King Of Gods Chapter 809

Chapter 809 - Chaotic Battle

Where did these two guys come from? They dare to steal from the Nine Darkness Palace?

Space techniques and body-strengthening combination? What a strong pair!

The eyes of the experts around the golden bones bulged out when they saw what was happening.

Sou! Shua! Sou! Shua!

The layer of silver light contained a spatial domain that quickly flew around, and it would steal some treasures with every flash. It was very fast, and the people inside seemed to be very experienced.

Who dares to steal from the Nine Darkness Palace!? Jiu Wuji in his black battle robes roared as his cold gaze turned around.

One could see a youth in black and a handsome youth with purple hair under the layer of silver. The youth in black was a Space-type Domain-level King and the other was a body-strengthening expert. It was like adding wings to a tiger.

Even those from the Duanmu Family were stunned.

Yufei? Do you know those two? the elder in green asked curiously.

Zhao Yufei was watching the actions of the Black Clothes, Purple Hair duo, and her expression wasnt natural.

Its just a friend. Maybe Nan Gongsheng is purposely doing that to help us. Zhao Yufei smiled and started to attack again and apply more pressure on Jiu Wuji and the other Kings instead of defending.

Hahaha, thats good! This was exactly the situation the elder in green wished for, and he suddenly increased his offense.

Jiu Wuji and company instantly faced the counterattacks from Zhao Yufei and the elder in green. Apart from Jiu Wuji, all the other Kings were injured to various degrees.

Sou! Shua!

The silver light flashed by the group from the Nine Darkness Palace, then started to plunder from some other forces.

Which thieves dare to steal from the Shi Family!? one of the four Kings roared.

The Shi Family was one of the Eight Big Families. The spectators clicked their tongues; this Black Clothes, Purple Hair duo started to steal from even more forces after plundering from the Nine Darkness Palace. The forces behind these groups were all at least three-star powers, and some were even peak three-stars.

Crazy! The Nine Darkness Palace, the Shi Family, the Dong Family, Grand Duke Yuans Palace have all been plundered by those two.

The spectating experts were shocked by the duos actions. The Nine Darkness Palace was a peak three-star superpower, and the Shi Family and the Dong Family were both part of the Eight Big Families, which were even stronger than normal three-star forces. Grand Duke Yuans Palace was the ruler of a province, which was a rank higher than the Dukes Palace of the Tianfeng Great Island Zone.

Each province of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty was on the same tier as the entire Cang Ocean.

Normal three-star forces didnt have the courage to attack four different superpowers at the same time.

Luckily, the Black Clothes, Purple Hair duo only stole from them and didnt kill anyone. The victims that they stole from didnt even have the ability to fight back. This wasnt against the rules of the Divine Illusion Dimension though; all the elites that had entered were competitors.

Not bad, not bad. Zhao Feng and Nan Gongshengs wealth started to increase due to the plundering. In half the time it took to make tea, the treasures they obtained surpassed everything they had stolen earlier.

Thieves, just wait till I rip you into shreds! Jiu Wuji and the other Kings were so angry that they were about to explode.

At the moment, the most valuable resources were still near the golden bones. The treasures that Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng took werent as valuable. Furthermore, the two didnt even kill anyone, they only stole.

Jiu Wuji, if this continues, where will the face of our four forces go? the young King from Grand Duke Yuans Palace asked angrily.

Split the important treasures first, then we go handle those two thieves. Jiu Wuji couldnt hold it in either. At this moment in time, the four groups behind them were all being spun around in circles by the Black Clothes, Purple Hair duo.

Shua! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Jiu Wuji and company didnt fight with Zhao Yufei anymore, they just headed for the treasures around the golden bones.

Heaven-grade divine weapon Inheritance Sacred Weapon God Crystals Spiritual Fruits and pills.

These treasures were the reason why they were fighting Zhao Yufei, otherwise the four Kings would have already gone to kill the Black Clothes, Purple Hair duo.

Hehe, do you think itll be so simple? Zhao Yufei smiled and turned into a flaming purple streak of light that charged downward.

Boom! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Zhao Yufeis charge made the four Kings scatter.

Hand of the Demonic Sky! Jiu Wuji stood in the air as one of his arms started to burn and expand into a large black hand of a giant.

The enormous Hand of the Demonic Sky gave off a Magnificent Power of the Demonic Dao, and it seemed to contain the ability to shatter Heaven and Earth with its dominating force.

At this moment, Jiu Wujis battle-power was raised to an entirely new level that could clash against Zhao Yufei and put up a good fight for the treasures around the golden bones.

Dont even think about it. Zhao Yufeis skin glittered with a purple light as the strength of her True Yuan reached an entirely new level.


The male and female old expert and young prodigy made the other Kings retreat.

Sou! Sou! Hu~~

Some of the nearby treasures around the golden bones were thrown into the air.

Get the treasures!

The forces present all charged in, and the half-step Kings that were as strong as actual Kings finally entered the fight. Some Kings who had been watching in secret also charged in.

However, normal people were unable to even approach Heaven-grade divine weapons, Inheritance Sacred Weapons, or God Crystals. Even though the owner of the golden bones had died, the bones still radiated a powerful force.


The golden bones shot out several sharp golden lights that forced back several Kings and many half-step Kings. A bloody gash was left behind on a Void God Realm King. A half-step King was almost sliced in two by a beam of golden light.

Watch out! The golden bones belong to an expert that cultivated the element of Metal. Several half-step Kings exclaimed.

The element of Metal contained sharp attacks. In terms of single-target damage, Metal exceeded the strength of Fire and Lightning.

Good chance! Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng looked at each other.

At this moment, chaos had broken out, and many treasures near the golden bones had been launched into the air. All sorts of attacks caused dust to blow and people to fly around.

Sou! Shua!

The layer of silver light quickly flew toward the golden bones.

Peng! Boom! Boom!

Even Nan Gongshengs spatial domain was pushed back by the shockwaves of some clashes and attacks.

The duo headed toward the center of the chaos where the strength of all the attacks was extremely great, and the shockwave of Zhao Yufeis and Jiu Wujis fighting would reach them.

From the current situation, it seemed that Zhao Yufei was still suppressing Jiu Wuji and company by herself. In terms of how many treasures they had gathered, Zhao Yufei had more than Jiu Wuji and the other three Kings combined.

Substandard God Crystal! Nan Gongsheng turned into a streak of silver light and successfully managed to take some substandard God Crystals. It was much easier for him compared to others because his spatial domain contained the Evil God Crystal, which could suppress normal substandard God Crystals.

Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng separated for now. His target wasnt the substandard God Crystals he wanted the golden bones themselves. These golden bones contained the pure essence and Intent of Metal. The owner was probably a non-human race that specialized in Metal.

Ill have to cultivate the Metal of Wind Lightning eventually, Zhao Feng thought.

Ice Imperial War Armor! He circulated his Ice-Water bloodline, and a layer of blue liquid ran across his body as an ice-blue water armor appeared around his body.

With the transformed Ice Imperial Spear acting as a suit of armor, Zhao Fengs defense increased dramatically. Adding on the fact that he had the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body and his strong physical force, he could block attacks even from Kings.


A ripple of water and lightning surged on the surface of the Ice Imperial War Armor; it could now counterattack just by coming into contact with the enemy.

Hmm? Zhao Yufei felt a familiar aura and glanced at Zhao Fengs Ice Imperial War Armor and his Water of Wind Lightning. However, this purple-haired youth wasnt that person. They just had similar bloodlines and techniques.

Open! After his defense increased so dramatically, Zhao Feng circulated his physical force, and his fist burned with a bright red flame that pushed back all the shockwaves and attacks nearby. Even some Kings momentarily retreated. In the process, he grabbed two or three substandard God Crystals on the way.

He finally got close to the golden bones, which gave off a powerful pressure and could even counterattack.

Take! A golden Earth-grade chain appeared in Zhao Fengs hand, which he tossed around the golden bones.

Shu! Shu! Shu! Ding! Ding!

Zhao Feng and everyone nearby were attacked by the golden bones.

Everyone, watch out! The nearby half-step Kings and Void God Realm Kings tried to dodge.

However, Zhao Feng seemed to have the ability to foresee the attacks, and he dodged most of the counterattack that contained the power of Metal.

These bones of Metal are just relying on the remnant Intent contained within them to interact with the Metal Yuan Qi of the outside world. The Gods Spiritual Eye saw the core process.

Zhao Fengs soul had reached an incredible level, and the pressure of the golden bones was unable to suppress him.


Zhao Fengs golden chains cracked, and the bones were dragged into his ancient metal ring. In the last moment, the little thieving cat used an assassination technique and forcefully pulled in the golden bones.

That thief took away the golden bones! The half-step Kings and Kings were stunned as they felt the pressure suddenly decrease. Even Void God Realm Kings wouldnt find it easy to take away the golden bones.

Dont let those two get away! one of the four Kings roared.

Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng had both obtained a lot of items. The former had obtained the golden bones and a few items near them while Nan Gongsheng had taken the most God Crystals around half of all that were present.
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