King Of Gods Chapter 748

Chapter 748 - Pursuit of Death (11)

The figure of the ancient God Demon covered the sky, and its purple flaming figure radiated an ancient and majestic aura.

Zhao Feng felt his eye-bloodline power burning, and there was a searing pain. He finally understood why the Emperor of Death only used the Shadow of the Death God now.


The Cold Moon Emperors soul returned to her body, and cold sweat covered her body. Even though she had the protection of the Pirate Sacred Land, that didnt mean she was truly undefeatable. When the Emperor of Death used the Shadow of the Death God without regard for the price, even those at the Mystic Light Realm would need to be wary.


The outline of the God Demon figure became blurry, and one could tell it was the phantom of an ancient God Demon from its aura. At this moment in time, the Mystic Ice Dragon figure that came from Zhao Fengs Mystic Ice Scaled Race bloodline trembled and started to move around the figure of the God Demon.

In the air, the power of the Shadow of Death and the ancient God Demon clashed, creating an invisible shockwave that sent the Cold Moon Emperor flying.


The Cold Moon Emperor used this power to retreat more than a hundred miles away, and her face went white. If she didnt have the protection of the Pirate Sacred Land, she wouldve lost a layer of skin at the very least even if she was a peak Emperor.

The child Demigod and the two Peak-tier Kings were sent flying away as well even though they were farther away.


Two enormous figures left their owners bodies and smashed together in the air above the limitless ocean. A loud explosion sounded as a wave of flames surged throughout the soul-dimension. Everyone felt as if space itself was shaking.

Both bloodline powers are retracing back to their ancestors, the child Demigod was stunned.

The Shadow of the Death God was used by the Emperor of Death through his eye-bloodline, and it summoned a tiny bit of power from the God Eye of Death. The God Demon behind Zhao Fengs back was the origin power from his Gods Spiritual Eye that hadnt awoken yet.

From a certain degree, it could be said that they were igniting the very source of their eye-bloodlines. The difference was that Zhao Fengs was the first ancestor himself.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two figures clashed in the sky and would dim a bit every time. At the same time, the expressions of Zhao Feng and the Emperor of Death became weaker and weaker.


The Mystic Ice Dragon surrounding the ancient God Demon finally managed to shatter the Shadow of the Death God, and the ancient God Demon even though it was on the verge of disappearing managed to hit the Emperor of Death.

Not good! the Emperor of Death was sent flying, but the crown on his head and the Immortal Death Body blocked most of the damage.


The ancient God Demon and the Mystic Ice Dragon images both faded away at the same time. Zhao Fengs expression was extremely weak; igniting his bloodlines burned his lifeforce and soul. He could already feel his eye-bloodline power weakening.

Death Instant Shadow! the Emperor of Death turned into a dark streak of light and disappeared. In terms of speed, the Death Instant Shadow wasnt as fast as the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash, but it was more profound.

So fast! the Cold Moon Emperor and company all sucked in a cold breath. It was difficult to force the Emperor of Death to this degree.

Sky Locking Bow! a cold glint flashed across Zhao Fengs eyes as he held the dark silver bow, and mysterious markings started appearing on it.


An eye-catching scarlet-golden arrow started to condense, and it radiated a sharpness that seemed able to pierce space.

The very next instant, the Emperor of Death, who had already run out several thousand miles, felt his body go cold as the sharpness locked on to him. He even felt that space itself was being locked on to, which even restricted his Death Instant Shadow.

As the name suggested, the Sky Locking Bow could lock the sky itself. Now that Zhao Fengs Intent had become stronger, he started to unlock its true potential.


A scarlet-golden arrow seemed to appear out of a portal as it shot into the Emperor of Deaths heart.

Sky Locking Bow the Emperor of Deaths body froze as the scarlet-golden arrow shot straight through his heart.

If it was just a regular arrow, he wouldnt have been scared since he had the Immortal Death Body. However, the scarlet-golden arrow contained the power of the Scarlet-Gold Destruction Wind Lightning, which included the Intent from the God Tribulation Lightning. The destruction caused by this could counter even his Immortal Death Body.

Death Instant Shadow! the Emperor of Death was almost burning his True Yuan as he tried to escape. If he stayed in the Pirate Sacred Land any longer, he would be unable to escape. After all, there was still the Cold Moon Emperor and countless Pirate Kings.

After I escape, Ill return in the future and refine all my enemies into spirits of hatred! the Emperor of Death was filled with anger and humiliation that he had never felt before. Being one of the oldest Emperors in the Cang Ocean and someone who had reincarnated twice, he was unparalleled below the Mystic Light Realm, and he could even face many Sacred Lords on equal footing. When had he ever faced such humiliation and defeat?

Right at this moment:


A second scarlet-golden arrow flashed through the air and shot into his head.

The Emperor of Death groaned as his body shook, but this time, he was prepared. A tattoo of Death appeared around his body, which increased the defense of his Immortal Death Body.

Zhao Feng shot out three arrows until the Emperor of Death finally escaped his range.

Cold Moon Emperor, Giant Shark King, Ghost Scaled King. Thank you for all your help. I will repay you all in the future, Zhao Feng said solemnly and took a deep breath to circulate his blood and recover his True Yuan.

The child Demigod stood next to him and looked in the direction where the Emperor of Death had escaped.

Zhao Feng, you want to chase after the Emperor of Death? the Cold Moon Emperor asked in surprise. All of them combined their strength to finally defeat the Emperor of Death, but if Zhao Feng chased after the Emperor of Death alone, it would be risky.

I cant give the Emperor of Death time to recover. I will repay the humiliation Ive suffered because of him several times over, Zhao Feng said decisively.


A pair of scarlet-golden wings formed behind Zhao Fengs back as he put the child Demigod into the ancient metal ring.

Lightning Wings Spatial Flash!

A long arc of lightning flashed over the limitless ocean. The speed that Zhao Feng displayed was much faster than the Emperor of Death.

With Zhao Fengs strength and speed, as long as he doesnt underestimate the Emperor of Death, he shouldnt be at a disadvantage. the Cold Moon Emperor let out a breath.

Zhao Feng had the battle-power of a peak Emperor, and his speed was extremely fast. The most important point was that he wasnt scared of the Eye of Death, which was something no other Emperor could claim. Furthermore, Zhao Feng also had the Sky Locking Bow, a weapon great for chasing after people.

Over the limitless ocean, a dark beam of light and an arc of lightning flashed one after the other.

Zhao Fengs Lightning Wings Spatial Flash had the advantage in terms of speed, and every time he was in range, Zhao Feng would unleash an arrow.


The Emperor of Death groaned. The only thing he could do was strengthen his defense in order to reduce the damage from the Sky Locking Bow. This was because the Sky Locking Bows attacks couldnt be evaded unless the difference in cultivation was simply massive.

When Zhao Fengs Sky Locking Bow and Gods Spiritual Eye worked together, the opponent wouldnt be able to dodge at all as long as they were locked on to, but shooting the arrow meant that he would pause for a moment and slow down. The Emperor of Death would use that chance to further the distance between them after taking a hit head-on.

Immortal Death Body I still cant find its counter, Zhao Fengs eyebrows locked together. The Emperor of Death had the Immortal Death Body, and he was basically undying. Its defense was extremely strong, and its recovery speed was monstrous.

If it werent for the fact that Zhao Feng had merged the God Tribulation Lightning into his attacks, there was no chance of him killing the Emperor of Death at all. However, Zhao Fengs God Tribulation Lightning was limited and couldnt be used forever.

The Immortal Death Body had no vital points, and the Emperor of Death was essentially a living corpse. The Emperor of Death also had the power of Death, meaning that in such a living-dead state, his Yuan Qi recovery rate was much faster than other Emperors.

Several days later, Zhao Feng had chased the Emperor of Death to another island zone. His breathing rate was quick and extremely weak. The Emperor of Death in front was severely injured.


Zhao Feng turned into a streak of scarlet-golden lightning, landed on an island filled with Yuan Qi, and started to rest.

The Emperor of Death is more injured than me, but his cultivation and amount of True Yuan are far above mine. Zhao Fengs eyes twinkled. He then ate an Ancient Dream Realm fruit and several spiritual pills to increase his recovery speed.

Master, you can try another method and try to attack the Emperor of Death with soul-based attacks, the child Demigod warned.

The soul? Zhao Feng started to think. His Gods Spiritual Eye was indeed Soul-based, but so was the Emperor of Deaths.

The soul is the source of all life. Even if you somehow managed to defeat his Immortal Death Body, you wouldnt be able to stop the Emperor of Death reviving or stealing another body, the child Demigod explained.

Thats right, Zhao Feng nodded his head. He had thought about attacking through the soul before, but the Emperor of Death and his Eye of Death excelled in the soul. Furthermore, the crown he wore was a Soul Dao treasure that could increase the strength of his Soul Dao techniques as well as increase the recovery speed of his soul power.

Although it will be slightly difficult, thats also the best way, Zhao Feng decided. His eye-bloodline was a God Eye, and he had fused with the power of God Tribulation Lightning, which was something that the Emperor of Death didnt have.

Lightning Wings Spatial Flash!

After resting for half a day, Zhao Feng then entered the limitless ocean once more and continued the chase.

Although his cultivation was nowhere close to the Emperor of Deaths, he had Emperor Intent and a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline. In terms of recovery speed, he was even better than the Emperor of Death.

Half a day is enough for the Emperor of Death to have run a bit, Zhao Fengs eyes twinkled, but he was somehow confident.

He opened his Gods Spiritual Eye to find the traces of aura left behind by the Emperor of Death and follow him. The Gods Spiritual Eye could see the source of everything, which is why he was also able to copy techniques and other things. In terms of tracking, he was definitely amongst the best. On top of that, he had the little thieving cat, as well as that last bit of Death Intent left behind in his Soul Sea by the Emperor of Death.

Zhao Feng soon confirmed a direction and used the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash. He was sure that the injured and weak Emperor of Death would need more time than him to recover.
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