King Of Gods Chapter 742

Chapter 742 - Pursuit of Death (5)

The area Zhao Feng entered was called the Bright Flower Area, and it was about the same rank as the Azure Flower Continent.


A several-thousand-yard-wide crater formed when he landed because of the power of his Wings of Wind and Lightning.

Zhao Fengs face was pale-white, and his aura was weak. He first ate a fruit from the Ancient Dream Realm. If one was running low on True Yuan or Yuan Qi, the fruits from the Ancient Dream Realm were extremely effective, but they took a while to digest. However, Zhao Feng had already used his spiritual pills and treasures to replenish his energy while running.

The essence contained within the fruit was closer to the origin of existence, and it had an extremely good effect on ones body and organs. It was countless times better than the Ancient Dream Realm aura.

After obtaining Emperor Intent, Zhao Feng could absorb the Ancient Dream Realm fruit at a quicker rate than before, and he no longer needed to worry about his foundation being unstable.

At this moment in time, his every action and breath sucked in a stream of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to replenish his True Yuan Dimension. When ones Intent became stronger, they could recover at a faster rate, and the Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodlines recovery speed was several times better than normal bloodlines.

Within a days time, Zhao Feng recovered most of his Yuan Qi and energy, and his cultivation even became a bit stronger after eating the fruit.

Zhao Feng also circulated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and multi-tasked. More than a hundred strange wisps of lightning symbols appeared in his purple Soul Sea. Their auras were gloomy and they glittered with a dark light. These lightning symbols connected with each other, forming a sort of circuit.

After gaining a deeper understanding of the God Tribulation Lightning Intent and forming Emperor Intent, Zhao Feng could slowly start to use this power properly. However, the recovery speed of the God Tribulation Lightning was very slow, so Zhao Feng needed to be careful when he used it.

Ill wait till I have several hundred wisps. At that point, itll be much more of a threat to the Emperor of Death. If I can absorb more than a thousand wisps, Ill be unrivalled against everyone below the Mystic Light Realm, Zhao Fengs eyes twinkled. At the moment, only the Scarlet Destruction Eye Flame could threaten the Emperor of Deaths Immortal Death Body and barely cause some damage.

God Tribulation Lightning Wings of Wind and Lightning Scarlet-Gold Destruction Wind Lightning.

Zhao Feng had three directions in his mind that could increase his strength.

The Wings of Wind and Lightning were very important since they were about speed. Zhao Feng also had two other thoughts comprehending the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash and comprehending the Scarlet-Gold Destruction Wind Lightning.

With the formation of Emperor Intent, Zhao Fengs comprehension speed increased dramatically, and any bottlenecks from before were easily broken through.

While Zhao Feng was cultivating, he didnt know that his arrival strongly impacted the Bright Flower Area.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The sound of flying appeared and headed toward the crater where Zhao Feng was staying.

Right there! Something descended from the heavens there!

Apparently, its a never-before-seen meteorite, and it had a beautiful glow of lightning to it. The force of the impact was probably enough to kill a Sovereign.

Some of the figures in the air said to one another.

Zhao Feng was like a lightning-filled meteorite as he descended from the limitless ocean. In the eyes of the various forces, this was an omen from the heavens. It might be a rare stone from the outside world or some kind of treasure. However, there was an enormous aura in the thousand-yard-wide crater that made nearby beings unable to get close.

The sound of flying then came from another few directions. The weakest of those arriving were at the True Lord Rank while the strongest had reached the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm.

The situation within the Bright Flower Continent was similar to the Azure Flower Continent there were no Void God Realm Kings. The strongest clan here was only one-and-a-half stars. Therefore, everyone that had come over were the peak experts of the place.

What a powerful force of Heaven and Earth.

These peak experts felt an unblockable force of Heaven and Earth when they got close, and clouds of Wind Lightning appeared in the air.

This doesnt seem like some sort of treasure.

There were around twenty inland experts here, but they were unable to reach within two hundred miles of the crater. These experts hadnt even seen Void God Realm Kings before.

In reality, this was all caused by Zhao Fengs mental energy, but none of these experts imagined such a thing because the power and magnificence of it had exceeded their knowledge.

Even my Spiritual Sense has been suppressed. an Origin Core Realm Sovereign managed to reach a hundred miles and felt unable to breathe.


The cultivation Zhao Feng sensed the figures closing in, but he didnt bother with them. He wanted to increase his cultivation as quickly as possible, so he needed to use Emperor Intent. This meant that such a scene would show up no matter where he went, but none of the experts could reach within a thousand yards of Zhao Feng. Just the force of his cultivation alone made anyone below a Sovereign Lord unable to get close.

As expected, none of these inland experts were able to reach within a hundred miles of him, and they were unable to sense Zhao Fengs existence.

Three days later:

With Emperor Intent, cultivating is indeed different.

Zhao Feng ate another fruit.

In the forests of the Ancient Dream Realm, more than twenty fruits on the tree were guarded by Zhao Fengs pets the snake and the bird.

Zhao Feng first took down the riper fruits, and his cultivation was starting to close in on the middle-stage Void God Realm. He estimated that if he cultivated in peace for another two months and ate ten more fruits, he would reach the middle stage of the Void God Ream. Emperor Intent greatly increased cultivation speed.

Master, if I eat one of those Spiritual Fruits, my Golden Kun Sacred Body might be able to enter the low mastery stage, and Ill be able to recover my strength quickly. If I get some more resources, I wont be far off the middle-stage Void God Realm. the child Demigods voice sounded. He realized that this fruit that had the aura of the Ancient Dream Realm was dozens of times better than other Spiritual Fruits. The child Demigod was extremely smart and made his request when Zhao Feng was in danger.

Under normal situations, Zhao Feng would definitely not agree. However, Zhao Feng thought about it and gave the child Demigod five Ancient Dream Realm fruits.

The child Demigod played a huge role in the fight against the Emperor of Death. His Sacred Body and Heaven Sealing Eighteen Palms could limit the power and Intent of the Emperor of Death, which meant that the Emperor of Death they were facing before wasnt even at his full strength, otherwise Zhao Feng wouldve been severely injured if not dead.

Zhao Feng knew that the child Demigod wasnt truly loyal to him. The child Demigods biggest wish was to obtain resources and recover his Demigod strength.

Little Kun Yun, if you dont go all-out in the coming battle, I will heavily restrict your resources, Zhao Feng added, and the child Demigods heart jumped. Did Zhao Feng notice that he didnt use his full strength before? In reality, after recovering to the Void God Realm, the child Demigod could use many more techniques.

Within the thousand-yard-wide crater, Zhao Feng and the child Demigod were both cultivating. The difference was that Zhao Feng was using the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and split his thoughts into several in order to multi-task.

At the moment, he could split his thoughts into fifteen hundred or so, which was on par with Emperor Duanmu. However, if he split his thoughts into a hundred or a thousand, they could only do easy tasks such as controlling pets. Only four or five could actually do the more complicated tasks. For example, comprehending the God Tribulation Lightning needed a lot of focus.

On this day, Zhao Feng now had a hundred and seventy wisps of God Tribulation Lightning in his purple Soul Sea. It seemed as if the more he had, the faster the rate of absorption. This wasnt just because of Zhao Fengs Emperor Intent; his soul had been cleansed by the God Tribulation Lightning and now had a faint aura of the God Tribulation Lightning, meaning that the God Tribulation Lightning head didnt repel Zhao Fengs soul as much.


A hundred and seventy ancient symbols of lightning appeared in his Soul Sea and gave off an immortal and undying aura. Zhao Fengs soul and Intent were getting stronger every day. Even his soul had some characteristics of the God Tribulation Lightning. For example, his mental energy attacks now contained the element of the God Tribulation, which countered almost every power under the heavens. The damage it caused was hard to heal.

Over the last few days, Zhao Feng also had a breakthrough in his comprehension of the Scarlet-Gold Destruction Wind Lightning. His True Yuan Dimension glittered with a golden color that was much more obvious that before.

Ive understood about 50% of the Scarlet-Gold Destruction Wind Lightning, and its power is already comparable to the Wind Lightning Emperors Golden Destruction Wind Lightning, Zhao Feng murmured.

If he added his God Tribulation Lightning Intent, the strength of his Scarlet-Gold Destruction Wind Lightning was comparable to the Dark Gold Destruction Wind Lightning.

However, the difference in cultivation between Zhao Feng and the Wind Lightning Emperor was too big, and the same was true for the difference between Zhao Feng and the Emperor of Death. On top of that, the Emperor of Death surpassed the Wind Lightning Emperor in almost every way other than speed.

Hmm? Zhao Feng suddenly realized that a Sovereign Lord expert was within ten miles of the thousand-yard-wide crater. The other Sovereigns nearby seemed to have created some large arrays that blocked the power of Heaven and Earth. This group of people glanced at the crater with greed and excitement.

Hmph! Zhao Feng snickered coldly. How dare they disrupt him cultivating?


Magnificent Power formed in the sky and caused the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to roar. A large figure of a male with purple hair surrounded in lightning appeared in the sky. It was as if he was a God of Lightning. The outline and appearance of the male was the exact same as Zhao Feng, and it even had part of his strength.

Is this a projection formed from utmost power?

The legends say that only those at the unfathomable Emperor level could have such power.

The magnificent male waved his hand and caused space to shake as an unblockable force passed through the physical world.


The inland experts that were trying to approach him all spat out blood and were severely injured.

Emperor Projection. the child Demigod murmured. He didnt expect Zhao Fengs soul Intent to become consolidated by the God Tribulation Lightning to the point that he could use this secret technique.
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