King Of Gods Chapter 712

Chapter 712 - Heaven Defying Faction

After its fixed, the power of its chill could rise by 80%, and it will be able to turn into a defensive ice armor, an ice dragon, and other states

Hearing what the blacksmith said made Zhao Fengs eyes light up, and he revealed a joyful expression. He always felt that the Ice Imperial Spear was damaged long ago, but he didnt expect that, after being fixed, the Ice Imperial Spear would be able to transform into different states. If that was the case, Zhao Fengs defense would become much stronger.

Strengthen it, Zhao Feng decisively paid up.

He had many materials of the Ice element. After all, he had taken many resources from the Purple Saint Ruins, Demigod Forgotten Garden, and spoils of war from many Kings.

The grandmaster smiled as it took the large amount of Primal Crystal Stones.

Although Zhao Feng was pained by the price, it was much cheaper here than hiring blacksmiths in the outside world.

The Heavens Legacy Races civilization surpassed what people could even imagine, and Zhao Feng couldnt help but remember the information he had read about the Heavens Legacy Race.

The Heavens Legacy Race was a humanoid race that wasnt strong, nor was their bloodline powerful. In terms of fighting, they might not even be able to defeat a normal human, but they were the smartest. Their creativity and intelligence made others look up to them, including even the Ancient Race.

The Heavens Legacy Races city contained incredible things, and others could only sigh when they saw them. Thinking about it now, Zhao Feng thought that the entrance fee was worth it.

An hour later:

Ding! Ding! Bam!

The blacksmith automaton took out an ice-cold blue spear from the mysterious furnace. This time, it was even quicker than the little thieving cats item. Zhao Feng took the ice-blue spear, and he could feel the power of its chill.


The ice-blue spear seemed to turn into liquid and form a defensive icy armor on his body. The ice armor radiated a cold aura that could freeze any beings within several miles. As long as Zhao Feng wore this armor, anyone below the Void God Realm would be unable to get near him.

The ice-cold armor then turned into two ice dragons that surrounded Zhao Feng and got into some offensive stances.

Luckily, this was the Heavens Legacy Races ancient city, and the chill was absorbed away by an unknown power.

Not bad, not bad, Zhao Feng was extremely satisfied as he merged the spear into his bloodline.

The child Demigod watched with envy, but right now, he had a limited amount of Primal Crystal Stones and couldnt afford anything.

The human, child, and cat walked out of the shop.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat took out the map and started to inspect it with Zhao Feng. The city still had some powerful stuff from the past, and Zhao Feng needed to use it to its fullest extent.

The Ten Thousand Blood Palace can supply bloodlines and strengthen them?

The Well of Demonification can strengthen the battle-power of pets?

The Array Tower supplies arrays and methods to make them better

The Divine Techniques Palace sells techniques and answers questions about cultivation.

Zhao Fengs gaze landed on the some of the better places. In comparison to these, the blacksmith shop was just a normal shop.

These better places had incredible abilities. The Ten Thousand Blood Palace could even directly supply bloodlines.

Apparently, the Heavens Legacy Race researched the origin of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodlines and even tried to copy it, the child Demigod murmured, and the legends of the Heavens Legacy Race were proved in this city.

The Heavens Legacy Race can even supply the bloodlines of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races? Zhao Feng couldnt believe it, then walked into the Ten Thousand Blood Palace with curiosity.

The Ten Thousand Blood Palace was enormous; it had fifty or sixty floors. Each floor contained ponds made of blood, and there were pipes that extended everywhere.

Dear guest, do you want a bloodline, or do you want to strengthen yours? an elegant female covered in blood-colored light smiled as she looked at Zhao Feng and company.

Zhao Feng scanned over her with his Gods Spiritual Eye and saw that the female also didnt have any signs of life.

How much does it cost to acquire a new bloodline? Zhao Feng asked.

It depends on what kind of bloodline you want, the elegant female gently tapped her hand, and a screen came up with thousands of different bloodlines.

Can you supply the Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodlines? Zhao Feng asked.

Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodlines? Hehe, those are the top bloodlines of the world and are extremely expensive. Weve collected the bloodlines of three hundred different races, which can be transplanted into you, the elegant female reached out, and the screen instantly showed the Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodlines.

You really can? Zhao Feng and the child Demigod were stunned.

Of course, the bloodlines on the screen were mainly ranked in the hundreds or thousands. Only four or five races were ranked in the top hundred, including the Heaven Sun Battle Race bloodline.

Permission is usually needed to get one of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline, but now that the owner of the city isnt here anymore and the city urgently needs Primal Crystal Stones to function, no permission is needed, the elegant female explained.

Zhao Feng and the child Demigod glanced at each other. These were the bloodlines of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races!

However, Zhao Feng rolled his eyes when he saw the prices. The price for the Heaven Sun Battle Race bloodline cost more than everything Zhao Feng had. After all, it was ranked in the top one hundred.

Sigh, this is already the price after a 50% discount. Whose fault is it that this city has lost its source of energy? the female was depressed.

Cant you make it a bit cheaper? Zhao Feng was extremely moved by the bloodlines of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. His eye-bloodline only gave him a somewhat basic mixture of bloodline power.

Its really expensive to transplant a bloodline, but if you already have a bloodline and want to strengthen it to the level of a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline, the price might be one-third or even one-fifth of transplanting the bloodline, the female said.

Okay, lets try it, Zhao Feng nodded his head in agreement.

They first needed to check his bloodline before strengthening it. Zhao Feng soon sat down in front of a weird machine with multiple arms, and the machine stabbed a needle into Zhao Fengs body.

Detecting an unknown bloodline, unable to be strengthened, a sound came from the multi-armed machine.

Zhao Fengs heart jumped. He forgot that his eye-bloodline was considered a type of special bloodline.

Detecting the bloodline of the descendants of the Ancient Ice Water bloodline, a Dragon type bloodline and Ancient Race bloodline. It can be strengthened to the Mystic Ice Scaled Race, ranked 89th.

Because you have a strong bloodline foundation and a partial foundation of an Ancient Race, the price will only be one-tenth of transplanting a bloodline, the elegant female revealed a weird expression as she told Zhao Feng the summary. She couldnt help but be curious as to what Zhao Fengs eye-bloodline was. Even the multi-armed machine wasnt able to detect it? Furthermore, he even had the foundation of an Ancient Races bloodline.

If youre willing to supply the source of the eye-bloodline, I can strengthen your bloodline for free, a fiery look appeared in the elegant females eyes.

No thanks, Zhao Feng immediately shook his head. Why would he give the secret of his Gods Spiritual Eye bloodline to others?

Do you want to strengthen your bloodline to the Mystic Ice Scaled Race? This races bloodline will double your bloodlines strength and triple your defense, the elegant female said.

Yes, Zhao Feng agreed while the child Demigod watched with jealousy.

Zhao Feng might not be able to afford the price of transplanting an entire bloodline, but since the foundation of his bloodline was already close to the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, the price was only one-tenth as much. However, even that cost Zhao Feng a huge price.

Finally, Zhao Feng spent almost half of the wealth inside his ancient metal ring and felt pained by the amount.

After paying the price, Zhao Feng was taken to a coffin on the 45th floor.

All you need to do is sleep for one day and one night, the elegant female said, and a weird blue bloodline covered Zhao Fengs bloodline. At the same time, dozens of needles stabbed into Zhao Fengs body and into his acupuncture points.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat played with the Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger and waited with the child Demigod.

Transplanting a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. This is heaven-defying a fortune that may not be found in a dozen millennia, the child Demigod sighed. From his point of view, the bloodlines of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races were priceless.

If they hadnt entered this secret realm of the Heavens Legacy Race, then they wouldnt be able to acquire or strengthen a bloodline to the level of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races no matter how wealthy they were.

On top of that, Zhao Fengs bloodline was strengthening to the Mystic Ice Scaled Races bloodline, which was ranked 89th! The ranking of this bloodline was even higher than the Heaven Sun Battle Race. Of the bloodlines that could be chosen here, the Mystic Ice Scaled Race was ranked within the top three.

May I ask if the Heavens Legacy Races Ancient Race Revival Plan succeeded or not? the child Demigod asked curiously.

The Heavens Legacy Race was the smartest and most creative race in the world. Ancient records said that this race had countless plans, and some of the most famous ones were the Time Machine Plan and the Ancient Race Revival Plan.

These plans were full of ambition. The Time Machines purpose was to travel through time and change the course of history, as well as obtain limitless resources. To do this, the Heavens Legacy Race tried to capture the Light Race, wreaking destruction that could ruin entire civilizations.

The Ancient Race Revival Plan was to try to obtain the Ancient Races bloodline.

Hmm? the elegant female was surprised. You actually know about that plan? Either way, thats the secret of the Heaven Defying Faction of the Heavens Legacy Race, so I dont know anything about it.

Heaven Defying Faction! As I thought! the heart of the child Demigod trembled, and he became extremely excited. He had almost touched the secrets of the legends.

Although the Heavens Legacy Race was a species, there were two factions amongst them. One was the Heaven Defying Faction and the other was the Sage Faction.

The Heaven Defying Faction was also known as the ambitious faction that went against the heavens. They wanted to replicate and control the most powerful bloodlines in the world, whereas the Sage Faction wanted to follow the heavens and support Heaven and Earth.

If Im correct, this is a secret city left behind by the Heaven Defying Faction, the eyes of the child Demigod twinkled.
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