King Of Gods Chapter 751

Chapter 751 - Pursuit of Death (14)

Half a year later, in a Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.


A dark beam of light entered, and a male with a missing right arm and scorch marks appeared on the street. The male wore a golden crown that was full of cracks, but the aura of Death emitting from him made those nearby uneasy. It was hard to imagine that this male was one of the oldest Emperors of the Cang Ocean.

Emperor Zi Mu! the Emperor of Death murmured in a tone that no one else could hear.

A few breaths later:


The Imperial Power of an Emperor appeared from one of the corners of the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.

Emperor of Death? a surprised voice sounded as a middle-aged male in purple robes appeared. He was covered in a purple glow and gave off a weird smell.

Emperor Zi Mu! exclamations of nearby experts sounded as respect and admiration appeared in their eyes.

It was extremely rare to see Emperors outside the Sacred Lands. However, this Spiritual Palace was in a rather large island zone that contained eight or so two-star sects, so this Spiritual Palace had an Emperor in charge.

Emperor of Death, how did you become like this?

Emperor Zi Mu was shocked. He had been in seclusion for the past year or two and didnt know much about the outside world.

Emperor Zi Mu, you owe me a favor from several thousand years ago, and now I need your help. the Emperor of Death said in a deep tone and summarized what had happened, but he didnt mention that Zhao Feng had the Ninth Gods Eye.

The pursuer cultivates the Dao of Lightning, and since youre an Emperor that cultivates the Dao of Wood, you counter him, the Emperor of Death said in a solemn tone.

There were natural counters to all skills. For example, the Emperor of Death was countered by Zhao Feng, but likewise, Zhao Fengs Scarlet-Gold Destruction Wind Lightning could also be countered. Those that cultivated the Dao of Wood could counter those that cultivated the Dao of Lightning.

Who could chase you into such a state? Could it be a Sacred Lord? Emperor Zi Mu was in disbelief.

Dont worry, its not a Sacred Lord. Hes just a middle-stage Void God Realm King, but his technique and bloodline are unique, the Emperor of Death summarized Zhao Fengs situation.

Right as the two were communicating:


An arc of lightning with a Destructive aura of flames and lightning charged into the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace. The newcomer was a purple-haired male with scarlet-golden wings.

Such speed! Emperor Zi Mu was surprised even though he already knew that Zhao Feng had the Wind Lightning Emperors inheritance.

Emperor of Death, do you think that Id be scared to attack you if youre hiding in a Void Ocean Spiritual Palace?

Zhao Fengs wings fluttered as he looked down from above. In the past half a year, he had given the Emperor of Death a good beating. The Emperor of Deaths Immortal Death Body and soul had both been injured by the God Tribulation Lightning, and he had lost 30-40% of his battle-strength.

The future generation is to be feared, Emperor Zi Mu inspected Zhao Feng, and the latters scarlet-golden Wind Lightning made him uneasy.

Zhao Feng obviously saw Emperor Zi Mu as well. Emperor Zi Mu was like Duanmu Qing Emperors that cultivated the Dao of Wood but Emperor Zi Mus strength wasnt at the peak level of the Void God Realm yet.

Emperor Zi Mu, if you help me today, I will repay you ten times as much in the future, the Emperor of Deaths voice contained begging.

There were still two Peak-tier Kings and four Domain-level Kings in this Void Ocean Spiritual Palace apart from Emperor Zi Mu. As long Emperor Zi Mu helped, the Emperor of Death still had a good chance.

Left-Eyed Heavenly Emperor! That purple-haired youth. a Void God Realm King and several Origin Core Realms within the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace recognized Zhao Fengs identity. As the Pursuit of Death had passed through many island zones, Zhao Fengs fame started to spread, and some experts knew of him.

Left-Eyed Heavenly Emperor!? Emperor Zi Mus eyes started to twinkle as he started to struggle. At this moment, a King within the Spiritual Palace was telling him what had happened between Zhao Feng and the Emperor of Death.

Emperor of Death, Im very sorry. I cant help you. Apparently, since you attacked a Void Ocean Spiritual Palace before, you are now wanted by the Floating Dream Sacred Land, Emperor Zi Mu took a deep breath before finally speaking.

What!? the Emperor of Deaths body swayed.

Due to our relationship in the past, I wont attack you, but the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace cant shelter you either, Emperor Zi Mus expression was strict, and a purple-green Little World appeared and slowly pressured toward the Emperor of Death.

You! the Emperor of Deaths expression was extremely ugly. Emperor Zi Mus Little World was purposely crushing toward him and not attacking Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng floated in the air and looked at all this coldly. It seemed as if the Emperor of Death didnt want to leave the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace; instead, he wanted to drag Emperor Zu Mi and the experts here down along with him.

Emperor of Death, you wont be able to escape today.

A scarlet-golden flame appeared in Zhao Fengs left eye.


An aura started to brew in the sky that made Emperor Zi Mu and the Kings unable to breathe.

No~~~~! the Emperor of Death felt a critical sense of danger as nearly eight hundred wisps of God Tribulation Lightning symbols radiated an undying aura.


A half-transparent scarlet-golden flame landed on the Emperor of Death, as if it was a Gods punishment.

Arghhh~~! the Emperor of Death howled as the flames started to spread across the Immortal Death Body and burn into his soul. Fear filled his face as he looked at this nightmare with uneasiness.

In just a breath or two, the Emperor of Deaths limbs were burnt to a degree where one couldnt even tell that he was human anymore, and his other arm fell off.


Emperor Zi Mu couldnt help but take in a deep breath. The purple-haired male in the sky had his hands behind his back and still seemed rather nonchalant.

Within the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace, the other Kings and Origin Core Realms felt their bones go cold, and they didnt even dare to breathe loudly.

Hes too strong!

So, this is the Left-Eyed Heavenly Emperor! The Emperor of Death didnt even have a chance to fight back at all!

The Void God Realm Kings were stunned.

Emperor of Death, now that Ive merged the power of God Tribulation Lightning into my techniques, my strength is enough to threaten even Sacred Lords. Peak Emperors wont be able to last more than ten breaths against me, Zhao Feng said in an orderly-mannered fashion.

Even though Zhao Feng had chased the Emperor of Death for half a year, he hadnt stopped fusing with the power of the God Tribulation Lightning, and he now had eight hundred wisps of God Tribulation Lightning more than a hundred times the amount he first had at the Pirate Sacred Land. On top of that he had unparalleled speed. He was an unrivalled Void God Realm.

In the history of the Dao of Lightning, one prodigy had used the power of God Tribulation Lightning and slowly reached the peak of the world. This legend came from a prodigy on the continent zone, and they eventually became a God. This miracle seemed like it was going to replicated by Zhao Feng.

God Tribulation Lightning! the heart of Emperor Zi Mu shook.

He chose not to help the Emperor of Death after thinking it through thoroughly. Firstly, the Emperor of Death was wanted by the Sacred Land anyway, and secondly, how strong would the person chasing after the Emperor of Death be? Such a person wasnt something a normal Emperor could offend, especially after knowing that the person was a rising prodigy.

The second reason was the most important. Therefore, Emperor Zi Mu didnt want to help the Emperor of Death, and it seemed like this was a wise decision.

Although Zhao Feng never greeted Emperor Zi Mu after entering the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace or even looked at him directly, which made him slightly unhappy, when Zhao Feng revealed his strength, Emperor Zi Mus scalp tingled and he started to sweat.

Zhao Feng had basically ignored Emperor Zi Mus existence, but he had the capability to do so. He or any other peak Emperor wouldnt be able to do anything.

So close. Emperor Zi Mu didnt think that his Wood Dao techniques would be able to stop God Tribulation Lightning, and Emperor Zi Mu didnt have the Emperor of Deaths defenses.

Zhao Feng. Ive lost, the Emperor of Death lay on the ground and spoke in the bitter tone, Ill do as you please.

Do as you please how much humiliation was contained in these four words? The hearts of Emperor Zi Mu and company shook.

Do as I please? What if I want your life? You wont fight back? Zhao Fengs gaze seemed to contain the ability to see through ones heart. He could tell that the Emperor of Death was filled with hatred and humiliation; if he let the Emperor of Death live, he definitely wouldnt just leave peacefully. Furthermore, the Emperor of Deaths home was in the Ten Thousand Woods Sacred Land; who knew whether he would go home and contact some Emperors or Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords to deal with Zhao Feng?

Zhao Feng, treat others kindly, deadliness appeared on the Emperor of Deaths face, which contained signs of a threat.

Zhao Fengs eyes remained cold and calm. His thoughts of killing the Emperor of Death had never wavered, but he needed to deal with the final counterattack before the Emperor of Deaths death. After all, he was an ancient Emperor and he had the Eye of Death.

Then lets die together! the Emperor of Deaths face twisted as his power of Death condensed and exploded.

Not good! Watch out~~~! Emperor Zi Mu exclaimed and opened his Little World in order to block this explosion that could destroy the entire Void Ocean Spiritual Palace. The self-destruction of an Emperor was devastating.


The entire Spiritual Palace shook as flames of Death covered it. Emperor Zi Mus Little World instantly shattered, and it only managed to block 60% of the Emperor of Deaths self-destruction.

Hmm? Emperor Zi Mu found that the power of the self-destruction was 30-40% weaker than he expected.

The Void Ocean Spiritual Palace had turned into ruins, and over half of the experts died.

Petty tricks!

A youth with scarlet-golden wings appeared over the limitless ocean. Zhao Feng had used extreme speed in order to escape from the self-destruction. At the same time, his Gods Spiritual Eye locked on to a black dot far away. Looking closely, it was a tattered Yuan Soul that released Death undulations, and a pair of Eyes of Death also floated in the air.

Sky Locking Bow Soul Lock!

Zhao Feng pulled open the dark silver bow, and a gold-and-silver arrow shot through the air.


The Yuan Soul that had only escaped several hundred miles struggled in the air.
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