King Of Gods Chapter 792

Chapter 792 - Underground World

On the mountain, the group of people looked around and were dazed by what they saw, including Zhao Feng.

After the sandstorm, the mountain they were on was the only peak standing amidst a large hole. The feeling of solitude was extreme.

The sand had been blown away by the sandstorm, and the area around them had turned into an abyss. The cold blowing of the wind made the disciples of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan hiccup.


That is!?

Some disciples gazes locked onto the ground, and they could see some blurry structures.

Hmm? Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye could see further; there was a small amount of buildings below. Furthermore, it wasnt sand below them anymore, but black mud.

Could it be? Zhao Feng had some guesses and used his Gods Spiritual Eye to look further.

At the same moment, all of the disciples from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan started to inspect the abyss below them.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Kong Feiling and Old Fei, two half-step Kings, leapt into the air. The other members all went down and started to search for tracks.

Theres an entrance here! An exclamation sounded and caught everyones attention.

Several disciples were standing in front of a palace-wall-like structure, and a long pathway could be seen underground.

Underground path? People have found underground cities and seas in the Divine Illusion Dimension before. Old Feis eyes twinkled.

However, everyones senses were heavily restricted in the Divine Illusion Dimension. Even the mud and buildings could limit their senses. Only Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye could see what was below.

It should be an underground city, Zhao Feng spoke, and everyone agreed with him.

The pathway went underground, and the mud was slightly wet. One could even see small insects.

This place wont be covered by sand right away.

The group started to discuss, and the majority agreed to go down and scout it out. The group followed the pathway and went down.

There were some pearls in the pathway that gave off a faint light, and the sounds of roaring and biting sounded from the depths.

The group finally reached the end after a long journey. The ground beneath their feet was dark green, and there were signs of humans altering the landscape.

The material of the underground city was extremely tough, and due to the Divine Illusion Dimension itself, even the strongest blow of a True Lord Rank could only leave behind a faint scratch on the ground.

Maybe because they hadnt been used in a long time, many places in the underground city were dark. However, it wasnt hard to see that this city had been worked on extensively. The field, fountain, stores, and houses had everything they needed. It wasnt any worse than any other city.

Old Fei, I feel a disturbance of pure Yuan Qi from underground. Kong Feiling, who was in a beautiful dress, closed her eyes. Amongst the people present, she had the highest cultivation and the most powerful bloodline; she was the strongest one in their group.

The group used their senses to scout around after hearing Kong Feilings warning.

Youre right. Old Fei, two other half-step Kings, and several peak Great Origin Core Realms felt the same feeling, and Zhao Feng revealed a weird expression as his left eye gazed in a certain direction.

Yuan Qi disturbance? Its more than just that. Zhao Fengs soul was the strongest amongst the people present and, with the help of the Gods Spiritual Eye, his senses were the clearest.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat appeared on his shoulder and threw several old coins into the air, causing them to clatter.

Old Fei and several older experts led the way while Kong Feiling followed closely behind as they headed toward the place where they sensed the disturbance in Yuan Qi.

However, the journey wasnt peaceful. Before they walked even a hundred yards, pairs of green eyes and wolf-like howling sounds appeared.

Ceng! Ceng!

With a flash of lightning, more than a dozen wolf-like humanoids charged out from a corner.

Watch out! Its a mutated type of human wolfmen! Old Fei warned as the two sides clashed.

Wolfmen were unaffected by the darkness, and their senses were not affected by the buildings and mud. On top of that, they were very agile.

Some disciples were killed by the wolfmen before they even managed to react. Luckily, the older elites were experienced, and Old Fei quickly killed a few wolfmen.

Old Fei and company knew a bit about the wolfmen, but the other disciples werent as experienced.


A half-step Origin Core Realm disciples shoulder was ripped apart by a wolfmans claw, and he screamed out in pain.

The wolfmen were extremely fast, their claws were sharp, and they were stronger in the dim environment.

Ceng! Ceng! Ceng!

These wolfmen left several bodies behind with their ambush, then quickly retreated into the complex underground city.

These wolfmen are extremely cunning, and they specialize in teamwork and ambushing. They were only testing us just now, Old Fei warned.

The battle a moment ago was just the wolfmen scouting them out.

The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan group kept pushing forward. There were some that specialized in defense, healing, or other unique abilities like assassination. Such a group had a higher chance to survive the unknown.

Around half the time it took to make tea later, the howling of wolves and several hundred pairs of dark green eyes appeared once more, making everyone that saw them go cold.

Watch out! Theres several hundred wolfmen this time. Old Feis heart shook. Many of them were holding weapons, and some even had armor. Compared to before, this group of wolfmen was a group of elites.

The several hundred wolfmen surrounded the Ten Thousand Sacred Clans group.


A large wolfman leader walked out. Its fur was golden-brown, and it held a long spear.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat on Zhao Fengs shoulder gestured to Zhao Feng, as if translating something.


They want us to leave everything behind and all the women?

The weird thing was that everyone could understand the little thieving cats gesturing.

Everyone was surprised. Although the underground city was chaotic, it apparently had its own rules of survival as well.

Tell them that we are the plunderers. Kong Feiling snickered coldly.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved its paws at the wolfman leader.


The wolfmen roared and howled, and the leader became angry as it waved its spear and ordered the others to attack.


A dark green whirlwind appeared from the wolfman leaders spear and swept toward the group from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. Just a casual blow was comparable to the power of a half-step King.

Let me fight it! Kong Feiling yelled as a glow of light radiated from her.


Kong Feiling and the wolfman leader clashed, creating a shockwave that pushed everyone else away.

Although the bloodline and technique of this wolfman werent as strong as Kong Feilings, it was extremely strong, and its physical body was powerful.

At the same time, the several hundred wolfmen charged forward.

In terms of number, the wolfmen had a big advantage, but the cultivators of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan were all geniuses and not to be underestimated.

An elder at the Great Origin Core Realm who specialized in Soul Dao techniques caused the wolfmen to panic and attack each other.

Zhao Feng circulated his Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body; he wasnt scared of close combat. The wolfmen that approached him were all sent flying.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat jumped around in between the wolfmen. He didnt kill any of them, he just stunned them with its paws.

Capture the leader first! Old Fei roared as he attacked the wolfman leader from the side.


The wolfman leader spat out a mouthful of blood.

After analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the wolfman, Kong Feiling started to suppress it. With the help of Old Fei, they pushed the leader back.


Seeing that things werent going as planned, the wolfman leader yelled and retreated with the other wolfmen.

These wolfmen arent too dumb. They specialize in working as a group to pick on the weak. If the opponent is too strong, they will retreat. Old Fei let out a long breath. After all, there were several hundred wolfmen, so if they fought without care, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clans group would be severely injured.

Old Fei, I searched the soul of a small wolfman leader The Great Origin Core Realm elder that specialized in Soul Dao techniques came over and soon constructed a map of the area.

At the same time, a map appeared in Zhao Fengs mind, which contained information about the nearby area. In the chaotic situation just now, Zhao Feng soul-searched a wolfman as well.

The disturbance of Yuan Qi should from the forbidden ground of the underworld city the Evil Gods Altar.

Old Fei and several others discussed. The Evil God was the god that these underground races prayed to.

To reach the Evil Gods Altar, we need to pass through the wolfmen, lizardmen, and even the territory of the scorpionmen. The scorpionmen are the strongest. Old Feis eyebrows locked together as he glanced toward Kong Feiling.

There was definitely some sort of secret or fortune at the Evil Gods Altar, but based on the current situation, they would meet powerful races on the way. The strength of the lizardmen and the scorpionmen were even stronger than the wolfmen.

I feel like the Evil Gods Altar contains an unusual power. Kong Feiling decided to give it a go. Her Imperial Dao bloodline felt that the disturbance from the Evil Gods Altar was becoming stronger.

Okay. Everyone, get ready to fight. Lizardmen normally specialize in spitting fire. Those that cultivate Water-elemental techniques, gather here, Old Fei ordered.

Zhao Feng had the Ice-Water bloodline and the Water of Wind Lightning, so he didnt have an issue being summoned to the front. In the past, he liked to act alone, but now, he had witnessed the strength of a group and how they managed to survive.

Nows not the time to act alone, Zhao Feng thought.

The group steadily entered the territory of the wolfmen and didnt face many ambushes.

Around half an hour later:

Boom! Boom! Bam!

The sound of fire and human yelling came from ahead.

Hmm? Which force arrived before us? Old Fei was very cautious.
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