King Of Gods Chapter 789

Chapter 789 - Admitting Defeat Right Away

Liu Tianfan was extremely cautious as he faced Kong Feiling.

As soon as the fight started:

Purple Flame Protection!

A dark purple flaming armor covered Liu Tianfans body and radiated a fierce light. Maybe it was because the opponent was so strong, but the battle-power that Liu Tianfan displayed right at the beginning surpassed what he had when he fought Zhao Feng.


With a flash of multi-colored light, Kong Feiling took an elegant step forward and closed in on Liu Tianfan. Although it seemed slow, it was actually even faster than Zhao Fengs Wings of Wind and Lightning.


A multi-colored light shot out from Kong Feilings fingertips and blossomed like a flower as it landed on Liu Tianfan.


After using the Purple Flame Protection, Liu Tianfan thrust out both his fists and launched two intertwined purple dragons made of fire. The temperature was enough to turn a normal Small Origin Core Realm into ashes.

Looks like Liu Tianfan didnt use his full strength when he fought me, Zhao Feng murmured. At the end of the day, Liu Tianfans cultivation surpassed his by too much. Zhao Feng only did as well as he did because his agility and various secret techniques had limited Liu Tianfans abilities.


The sound of the stage cracking could be heard, and Liu Tianfan roared as he retreated. The purple flaming armor on his body was shattered by a casual blow from Kong Feiling.

Kong Feiling was extremely elegant and patient. She waved her jade hands, and brilliant images shot out. These images released mysterious and noble flames that showed signs of materializing.


Within three moves, Liu Tianfan spat out a mouthful of blood.

The Ten Thousand Sacred Clans number one Core disciple lives up to her title.

Kong Feiling hasnt even used her Imperial Dao bloodline and yet shes still able to crush Liu Tianfan.

Chaos broke out amongst the spectators, and most of the disciples were stunned by Kong Feilings strength.

Apart from not using her Imperial Dao bloodline, Kong Feiling hasnt even used her full strength. Zhao Feng saw more than just the surface, just like when he fought with Huang Yunhu.

Its over Liu Tianfan. You havent improved much. Kong Feiling laughed lightly. As soon as she finished speaking, a half-step King Intent engulfed the area.


Kong Feilings body was covered by a seven-colored light that was dozens of yards wide.

Thats Kong Feilings Imperial Dao bloodline? Zhao Feng was surprised.


Liu Tianfans body was sent flying off the stage like a crumpled ball of paper, and he spat out mouthfuls of blood.

Kong Feiling wins! the judge announced. There was no doubt about who the victor would be from the start. If Kong Feiling had gone all out right away, Liu Tianfan wouldnt have even lasted one move.

Kong Feiling is ranked 298th on the Imperial Genius rankings. Zhao Fengs memories contained this information.

The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan had the foundation of a three-star sect, so the Head disciple wasnt weaker than some three-star forces.

Of the people on the Imperial Genius rankings, the weakest were Great Origin Core Realms. From this, one could see how strong Luo Zun was for him to be ranked in the top one hundred.

As time passed, more and more disciples were eliminated. From two hundred to one hundred and fifty, from one hundred and fifty to one hundred. There were fewer and fewer people participating, which meant that the possibility of Zhao Feng and Kong Feiling meeting was increasing.

According to the rules, those that hadnt fought with each other before were more likely to be paired up.

Two days before the Divine Illusion Trials ended, Zhao Feng matched with Kong Feiling.

Im very interested in your strength. Kong Feiling smiled.

Before the trials started, she tried to probe Zhao Feng with her half-step King Intent, but it was like a stone being dropped into the ocean. She felt that Zhao Feng hadnt used his true strength when fighting Liu Tianfan.

I admit defeat, Zhao Feng said and jumped off the stage.

This made Kong Feiling feel like she had been choked, and she stomped her foot on the ground.

The spectators were all surprised as well. According to the norm, since Zhao Feng had the strength to become one of the top three Core disciples, he should exchange a few moves with Kong Feiling regardless of whether he could win or not. However, Zhao Feng admitted defeat directly?

The two Kings also let out regretful expressions. They could tell that Zhao Feng had some sort of secret and probably couldnt reveal it.

The more it was as such, the more curious others would be.

Hmph, Ill wait till the Divine Illusion Dimension then. Lets see your secrets there. Kong Feiling harrumphed coldly and walked off the stage with disappointment.

She was unrivalled among the disciples of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. The only one she couldnt see through was Zhao Feng, but he didnt want to fight with her. This made her angry and helpless.

The Divine Illusion Trials ended two days later. After twenty or so days of elimination, the sixty spots were finally decided.

Zhao Feng didnt see Senior Martial Sister Wan amongst them. However, with her early-stage True Lord Rank cultivation, it wasnt a surprise that she didnt make it through.

His gaze scanned over the other fifty-nine disciples. They were all at least at the half-step Origin Core Realm. Huang Yunhu and Senior Martial Brother Guang were amongst them.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The disciples that had passed the trials all left the secret realm. As for the ones that had been eliminated earlier, they already left long ago.

A total of sixty elite disciples appeared in the valley.

Junior Martial Brother Zhao, congratulations on passing the Divine Illusion Trials. You need to grasp this chance well. Senior Martial Sister Wan was waiting in the valley. Although she was disappointed about her loss, she was happy for Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng sighed in his heart. In order to hide some of his secrets, he had used the heart controlling technique to make Senior Martial Sister Wan think highly of him, but now she was liking him more by the day. After all, she was witnessing the rise of this handsome youth, who had now become a bright star. However, she knew the difference between herself and Zhao Feng would only become bigger.

Theres still one month till the Divine Illusion Dimension opens. Go back and prepare. Read about the Divine Illusion Dimension as well, the two Kings said before leaving.

Every disciple that had passed the Divine Illusion Trials received information regarding the Divine Illusion Dimension.

Zhao Feng also got received it, but he shook his head in disappointment when he read it. It was obvious that Duke Nanfengs information was far better.

Zhao Feng could imagine the disciples of Kings and Emperors getting more information, but he had already learned everything he could from the Dukes information. As Duke Nanfeng had said, they probably hadnt even mapped one tenth of the Divine Illusion Dimension.

Theres still a month left. I can use this time to raise my cultivation, Zhao Feng murmured, then entered seclusion when he got back.

For the next month, Zhao Feng cultivated with the help of sufficient resources.

A month later, his cultivation had broken through to the middle stages of the Small Origin Core Realm.

Zhao Fengs mastery of the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique became better as well, but he was now stuck at the peak fifth level, unable to enter the sixth.

My cultivation is restricting my progress in the Wind Lightning Technique, Zhao Feng murmured.

If his cultivation was at the Great Origin Core Realm or even just the peak stage of the Small Origin Core Realm, he mightve reached the sixth level of the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique.

During this one month, he didnt stop cultivating his Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body, and he started to taste the benefits of a powerful body. A powerful body meant that he could ignore the opponents Intents, bloodline, and cultivation.

The child Demigod was the same way back then. When the child Demigod was a King, his physical force was able to suppress the Emperor of Deaths body, and Zhao Fengs Sacred Lightning Body was even stronger than the Golden Kun Sacred Body.

Zhao Fengs Sacred Lightning Body contained the element of Lightning, and when it reached a certain level, anything that his body passed would be destroyed by lightning. Zhao Feng wouldnt even need to do anything; anyone that attacked him would turn to dust.

When the five elements of Wind Lightning were cultivated, the Sacred Lightning Body would be extremely resilient against any elemental attack as well. However, since Zhao Feng had only cultivated the Water of Wind Lightning at the moment, he was only somewhat resilient against ice and water.

As a Sacred Lightning Body, it was also extremely resilient against lightning, and it could even absorb lightning. Back then, Lei Zhen from the Ten Thousand Thunder Sect was able to absorb Zhao Fengs lightning attacks.

Once the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body is trained to a high level, my chance of passing the God Tribulation will increase dramatically. Zhao Feng was full of confidence and expectation for the future.

Time passed by quickly, and the day of the Divine Illusion Dimensions opening was approaching.

Zhao Feng stopped cultivating during the last few days and entered the Ancient Dream Realm to absorb more of its aura. The purity of his bloodline slowly increased.

The night before the Divine Illusion Dimension opened, a hundred elite disciples were waiting quietly on a pitch-black stage in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

The Divine Illusion Dimension is connecting with the borders of the continent zone.

The time of connection might be a bit early or late.

The elites discussed, and Zhao Feng saw that there were thirty-five elder experts amongst the one hundred. The weird thing was that there was even a Void God Realm King who was fifty or sixty years old.

Zhao Feng guessed that the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan had some method to send in a Void God Realm King, but they would need to pay a price.

Some forces, including the imperials, should have successfully connected to it already. As we are near the ocean, we are one day slower.

Several figures covered in magnificent light discussed.
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