King Of Gods Chapter 817

Chapter 817 - Blue Serpent King

How dare that human use my natural domain to refine his body! Wei Jing was filled with anger, and he snickered coldly. Who was he? How dare a human brat use him!?

Hu~ Shua!

With a thought, Wei Jing summoned a gust of rain and blew it toward Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng.

Not good! Nan Gongsheng felt his spatial domain shake, and it started to erode.

This time, Wei Jing himself was controlling his natural domain as it attacked Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng. The power was enough to trap and kill a normal Void God Realm King.

This is the power just from his bloodline alone? Zhao Feng was surprised.

In his previous life, his Mystic Ice Scaled Race bloodline also had an Ice Domain that would freeze anything that came within range of it.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

A barrier of physical force appeared around Zhao Fengs body, and the rain created sparks when it came into contact the barrier.

It was as if there was an invisible metal barrier covering Zhao Feng. Even if the rain passed through the barrier, its strength would weaken to the point where it was unable to threaten Zhao Fengs peak-fourth-level Sacred Lightning Body.

Of course, the pressure Nan Gongsheng faced was pretty strong. The blue rain kept on eroding his spatial domain, causing him to expend a large amount of Yuan Qi every second.

Hu~ Boom! Boom! Boom!

The whirlwind restricted Nan Gongshengs spatial domain.

Zhao Feng, if we dont run soon, itll be troublesome. Nan Gongsheng found it hard to breathe. He wasnt like Zhao Feng; he didnt have a strong physical body that was resilient against Ice and Water attacks.

Two Friends, might you two help me in facing this nonhuman enemy? Admiration appeared in the Ninth Princes eyes as he invited Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng again.

Sure. Zhao Feng nodded his head.

Hearing that, the Ninth Prince revealed a look of joy. With the help of these two, he would at least be able to put up a fight.

Break! Right after speaking, dominating bolts of lightning swept in every direction.


The rain nearby was obliterated or repelled away.

Retreat! Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng suddenly turned around and sped in the opposite direction under a layer of silver and purple. As they ran, Zhao Feng circulated his physical force and pushed away all the rain.

You! This scene almost made the Ninth Prince cough out blood. Originally, he admired this purple-haired youth, but after breaking through, he immediately ran away.

Even Wei Jing was dazed for a moment.

Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng worked together and ran away, about to break out of the rain domain.

Hmph, dont even think about running! Wei Jing snickered coldly as the temperature of the rain domain started to drop. Everything in sight started to freeze.

Sii! Sii!

Frost started to form around Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng. At this moment, the eroding ability of the rain started to drop, but the freezing ability increased greatly, similar to the Mystic Ice Domain from Zhao Fengs previous life.

Zhao Feng, what should we do now? Nan Gongshengs expression changed dramatically. Although he had a spatial domain, it couldnt do everything. On top of that, they were directly inside the enemys bloodline domain and were restricted.

Ice Imperial Spear! Zhao Fengs expression didnt change as an ice-blue liquid formed a barrier around himself and Nan Gongsheng.

Hmm? Nan Gongsheng felt the pressure decrease. The barrier was transparent, similar to the icy rain outside.

Zhao Feng used his Ice-Water bloodline to transform the Ice Imperial Spear into an ice barrier.

From Ice to Water!

The icy rain that hit the ice-blue barrier rippled, and they showed signs of merging together.

That brat actually understands the laws of Ice and Water, and he even has an Ice-type bloodline? Wei Jing was surprised.

Furthermore, Zhao Fengs Ice Imperial Spear could exist in many different states.

Water of Wind Lightning! A smile appeared on Zhao Fengs face as the ice-blue barrier sparkled with water and lightning.

The fact that he dared to stay in Wei Jings domain to refine his body meant that he had something to rely on.

Firstly, Wei Jings main target was the Ninth Prince, who was stronger. Secondly, his Sacred Body, bloodline, Ice Imperial Spear, and other things could resolve the power of the domain.


At this moment, the ice-blue Water Lightning barrier protected Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng as they forcefully made a path.

Great! Nan Gongsheng felt the pressure decrease dramatically, and he summoned a layer of silver and purple that allowed them to quickly escape the range of the icy rain.

Interesting. Wei Jing was slightly dazed and surprised. He didnt expect Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng to be able to escape from his domain so easily.

These two brats. The Ninth Prince was frustrated, but he couldnt do anything. After all, he was the one that brought Wei Jing here. Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng obviously didnt have an obligation to risk their lives just to help him block one nonhuman enemy.

Sou! Shua!

The layer of silver and purple took Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng further away from the icy rain, drawing attention from Wei Jing.

Bitterness appeared on the Ninth Princes face. The majority of the elites in his group had been injured or killed. Only some half-step Kings and Great Origin Core Realms held on.

Ninth Prince, if you want to survive, fly toward the southwestern direction.

A weird voice sounded in his head.

You! The Ninth Prince was stunned, and he gave Zhao Feng a deep glance. He was a Domain-level King. What kind of level had Zhao Feng reached in the Dao of the Soul to be able to transport his voice directly into someone elses soul?

He used Wei Jings domain to refine his body and was able to leave so easily . The Ninth Prince felt that Zhao Feng was more and more immeasurable. There was only one other person on the Imperial Genius rankings that gave him this feeling.

Thinking up to there, the Ninth Prince believed in Zhao Feng.


Lightning crackled around the prince as he sped toward the southwestern direction.

Hm? Hes running away so quickly. Wei Jing revealed a weird expression, and a ripple of blue surged around him as he chased after the Ninth Prince.

The Ninth Princes strength and status werent something that those other two humans could compare to. Once the Ninth Prince recovered from his injuries, he would be a threat.

However, Wei Jing regretted this decision soon. If he could choose again, he would choose to chase after Zhao Feng.


The Ninth Prince ran several thousand miles and saw the figures of humans ahead. They were obviously from the outside world.

Whos there!?

Some Void God Realm King auras appeared from a forest next to a lake.

Brother Jiang, Brother Shi. The Ninth Prince recognized Jiang Chen and another King from the Shi Family.

Ninth Prince? Jiang Chen and the other King were following the purple-haired thieves, so they didnt expect to meet the Ninth Prince, who was running away from something.

A nonhuman genius is coming. Please help me with all your strength! the Ninth Prince exclaimed.

Wei Jing? The Blue Serpent King, ranked 9th on the Imperial Genius rankings!?

Hearing that, the Kings expressions changed dramatically, but they didnt run. Instead, they crushed a message token, sending a bright multi-colored light into the air.

Human thieves, die! the Blue Serpent King Wei Jing roared with laughter as he charged toward the three within pouring rain.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Everything that the rain touched turned into ice.

As expected of the Blue Serpent King!

The Kings expressions changed dramatically as they felt an ancient ice dragon bloodline that made their bodies shake. Just the domain made Jiang Chen and the other Kings bodies go cold, and they felt unable to breathe.

Jiang Chen was a Domain-level King, so he was able to block it, but the genius from the Shi Family was covered in frost. Some parts of his body had frozen and started to rot.

Save me! The King from the Shi Family was in a life or death situation.

The Blue Serpent King Wei Jing had powerful senses, so he already felt some powerful auras closing in. One of them made even his powerful bloodline feel uneasy. Therefore, he didnt hold back.

Sky Lightning Nine Tribulations Slash! The Ninth Prince forcefully suppressed his injuries and sent out lightning-bolt slashes from his ancient green Lightning sword that clashed with Wei Jings bloodline domain.


A deep wound instantly appeared in the domain.

Although the power of the Ninth Princes Lightning Dao Sacred Sword attacks was close to an Emperor, it wasnt able to stop the Blue Serpent Kings footsteps. A layer of thick blue scales covered the Blue Serpent King Wei Jings body; he seemed to have the body of a dragon that was able to ignore most attacks from Domain-level Kings.

After cutting through the rain, the remaining power from the Ninth Princes lightning sword attacks was unable to threaten Wei Jing. Furthermore, Wei Jing was faster in his domain.


A scream sounded as the King from the Shi Family was ripped into ice shards by a icy blue claw.

A King from the Shi Family was slain in one claw.

Its the Blue Serpent King, Wei Jing!

Right at this moment, the Thirteenth Prince, the wrinkled elder, and some Kings and half-step King elites arrived.

At the same time:


A purple glow of light and a surge of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi flew over.

What a shocking bloodline aura! That female is she Zhao Yufei, who has the bloodline of the Spiritual Race? Shes a threat that the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty and the Dark Capital Cult want to get rid of. The Blue Serpent King Wei Jings eyes scanned the purple figure in the sky, and a cold light flashed through his eyes.
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