King Of Gods Chapter 720

Chapter 720 - Zhao Fengs Counterattack

The Scarlet Destruction Eye Flame lasted for an entire three breaths before dying out.

The Witch Kings white body was full of scorch marks that were hard to recover. There was also an indestructible aura remaining as well. This aura didnt just contain the power of Destruction, there was also the Intent of the God Tribulation Lightning since Zhao Feng had merged some of the God Tribulation Lightning into the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning.

His Scarlet Destruction Eye Flame was one of his deadliest skills, and it could pass through both the physical and the mental energy dimensions. The damage caused couldnt be calculated.

Unfortunately, the Death Spirit Hell Arrays barrier Zhao Feng was slightly regretful.

His Scarlet Destruction Eye Flame had been weakened by only 30% since Wen Luoan wasnt in control of the array flag anymore, but if there was no array at all, the attack just now couldve maimed the Witch King and killed normal Kings. However, the Witch King was a Domain-level King and was not to be underestimated.

This Zhao Fengs eye-bloodline can lock directly on to my soul!? My spatial domains defense is so weak against it, the Witch Kings body and soul still hurt. The power of Destruction and the Intent of the God Tribulation Lightning that contained an immortal aura stopped her from recovering.

Witch King! Watch out!

The Yin Yang Lord yelled as his Peak-tier King Intent crushed toward Zhao Feng, who was still in the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array. He was worried that Zhao Feng would use another eye-bloodline technique right away, and they knew that he still had an even-more terrifying skill.

The hand in the sky descended downward, and Zhao Feng, the child Demigod, and the skeletal Division Leader could only clash with the Yin Yang Lord. The skeletal Division Leader controlled several hands of hatred and started to erode the array while Zhao Feng and the child Demigod were the main offensive forces.

Boom! Boom!

The child Demigod used his Demigod Intent and clashed with the Yin Yang Lords Peak-tier King Intent, causing the soul-dimension to shake. In terms of Intent, the child Demigod had the advantage, but his soul-strength wasnt as strong yet.

Theres also me! Zhao Feng laughed as his purple hair blew in the wind, and a terrifying surge of soul-oriented eye-bloodline power came from his left eye.


The dimension of the soul shook as a large purple eyeball appeared and seemed to look down on everything. His Eye Intent had appeared in this incredulous state.

Wham! Boom! Boom!

Thunder crackled alongside the appearance of Eye Intent.


A loud explosion sounded in the soul-dimension, and even the Yin Yang Lords body shook as he gave off a grunt.

Materializing Intent? How is this possible!? the Yin Yang Lord couldnt believe it; he was full of shock. If it werent for the fact that his soul and Intent were extremely strong even more powerful than normal Peak-tier Kings he wouldve been injured by Zhao Feng and the child Demigods attacks. The mind of a normal King would be severely injured or even shattered.

Heaven Sealing Palm! the child Demigod pursued while they had the advantage, and he thrust out several slow palms. In that instant, the space nearby seemed to turn into mud. It was as if time itself had slowed down.

Heaven Sealing Eighteen Palms!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Golden palms one after another started to lock on to the black-and-white screen in the sky.

My Yin Yang Sky Seal! the Yin Yang Lord felt that his secret technique was being cut off from him, and the power he could add into it was being limited.

Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning! the wings behind Zhao Fengs back fluttered as he summoned a storm of Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning that smashed into the screen.


A large gap appeared in the black-and-white screen.

Lightning Wings Wind Flash!

Zhao Feng turned into an arc of lightning that could barely be seen.


The arc of lightning instantly appeared near the Witch King.

Watch out! the Yin Yang Lord and the Dark Soul Lord warned at the same time.

Take this punch!

The Scarlet Destruction Lightning Wings fluttered quickly as Zhao Feng summoned a raging storm spanning several miles wide. Any red beam that got close to the storm would fade away.

Dont even think about it! the Witch King had just calmed herself down from the Scarlet Destruction Eye Flame. She didnt panic since there was still the barrier of the Hell array in front of her; apart from her own defense, there was still another layer of defense in front of her.

Ghost Protection Barrier! the Witch Kings pale hands crossed together, and countless screeching sounds appeared as a barrier condensed in front of her. This barrier was a dark orb, and a layer of ghastly white flames burned around it.

Zhao Fengs attack arrived at this moment.


A fist covered in Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning brought a raging storm down upon the Witch King. This was his strongest punch yet; it contained utmost speed and the terrifying Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline.


The Hell arrays gray flames and barrier were instantly shattered, and the rest of the barrier started to shake.


The Witch Kings body shook, and she felt her bloodline become suppressed. The Ghost Protection Barrier also started to dim while the ghastly white flames started to extinguish.

What a strong attack! the three Death Spirit Lords were stunned. If they were in a one-on-one fight with Zhao Feng, the Death Spirit Lords other than the Yin Yang Lord wouldnt be his match.

Take another fist of mine! Zhao Feng roared as his left eye released a strong surge of Eye Intent that charged toward the Witch King. A delicate layer of scales appeared on his skin, and an ice-cold force froze everything within ten miles. The power of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline froze the barrier and stopped it from recovering.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The Witch Kings body started to freeze, and cold air emanated from the Ghost Protection Barrier and ghastly white flames.

Quickly! Go rescue the Witch King! the Dark Soul Kings expression changed dramatically as he spread his hand out.


A several-hundred-meters-wide hand shot toward Zhao Feng within the soul-dimension. This Hand of Darkness was extremely unique; it was 70% soul-based and 30% physical-based. The 70% soul-based part of the attack contained different effects such as fear, panic, chaos. Normal Kings would need to be on their guard or they might lose their mind.

However, facing the Dark Soul Lords attack, Zhao Feng made no effort to dodge at all.


The hand hit Zhao Fengs body, and a cold glow radiated from his scales.


The hand started to freeze and shatter bit by bit. As for the remaining 70% soul-based attack, Zhao Feng wasnt affected at all. Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye was almost immune to soul attacks. He had never been at a disadvantage facing soul attacks in his life. Besides, even though the Dark Soul Lord had a soul-based body and was talented in the Dao of the Soul, his soul-strength wasnt even as strong as Zhao Fengs.

Hahaha! Zhao Feng laughed out loud as he took the hit head-on, and a cold glow of light started to condense in his palm before shooting toward the Witch King. This cold light contained the power of the Mystic Ice Scaled Races bloodline. The force of it could send normal Kings flying.

No~~! fear appeared in the Witch Kings eyes. Her mind and body had already been slightly injured by the Scarlet Destruction Eye Flame, and the Eye Intent afterward made her unable to breathe.

Stop! the Yin Yang Lords echoing voice sounded.

Yin Yang Sky Splitting Sword! a giant black-and-white sword glittered through the air and slashed toward Zhao Feng.

Golden Emperors Fist! the child Demigod snickered coldly as he sent a golden fist to block the sword.


The black-and-white Yin Yang sword managed to evade the child Demigods attack and continue charging toward Zhao Feng without decreasing speed, but some of its power was lost in the process.

At the exact same moment:


The Witch King was sent flying by the punch. Blood leaked from her mouth, but it immediately froze. A terrifying coldness had frozen her bloodline, and the Ghost Protection Barrier turned into a bunch of frost that started to fall apart. Even her spatial domain was frozen.

Brat, die!! the Yin Yang Lords giant sword landed on Zhao Feng from behind. Although it had been partially weakened by the child Demigod, it was still extremely powerful; it was enough to kill normal Domain-level Kings.

Ice Imperial Spear! Zhao Feng made no effort to dodge. Instead, an ice-blue armor formed around his body on top of the scales. After the Ice Imperial Spear was strengthened in the Heavens Legacy City, it could turn into different forms, including armor.


The ice armor on Zhao Feng started to crack as the sword landed on it. Zhao Feng shook, but he was unharmed.

Under the ice armor was a set of blue scales that seemed to come from an ice dragon. They were delicate and precise. A small bloody gash appeared on the blue scales, but it quickly healed.

One had to admit that the Yin Yang Lords attack was strong. It managed to break through the ice armor of Zhao Fengs Ice Imperial Spear even after being weakened by the child Demigods fist.

However, the Yin Yang Lord, the Dark Soul Lord, and the Death Guards were dazed. Zhao Fengs monstrous defense shocked both friend and foe alike.

Zhao Feng had injured the Witch King, then managed to take the majority of the Yin Yang Lords attack head-on without being injured.

At this exact moment in time, while the Witch King was injured by Zhao Fengs punch and a layer of frost covered her, slowing down her speed:

Miao miao!

A silver-gray blur flashed by the Witch Kings back.
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