King Of Gods Chapter 724

Chapter 724 - Cunning


An explosion sounded in the soul-dimension, and it even seemed to shake the physical world.

The purple Gods Eye was full of battle-intent, and it was surrounded by a scarlet-colored Wind Lightning. Its power could even affect the physical world.

On the other side were the black Eyes of Death, which revealed a glint of uneasiness and shock for the first time.

The Eyes of Death hadnt truly appeared here, they were just connected to this place through the Tokens of Death. Although they could use the Gaze of Death, they didnt specialize in close combat with other eyeballs.


The purple-colored Gods Eye already caused the black eyes to become unstable after charging at them.

Brat Ill let you win this time, the image of the eyes started to spin and turn into a small black dot.

The Gaze of Death used up a lot of energy, and the Emperor of Death hadnt fully recovered from the last time he used them yet. After facing Zhao Fengs counterattack, the Emperor of Death knew that he wouldnt be able to kill Zhao Feng this time, so it was better to retreat and preserve his energy.


The Eyes of Death turned into a small black dot that was engulfed in the purple-colored Gods Eyes attack.


The original location of the Eyes of Death was replaced by a large purple-colored Gods Eye, and it was surrounded by howling scarlet-colored Wind Lightning.

At this moment in time, Zhao Fengs Eye Intent wasnt weaker than Void God Realm Emperors, and it contained a powerful momentum.


The Eyes of Death had disappeared, leaving only some black smoke behind.

He ran away pretty quickly, the purple-colored Gods Eye revealed a weird expression.

At the end, facing Zhao Fengs counterattack, the Emperor of Death had decisively retreated, reducing his losses to the minimum. Although the Emperor of Death had retreated quickly, he was still slightly injured, and the price he paid would be even higher than when he faced Emperor Mu Yun.

The Emperor, he the expressions of the remaining nine Death Guards became white, and they all spat out mouthfuls of blood because of the clash just now.


The purple-colored Gods Eye sent a shocking Eye Intent down toward the nine Death Guards and instantly destroyed their souls.

Arghhhh! the nine Death Guards were all killed in just one glance.

The purple-colored Gods Eye was formed from Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye and his Yuan Soul. In this state, Zhao Fengs battle-power was extremely strong, and he was very compatible with Heaven and Earth.


The child Demigod and the skeletal Division Leader both took in cold breaths. The Yuan Souls of normal Kings could usually only run away or do some simple task. They didnt really fight, whereas Zhao Fengs Yuan Soul was extremely proficient in battle.


The purple-colored Gods Eye disappeared from the sky and returned to Zhao Fengs body.


Zhao Fengs body started to move again, and his left eye and hair color both started to turn faint purple.

Zhao Feng realized that he was full of cold sweat after returning to his body. The battle just now was too risky. Luckily, it wasnt the Emperor of Death himself, and he wasnt at his peak state. Using the Gaze of Death required a lot of energy, and there were various limitations.

The Emperor of Death will need another month or two to recover to his peak state again, Zhao Fengs eyes twinkled as he started to think.

Since the Eyes of Death were defeated, the battle came to an end.

The Dark Soul King was beaten until he was almost shattered, but he managed to escape with a part of his soul when the Gaze of Death appeared.

The Yin Yang Lords physical body was destroyed, and his Yuan Soul had already run away when he saw that the situation wasnt looking good.

Although the two Death Spirit Lords had saved their lives, if they wanted to reform a physical body or steal anothers to recover to their peak strength, it would take at least several years, or even more than a dozen years.

After this fight, Zhao Feng, the child Demigod, and the skeletal Division Leader were all tired.

Master. Should we leave right now? Otherwise, the Emperor of Death fear appeared in the skeletal Division Leaders eyes.

The Emperor of Death had the ability to kill Emperors from several island zones away. If it were his true body here, and he could use his techniques without restriction, the result would be unimaginable.

Dont panic.

Zhao Feng didnt disagree about the Emperor of Deaths strength. If he had come in person, they most likely would be killed instantly. However, even Emperors werent able to travel such a far distance in such a short amount of time, unless it was the God Eye of Spacetime. Furthermore, the Emperor of Death had used a lot of energy already.

Lets go down first, Zhao Feng ordered the ghost ship to go into the ocean.

In a certain place in the ocean lay the figure of a fainted youth. This youth was Wen Luoan, who had been smashed into the water. No one knew if he was still alive or not.

Zhao Fengs first target in breaking the array was Wen Luoan, and he guessed that Wen Luoan wouldnt have died so easily with his Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline.


Wen Luoans body shook slightly as he managed to open his eyes. Even now, Wen Luoans soul hurt, and a numbing sensation came from his body.

Soul Chains! Zhao Fengs left eye locked on to Wen Luoan and restricted his soul. Wisps of purple-colored chains of lightning wrapped around Wen Luoans soul, making it so that he couldnt even kill himself.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat reached out with its paw and knocked Wen Luoan out. Wen Luoans soul and body were both critically injured, and he was extremely weak.

This is a good chance, Zhao Feng nodded his head. He didnt hesitate anymore he used his Eye Intent to put down a Dark Heart Seal in the depths of Wen Luoans soul.

The Dark Heart Seal was different from the Dark Heart Seed. Once the Dark Heart Seal was used, the target would be fully enslaved. The disadvantage was that the slave would lose their potential. Since even their thoughts were enslaved, they would lose their individuality and act like obedient automatons, so it would be hard for them to breakthrough.

Because of that, Zhao Feng didnt use the Dark Heart Seal on the child Demigod since the latter would rather die than become an obedient slave.

The Dark Heart Seed was used on both the child Demigod and skeletal Division Leader. The Dark Heart Seed was similar to simply strapping them with a bomb that could explode any moment. He could kill them with just a thought, but they still had free will. Therefore, although the slaves might betray him, their potential and growth werent limited.

Two days later, the ghost ship had sailed a long distance and entered a new island zone already.

Master, the voice of a weak youth sounded.

Wen Luoan half-kneeled in front of Zhao Feng, and he was extremely respectful. It wasnt just respect in his eyes there was an obedience from the bottom of his heart.

The child Demigod and the little thieving cat watched curiously.

What will Zhao Feng do with the disciple of the Emperor of Death? the child Demigods heart became solemn. After the Dark Heart Seal was used, even someone with a legendary Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline was just an automaton.

The child Demigod lived in the shadow of the Dark Heart Seed ever since he had revived. His life and death had always been in Zhao Fengs grasp, and the Dark Heart Seal was an even-stronger version.

Within the captains cabin, Zhao Feng started to question Wen Luoan, who answered everything.

No wonder the Pursuit of Death is always on my heels theres a descendant of the Destiny God Eye involved, Zhao Feng understood a lot.

One had to know that the Cang Ocean was enormous. Even if you could sense someone, it was hard to chase after him. It was like trying to find a needle in an ocean. On top of that, Zhao Feng had weakened the Intent of Death in his soul to the bare minimum.

Zhao Feng originally thought that he was just unlucky and that he kept meeting the Pursuit of Death by coincidence.

Destiny God Eye? the child Demigod and the little thieving cat both revealed a weird look.

The Destiny God Eye was the most unique God Eye. Its battle-power wasnt strong; on the contrary, it might even be the weakest. However, the power of Destiny was the most terrifying and uncontrollable.

How many experts were there in the Ancient Era, the Immemorial Era, and the Atavistic Era? None of them were able to escape their destiny.

Zhao Feng then started to search Wen Luoans soul, learning more about the Emperor of Death, including even his hobbies and habits. Only by knowing your enemy would you win every battle.

Zhao Feng and the Emperor of Death were fighting against each other till one of them died. Knowing the enemy was a must.

Four hours later:

Wen Luoan, go return to the Emperor of Death, Zhao Feng ordered.

Understood, Master, Wen Luoan left the ghost ship with a heavily injured body.

Within the captains cabin, Zhao Feng sat down and started to cultivate.

His every aspect was at least on par with Void God Realm Kings. The only thing he lacked was the quantity of his True Yuan. He was just half a step away from becoming a complete King.

The route of the ghost ship didnt change; they continued to head in the direction of the Sky Sacred Qin Palace after staying in the Pirate Sacred Land for a month.

Half a month later, in the forest of a small island. Looking down from above, the entire island was filled with mountains and trees.

In a quiet canyon:


Wen Luoans figure landed next to a cave.


Wen Luoan fell down on the ground and gritted his teeth as he spoke: Master I have important news.

Third Highness! two Death Guards immediately picked up Wen Luoan.

Aner, youre still alive. a voice sounded.


A tall figure that looked like the shadow of death itself appeared in front of Wen Luoan. The Emperor of Deaths face was slightly pale, but he inspected his disciple with joy. However, he seemed to sense something, and his expression changed dramatically.

The next instant, Wen Luoans expression suddenly became full of hatred, and his True Yuan started to burn and explode like the blazing sun.


With the sound of a loud explosion, everything within a hundred miles was engulfed in golden flames. The canyon was instantly turned into ashes.
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