King Of Gods Chapter 799

Chapter 799 - Invisible Force

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat, who was only slightly bigger than a palm, waved the Evil God Staff around while it danced, as if it was a priest.

At this moment, no one dared to ignore it because it had the ability to communicate with the Evil God Crystal as well. In fact, it was even better at communicating with it than the snakeman priest.

The leaders of the three forces Gu Chaozhi, the youth in purple robes, Kong Feiling, as well as Old Fei were acting as if they had been choked. This was especially true for Gu Chaozhi and the purple-robed youth; they didnt really understand what happened, and they didnt want a new priest to appear right after they killed the old one.

Zhao Feng! The elites from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan all gazed at the handsome youth because he was the owner of the cat.

Zhao Feng, so it really is you. Not far away, Nan Gongsheng revealed a solemn and complex expression. After seeing the little thieving cat, Nan Gongsheng was 80-90% certain that this Zhao Feng was the same one he knew, but he didnt know how Zhao Feng ended up like this.

Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng know each other? The disciples of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan felt incredulous. One had to know that Nan Gongsheng came from the far away Cang Ocean, and he was a Core disciple of a three-star power. From the looks of it, Nan Gongsheng even seemed to be wary of Zhao Feng.

I never said I wasnt. Zhao Feng smiled faintly, and Nan Gongsheng paused. He remembered what Zhao Feng had said back at the territory of the scorpionmen; Relationship? My name is Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng didnt deny anything or suggest that he wasnt the same one he knew.

What whats going on? The elites of the three forces didnt really understand, and the disciples of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan were stunned.

This Zhao Feng Kong Feiling, Liu Tianfan, Huang Yunhu, and company kept their eyes on Zhao Feng. They felt that this youth was covered in a mysterious mist.

Ta! Ta!

Zhao Feng walked slowly toward the Evil Gods Altar. The Evil Gods Altar had already been broken into pieces, but the blood pond at the center wasnt damaged.

Zhao Feng Nan Gongsheng looked at the back of that youth and was about to say something, but he stopped. He was filled with questions; back in the Cang Ocean, the name of the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor had spread throughout the three Sacred Lands, and the Pursuit of Death had become a legend.

The Emperor of Death was one of the most ancient Emperors that even Sacred Lords didnt want to offend for no reason. After learning about the details, the Mystic Light Realm Grand Elder of the Mystic True Sacred Clan was stunned; he didnt expect his clan to produce such a talented person.

If the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor was still in the Cang Ocean, even Sacred Lords would be respectful to him.

Zhao Feng didnt stop. He kept walking toward the blood pond.


Zhao Feng jumped into the blood pond under the Evil God Crystal.

Di! Da!

The faint purple-and-blood-colored pond washed over Zhao Fengs body, but it didnt erode him with its wicked power.

This blood pond not only contains the power of pure blood essence, it also has the power of the Evil God Crystal itself.

Zhao Feng lay in the blood pond as if he was enjoying it. Because the little thieving cat had the Evil God Staff and could connect to the power of the Evil God Crystal, Zhao Feng wasnt eroded by the wicked power. If this wasnt the case, anyone at the Small Origin Core Realm would be dissolved upon entering the blood pond.

Zhao Feng circulated his Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body to absorb the essence of the God Crystal from the pond to strengthen his body. The bloody liquid had a high compatibility with humans. Furthermore, the power could also increase his True Yuan cultivation.

Zhao Feng had already thought about the crystal earlier. Although the Evil God Crystal was valuable, he couldnt use it.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Nan Gongsheng and Gu Chaozhi, the two King geniuses, landed next to the blood pond. Gu Chaozhi glanced at Zhao Feng in the blood pond, then at Nan Gongsheng, as if asking him what to do. In terms of strength, Nan Gongsheng was slightly stronger than him, but from the looks of it, Nan Gongsheng was actually cautious of that Small Origin Core Realm youth.

Zhao Feng, what do you plan on doing with the Evil God Crystal? Nan Gongsheng finally spoke.

Hearing that, everyone from the three forces, including Gu Chaozhi, felt their heart shake.

Nan Gongsheng was definitely the strongest amongst everyone present. His spatial talent, his secret techniques, and his Inheritance Sacred weapon the Qiankun Sword left a deep impression in their hearts. However, this same Nan Gongsheng asked what Zhao Feng thought about how to split the Evil God Crystal?

The blood pond is mine. The Evil God Crystal isnt of much use to me currently, but if anyone can bring me the Crystal Core of the Purple Wind Lightning Lion that the scorpionman King carries around with him, I will do my best to help them get the Evil God Crystal, Zhao Feng said slowly.

He had decided to give up the Evil God Crystal after thinking about it.

Firstly, the Evil God Crystal was too valuable. It was a genuine God Crystal, so it would attract too much attention. As of right now, Zhao Fengs strength was only comparable to some Kings, which was only enough to protect his life. He didnt want everyone to attack him.

Secondly, the power of the Evil God Crystal was too profound, so he couldnt absorb it in the short term anyway.

On top of that, the Evil God Crystal was really hard to obtain. Zhao Feng had tried to scan it with the Gods Spiritual Eye when he entered the Evil Gods Altar, but the Evil God Crystal had a strong resistive force around it.

However, the most important point was that the power of the Evil God Crystal wasnt pure. It had been corrupted, and it had a wicked consciousness.

On the other hand, there was some energy of the Evil God Crystal in the blood pond that could be absorbed immediately, which could raise Zhao Fengs current strength.

This Zhao Feng is smart; he took the most useful blood pond with just one sentence while giving away the Evil God Crystal that attracts the most attention. Old Feis eyes twinkled.

No one dared to fight Zhao Feng for the blood pond. After all, his cat had replaced the snakeman as the new priest, so it could connect to the power of the Evil God Crystal. Furthermore, Nan Gongshengs wary and respectful attitude toward Zhao Feng made others think of Zhao Feng as someone mysterious.

Okay. Nan Gongsheng was the first to agree. He cultivated the Dao of Space, not body-strengthening, so the blood pond wasnt very attractive to him anyway.

Gu Chaozhi and the elites of the Earth Spirit Hall were dissatisfied.

Senior Martial Brother Gu, are we going to give the blood pond to him just like that? several Core disciples behind asked with unwillingness.

Gu Chaozhis eyes scanned across Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng, and he stayed silent. Based on the current situation, Nan Gongsheng was on Zhao Fengs side, and the little thieving cat had become the new priest of the Evil Gods Altar.

This Friend, do you keep your promises? Anyone that gives you the Crystal Core of the Purple Wind Lightning Lion can get the Evil God Crystal? A half-step King with a white beard from the Earth Spirit Hall looked at Zhao Feng in the blood pond with twinkling eyes.

Of course. I wont stop anyone from trying to take the Evil God Crystal away. However, I cant guarantee that they will be able to get the Evil God Crystal. I can only try my best to assist, Zhao Feng replied.

Hearing that, several people from the three forces tried to take the Evil God Crystal away, but all of them failed and were counterattacked by the Evil God Crystal.


The half-step King with a white beard immediately spat out a mouthful of blood, and several others were also injured. The unluckiest person was sent flying by the Evil God Crystal and immediately fainted.

The Evil God Crystal wasnt a normal God Crystal. Apparently, it was formed from the divine power of an Evil God and now had a wicked consciousness that attacked anyone from the outside world that tried to interact with it.

The staff in the little thieving cats paws had a purple-and-blood-colored treasure stone that was actually a peak-grade Primal Crystal Stone that had been refined by the Evil God Crystal and then crafted into the staff with a unique method that could connect to the Evil God Crystal.

Di! Da!

Zhao Feng lay in the blood pond and used the power of the God Crystal to refine his body and increase his cultivation.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The Dark Lightning Wood, the Dim Wind Bamboo, the Five Balance Water Spirit Grass, and some other items appeared in front of Zhao Feng.

In the blink of an eye, the majority of a day passed. In this period of time, many elites of the three forces had tried to take the Evil God Crystal away, but none of them succeeded.

Nan Gongsheng just sat there without trying. He had already tried to take it away when he arrived, so he had already experienced the Evil God Crystals counterattack.

Gu Chaozhi sent people from the Earth Spirit Hall to find the tracks of the scorpionman King.

Zhao Feng, I will go get the Crystal Core of the Purple Wind Lightning Lion. Nan Gongsheng stood up. He had finally recovered his Yuan Qi, and he immediately disappeared from the Evil Gods Altar with a flash.

Senior Martial Brother Gu, that Nan Gongsheng has left. Now is the perfect chance to deal with that brat, a Core disciple form the Earth Spirit Hall suggested.

Gu Chaozhi stood motionless and gave a deep glance toward Zhao Feng in the blood pond.

Senior Martial Brother Gu, I wouldnt be your match in a one-on-one fight. Zhao Feng smiled and looked at him.

That made Gu Chaozhis face twitch, and the disciples of the three forces all had weird expressions. What kind of opponent purposely admitted that they werent the enemys match? However, the more Zhao Feng acted like that, the more uneasy Gu Chaozhi became, and thinking about how Nan Gongsheng was so wary and even slightly respectful toward this youth, he wasnt confident.

Go. Lets go find the scorpionman King, Gu Chaozhi ordered and led a group of people to find the scorpionman King. There were more resources than just the Evil God Crystal, and there were many places that they hadnt been yet.

Di! Da!

Zhao Feng lay in the blood pond and couldnt help but shake his head. What he said was the truth. He didnt lie to Gu Chaozhi; as of right now, Zhao Fengs soul-strength was the only thing that was comparable to a Void God Realm King. It would be easy to deal with anyone below the Void God Realm, but Gu Chaozhi was a King that was on the Imperial Genius rankings, and his battle-power surpassed normal Kings. In a true one-on-one fight, Zhao Feng might have the ability to protect himself, but there was only a small chance of winning.

His cultivation was rising as he lay in the blood pond. When he finished using the Dark Lightning Wood, the Dim Wind Bamboo, and the Five Balance Water Spirit Grass, his cultivation was almost at the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm.

The power of the God Crystal and the essence of the blood pond helped his Sacred Lightning Body and his cultivation a lot.

At the same moment, some members of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan murmured with dissatisfaction.

That Zhao Feng is keeping the entire blood pond for himself. Selfish!

He has the ability but isnt helping us take the Evil God Crystal.

The disciples and elites were extremely dissatisfied and decided to go talk to Zhao Feng.
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