King Of Gods Chapter 826

Chapter 826 - Fighting Xin Wuheng Once Again

Only Xin Wuheng noticed how much power was contained in Zhao Fengs kick. If it was just pure power, the recoil from the material of the ancient bronze coffin by itself would be enough to injure even Void God Realm Kings. Even with Zhao Fengs Sacred Lightning Body, he wouldnt have been able to remain unharmed.

However, his kick landed directly in the gaps of the ancient bronze coffin and disperse its energy throughout. At the same time, the green shoes on Zhao Fengs feet also helped.

As for the recoil of the Mystic Yin Ancient Bronze, that was resolved by Zhao Fengs mutated Blood Devil Sun bloodline.

What a pure surge of Mystic Yin.

Zhao Fengs body slightly shook as he felt the wicked power contained within the material of the ancient bronze coffin. However, the coffin itself wasnt of much use to him. The Soul Dao treasure within the coffin was what he was after.


Zhao Fengs second kick was even more forceful as it landed in the gaps of the ancient bronze coffin again.


This time, most of the coffins lid was kicked off.


Treasures with wicked auras made the dark underground tomb turn bright, and it revealed a broken skeleton within.

The most obvious and eye-catching item was a robe made of silk. It had a smooth green glow around it as it lay beneath the skeleton. Apart from that, there was a piece of jade the size of a babys fist that radiated a warmth that filled the entire coffin. There were various other accessories and items that were also valuable.

Brat, dont even think about taking all of that for yourself. The middle-aged yellow-robed King and company teamed up and formed a muddy-yellow domain with their three Magnificent Powers.


Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng felt heavy as they clashed with the three Kings.

Eh? Wheres the Soul Dao treasure? Zhao Feng felt the wicked aura of a Soul Dao treasure, but he couldnt find it.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Amidst the fighting, the lid of the coffin was flipped open, revealing a purple-and-black stone.

Its a Soul Suppressing Stone!

The Eighth Prince and Luo Zun suddenly flew toward the coffin and didnt bother with Xin Wuheng.

In reality, Xin Wuheng was the closest to the ancient bronze coffin, but since the half-flesh skeleton was in the way, Zhao Feng had to take a detour.

At this moment, the half-flesh skeleton was about to be fully sealed, so Xin Wuheng turned and entered the fight for the treasures.


At this point in time, many Kings clashed with one another and created chaos. Some treasures were sent flying into the air.

So its a Soul Suppressing Stone. No wonder it absorbed so much wicked Soul power.

Zhao Feng wasnt interested in the other treasures.

Sacred Lightning Body! Zhao Fengs silver-blue metallic body grew taller as invisible arcs of lightning pushed back all powers around him.


The green shoes on his feet unleashed a force that pushed away two nearby Kings like a bull. He then reached out and grabbed the Soul Suppressing Stone.

The Soul Suppressing Stone radiated a terrifyingly wicked aura that even normal Kings were scared of approaching. Zhao Feng used his strong physical body to grab the Soul Suppressing Stone and used the power of his soul to block the wicked erosion within it.

What a terrifyingly wicked Soul power!

Zhao Fengs soul had to face round after round of attacks. Just the shockwaves made nearby Kings panic as their souls were eroded.

Seeing this, the nearby Kings all pulled away from Zhao Feng.

The Eighth Prince and company acted as if they were looking at a monster. The Soul Suppressing Stone had absorbed and condensed countless wicked souls. If it was left next to someone, it would disturb their cultivation and give them heart demons. There was nothing good that could come from such a thing.

However, while others wanted to evade the Soul Suppressing Stone, Zhao Feng went to take it.

Zezeze, idiot human, your body isnt bad. a gruesome voice sounded from the Soul Suppressing Stone. The owner of the voice was a partial spirit similar to the Purple Saint Partial Spirit.

Partial spirit of a Sacred Lord! Xin Wuhengs expression changed as he also pulled away from the Soul Suppressing Stone and started to fight for other treasures.

Hahaha! That thief is retarded. What a good opportunity, and he just had to go for the most troublesome Soul Suppressing Stone. The middle-aged yellow-robed King and company gloated.

There was a partial spirit of a Sacred Lord sealed within the Soul Suppressing Stone. Even though it was extremely weak, it wasnt something Kings could deal with.


The soul-dimension started to shake as the Sacred Lord partial spirit sealed within the Soul Suppressing Stone formed a magnificent Intent and charged toward the body of this Origin Core Realm human. It was as if Heaven and Earth itself was trembling.

You reap what you sow. Mockery and coldness appeared in Luo Zuns eyes.

Bam! Bam!

At this point, the experts were fighting over the other treasures in the air, and they all pulled away from Zhao Feng in case he was eroded by the wicked demonic Intent.

Nan Gongsheng was fighting for the Cloud Silk Robes, which had the largest size. His speed and offense were both top-tier; if he had a strong defensive treasure as well, it would be perfect.

Nan Gongsheng was originally worried for Zhao Feng, but a voice that said, Dont bother about me sounded in his head. This voice was extremely calm and gave Nan Gongsheng some unknown confidence that allowed him to compete for the Cloud Silk Robes without worry. He remembered that the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor at his peak could threaten even Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords.


Amidst wicked laughter, the Sacred Lord partial spirit entered Zhao Fengs Soul Sea.

In the dimension of his left eye, Zhao Fengs purple Soul Sea was two or three hundred yards wide, and at the very center was a blue lake.

Hmm. Wait! The Sacred Lord partial spirits expression changed dramatically when it entered Zhao Fengs soul world. He was stunned by an immortal and undying Lightning Tribulation aura.

What a weak partial spirit. Go die. Zhao Feng laughed coldly as two hundred symbols of God Tribulation Lightning glowed in his purple Soul Sea.

What!? The aura of God Tribulation!? The Sacred Lord partial spirit screamed. It was so scared that its soul mightve shattered at any second..


The Sacred Lord partial spirit screamed as lightning smashed down into and killed it.

This Sacred Lord partial spirit was even weaker than the Purple Saint Partial Spirit. It wasnt much stronger than the Demigod partial thought; it could only pretend to be extremely strong due to its overwhelming Intent.

However, it shouldnt have charged into Zhao Fengs Soul Sea. Since Zhao Fengs Emperor Intent hadnt recovered, he could only use a limited amount of God Tribulation Lightning. However, if the opponent charged directly into his Soul Sea, it would be different they would face a fierce counterattack from the God Tribulation Lightning.

With just a thought, Zhao Feng had killed the Sacred Lord partial spirit, which scared all the other wicked partial spirits within the Soul Suppressing Stone.


Zhao Feng gripped the Soul Suppressing Stone tightly and put it into his metal ring.

At the moment, the fight around the ancient bronze coffin hadnt ended yet.

The Eighth Prince and Luo Zuns target was the coffin itself, and they were fighting with the middle-aged yellow-robed King and the other two Kings.

Xin Wuheng managed to get the warm piece of jade rather quickly with his overwhelming strength.

Nan Gongshengs abilities were unique and he was the fastest, so he managed to successfully acquire the Cloud Silk Robes, which was the most valuable.

At this instant, the biggest portion of the coffin was split by the Eighth Prince and Luo Zun. The middle-aged yellow-robed King and the other two Kings werent the Eighth Princes match, so they only managed to get the lid.

The remaining small treasures within the coffin depended on luck.

Xin Wuheng, you cant let those two thieves escape.

That thief has obtained the Cloud Silk Robes, which is made from the silk of a Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly.

That robe is extremely light, but its defense is extremely strong. It is resilient to fire and water, and its difficult to pierce with weapons. It is also somewhat resilient to the other three elements to a certain degree.

The middle-aged yellow-robed King and company gazed at Nan Gongsheng with hatred.

Of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo, that Zhao Feng had already been eroded by the partial spirit of a Sacred Lord and was unable to save himself. This meant that they only had to deal with Nan Gongsheng.

Hmph! A sudden surge of physical force reinforced Nan Gongsheng.

How!? The three Kings became heavy as they looked in disbelief at the youth that just appeared.

How is this possible!? A Sacred Lord partial spirit did nothing? The Eighth Prince and Luo Zun were stunned as they looked at the purple-haired youth who seemed to be perfectly fine.

From the looks of it, Zhao Feng showed no signs of being overtaken. His aura and expression were the same as before. If he was being controlled or if the partial spirit had taken over his body, he wouldnt be so calm.

At this moment, all of the elites present were unsure of what to do. With Zhao Fengs return and the completion of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo, any force present would be wary. Just Nan Gongshengs strength alone made them wary. In terms of single combat, no one other than Xin Wuheng was confident that they could win. The other purple-haired youth was even more unfathomable he actually blocked the erosion of the Soul Suppressing Stone like a stone sinking into the ocean.

I dont care who you are, but I agreed to help my three allies. Xin Wuhengs expression became slightly solemn as he surged with battle-intent.

It was obvious that he was going to help the three Kings. Although he couldnt see through this purple-haired youth in front of him, the latter gave him a feeling as if they knew each other.

Xin Wuheng, take my fist first! Zhao Feng gave a laugh as he circulated his Sacred Body strength to the maximum, and a pair of wings made of water and lightning condensed behind him. At this instant, many elites present felt a surge of Intent that covered Heaven and Earth.


Zhao Fengs simple punch released his physical strength as a bright red flame burned around it. The pair of Water Lightning wings on his back also fluttered and released overwhelming Intent.

The three Kings nearby all felt a shockwave in their minds. This simple punch had a powerful Soul Dao Domain merged into it. Normal Kings would be unable to even fight back.

Xin Wuhengs expression changed as he took in a deep breath. He took a step forward, then created a five-colored whirlpool with his hand. The five-colored whirlpool seemed to contain an Intent that could cover everything.


The two forces clashed, then became dead-silent. The five-colored whirlpool kept on spinning around.
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