King Of Gods Chapter 848

Chapter 848 - Seen Through

The Blue Serpent King duos actions caught the attention of all the other Kings. The duo had gone around the three peerless weapons, and the extreme heat around that part of the furnace was enough to burn normal Kings into ashes.

Maybe Xuanyuan Wen and the Little Sword Saint had the ability to withstand the heat there, but they were fully attracted to the three peerless weapons.

Senior Martial Brother Zhuge, the girl in apricot robes, the Ninth Prince, and some others were trying to obtain the curved blade while the notched axe was being targeted by the imperial group, Sky Sword Pavilion, the Duanmu Family, and some other forces.

Some of the weaker Kings set their sights lower and tried to obtain some of the scattered weapon pieces and materials.

I feel a familiar bloodline and True Yuan undulation from that blue-robed youth. Zhao Yufeis eyes twinkled as she gave the Blue Serpent King an extra glance, but since the Blue Serpent King had now turned into a human by the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon bloodline ability, his bloodline and cultivation technique auras were different.

The strength of those two is only below that of Martial Brother Xuanyuan. They probably have something special in mind, Senior Martial Brother Zhuge said. He gave up on the curved blade and approached the Blue Serpent Dragon duo as a mysterious flame glowed around him. Senior Martial Brother Zhuge instinctively felt that these two were suspicious or had some sort of secret.

That Zhuge Yun seems to be suspicious of us. Hes indeed worthy of being the brain of Sky Suspension Palace. Beady Green Eyes privately messaged.

Its indeed slightly troublesome, but just him alone isnt enough to threaten us. The Blue Serpent King had an emotionless expression.

The only ones he was truly wary of in the six-sided Building of Refinement were Xuanyuan Wen and the Little Sword Saint. After that came Zhao Yufei from the Duanmu Family.

Yufei, with your strength, you might be able to obtain a substandard God weapon for the Duanmu Family, the elder in green robes suggested.

Although the Duanmu Family had three Kings, the only one that was actually useful was Zhao Yufei. The elder in green robes cultivated the element of Wood and was countered by the flames inside the furnace, while the other King had only just broken through and was too weak.

Miao miao!

Before Zhao Yufei could respond, a silver-gray streak of light appeared from behind.

Little thieving cat? Zhao Yufei was overjoyed as she glanced at a small silver-gray cat that suddenly appeared on her shoulder. The little thieving cat was never far from Zhao Feng; since the cat had appeared, that meant that Zhao Feng himself wasnt far away.

Hmm? Some of the nearby Kings revealed weird expressions as they looked over.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved its paws.

You mean? Zhao Yufei knew what the little thieving cat was saying and couldnt help but turn toward the direction of the Blue Serpent King duo. A layer of purple light then started to glow around her body as she took the little thieving cat and chased after the Blue Serpent King duo.

Yufei! The green-robed elders expression changed. The area that the Blue Serpent King and Green Beady Eyes were located was extremely hot. Even Emperors would be wary of the heat.


At the same time, the flames around Senior Martial Brother Zhuge allowed him to float in the air and not touch the ground with his feet.

Were almost there. The substandard God weapons Misty Spatial World, God Slaying Arrows, Golden Pond Shield!

The Blue Serpent Kings and Green Beady Eyes heart-rates increased as their gazes locked on to the armguard Misty Spatial World.

The substandard-God-level Misty Spatial World could be used right away as long as they obtained it, which could increase their strength dramatically in an instant. In comparison, the God Slaying Arrows, the Golden Pond Shield, and the spade werent of much use to the duo.

However, the tattered weapon-stand was located on the other side of the crater, and the heat became stronger the further one went. It could dramatically threaten even Void God Realm Emperors.


The ice-blue mist around the Blue Serpent King duo started to boil as the cold aura started to heat up.

So hot.

The duo had to face the terrifying heat. The Blue Serpent King was slightly better off since he had the Ice Serpent Emperor bloodline, which was ranked in the top ten among Imperial Dao bloodlines, so the strength of his body was close to the True Dragon Race. The natural inborn talent of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon outside was even stronger than normal True Dragons.

However, while the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon was also a dragon bloodline, Beady Green Eyes specialized in illusions, so his body was relatively weaker.

Wei Jing, I cant hold it for much longer. Sweat poured down Beady Green Eyes face as he tried to sustain the illusion.

Despite that, they were both able to withstand the heat much better than the approaching Senior Martial Brother Zhuge.

The bodies of those two humans are so strong that they dont seem like humans anymore! Senior Martial Brother Zhuges eyes became sharp.

He couldnt get too close because his body and resistance to fire wasnt as strong as the combined forces of the Blue Serpent King and the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon man.

Zhao Yufei, we should work together. The items on that weapon-stand definitely arent normal, Senior Martial Brother Zhuge messaged privately and prepared to pincer-attack the Blue Serpent King and the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon man.

Okay. Zhao Yufei agreed and maintained a certain distance. Her eyebrows furrowed due to the heat.

Maintain the illusion. The Blue Serpent King suddenly went forward several yards and had to face a heat that even normal Emperors couldnt withstand.

At this instant, blue scales appeared under the ice-blue mist and gave off a terrifying coldness that belonged to the Ice Serpent Emperor bloodline. If it wasnt for the fact that Beady Green Eyes was covering him, the power of the Blue Serpent Kings bloodline would shock everyone present.

In an instant, the Blue Serpent Kings battle-power was enough to challenge Emperors. By relying on his body, bloodline, and heat resistance, he was actually slightly stronger than normal Emperors.

Come! The Blue Serpent King reached out, and an ice-blue dragon tendon shot out.

Change! Beady Green Eyes quickly waved his hand and turned the dragon tendon into a scarlet-golden chain.

Wait a second. Senior Martial Brother Zhuges eyes shone. That scarlet-golden chain is releasing a faint icy undulation.


The ice-blue crystal dragon tendon that shot out from the Blue Serpent King landed on the armguard on the weapon-stand.

Substandard God weapon Misty Spatial World!

The Blue Serpent Kings and Beady Green Eyes heartbeats sped up, perhaps because this was their only chance to grab it before they were roasted by the furnace.

However, right at this moment, the unexpected happened.


With a flash of silver and gray, a little cat landed on the ice-blue crystal dragon tendon that was extending from the Blue Serpent King. Of course, in the eyes of everyone watching, it was a scarlet-golden chain, not a dragon tendon.

Little thieving cat! Zhao Yufeis expression changed dramatically as she exclaimed.

The ice-blue crystal tendon was even closer to the heat than the Blue Serpent King. Even Zhao Yufei wouldnt dare to set step into such close range.


Steam and hot air started to rise the instant the little thieving cat landed on the ice-blue crystal dragon tendon.

Under normal circumstances, the extreme cold of the ice-blue crystal dragon tendon would form a layer of frost on its surface and turn the little thieving cat into an ice cat, but at the moment, the environmental heat present far surpassed the dragon tendons cold. This meant that the little thieving cat had a layer of protection.

Miao miao!

The dark golden chain on the little thieving cats neck turned into an agile dark golden dragon snake whip and shot toward the other side of the weapon-stand.

Please dont do anything! The Blue Serpent Kings heart had risen to his throat as he prayed. If the little thieving cat stopped them, then the Blue Serpent Kings perfect plan would fail, which meant that he would be destined to miss the Misty Spatial World. Once he failed, he would need to go back outside to rest since he wasnt able to withstand the heat.

Little cat, please dont do anything. Beady Green Eyes also started to sweat, but luckily, the little thieving cat didnt do anything to stop them after landing on the dragon tendon, and it also wasnt targeting the armguard Misty Spatial World.


The little thieving cats dark golden dragon snake whip landed perfectly on one of the items.

Eh? Beady Green Eyes and the approaching Senior Martial Brother Zhuge were shocked. The item that the little thieving cats whip had wrapped around was the strange spade.

The aura of this spade was the most silent, and it didnt have the aura of a substandard God weapon at all.

Success! The Blue Serpent King was overjoyed as he pulled back the dragon tendon with the armguard in tow.

Miao miao!

The next instant, the little thieving cat also managed to obtain its spade.

The Blue Serpent King paused and realized that something was off.

That cat used that blue-robed youths chain as a place to stand for protection from the heat so it could take an item. Senior Martial Brother Zhuges expression was extremely colorful, and he couldnt help but cheer in secret for this cats use of anothers force.

Without the Blue Serpent Kings chair, even Emperors wouldnt be able to retreat unharmed after coming so close to the heat.

Dammit, I was used by this cat! The Blue Serpent Kings face twitched as he understood what happened, but he couldnt withstand the heat any longer.


With a flash of silver-gray light, the little cat disappeared.

Retreat! The Blue Serpent King and Beady Green Eyes gathered together, but they were suddenly pincer-attacked by Zhao Yufei and Senior Martial Brother Zhuge.

Hmph! Blue Serpent King, Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon, get back here! Senior Martial Brother Zhuge roared, and the Blue Serpent King duos hearts shook as their expressions changed dramatically. Senior Martial Brother Zhuge had seen through their identities.

Hehe, its indeed you two. Everyone, stop these two non-human thieves! Senior Martial Brother Zhuge had a playful expression, while anger and surprise filled the Blue Serpent King duo. Senior Martial Brother Zhuge tricked them; it was obvious that he was only guessing about their identities.

Fuck off! The Blue Serpent King roared with anger as he leapt into the air, and a blue-scaled dragon claw summoned a wave of icy rain that covered Senior Martial Brother Zhuge.

Mystic Machine Fire Shield! Senior Martial Brother Zhuge retreated as he formed a formation with his hands and created a flaming barrier made of countless tadpole flames.

Weng~ Hu!

The Mystic Machine Fire Shield used the flames around the crater to become stronger, so it was twice as strong as usual. Senior Martial Brother Zhuges secret technique was able to utilize the power around them to the fullest extent.


The Blue Serpent Kings powerful blow was only able to force Senior Martial Brother Zhuge back a couple steps, and he wasnt even injured.

At the same time, a shout came from the other side as Zhao Yufei clashed with the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon.

Go! The image of a dark green illusory dragon roared behind the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragons back.


The illusory dragon phantom released a multi-colored transparent light that could seep into the soul.


Zhao Yufeis mind wavered. The illusory dragon created a powerful illusion that had a similar effect to Zhao Fengs Illusion Maze Domain. At this instant, Zhao Yufeis senses were disturbed and became chaotic.

Yufei, watch out! The Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon is ranked 10th on the Imperial Genius rankings, only below Xuanyuan Wen and the Blue Serpent King!

The green-robed elders heart rose to his throat.
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