in it. A simple and straightforward punch had pierced through the Magnificent Power of a King.

What kind of fist technique was that? the blood-colored-hair King felt his powers become unstable as he was being eroded by the curse.

All of you, die! decisiveness flashed through the child Demigods eyes as he turned into a golden beam of light and charged toward the pirates.

Bam! Bam! Boom!

In an instant, golden fists ripped more than a dozen pirates into pieces like paper. His speed was just too fast. Even the half-step King leading them was punched into the ocean by the child Demigod, and no one knew whether he was still alive or not.

Bastard, die!

A wave of Magnificent Power made the child Demigods figure slow down, but the child Demigod was, after all, a Demigod in his prime, while the Golden Kun Sacred Body was one of the best techniques in the world.

He moved with a unique footwork as he unleashed his fists, and the pressure of the Magnificent Power against him was decreased by more than 70%.

Washing the Heavens with Blood! the blood-colored-hair King thrust out his palm, and it gave off an aura of Destruction and bloodthirstiness. In an instant, the sky turned blood-red, and all the animals started to tremble. Their thoughts seemed to become frozen.

The ghost ship and the child Demigod were enveloped by the attack. On the other hand, the nearby pirates were not only not injured by this blood-colored light, they were actually healed by it.

Golden Emperors Fist!

The child Demigod sent out a fist that grew bigger the further it travelled, like a snowball. The air near it seemed to be crushed by a mountain.


The two powers clashed.

With a Bam!, the child Demigod was pushed back half a mile, but his golden skin gave off an ancient body-strengthening aura. Although he was disadvantaged against a King, he hadnt been injured.

The child Demigods state of existence has reached the level of a King after using the meat from the Ancient Dream Realm, and his Golden Kun Sacred Body has recovered to the peak fourth level, Zhao Feng couldnt help but click his tongue. Half a ton of Ancient Dream Realm meat had already made the child Demigods bloodline and power so strong, and he now gave off a more ancient and original aura.


The nearby pirates were crushed into different shapes and sizes from the shockwave of the clash. The gazes of some pirates nearby turned fearful as they looked at the child Demigod, and the heart of the blood-colored-hair King went cold.


The skeletal Division Leader waved the array flag and started to devour the essence of the pirates.

Retreat, the blood-colored-hair King suddenly sensed something and ordered a retreat.

The child Demigod and skeletal Division Leader both felt weird as they looked at the retreating pirates.

Captain, with our strength, we dont need to be scared of that ghost ship, a half-step King said with puzzlement.

The tricentennial Battle of the Pirate Emperor is about to start. We need to help the Black Shark King get the throne of the Pirate Emperor and enter the inheritance. No matter what, a new Pirate Emperor is about to be crowned, the blood-colored-hair King said, and his eyes looked at the ghost ship like a hawk.

That ghost ship is full of mystery. Theres still another mysterious youth on it, and I also cant see through that kid. Coming in at this moment means that theyre most likely one of the other Pirate Kings reinforcements.

The expression of the blood-colored-hair King started to become solemn.

At the same time, there were another three Pirate King legendary ships within ten thousand miles, and their forces were spread throughout every corner, watching the situation here.
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