King Of Gods Chapter 778

Chapter 778 - Luo Shuier

Shock appeared on Luo Zuns face as he was just about to leave. Zhao Fengs warning sounded directly in Luo Zuns head, and he didnt feel anything beforehand. To do this, the soul-strength of the other person must be higher than his.

True Lord Rank brat do you really think the help of one King will be able to threaten the Luo Family? Luo Zun suppressed the shock in his heart and his expression darkened. His Divine Sense flashed through the air and landed next to Zhao Fengs ears, but it was unable to penetrate into his soul.

This scene stunned him. He wasnt able to detect or even touch Zhao Fengs soul-strength. The latter was like a dead sea.

Although Luo Zun was forceful, he was also cautious and wary. Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat both had strength that he couldnt see through, and this made him wary. Furthermore, the current Luo Family couldnt attack the Zhao Family directly.

Then lets see. Zhao Feng closed his eyes and remained unmoved.

Hmph, brat at the bottom of the well, a measly Yunling Zhao Family is nothing in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty. Its not even a pawn. The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan mightve had a spot at its peak, but now Coldness appeared on Luo Zuns face, and his tone contained a sense of superiority.

Luo Zun was using his style to warn and counterattack Zhao Feng.

In the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, the Zhao Family and even the Luo Family were nothing. The weakened Ten Thousand Sacred Clan barely had a tiny bit of power left. On the other hand, Luo Zun had formed a good relationship with the Eighth Prince, and the imperials were the rulers.

This Luo Zun! Zhao Feng was surprised. Not only was Luo Zun talented, he even found something to rely on in this dangerous world; the imperials saw his talent and abilities.

Zhao Feng! Luo Zuns words were full of confidence and dominance, If you turn back now, theres still time otherwise, the Zhao Family will only be able to survive for one more year at most. You might be able to survive with the protection of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, but you will die full of hatred.

Hearing this, Zhao Feng felt weird. It was he that was warning Luo Zun, but Luo Zun suddenly started to talk about the lord dynasty and told Zhao Feng to turn back, as if Luo Zun was already the victor.

Zhao Feng sat down and didnt say anything else. He had already warned Luo Zun; it didnt matter to Zhao Feng whether Luo Zun listened to him or not, but it already seemed like Luo Zun didnt plan on listening.

In the clouds, Luo Zuns expression was grim as he flew in the direction of the Luo Family. Zhao Fengs willpower surpassed his expectations. He tried to destroy Zhao Fengs battle-intent with his words just now, but Zhao Feng was completely unmoved and was even too lazy to argue back.

What is this brat relying on? Luo Zun felt somewhat defeated. He had asked to be the one to take care of the Zhao Family, but he failed. He, the number one genius of the Tianfeng Great Island Zone, had been defeated by a youth more than a dozen years younger than himself. This humiliation made him angry. In terms of age, Zhao Feng was only fourteen or fifteen years old not even half of his.

Brother Luo. The sound of flying and a surge of Magnificent Power appeared near the Luo Family.

Eighth Prince. Luo Zuns expression became slightly better as he glanced toward the calm and elegant male.

Brother Luo, how did it go? It wasnt successful? The Eight Prince could tell that Luo Zuns expression wasnt right.

The two were on good terms, so Luo Zun told him everything.

It seems like that Zhao Feng is indeed not simple. Brother Luo hasnt felt this defeated since the battle with Xin Wuheng the eyes of the Eighth Prince twinkled as he murmured. It seemed like the humiliation Luo Zun felt this time was only below that of what he felt from Xin Wuheng.

Xin Wuheng! When Luo Zun murmured this name, hatred and battle-intent surged from his eyes. Ill finish off this brat, then challenge him.

The Eighth Prince knew that the defeat half a year ago was Luo Zuns greatest humiliation.

I have analyzed that Xin Wuheng purposely stayed at the half-step King level because he didnt want to become a King. After all, his Intent has already reached the level of an Emperor, the Eighth Prince said.

He felt regretful whenever he mentioned Xin Wuheng. The Eighth Prince hadnt managed to recruit such a genius, but the strongest competitor for the position of Crown Prince the Fourth Prince did.

Why does he want to suppress his cultivation? Could it be? Luo Zun suddenly thought of something.

Thats right the Divine Illusion Dimension. The Eighth Prince faintly smiled. Anyone at the Void God Realm will have to undergo an enormous risk to enter the Divine Illusion Dimension, but half-step Kings have at least a 70% chance of success.

This analysis was logical. To make sure he was able to enter the Divine Illusion Dimension safely, Xin Wuheng purposely stayed at the level of a half-step King.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The two flew in the direction of the Luo Family.

Eighth Prince, have you talked to my sister? How is she? Luo Zun smiled. The Eighth Prince was of noble status. If his little sister married the Eighth Prince, it would be extremely good for him and the rest of the Luo Family. The Luo Family was willing even if Luo Shuier was just a concubine.

I like lady Shuier, and shes perfect, but The Eighth Prince smiled bitterly.

Hmm? Is Shuier not willing? Luo Zun thought of a problem. The Eighth Prince, himself, and the Luo Family had never asked what Luo Shuier thought.

From Luo Zuns point of view, it was something countless females of normal families would dream of even if they were just a concubine, and the Eighth Prince had promised to make Luo Shuier the principal wife.

Within a room of the Luo Family:

Father, brother, when did I ever agree to break off the marriage? Did you even consider asking what I thought?

A young girl in green cried. The girl had smooth skin, and she looked like a goddess. She was flawless like a lotus after the rain.

Facing the cries of the young girl, both Luo Zun and their father looked at each other and remained silent. The two both loved Luo Shuier, but neither of them had even asked what Luo Shuier thought, and now her name was tarnished by Zhao Fengs Engagement Rejection Letter.

Guiltiness appeared in their hearts, but it soon faded. Forming a connection with the Eighth Prince and the imperials was something the Luo Family and Luo Zun couldnt resist.

The next day, Zhao Feng returned to the Zhao Family Castle and continued to cultivate.

After destroying the Yin Family, Zhao Feng had gathered some Water-elemental and body-strengthening resources, which could allow him to cultivate for a while.

At this moment in time, his cultivation had reached the late stages of the True Lord Rank and was still steadily rising, but there was still some force required to break through to the fourth level of the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body.

Seeing that, Zhao Feng put more energy into the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique. The higher level the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique was, the more efficiently he could use Wind Lightning to train his body.

Several days later, Zhao Fengs cultivation was closing in on the peak True Lord Rank, and the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique was approaching the peak fourth level.

The Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body might be able to break through to the fourth level after half a month, and my cultivation might recover to the Origin Core Realm after two months, Zhao Feng murmured.

His plan for his re-cultivation was precise. When he returned to the Void God Realm, his foundation would be much stronger than his previous life, which would increase the chances of him breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm.

On this day, Zhao Fengs cultivation was interrupted.

Fenger, the Luo Family has sent people over and they want to speak to you. Grandfather Zhao hurried over.

Luo Family?

Zhao Feng got up and walked out of the courtyard. A while later, Zhao Feng saw the representatives from the Luo Family in a lounge of the Zhao Family.

A total of three people had come from the Luo Family. The middle person was an elder at the Origin Core Realm with a fat face and big ears who spoke, Zhao Feng, Ive come representing the Head of the Family to invite you to attend the banquet of the Luo Family and discuss the marriage. As for the Engagement Rejection Letter, the Head of the Family is willing to believe that it was done on a whim. I heard that Lady Shuiers impression of you isnt bad either.

The flabby-faced elder kept on speaking while Zhao Feng and the other members of the Zhao Family were surprised.

As for this banquet, Zhao Feng wasnt interested and didnt want to attend, and they only invited Zhao Feng.

Fenger, this is probably a trap of the Luo Family. The upper echelon of the Zhao Family was worried. Grandfather Zhao even suspected that they were planning to murder Zhao Feng.

Ive already written an Engagement Rejection Letter, theres nothing else to be said. Zhao Fengs eyebrows furrowed, but the flabby-faced elder kept on speaking in an attempt to persuade Zhao Feng.

Ill be leaving now. Zhao Feng was too lazy to care about anything else, and he was about to leave the three representatives behind and start cultivating again.

Brat, dont get cocky. Seeing that, the flabby-faced elder finally became angry, The Luo Family inviting you is giving you face a measly Zhao Family is nothing against the Luo Family! It would be like trying to break a rock with an egg.

The flabby-faced elder swore and cursed. Zhao Feng started to understand; this was probably one of the Luo Familys tricks. If they assaulted this representative, the Luo Family would have a legitimate reason to attack.

At a certain moment, the sound of flying appeared alongside a half-step King Intent.

Is Zhao Feng here? A general in blue floated in the air and took out a shining silver token.


The token expanded to a hundred yards wide and was surrounded by a purple dragon that connected with the fortune of the lord dynasty.

Duke Token! The hearts of the Zhao Family upper echelon as well as the flabby-faced elder shook.

Greetings, Lord Duke. The upper echelon of the Zhao Family, the flabby-faced elder, and company were all extremely respectful, and those with low cultivation even kneeled down.

Yes, I am. Zhao Feng walked over expressionlessly.

Zhao Feng, the Duke Palace invites you as a guest. The general in blue smiled when his gaze landed on Zhao Feng, and he was somewhat respectful.

The Duke Palace is inviting Zhao Feng as a guest? The three from the Luo Family acted as if they were choking.
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