King Of Gods Chapter 820

Chapter 820 - Sky Water Crystal Lotus

Every breath of the River Devouring Kun sucked in waves and then released huge streams of water that could cover mountains. The middle-aged man in yellow robes and the two youths, these three Void God Realms, had to combine their strength and use the help of all the elites behind them just to fight against it.

However, despite their combined power, there was still one thing they didnt take into account. In this critical moment, a layer of silver and purple that covered two figures charged into the depths of the rushing river.

How can we let outsiders steal from us!? One of the youths was extremely angry. They had already lost the Blue Crystal Tear to Xin Wuheng, and now two random brats wanted to steal from them as well?

Dont panic. Cunningness appeared in the middle-aged males eyes. Those that enter the river will have to face the river-devouring power of the River Devouring Kun, so weve had no one to go in and take out the treasures for us.

Hmm? Hearing that, the eyes of the other two Kings lit up.

Even if those two manage to take out the treasure from the river, they will have lost a lot of Yuan Qi, while we still have three groups of elite behind us. At that point in time, we can just kill those two. The middle-aged male in yellow felt smug.

Thats right. Theres only one King among those two. The hard-earned reward they find will be taken by us. The other two nodded their heads.

At the moment, the three Kings were using Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng while they were using the three Kings. The Kings were stalling the River Devouring Kun while Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng were using their energy to acquire the treasures.


In the depths of the river, Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng moved forward alongside a layer of silver and purple.


They had to face the tremendous force of the River Devouring Kun as they moved forward. Its every breath and action contained the raging power of the river.

The River Devouring Kun mainly trains the elements of Water and Space, Zhao Feng analyzed. These two elements were a perfect match for Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng, which is what gave them the courage to enter the river and steal from the mouth of a tiger.

However, because three Kings were surveying them, Zhao Feng only circulated part of his physical force to push them forward. Nan Gongsheng was stronger than several days ago as well, so he could withstand most of the force for a while by himself.

The compatibility between the Evil God Crystal and Nan Gongsheng is becoming higher. The power of those two will eventually become one, Zhao Feng thought.

The river in front of them was extremely deep, so once they reached a certain depth, the surveillance of the three Kings would decrease dramatically.

At this moment, Zhao Feng summoned the Ice Imperial Spear and transformed it into an icy barrier to protect himself and Nan Gongsheng. With the powers of their Water and Space techniques combined, the energy expenditure decreased dramatically, and they were able to move forward faster.

What a strong treasure aura!

As they got closer, they sensed a powerful source of treasure aura. The Water Yuan Qi started to whistle within a cave at the depths of the river.

What kind of treasure is it?

Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Feng looked at each other. The latter opened his left eye and looked forward with all his might.

Under Zhao Fengs gaze, all the scenery within the cave could be seen. The entire cave was covered in a clean white wall. Just the value of the wall was comparable to the materials used to make Earth-grade weapons.

In the very depths of the cave was a crystal-like lotus that gave off an undulation of Water. The disturbance of Water Yuan Qi came from this pure white lotus.

Water elemental treasure Sky Water Crystal Lotus.

Shock flashed through Zhao Fengs eyes.

Although the Sky Water Crystal Lotus sounded like a plant, it was actually a sort of plant-mineral hybrid, referred to as a world-stepping treasure. Simply put, it was a precious Water-elemental treasure that could be used to craft powerful Water-elemental weapons. It could even be used as the main material for Inheritance Sacred Weapons or Heaven-grade weapons.

As a world-stepping treasure, the Sky Water Crystal Lotus could also be absorbed and used to cultivate. Its value was even higher than the Water Mother Essence Zhao Feng plundered earlier.

This Sky Water Crystal Lotus can be used to cultivate, or I can fuse it into the Ice Imperial Spear. Either way, it will be very effective. Zhao Fengs heart was moved.

Of course, inside the cave, there was also more than a dozen mysterious half-transparent water pearls.

Water Soul Pearls! Zhao Fengs eyes lit up, but then he sighed. Unfortunately, Water Soul Pearls wont be very effective given the current level of my soul.

Water Soul Pearls had the ability to cleanse, heal, and strengthen the soul as well as purify it. However, normal Soul Dao treasures werent enough to heal Zhao Fengs soul because the strength of his soul was already very high.

Sou! Sou!

Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng flew into the cave.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

They were blocked by ripples of water, which came from the power of the Sky Water Crystal Lotus. However, these two were not normal people; they teamed up to resist the pressure and entered the depths of the cave.

Nan Gongsheng, these Water Soul Pearls can help you heal your soul and purify it, Zhao Feng suggested.

Zhao Feng gave most of the Water-elemental items within the cave to Nan Gongsheng, but the Sky Water Crystal Lotus was far too useful to Zhao Feng, so he kept it. Nan Gongsheng didnt say anything as they split the treasures.

Zhao Feng got what he wished, and he had to suppress the urge to instantly use the Sky Water Crystal Lotus. The Sky Water Crystal Lotus was extremely useful to his cultivation.

Lets go.

Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng quickly left the cave. They were currently using a lot of energy to resist the river-devouring force every second.

Boom! Boom!

Even while returning to the surface, they faced huge surges of river-devouring power. The counteracting forces of the River Devouring Kuns inhalation and exhalation produced great power, so the duo needed to give it the entirety of their attention.

Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng specialized in the laws of Water and Space. Normal Kings would have already fallen from the fatigue.

Thieves, where do you think youre going~~~~!?

Roars sounded near the surface at this instant.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

At the same time, the aura of the River Devouring Kun was also closing in.

Not good! The three Kings and the River Devouring Kun are all charging over! Nan Gongshengs expression changed dramatically as he felt the pressure increase dramatically.

He had thought about what to do if the three Kings troubled them. However, he didnt expect the River Devouring Kun to attack them as well. The battle-power of the River Devouring Kun was almost unparalleled below the Emperor level. There were so many Kings and half-step Kings near the river, but they were unable to handle one River Devouring Kun.

This is within my expectations. Zhao Feng remained calm.

The Sky Water Crystal Lotus was a precious Water-elemental treasure, and the treasure aura emanating from it attracted those three Kings from the outside world. However, there was also a River Devouring Kun nearby guarding it, which is why it was in the river in the first place. The River Devouring Kun had waited for many years for the Sky Water Crystal Lotus to ripen. Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng taking the Sky Water Crystal Lotus would obviously cause the River Devouring Kun to chase after them.

Hahaha! Thieves, this is the result of being greedy! the middle-aged yellow-robed King roared.

The situation instantly changed. The three Kings and the River Devouring Kun that were just fighting with each other suddenly became allies.

Zhao Feng, what should we do now? Nan Gongshengs handsome face went slightly red as his spatial domain started facing a lot of pressure.

Zhao Feng made his move at this moment. An invisible ripple of physical force and water surged from Zhao Feng as the bloodline of his left eye suddenly opened. His left eye seemed to contain a dreamy purple world.

Eye-bloodline! Nan Gongsheng was overjoyed. He knew that this was Zhao Fengs killing move.

In the next instant, the River Devouring Kun let out a roar amongst the waves and seemed to lose control over its emotions as it started thrashing and unleashing attacks everywhere.

Argh! Move, move, move!

Whats wrong with the River Devouring Kun? Why did it suddenly go crazy?

The middle-aged yellow-robed King and company had just teamed up with the River Devouring Kun, but now they were being furiously attacked by it.

At this moment, the three Kings and the elites behind them broke into chaos. The River Devouring Kun had lost its mind and attacked without any pattern. It posed even more of a threat than before.

Sou! Sou!

At the same time, a layer of silver and purple covered two males as they flew into the air above the river.

Dammit, those two brats are going to run away!

The middle-aged yellow-robed male and the other two Kings were extremely angry. They never expected the River Devouring Kun to just suddenly attack them.

Wait, look at that purple-haired youth! one of the three Kings in white exclaimed.

The left eye of one of the youths was purple, and it was locked on to the frenzied River Devouring Kun.

How is that possible! Hes controlling the River Devouring Kun?

This River Devouring Kun has a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline and its being controlled?

The three Kings were stunned.

A wicked smile appeared on the purple-haired youths face, making him seem immeasurable.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The silver-purple light finally escaped the river, which meant that the speed and power of the River Devouring Kun would decrease if it still chased them. Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng werent worried about that, given their speed and strength.

Zhao Feng, I didnt expect you to be able to actually foresee this and then control the River Devouring Kun. Nan Gongsheng said with surprise.

It seemed like Zhao Feng hadnt used any true hidden cards after entering the Divine Illusion Dimension, and he was only becoming stronger by the second.

If my soul was a bit stronger, I would be able to just enslave it directly. Zhao Feng shook his head as if slightly dissatisfied. If he was at his peak, he couldve enslaved entirely with just his Eye Intent.

Hearing that, Nan Gongsheng couldnt help but click his tongue. From those words, one could tell how strong Zhao Feng would become if his soul recovered. However, it was too hard to find large quantities of precious Soul Dao items, and normal ones were useless to him.

A while later, the River Devouring Kun turned into a tiny dot, and Zhao Feng lost control of it. After leaving the water, the River Devouring Kun would be unable to catch up with its clumsy and large body.

Thieves, where do you think youre going~~~!?

The sound of flying came from behind as the three Kings roared.

Hmm? Zhao Feng was surprised. How did the three Kings catch up? Looking closely, he saw that the yellow-robed middle-aged King was standing on a weird flaming chariot that gave off a strong surge of green fire, similar to the green shoes on Zhao Fengs feet.

The three Kings were pouring their True Yuan into it, giving the chariot speed that surpassed normal Kings.

This Zhao Feng had a weird expression. It wasnt hard for him to guess that the flaming chariot and his shoes might both be items from the Heavens Legacy Race.
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