King Of Gods Chapter 833

Chapter 833 - Abyss of Despair

The Divine Illusion Dimension was a tattered world forgotten by the Ancient Gods. It floated around Heaven and Earth and would connect with the continent zone once every century.

The dimension that they were in now was a miniature world within the Divine Illusion Dimension a world within a world.

At this moment, everyone was now within an ancient, secret realm. Behind them was a bright barrier of flowing lava. The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi within this secret dimension was much denser than the outside world.


Light flashed everywhere in the depths of this secret dimension, and space itself seemed to start trembling. There were surges of dragon breath that could destroy Heaven and Earth.

One could faintly see a palace made from purple treasure stones. It was covered in a dreamy blood-colored haze and reflected a dark glitter from its surface. The palace gave everyone a feeling they couldnt describe, as well as a wicked aura. Zhao Feng felt like this aura was similar to the Evil God Crystal.

The palace in the distance should be Xie Yang Palace. The Eighth Prince gazed into the distance, and everyone else also looked at the dream-like palace.

Hu~~ Boom!

Clashes and shaking could be heard from Xie Yang Palace in the distance. The roar of a dragon became more and more clear. The dreamy, hazy barrier around Xie Yang Palace shattered, then quickly healed itself again.

Zhao Fengs left eye could faintly see the large outline of a black-scaled dragon. Its every attack could shatter Heaven and crack the Earth. A faint black tornado destroyed everything nearby.

The area outside Xie Yang Palace was scorched black and full of holes. Under the Black Serpent Dragons continuous attacks, many flaws and holes appeared in the forbidden misty array around the palace.

Weng~~ Bam! Bam! Bam!

When the misty array was attacked, it released waves of purple-and-blood-colored light that could slice through Heaven and Earth. Each purple-and-blood-colored beam that the forbidden array released could kill Kings and severely injure Emperors. However, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragons body had reached a monstrous level, and it took thousands upon thousands of purple-and-blood-colored beams head-on with no injuries.

So, thats the power of the race ranked 9th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races? Zhao Fengs heart shook. The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was definitely one of the strongest existences he had ever seen.

The Great Gan Lord Dynastys elites outside the secret dimension felt the surges of destruction, and all of their hearts twitched.

All the forces split into a bunch of different groups and carefully approached Xie Yang Palace.

Xie Yang Palace was very big, and all the elites tried to take the route that was furthest away from the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon. Everyone was together on this point; after all, no one wanted to catch the Black Destruction Serpent Dragons attention or make it angry.

The elites approached the other side of Xie Yang Palace, and the power of the forbidden array made their hearts jump.

How is this forbidden array around Xie Yang Palace so strong? The Black Destruction Serpent Dragons attacked it for so long and it still hasnt been broken. The female in apricot robes from the Sky Suspension Palace was shocked.

All of them knew how terrifying the Black Destruction Serpent Dragons attacks were just by looking at the aura above. Each of the Black Serpent Dragons attacks could destroy an entire two-star sect. None of the geniuses and elites present were confident that they could block a single blow from the Black Serpent Dragon.

To us, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon is undefeatable. Zhao Feng sighed in his heart as he admitted this. His left eye-bloodline could see more than the others, and he came to this conclusion after a deep analysis.

Hehe. Senior Martial Brother Zhuge from the Sky Suspension Palace gave a faint smile. The Black Destruction Serpent Dragons goal is to destroy the entire array; of course its going to be hard.

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. After all, the array around Xie Yang Palace was a Gods Forbidden Array, and it had the ability to regenerate. However, since quite some time had passed, the forbidden array had lost some of its power, so there were some flaws now.

Hahaha, we need to thank that Black Serpent Dragon for opening the way for us. The frenzied attacks of that dragon created many gaps and cracks.

Zezeze, although the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon is strong, it will find it hard to enter the palace through the forbidden array with its large body.

Some of the geniuses laughed with smugness and mockery. The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had opened the way for them and allowed the humans to take advantage of it. It was as if the Black Serpent Dragon was serving the humans.

Even now, the relentless attacks from the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon created flaws and cracks in the forbidden array around Xie Yang Palace. There were many array masters here, and they could see the flaws in the forbidden array.

Find the stable flaws and try to enter through them.

The elites tried to find big-enough gaps that they could use to enter Xie Yang Palace. However, every time any crack appeared, the Gods Forbidden Array would quickly regenerate, so the time it was open was very short.

Gaps and flaws in normal arrays would usually last for a while, but this is a Gods Forbidden Array, so the difficulty of entering through any flaw is much more difficult and dangerous, Xin Wuheng murmured.

If it was just a normal top-tier array, one could enter through a gap even if it meant taking some damage in the process. However, the Gods Forbidden Array was different; any counterattack could kill Void God Realm Kings.

We wont be counterattacked if we enter through the gaps of the Array. This is the safest method, an array master said.

However, the cracks were created by the Black Destruction Serpent Dragons attacks, and the Gods Forbidden Array would quickly regenerate, so no one could control where or when the cracks appeared. Given how shortly they lasted, it would be difficult to enter through them.

Well wait for the instant a crack appears.

Many elites started to wait at certain areas where more cracks appeared. Some places had a higher possibility of cracks appearing, but they couldnt get too close to the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon or else they would be discovered.

Some of the better areas were taken by the stronger forces, such as the Sky Suspension Palace and the Great Gan Imperials. While some of the other forces were dissatisfied, they didnt do anything.

Its just a matter of time.

Some of the forces didnt care. Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng, who werent with any of the forces, were further back in line.


A genius from the Sky Suspension Palace quickly dove into a gap, but the gap only appeared for an instant before recovering, so only one person managed to enter.

Shua! Shua!

Members of the imperials and the Sky Suspension Palace occasionally dove into the nearby gaps, and the remaining forces just watched. However, when half of the members of those two forced had entered, the cracks stopped appearing.

Whats going on? Why hasnt the next crack appeared?

Many of the forces started to talk. At this moment, Xuanyuan Wen and the Ninth Prince were leading part of their forces into Xie Yang Palace already. These people were waiting for more cracks to appear, but no cracks appeared for a long time, and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragons attacks seemed to have stopped.

Somethings wrong. Senior Martial Brother Zhuges eyebrows furrowed as he started to think.

At a certain moment, he instinctively glanced toward the direction of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, and his expression changed dramatically when he saw that the figure was gone.


A dragon roar suddenly sounded from above, and an aura of Destruction crushed down on the humans.


The forces present saw a dark shadow blot out the sky over their heads, and their backs were drenched in cold sweat when they saw what was above them.

Black Destruction Serpent Dragon!

A black-scaled serpent dragon that was five hundred yards long appeared above their heads. It had a black chain as thick as a barrel around it, and its eyes were the size of a room. It looked down at this group of ants with coldness and playfulness.

At this instant, everyone started to scream, and their hearts reached their throats. No one imagined that the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon would have concealed its aura and stealthily fly over to them.


The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon gave a Heaven-and-Earth-shaking roar as an invisible gust of wind and dragon-force bore down.

Plop! Plop!

Some of the geniuses and elites were unable to withstand the pressure and instantly fell to the ground.

Wah! Wah!

Many people spat out a mouthful of blood. Those below the Void God Realm almost didnt have any ability to fight back against the pressure from the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon at all.

Black Serpent Dragon. Zhao Fengs body became heavy, and his bloodline instinctively shook. His thoughts spun as he thought of countless ways to escape, but he found that the possibility of success was low no matter what.


The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon gave a roar and summoned a faint black whirlwind in the shape of a ring, which covered everything within ten miles. The forces of the Sky Suspension Palace, the Great Gan Imperials, the Sky Sword Pavilion, the Nine Darkness Palace all of the groups were covered by the ring-shaped black whirlwind.


One of the groups near the edge tried to escape, but their Void God Realm King and four half-step Kings were ripped into shreds by the whirlwind.


A large dragon claw descended from the sky and crushed the remaining members of the group into meat paste, creating a giant crater.


All of the groups took in a cold breath. In just one exchange, the Black Serpent Dragon killed the entire group from a three-star power.

Dumb humans, how dare you follow the magnificent Destruction Dragon Race and try to use me to enter Xie Yang Palace? A cold voice that seemed to rule the skies sounded.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragons body twirled in the air, and the terrifying black whirlwind surrounded all the groups below as the serpent dragon revealed a gruesome and cruel expression.

All of the elites fell into despair.

Ahhh, fight~~~~!

A small number of elites became crazy; they burned their True Yuan and used their secret techniques just so they could escape.


A large dragon claw descended from the sky and sealed the area as it quickly killed the elites that tried to run away.

Sacred Emperors Swo-! The Thirteenth Prince fell into despair and tried to pull out the Sacred Emperors Sword, but he was stopped by the wrinkled elder.

Senior Martial Brother Zhuge! Xuanyuan Wen, who had already entered Xie Yang Palace, exclaimed as he watched the nightmare unfolding outside. He could do nothing to stop it.

Everyone outside the palace was in an abyss of despair. The people that could remain calm in this almost-certain-death situation could be counted with one hand.

So what if we die? The white-bearded old man from the Sky Sword Pavilion gave a laugh; he wasnt scared he was ready to face death.

Apart from him, Senior Martial Brother Zhuge, Xin Wuheng, Zhao Feng, and some others remained calm in this abyss of despair and started to think of a way to escape.
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