King Of Gods Chapter 800

Chapter 800 - Improvement in the Sacred Lightning Body

Zhao Feng!

Junior Martial Brother Zhao!

Some disciples and older elites of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan started to gather toward the blood pond angrily. Kong Feiling and Old Fei were among them, and they had helpless expressions. Based on Zhao Fengs actions earlier, it was obvious that Zhao Feng wouldnt give away what belonged to him so easily, and even Nan Gongsheng and Gu Chaozhi were wary of him.

Di! Da!

Zhao Feng lay lazily in the blood pond and glanced at these members of the same clan.

Zhao Feng, this old man admires your strength, but no one feels well about you taking the blood pond by yourself or giving the Evil God Crystal away. If this reaches the upper echelon of the clan. Old Feis tone was respectful while also revealing their intentions.

Thats right, you are a member of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, how can you be this selfish?

Junior Martial Brother Zhao, are you not scared of the upper echelon punishing you?

Some disciples and older elites warned to show their dissatisfaction.

Hmph! Zhao Fengs expression went cold. You really think Id be scared of the upper echelon of a two-star clan?

Everyone paused, and the ones threatening him with the upper echelon of the clan felt like they had been choked.

The hearts of Old Fei and Kong Feiling shook. Could it be that Zhao Feng wasnt scared of the upper echelon of the clan? Did he even put them in his eyes? Seeing Zhao Fengs composed expression, Old Fei and Kong Feiling both felt like he wasnt simply being arrogant. Even Nan Gongsheng, a super genius of a three-star power, was respectful and wary of Zhao Feng.

Apart from that, Zhao Feng was also admired by Duke Nanfeng, who even owed Zhao Feng a favor. Apparently, Zhao Feng had even declined the title of Marquis. If he was willing, Zhao Feng could just leave the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan and join the Dukes Palace, and he could even enter the circle of the imperials.

This Zhao Feng is immeasurable. He does have the right to be arrogant. Old Feis eyes twinkled. At the moment, they didnt want to fight with Zhao Feng.

This blood pond is my spoils of war. Without my cat communicating with the Evil God Crystal, it would be useless, Zhao Feng said. This was his spoils of war. If he was willing to split it, that was him being generous, but there was nothing wrong if he didnt give any away.

Then what about the Evil God Crystal? Thats a God Crystal! Thats something that belongs to the domain of Gods, a youth said coldly, and his question reflected what everyone else thought.

They were all awaiting Zhao Fengs reply, and he didnt want to cause trouble with the clan at the moment.

The Evil God Crystal isnt something that we can have. Zhao Feng shook his head.

A light flashed in Old Feis eyes as he stopped the disciples who were about to debate with Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng is right. The Evil God Crystal will attract too much attention, and its useless to us anyway. It will only bring disaster. Old Fei agreed with and admired how Zhao Feng gave up the Evil God Crystal. Zhao Feng didnt have the greatest strength, so he used the Evil God Crystal to make Nan Gongsheng and Gu Chaozhi work for him.

I can give you ten bathtubs of the liquid from the blood pond, Zhao Feng said after thinking for a while.

The power of this liquid was strong, but it had one major flaw it contained the wicked power of the Evil God Crystal, which had a strong eroding force.

Okay. Old Fei let out a breath.

The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan soon filled up ten bathtubs of liquid from the blood pond, but it wasnt even one tenth of the total amount. On top of that, they needed to refine it with a certain method before being able to use it, unlike Zhao Feng who had the little thieving cat communicating with the Evil God Crystal. Zhao Feng could even use a small amount of the wicked power to refine his body.

For the next couple days, Zhao Feng lay in the blood pond and focused on cultivating.

The blood pond was formed from the blood essence of the strongest races in the underground city, fused with the power of the Evil God Crystal. This blood was the source of the Evil Gods Altar, and it could strengthen other beings.

Zhao Feng circulated his Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique and his Sacred Lightning Body to absorb the energy to the fullest.

In this period of time, Nan Gongsheng and those from the Earth Spirit Hall were all trying to find the scorpionman King, but the landscape of the underground city was too complex. If the scorpionman King focused on hiding, it would be hard to find him.

The Purple Sun Palace and the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan focused on scouring the resources remaining in the underground city. What surprised them was that, after the little thieving cat became the priest, some species came to it and gave it offerings.

Zhao Feng gave all the troublesome tasks to the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. Afterward, the little thieving cat, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, the Purple Sun Palace, and the Earth Spirit Hall started to conquer the nearby species.

It went much more smoothly than expected. They were all extremely wary and respectful of the Evil Gods priest, and some races that were even stronger than the scorpionmen didnt dare to attack. When the little thieving cat displayed the miracles of the Evil God, these races all became obedient.

The power of the Evil God Crystal isnt this simple, Zhao Feng murmured.

He knew a lot from the scorpionmen queen. There had been people who tried to resist the Evil Gods Altar in the past, but they were killed by the underground flames or natural disasters such as earthquakes.

The little thieving cat told Zhao Feng that the priest truly did have the ability to change the climate underground, but it required a lot of the priests energy, so it wasnt something that could be done casually.

In the blink of an eye, five days passed. Zhao Feng finally broke through to the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm with the help of the Wind Lightning bones and the blood pond. The core in his body had become bigger, and it already showed signs of crystallizing.

His improvements fell into the eyes of the other disciples of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, and they were all envious.

Is Zhao Feng not scared that his foundation will be unstable? Old Fei couldnt help but think.

Reality proved that Zhao Fengs foundation was extremely strong. Due to him cultivating the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique and the Sacred Lightning Body at the same time, his foundation was much better than other geniuses of the same cultivation.

After making this small breakthrough, Zhao Feng started focusing on the Sacred Lightning Body. Over the past few days, with the help of the blood pond, his Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body was approaching the late stages of the fourth level.

Once my Sacred Lightning Body reaches the late stage of the fourth level, my physical body strength alone will be able to crush Small Origin Core Realms and Great Origin Core Realms alike. No one below the half-step King level will be my match.

Zhao Feng was filled with joy, and he was looking forward to it.

What made him even happier was that the underground city species were sending their offerings. Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat received 40% of the cut while the Earth Spirit Hall, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, and the Purple Sun Palace split the remaining 60%.

Nan Gongsheng and Gu Chaozhi were still focused on finding the location of the scorpionman King.

Today, Zhao Feng took out the Dark Dragon Teeth Grass and some other treasures that were useful for body-strengthening in order to attempt a breakthrough to the late stages of the fourth level. Some of them came from the scorpionmen resource chamber and some were from the offerings.

This should be it. Zhao Feng soaked in the blood pond as a metallic silver-blue light glowed around him.

Within the blood pond, an invisible physical force appeared and started becoming stronger. Everyone close to him felt their bodies became heavy.

Eventually, the physical force boomed as it broke through. The nearby disciples felt their blood boil, and they almost spat out blood.

The place where Zhao Feng was lying hummed with wind and lightning, like waves crashing onto the shore.

I can kill a Small Origin Core Realm with just one punch with nothing more than my physical strength.

Zhao Feng felt the power running through his body, and this force created a dominating Intent.

The Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body didnt just train his body; when it reached a certain degree, it could also strengthen his Intent and even fuse into it. At that point in time, the soul wouldnt be his weakness like the Demigod Kun Yun.

The Demigod Kun Yun had reached the same step at his peak and managed to learn Revival from Blood, a supreme technique, but he ended up dying in the God Tribulation because of his weak soul.

Zhao Fengs Sacred Lightning Body had reached the late stages of the fourth level. The fifth level was comparable to the Void God Realm, the sixth to the Mystic Light Realm, and the seventh would be the body of a Demigod. However, the Sacred Lightning Body was better than the original Golden Kun Sacred Body it had an eighth level. There was even a theoretical ninth level.

The greater heights and better future were what motivated Zhao Feng to re-cultivate. Even if he hadnt been hit by the Cursed Words of Death, he wouldve chosen to re-cultivate.


Zhao Feng let out a breath and slowly stood up from the blood pond. There were wary and respectful gazes from those nearby.

Zhao Feng, this is a rare Dark Soul Stone. It is a precious Death-elemental Soul treasure. Old Fei took out two black jade-like stones, which gave off a cold Soul undulation. Weak people werent even able to approach them.

Soul Dao treasure? Good, very good! Zhao Feng was overjoyed.

Zhao Feng could choose which offerings he wanted, so he said that he wanted Soul Dao treasures, which could help him recover his soul-strength.

With enough Soul Dao treasures, I can reawaken my Emperor Intent.

Zhao Feng was full of expectations.

One had to know that Zhao Fengs Emperor Intent contained the Intent of God Tribulation Lightning. Otherwise, he wouldnt have been able to chase after the Emperor of Death, who specialized in the Dao of the Soul and the Dao of Death.

Once his Emperor Intent reawakened, Zhao Fengs strength would increase by leaps and bounds. However, Soul Dao treasures were extremely rare, and it wasnt a good choice to try to mine them manually.


A silver streak of light flashed through the air and landed in front of Zhao Feng.

The newcomer was Nan Gongsheng.

Zhao Feng, Ive slain the scorpionman King and acquired the Crystal Core of the Purple Wind Lightning Lion King.

Nan Gongshengs breathing was rapid.
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