King Of Gods Chapter 781

Chapter 781 - Registration

Within a red courtyard of the Dukes Palace:

You said that a single breath from that youth managed to make signs of life appear in the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly? Duke Nanfeng was stunned when he heard the explanation from the two. If it was just Princess Yuqing alone, he might be suspicious and think that it was exaggerated, but the Eighth Prince had seen it as well, and he wasnt someone to lie.

Yuqing, why didnt you make such a talented person stay behind and let me see him? Duke Nanfeng chastised.

Being one of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly slept extremely deeply, and even Grandmaster-level Beast Tamers couldnt do anything.

He then prepared to send people to invite Zhao Feng back.

Father wait! Zhao Feng said that hes going back to prepare and that this was just a test. We shouldnt interrupt him. Princess Yuqing quickly stopped him.

Thats true. Duke Nanfeng nodded his head, then asked Princess Yuqing and the Eighth Prince about Zhao Feng.

Oh? The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan?

Duke Nanfeng immediately sent experts to the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan to protect Zhao Feng in secret. Zhao Feng was now related to whether the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly could awaken or not, so nothing could happen to him.

If the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly successfully awakens, I have a chance to return to the Sacred Division and become someone that can move the lord dynasty. Duke Nanfeng murmured in his heart, and battle-intent started to burn in the depths of his eyes.

Although the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly wasnt a completely offense-oriented insect, only a small number of people knew its true value.

Elsewhere, Zhao Feng returned to the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan on the Yinming Bird.

When I awaken the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly next time, Ill be able to get some Soul Dao resources from the Dukes Palace, Zhao Feng thought.

If he tried his best, it wasnt impossible for him to awaken the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly immediately, but that would make him tired. He wanted to complete it over several visits. Firstly, he didnt want to make it seem like awakening it was simple, and secondly, he would be able to obtain more resources.

Of course, Zhao Feng couldnt drag it out for too long because there was only about eighty days left till the Divine Illusion Dimension opened. Therefore, Zhao Feng needed to awaken the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly within three months.

The preparation he mentioned was cultivation.

Later that day, Zhao Feng entered seclusion.

Over the past few days of doing missions, selling spiritual pets, and destroying the Yin Family, he had acquired quite a few resources, and he wouldnt need any more for a while.

Zhao Feng said down as Water-elemental materials of all kinds and shapes appeared. He also took out many body-strengthening materials. The amount here was enough to make the eyes of Origin Core Realms go red.

To increase the rate of his cultivation, he needed to rely on resources.

The Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique and the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body were both extremely high-tier; it was hard to obtain similar skills even in four-star forces. In addition, since he was just recovering, Zhao Feng wasnt worried about his foundation being unstable. Furthermore, the Sacred Lightning Body and the Wind Lightning Technique complimented each other, making his foundation even tougher.

Time flew by quickly, and more than a dozen days passed. Zhao Fengs Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique reached the peak fourth level, and his Source of True Spirit was in the shape of liquified lightning and water that glittered beautifully.

His Water of Wind Lightning had now completely formed. The Water of Wind Lightning increased the speed and damage of his Wind Lightning, and it had the ability to change shape. Furthermore, the Water of Wind Lightning was extremely useful when cleansing his body and healing his injuries.

Using the Water of Wind Lightning as the first layer of the Five Elemental Wind Lightning is not a bad choice. Zhao Feng was satisfied.


Zhao Feng spread his palm, and an ice-blue liquid appeared.

Ice Imperial Spear!

The ball of liquid turned into the shape of a spear, then it turned into a piece of armor on Zhao Fengs body. The armor rippled; it was able to change into different forms.

This time around, because he had the Water of Wind Lightning, he could utilize the Ice Imperial Spear even more proficiently.

The Gods Spiritual Eye changed his body and gave him the Water bloodline. Now that he could use the Ice Imperial Spear as he pleased, Zhao Fengs strength increased dramatically.

Another few days later, Zhao Fengs Water of Wind Lightning surrounded his body and created loud sounds. At a certain moment, a silver-blue metallic light glittered around his body, as if he was a statue of silver ice.

An invisible force of body-strength surged from Zhao Feng.


The room that Zhao Feng was in shook, and a mere shockwave almost destroyed the entire house. This was Zhao Feng purposely not using his full power.

The material of every brick in the world of cultivation was not simple. For example, the room Zhao Feng was in could withstand several attacks from normal True Spirit Realms and not be crushed.

Fourth level of the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body!

Zhao Feng let out a long breath. He felt that every inch of his body contained the power of a bull.


Zhao Feng used an incomplete Earth-grade weapon and sliced it on his arm, but sparks flew everywhere instead of blood.

What strong defense!

Zhao Feng felt the limitless power in his body, and he felt confident. He could now fight against Origin Core Realm Sovereigns with just his body alone.

After reaching the fourth level of the Sacred Lightning Body, Zhao Feng consolidated his foundation before cultivating the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique.

Because his Intent was strong, it was easier for him to cultivate the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique. However, Intent didnt do much for body-strengthening.

On this day, in the hall of the Luo Family, more than a dozen members of the Luo Family upper echelon gathered together.

Hmph! Once we use this plan, the resources from the Zhao Familys mines will not be sold, and they will have a deficit within half a year.

Hahaha. With the help of the Three Cloud Flying Bandits, the Zhao Family wont be able to truly control the Yunling area. They wont even have a chance to rest.

The Head of the Luo Family and several elders had deadly smiles. Although they were unable to attack the Zhao Family directly, they could use under-the-table moves to create chaos and destroy them from the inside.

Without using any soldiers or shedding blood, and yet still able to win. Its true that the older one is, the wiser they are. Luo Zun had a bright smile as he sat next to his father.

Right at this moment, a weird Magnificent Power of a King that reached Heaven and Earth descended on the hall of the Luo Family.

Void God Realm King! The bodies of the upper echelon members became heavy.

Eighth Prince? Luo Zun was surprised as he looked at the dragon-robed male.

Luo Zun! The expression of the Eighth Prince was solemn. You definitely cant attack the Zhao Family or even offend Zhao Feng right now or else the Luo Family will be killed.

What!? Hearing that, chaos broke out within the hall. If this was said by someone else, they would snicker, but this was the Eighth Prince of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty.

A while later, within a secret hall of the Luo Family, the Eighth Prince, Luo Zun, and the Head of the Luo Family gathered together to talk in private.

Duke Nanfeng praises that Zhao Feng? Even Princess Yuqing likes him?

Luo Zun was faintly dazed, while the Head of the Luo Family was drenched in cold sweat.

Duke Nanfeng was the ruler of the great island zone and a relative of the imperials. Furthermore, Duke Nanfeng was a peak-tier Emperor himself. With the addition of the lord dynastys providence, his strength was immeasurable.

One of the main reasons the Eighth Prince even came to the Tianfeng Great Island Zone was to try to recruit Duke Nanfeng and the forces behind him.

The lord dynasty was at a very sensitive stage right now. According to the rule, the current Great Gan Sacred Emperor only had less than ten years left on his five hundred years of being the Emperor.

The Sacred Emperor had the assistance of the entire lord dynastys providence; unless it was a special circumstance, one couldnt be the Sacred Emperor twice.

The birth of any Sacred Emperor represented the battle between different forces. Some families, three-star forces, and even four-star powers would join in the fight for the position of Sacred Emperor.

Even though he wasnt the favorite to become Crown Prince, the Eighth Prince was going for it as well. This was the main reason he was at the Tianfeng Great Island Zone.

In the blink of an eye, it had been one month since Zhao Feng had returned from the Dukes Palace. Over this past month, Zhao Feng was in seclusion.

His cultivation had finally recovered to the half-step Origin Core Realm, and it was time for the disciples of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan to start registering for the Divine Illusion Trials.

The Divine Illusion Trials were used to compete for the clans Divine Illusion Dimension spots.

Being a three-star force in its past, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan obviously had the array to connect to the Divine Illusion Dimension, but it could only send in one hundred people.

The aim of the Divine Illusion Trials was to find the one hundred to send in.

Of the one hundred spots, seventy or so spots were given to the younger generation while the older generation took up the remaining thirty or so spots.

The rules for gaining a spot were different for each force, but they all placed greater importance on the younger generation since they had more potential.

There was a long line in front of a big hall of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. There were almost two thousand elites registering. The Divine Illusion Dimension wasnt an inheritance that had an age limit anyone below a King could register.

Next. An elder with a beard was taking the registrations.

Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng went up and took out his identity token.

Zhao Feng? The eyes of the bearded elder became bigger as he looked at Zhao Feng.

The name of Zhao Feng was known across the clan, and there were countless stories about him. Apparently, he was a beast tamer who was praised by Duke Nanfeng himself.

Theres still one month left till the Divine Illusion Trials.

Zhao Feng left the clan on the Yinming Bird. Zhao Feng had received a letter from the Zhao Family stating that the Luo Family came and apologized.

Several hours later, Zhao Feng reached the Dukes Palace on the Yinming Bird. The Dukes Palace had received news of him coming before he even arrived.

Zhao Feng! Princess Yuqing exclaimed, and her face turned red with joy.

However, the atmosphere outside the Dukes Palace was solemn, and the nearby servants and soldiers didnt even dare to breathe out loud.

A powerful male in golden robes stood with his hands behind his back outside the palace.

Duke Nanfeng came to greet Zhao Feng personally!
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