King Of Gods Chapter 775

Chapter 775 - Arrogant Brat

The Duanmu Family will receive your letter approximately half a year later.

The elder inspected Zhao Feng with a weird gaze. The Duanmu Family was one of the Great Gan Lord Dynastys eight biggest families, and it was comparable to a three-star superpower at the least. The Eight Big Families were closely connected to the imperials, and their influence in the mortal world even surpassed some three-star superpowers. Apart from a four-star power, the Eight Big Families stood at the peak.

Half a year?

Zhao Feng realized that the continent zone was probably bigger than he expected. One had to realize that the messenger would use the Zone Teleportation Array and travel on a very efficient route, and yet it would still take half a year?

Before he left, Zhao Feng bought a map of the Great Gan Lord Dynastys territory.

The Great Gan Lord Dynasty had eighteen provinces. Each province was at least the size of the Cang Ocean or the Nanlin Sea, but their populations and the advancements in their cultivation were far greater.

Furthermore, the continent zone didnt have just one lord dynasty.

The map had descriptions about the various territories of the continent zone. The Great Gan Lord Dynasty was weaker than it was in the past, and the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty had appeared dozens of millennia ago in the northern parts of the continent zone. They were ruled by another species, and they had taken over some territory of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty.

At this moment in time, the Great Gan Lord Dynastys biggest enemy was the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty, which was one of the main reasons it didnt really care about the Cang Ocean.

Zhao Feng put away the map, then sat on the Yinming Bird and flew in the direction of the Yunling Zhao Family.

Half a day later:


A half-step King in blue robes arrived at the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.


A shining silver token expanded and floated in the air. A purple dragon appeared and released a domineering aura. The aura of the token reached the heavens.

Duke Token!

Some experts within the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan were awoken by it. Although it wasnt the main Duke Token, it was still of high rank.

What may we do for you, General? A half-step King Regulator came over.

The Duke Palace orders to see the beast tamer of your clan, Zhao Feng, the blue-robed general said.

Zhao Feng?

Some people in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan looked at each other and started to discuss. If they were supposed to find a person by name alone, it might take a while, but the general said that the person was a beast tamer. There was only one beast tamer with that name.

A while later, an Origin Core Realm elder replied, General, were very sorry, but Zhao Feng applied to go back to his family half a day ago.

When disciples went out on missions or other stuff, they would usually keep records. This wasnt just due to the rules of the clan, they could also protect their disciples that way. If disciples went missing or something happened to them, the clan could find tracks of what happened. Therefore, most outsiders wouldnt kill disciples of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

Why are the people from the Duke Palace here to find Zhao Feng? Amongst the crowd, Senior Martial Brother Guangs eyebrows furrowed together. His message token for Luo Zun had been stolen by Zhao Feng, and he was still trying to find him to tattle on Zhao Feng.

At the same moment in time, Zhao Feng was flying northward on the Yinming Bird.

Half a day later, a valley of rising mountains that interacted with the clouds appeared.

Zhao Feng knew that the Yunling area was one of the relatively poorer places, and its resources mainly came from low- to mid-tier Primal Crystal Stone mines. Two-star sects wouldnt care about these resources, but some families lived off them.

The Zhao Family and the Yin Family were amongst the top families in the Yunling area, and they had competed against each other for many years.

After replaying the memories in his mind, Zhao Feng reached the territory of the Yunling Zhao Family.

The Yinming Bird descended toward a castle on top of a mountain. This castle was called the Zhao Family Castle, and it was the main headquarters of the Yunling Zhao Family. In comparison, the cities nearby were just part of the Zhao Familys forces.

Overall, the Yunling Zhao Family was countless times stronger than the Zhao Family of Sun Feather City in his previous life. It could even be said that the power of the entire Thirteen Countries of the Cloud region wouldnt be the Yunling Zhao Familys match.

The arrival of the Yinming Bird caused many people to come out. After all, this wasnt the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, which was close to a three-star force. Birds like the Yinming Bird were extremely rare to see in the Zhao Family Castle.

Its Young Master Zhao Feng!

Young Master Zhao Feng has returned!

Some members soon recognized Zhao Feng and were extremely excited. Zhao Feng was a once-in-a-thousand-years genius of the Yunling Zhao Family. Zhao Feng obviously knew that the hopes of the Yunling Zhao Family had been placed on him.


Young Master Zhao Feng.

Proud and admiring voices sounded, and Zhao Feng nodded his head toward the people of the Zhao Family with a smile without speaking much.

The small amount of people that were familiar with Zhao Feng felt that he had changed.

Some time later, in a hall of the Zhao Family, Zhao Feng saw the elders and the upper echelon of the Yunling Zhao Family, but the atmosphere was somewhat solemn.

Zhao Feng, you were too rash.

How could you reject Shuier like that?

The Head of the Family and the Elders blamed.

Being a mid-tier family in the Tianfeng Great Island Zone, the strength of the Yunling Zhao Family was comparable to a one-and-a-half-stars force. All of the upper echelon members were Origin Core Realms, and one or two Elders had even reached the Great Origin Core Realm.

You called me back just to curse at me? Zhao Fengs voice was somewhat cold. He would try to satisfy the wishes of the original owner since he had taken over his body, but he had no feelings toward the Yunling Zhao Family.

Do you even put your own elders in your eyes? How dare you talk back? the Head of the Family, Zhao Tianyi, said coldly, and surprise and anger appeared in his eyes. Although the Zhao Feng from before wasnt exactly obedient, he had never spoke back to them like this.

Hes got wings now and doesnt put us seniors in his eyes, an Elder sighed.

If it was a normal disciple, the Head of the Family would have slapped them already, but with Zhao Fengs current status, he didnt dare to. After all, he was still their biggest hope in the past several hundred years. Furthermore, they had heard that Zhao Feng possessed a spiritual pet cat that was rather strong.

Are we here to discuss something or not? Zhao Feng asked impatiently. He didnt come back just to be sworn and cursed at.

The upper echelon of the Zhao Family paused. The current Zhao Feng acted completely different than before.

Fenger, youve changed. An elder with white hair walked out from a side hall. He walked forward slowly this was Zhao Fengs grandfather.

The parents of the original Zhao Feng had both died, and Zhao Feng lived with his grandfather. At his peak, Zhao Fengs grandfather was also an Origin Core Realm Sovereign, but he had dropped to the half-step Origin Core Realm after an accident.

Grandfather, Im not the Zhao Feng from before. Zhao Feng smiled faintly. In his memories, Zhao Fengs grandfather had placed a lot of hope of him. In order to raise Zhao Feng into a genius, Zhao Fengs grandfather spent all his wealth.

The original Zhao Feng was full of respect and gratitude toward his grandfather.

Hearing Zhao Fengs words, Zhao Fengs grandfather paused before giving him a deep glance. His grandson was very different from before; he could no longer see through him. The upper echelon of the Zhao Family also realized that Zhao Fengs attitude now could be described by two words cold and emotionless.

Zhao Feng, I hope you can give us a good reason regarding your rejection of Luo Shuier, and I hope you can pay them back, the Head of the Family said.

Reason? I dont want to marry Luo Shuier. Theres nothing wrong with rejecting her, Zhao Feng said honestly.

You! Luo Shuier is the golden daughter of the Luo Family. Its your honor that you were able to be engaged to the Luo Family! The Head of the Family almost stood up in anger.

Hearing that, Zhao Feng just watched on coldly. His gaze made the Head of the Family and the upper echelon feel cold.

Miao miao!

A small silver-gray cat appeared on Zhao Fengs shoulder. The existence of this cat caused the upper echelon of the Zhao Family to be wary. The elder in gray from before revealed a look of fear and quickly stopped the Head of the Family.

With the interference of the Eighth Prince, the marriage with the Luo Family will be impossible anyway. Tianyi, we shouldnt think about it too much, the elder in gray said, and the upper echelon of the family inspected Zhao Feng in a new light.

As for apologizing to the Luo Family, dont even think about mentioning that again. Zhao Fengs next sentence sealed the mouths of the Head of the Family and company.

It was the Luo Family that wanted to cancel the marriage in the first place, so there was nothing wrong with Zhao Feng sending an Engagement Rejection Letter.

The Luo Family will probably feel like they lost face. Although they might not do anything to us directly, theyll support the Yin Family in secret. Grandfather Zhao was worried.

Recently, the Yin Family was being supported by a mysterious power, expanding and taking over the forces of the Zhao Family. The Zhao Family was on the verge of collapsing.

My aim in coming back this time is to get rid of the Yin Family. After the Yin Family has been destroyed, the Zhao Family will have no more opponents in the Yunling area. A cold light flashed across Zhao Fengs eyes.

Get rid of the Yin Family? The hearts of the upper echelon shook. They felt that he was being extremely arrogant, but seeing Zhao Fengs confidence, the Yinming Bird, and Senior Thieving Cat, they couldnt help but believe it a bit.

Zhao Feng, we believe in you. The Head of the Family nodded his head, but his words took a twist; But if you cant solve the danger, we hope you will go to the Luo Family and apologize.

Apologize? It would probably be simpler to just destroy the Luo Family. Zhao Feng laughed with a playful smile as he left the hall.

Arrogant brat!

Are you not scared that the wind will cut off your tongue!?

The upper echelon of the Zhao Family roared, but the youth didnt care; he just kept on walking further and further.

Zhao Feng had his own room in the Zhao Family Castle.


An old figure pushed open the door and entered the room. It was grandfather Zhao.

You youre not Fenger, Grandfather Zhao stared at Zhao Feng and said in a trembling and sad tone.

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